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District 60 Meeting Minutes

Previous Years

May 19, 2024

Roll Call: Fishtown - going well. Voted yes on motions. Fishtown Breakdown - looking for GSR. Good Morning Group - doing well. GNEAA - 80th Anniversary celebration on June 1, 3 pm to 10 pm. Last Stop - Needs support. Light of Hope - doing pretty good. Business meeting changed to Thursday. New Life - Doing good. Oxford Circle - Doing well

Secretary's Report from April was read.

Workshop committee: District 22 ADCM Frank wants to know how much is in our our treasury to split to help with the paying for the workshop in the fall. We also need to discuss agenda for the workshop. We need full GSR participation.

Website: missing minutes from months June, July, October, November, December, and January.. Other than that, it is up to date.

Treasurer's Report: opening balance of $320.94. Francine made correction to update opening balance. Ten cents interest. Light of Hope donated $200. Basket yielded $10. Total: $530.94

Tradition Meeting: John from Light of Hop will speak on June 25 at the Northeast Club at 7:00 pm.

Kyle read the DCM report. Kyle wants Pete to come and give a report on what is going on in AA.

Patty - Steve from Delco and with 17 years of sobriety teaches about service structure to help GSRs and anyone else who would like to learn. Saturdays at 7:00 pm on Zoom.

Old Business: We still need a treasurer.

Francine: Groups should put money aside for GSRs to go to convention. Single room is $600 + tax. We will get detailed cost in the future.

We read Tradition 5 and Kyle read Concept 5. Next meeting is June 16, 2024.

April 21, 2024

Roll Call:

Workshop Committee: Kyle reported that a fall workshop is coming in September or October. We need District 22 (and District 60) GSRs to attend. It will last between three to four hours.

Website: It is becoming more up to date. There is a lot of information on there, including these minutes.

Tradition Meeting: It is now once a month on the last Tuesday at 7:00 pm, still at Greater Northeast Club. Francine will be there on May 28 to speak on the 5th tradition.

Treasurer Report: Ending balance of $320.84. The basket provided $13. Port Fishington donated $25.

DCM Report: Ruth attended the Preconference Sharing Session in April. Those attending discussed how Pete B., our Delegate, should vote. Among the agenda items:

Ruth will be attending the Mini Conference/Delegate's Report on May 11, 10:00 am at 132 E. Valley Forge Road. She will be doing a presentation there. Pete will tell us what happened at the General Service Conference.

Did anybody take back the Area motions to their groups?Young Men's, Port Fishington, Greater Northeast, Fishtown, Good Morning Group all voted yes on all three motions.

Old Business: The District needs a new treasurer. It is a two year commitment. Please tell your groups. We also need a new officer at large.

New Business: Kyle urged everybody to go to the Mini Conference/Delegate's Report.

Finally we discussed the fourth tradition and fourth concept. Adjourned. Minutes submitted by Anthony.

March 17, 2024

Roll Call: Ruth said that Fishtown Breakdown is getting a good turnout but they need to appoint a GSR. The Good Morning Group is overall doing pretty good. They have a speaker meeting at 9:00 am on the last Friday of the month. Greater Northeast AA has not yet come up with a tradition meeting decision. Light of Hope is doing well. Their new GSR is John O. Port Fishington is doing well and starting to pick up. Everything is going smoothly at Fishtown. They have a GSR Mike R. And an alt GSR Brian. Serenity Group is doing pretty well. The Sunday and Thursday meetings of Young Men’s could use support. Light of Hope reported that they have not made a donation all year.

Visitation Committee: Not officially meeting. The DCM impressed upon the attendants the importance of urging groups to get a GSR to represent them.

Website Committee: The website is more up to date than previously but still needs minutes from certain months.

Treasurer's Report: Francine gave reports for two months. February had an opening balance of $303.82. Expenses for copies were $2.00 The basket provided $8.00. Francine admitted to forgetting pay rent for the last two quarters. This month has an opening balance of $362.73. The basket provided $9.00. Ruth had deductions of $135.95 for travel expenses to the Area meeting. We have a total ending balance of $235.48.

