Area 59 Quarterly meeting

Area Officer Reports

Donald H., Area Archivist, discussed history of the International Convention. He exhorted us to donate whatever we have to Area Archives. We might have something of real value (like a picture of Bill W. that was found taped in a 30th anniversary book)

Marty S., Convention Committee, exhorted us to get our own roommate, one that will actually show up. It is important for all GSRs to attend, even during a nonvoting year, because of valuable information, workshops, and there might be a vote. The convention committee is looking at other facilities. 2015 might be our last year at Lancaster Resort because it is becoming so rundown. If your group cannot afford to send you, they can at least come for the day.

Curt C. Officer-at-Large , gave each DCM a pack of inactive groups and a pack of active groups in our respective districts. He told us to make sure the information is accurate and legible. GSO wastes too much money on returned mail. If GSRs have not received packet, please contact Curt at officer-at-

Steve S., Treasurer, reminded us to make our Area contributions payable to EPGSA. Area 59 is doing well. We're at 100% of prudent reserve. Yay! We actually have TOO much and looking to spend it! People are under mistaken impression that sending contributions to Intergroup covers everybody else.

There are 4 AA entities to which to contribute.

  1. District 60 (Laura, our treasurer)

  2. Area 59: check payable to EPGSA and write your group number on the check. Mail to E.P.G.S.A, Treasurer, P.O. Box 222, Glenolden, PA 19036-0222

  3. General Service Office: checks payable to the “General Service Board” and write your group number on the check. Mail to General Service Office, Grand Central Station P.O. Box 459, New York, NY 10163

  4. SEPIA (Intergroup): donate on the website index.php/donate or make check payable to SEPIA and mail to SEPIA, 444 N. 3rd St, Box A-2, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Our district's contributions are very low. Only Survivor and Fishtown have contributed to EPGSA. Can we do better?

Melanie S., Chairperson, encouraged us to send out District minutes electronically. I need to do that.

Pat F., Delegate: if you have any ideas for topics for workshops for Convention/ Assembly, send them to Pat by 7/11.

Subcommittee Report Highlights

Archives Subcommittee: I, Ruth, became new secretary for subcommittee. We have been meeting in storage facility and organizing and scanning archival documents.

Corrections Subcommittee: the committee was contacted by Lancaster IG Prison Committee regarding a sizable donation request from Lancaster County Prison. The prison was going to use the books for an in-house class. After some discussion with GSO the subcommittee recommended that the donation not be made as it would not be for a meeting run by AA members. Instead, it was suggested to IG that the prison purchase them and then they could use them however they saw fit. IG agreed and the donation was not made.

Public Information Subcommittee: requesting photos for the Area website, typically photos of district neighborhoods and meeting places (empty, no people). If you want the subcommittee to present at an event contact them via the email address,

Literature Subcommittee: The committee has completed 3 sets of binders containing every pamphlet, brochure and guideline produced by GSO, in English and in Spanish per the Delegate's recommendation. They will be brought to every Area event.

Election of Guest Observer

This is the part of the meeting when we choose a non-alcoholic to attend our Area convention in November. We had 3 candidates to choose from. Any DCM can nominate somebody they know personally to be a guest observer. The guest

observer should be somebody who does NOT know a lot about AA but is in a position in which he or she interacts with alcoholics (medicine, law, religion, education). The nominees that people bring do not always meet these criteria. Too often, the nominees are already knowledgeable about AA. The three candidates we had to choose from were the president of CareGivers America, a home health care company, the leader of a high school specifically geared toward kids in recovery, and a priest who runs the cathedral in which the 80th anniversary celebration of AA in Philadelphia was held. We could not get substantial unanimity on one candidate though the school leader had more votes than the CareGivers president. In the end we had to pick a name out the hat and it was the president of CareGivers America, Mia Bartoletti. I was personally happy about this because she was the most apt choice in that she was least knowledgeable about AA.