DCM Report: A lot to report! You guys have three Area motions to take back to your groups to discuss!

Last week I attended the Area Quarterly Meeting in Carbondale, PA.

Past delegate Pat F. reminded us to start saving money for attendance to the EPGSA convention. EPGSA is not a fundraiser. They strive to break even. We lost only $34 this past convention.

All new GSRs must submit group info change forms. (If you check your meeting format there are directions on how to do that. I can also walk you through it after the meeting)

You should go to as many AA events as you can because they are where you get to know the DCMs that will stand for election to Area officer positions. I myself am seriously considering standing for election to an Area officer position.

If you have any events, you can add them to the Area 59 Calendar website.

EPGSA has a custom of hosting a nonalcoholic who is not familiar with AA but deals with alcoholics frequently in their profession. Do you have any candidates you would like to bring forward? They need to be submitted by June 9 Area meeting.

Good on One Day at a Time and Oxford Circle groups for donating to Area.

The Draft manuscript of Plain Language Big Book is complete. Our delegate will have 8 hours to read and discuss it before committee makes its recommendation. Pete will not sign "letter of understanding." Nor will other members of the committee. It precludes transparency to the Fellowship.

NERAASA was a wild success. (I was there!) 1500 people in attendance. Record attendance. Sadly it will be virtual next year but somebody brought up that this is an opportunity for more people including GSRs to get involved who otherwise could not afford to go.

When Alt Delegate Curt C. had to step down, Pete did not adhere to Structure Manual which dictates that chairperson takes on duties of Alt Delegate in addition to existing duties. Instead he divided duties amongst all the Area officers. In the event that he cannot attend GSC, the secretary Dan B. will go in his place. We had a lot of discussion about this during this Area meeting. Some felt that it was not up to the Delegate to go against the Structure Manual which clearly states that the Alt Delegate's duties are transferred to the Chairperson in the event that they step down. I spoke out in support of Pete's action by saying we have never had this situation before and that it was a sensible solution. I suspect that most felt as I did.

Motion 1 from District 23 - Online/Hybrid Pre-Conference Sharing Session.

The Area tech servant Fred talked about the challenges on conducting a hybrid PCSS. Many things can block Wi-Fi reception which shuts out virtual attendants (including physically present attendees using it). Would need to go in ahead of time to test out the Wi-Fi. Cameras cost about $3000. Would also need video board. Problems finding volunteer with expertise in this technology. Hybrid groups find that online attendance is going down. Online attendants feel like second class citizens. Fred doubts that he has enough knowledge and expertise to carry this out.

DCM John proposed amendment motion: provide 1 online/zoom/virtual Delegate's Conference Report each year after GSC given by current Area 59 Delegate. 21 in favor. 13 opposed. Not 2/3. So didn't pass. I spoke out in favor.

Back to original motion. 6 in favor. 33 against (including me)

Motion 2 from Finance Subcommittee - Ceiling to operating account

Please bring this motion back to your groups to discuss.

Finance Subcommittee Motion - The Finance Subcommittee recommends a structure manual change that would add a "ceiling" to our operating account.

The Structure Manual currently reads:

Area 59 Maintains a prudent reserve. Expenditures from the prudent reserve are limited to expenses necessary to the continued operation of the area. The delegate and treasurer consent to any expenditure from the Prudent Reserve. If this occurs, actions should be taken to replenish funds available to the area. Ideally, the target amount of the Prudent Reserve will be 30% of the average annual expenses of the prior Panel.

This paragraph would be added:

Area 59 maintains a reasonable operating account, with the ideal amount suggested as 20% of the average annual expenses of a typical panel at the end of the fiscal year. The Finance Subcommittee will review the operating balance in consultation with the Area Treasurer and the entire Area Committee and as needed make recommendations to the entire Area Committee. Each panel is free to make decisions based on the financial needs of the Area.


In the previous panels (69 and 71), there was an excessive accumulation of funds in the Area operating account due to the inability to hold in-person events during the COVID-19 pandemic. Panel 71 addressed the issue by disbursing the additional funds to allow for special projects to be done in FY22. The special projects helped with Area with our primary purpose to carry the message to the still sick and suffering alcoholic and helped us to be more aligned with Tradition 7. Currently, there is no process or procedure to address when the Area has accumulated excessive funds in the the checking account.


The intent behind this motion is to put in place a procedure which will facilitate Area 59 in more closely following tradition 7.

Basically, this makes it easier to spend the Area's money when our checking account gets too big. I personally support this motion. If there's one thing I know, it is that too much money is just as bad as if not worse than not enough money where AA is concerned.

Motion 3 - Unite PI and CPC into one subcommittee.

Please bring this motion back to your groups to discuss.

Structure Subcommittee Motion - Panel 73

The Structure Subcommittee for Area 59 unanimously recommends that the subcommittees of Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community, commonly known as PI and CPC combine to a singular subcommittee serving both functions for the Area. The proposed update to the Structure Manual is as follows: Cooperation with the Professional Community and Public Information (CPC/PI) assists the districts to inform the general public and the AA membership of ways to carry the message such as workshops, literature kits, and radio and TV announcements; studies ways to cooperate with professionals while keeping within AA traditions, cooperates with other area subcommittees when communication with professionals in specific subjects needs to be addressed, is responsible for communicating directly with professionals when required, and is responsible for staffing exhibit booths in certain circumstances.


Better use of our limited resources to combine these two subcommittees. CPC was originally a spinoff from PI in 1970 on the GS level. Not the first time we've combined subcommittees. Treatment and Accessibilities combined to form one subcommittee.

I don't feel one way of the other about this one. It's probably fine. If you have questions you can email the structure committee at structure@area59aa.org.

Motion 4 - Archives - updating Area 59 history

Please bring this motion back to your groups to discuss. If you want I can email the proposed changes to you. I have them here for you to look at.

The Archives Subcommittee moves to implement the revised history section of the Structure Manual as submitted in its entirety.

Background - Updating Area 59 history in the Structure Manual

The Subcommittee, Archivist and Assistant Archivist began efforts to review the Area 59 history in the Structure Manual during Q4 of 2023. As a group, we spent many hours spanned over several virtual meetings carefully reviewing the history line-by-line for the first time since the creation of the Structure Manual (my emphasis) and updating the content for accuracy.

All suggested revisions were documented using "track changes" and include

Archives shared their recommendations with the Structure Subcommittee. Structure voted to "take no action" because the history does not affect the structure. So Archives is taking it to us, the DCMs, and our groups.

We also discussed Pete's decision to deviate from Structure Manual by dividing alt-Delegate's workload amongst ALL the Area officers, as opposed to just the Chairperson. No action was taken. Perhaps we could propose to change the structure to reflect what Pete did from what it says to do.

Finally, do not forget: Pre-Conference Sharing Session is Saturday, April 6, 2024, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, at Reformation Lutheran Church, 1215 E Vernon Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19150. Mini Assembly I and Delegate’s Conference Report is on Saturday, May 11, 2024, 10:00 am to 2:30 pm, at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 132 E. Valley Forge Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.

My travel expenses: 265.2 miles + $25 in tolls. (End of DCM report)

Old Business: Please bring to groups' attention that we need a new treasurer.

New Business: We once again need a new Officer at Large. Their task is to send out notifications when our meetings are held and to fill in for various jobs when the original holder of the job is unavailable.

Please attend the EPGSA convention. Have your groups start saving money now to pay for your attendance. Brian asked about how to obtain information on being a GSR. Ruth said that when you register as the new GSR on the group change form on the Area 59 website, they will send a packet. Also, there is always a GSR orientation at the EPGSA conference.

Tradition and Concept Reading and Discussion: Ruth said that basically the third tradition says that the only requirement for membership to AA is a desire to stop drinking. If you have a problem with alcohol, you belong here. You do not have to believe in a higher power. Regardless, we will find plenty of people who do not follow the program how it should be, but we cannot turn them away. Our own rule is to help/take in the person who has a desire to stop drinking. Francine said that Jimmy Burwell was the Ed in the writing. He actually started AA in Philadelphia.

We had an example of the third concept when our delegate went against the service manual. He dispersed the duties of the alt delegate and divided them up among the other Area leaders.

February 18, 2024

Roll Call: Fishtown Breakdown is doing better. Greater Northeast needs help specifically with the Tradition meeting, the 1:00 men's meeting, and the 3:00 women's meeting. Higher Powered needs support. Walt is the new GSR. Light of Hope needs support. Olney Lawndale needs a GSR. One Day at a Time needs support. Young Men's Sunday meeting needs support.

Visitation Committee: Though we do not have an official visitation committee, the DCM impressed on everybody the important of encouraging all groups they attend to elect a GSR. We want as much participation as possible.

Workshop Committee: We need to talk to the ADCM of our sister district 22

Website Committee: If anybody has minutes for October, November, December, and January, please provide them!

Tradition Meeting: Kyle the ADCM suggested that we reduce the frequency of the meeting to once a month since nobody is attending it. Ruth does not think it is fair to assign people to the meeting since no one is showing up. We discussed not sending anyone to the tradition meeting to speak until Kyle brings up our vote to the GNEAA business meeting. We discussed that the Tradition Meeting should only be once a month though we will also need to discuss it with GNEAA.

We made a motion, seconded, and voted overwhelmingly in favor that we request to the the GNEAA that the Tradition meeting be only once a month. We also made a motion, seconded, and voted overwhelming on favor that nobody be assigned for the Tradition meeting until Greater Northeast Group votes at their next business meeting.

Treasurer's Report:District 60 had a good amount of donations from the groups. One Day at a Time donated $50. Oxford Circle donated $25. Greater Northeast donated $25.

DCM Report: Last Saturday the DCM along with Kyle the ADCM and Linda the OAL attended Share-A-Day. Ruth emphasized how important it was that we all attend the Pre-Conference Sharing Session on April 6. The groups control the future of AA and do this in part by telling the Delegate how they want him to vote at the General Service Conference on agenda items. For instance, the Plain Language Big Book was ultimately approved by the Delegates acting at the behest of their groups and districts.

Patty of the Last Stop said that she was waiting to information about a literature update. Ruth collected emails to send the literature agenda. Ruth also went over upcoming events.

Old Business: There has been controversy at the Young Men's Group. A group member was turned down for speaking while on methadone maintenance. Each group is autonomous. Therefore it is their prerogative as to whether to allow him to speak or not. Each group should make this decision for themselves. Those assembled agreed that methadone maintenance is beneficial but generally felt that somebody should not speak at an AA meeting while still on methadone.

New Business: We still need a treasurer for District 60. The position has a requirement of one year of sobriety. Ruth asked everybody to bring this announcement back to the groups.

Traditions and Concepts Readings:We read Tradition 2 in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Ruth spoke on the tradition and brought up how this is her last year as a DCM and she feels a little sad about it but that it is important that the position be rotated to new people in the spirit of the tradition. We also read about the 2nd Concept from the 12 Concepts Pamphlet.

The meeting adjourned. We will reconvene on March 17, 2024.

September 17, 2023

We opened with the Serenity prayer. Then we proceeded with roll call. Fishtown Breakdown: Ruth reported that though the numbers are small they have been getting some consistent turnout and are self supporting. Good Morning Group: Francine reported that she is possibly taking on the role of GSR. Attendance is steady though they might want to "freshen things up." They are having a 21 year anniversary celebration on November 10 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am with food, fun, and fellowship. Greater Northeast Group: Linda K. reported that the Board is making unilateral decisions without consulting the group members. They also continue to have a lot of money that does not appear to be serving the primary purpose of AA. Also, the women's group that meets at 1:00 pm on Saturdays needs support. One Day at a Time: Joe S. reported that they need support, particularly more women. He clarified that the Wednesday meeting has a step/tradition format and the Thursday meeting has a Big Book format. Port Fishington: Julie R. reported that their meeting numbers are improving. Port Richmond: no GSR was present but Francine said that she could talk with them as she attends that meeting. Young Men's: John C. reported that they were doing well in general but were considering ending the Thursday meeting due to low attendance.

Ruth reported that she was behind on updating the minutes on the website and hoped to get that done soon.

Next we scheduled the speakers for the Tradition meeting. Kyle will speak on Tradition 5 on October 1. Linda will speak on Tradition 6 on October 8. Francine will speak on Tradition 7 on October 15. Joe will speak on Tradition 9 on October 29.

Next, Francine gave the Treasurer's report. Previously the balance had been $908.40 but was now down to $707.20 after she reimbursed the DCM for mileage to the September Area meeting, the Delegate's report, and copies ($199.20). The account accrued 34¢ in interest. $13 was in the basket. Light of Hope donated $200. We have an ending balance of $850.24.

We had a guest, Patricia F., a former Area 59 Delegate and also a former DCM for District 60. She spoke on the upcoming Eastern Pennsylvania General Service Convention and the importance of attending it. She explained how it is the voice of the Area, us as AA members. This year is considered an "education" year, or practice for next year when we vote for Area officers. It is still important because it is essentially the only way we get to know the candidates who will be running for Area officer positions next year. She also outlined what would happen in the convention. She informed us of a new challenge that the Convention subcommittee is rolling out: the district that brings out the most members. Districts will get one point for each registered attendee (district officer, GSR, member, guest, etc.) and each volunteer. If an individual person both registers and volunteers, that will count as two points. Districts will also get an extra five points for posting the EPGSA event information and flyer on their website. On Saturday, November 11, at the main meeting at 8:00 pm, at the convention in Lancaster, they will draw the winner of the gift basket and AA literature. So the more people who register and volunteer, the higher your district's chances of winning.

Then Ruth D. gave a DCM report. On September 10 she attended the Area Fourth Quarterly meeting in Lehighton, PA, with Linda K. and Kyle W., our Officer at Large. Here were some of the takeaways:

If you have an event, submit it to the Area calendar. - go.area59aa.org/calendar. 120 volunteers are needed for EPGSA! We have conference reports! Grapevine and La Viña apps are here! $2.99/month for subscription. If you have a physical subscription you can use it to access online subscription at no extra cost. New large-print soft cover booklet format for Older AA Alcoholic pamphlet is available....

Highlights from the Delegate's report: Pete, our Delegate, attended a sharing session of the full Conference body on August 16. (outside of the routine General Service conference that happens in May) in the wake of the two abrupt Board resignations, including that of the A Trustee Chair. He was dismayed at the lack of opportunity to share but pleased that delegates received reports from the General Service Board. An ad hoc committee was reviewing a confidentiality policy that prevented Delegates from getting any pertinent information about the resignations but have decided to hold off on revamping the policy until after the GSB inventory. GSO reports that the licensing and translation backlog (brought on by the pandemic) is almost current. Plans are underway to update the pamphlet focussed on Black alcoholics. The new title will be "Black in AA. Experience, Strength and Hope." In particular the Literature Committee wants more input from Black Canadian AA members. So many story submissions have come in for the 5th edition Big Book that they need to recruit more people to go through them. GSO is also seeking feedback from AA groups on a consistent policy on changes to Bill Wilson's writings, (such as the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions). If you have strong opinions on this issue you are encouraged to attend the sharing session at the EPGSA. Google had a longstanding policy to not allow advertisements by mutual support groups but is now actually enforcing that policy. LegitScript has classified AA as a mutual support group so now we are no longer allowed to advertise on Google spaces. What this means is that AA is getting lumped in with shady "patient brokering" companies that funnel addicts into exploitative rehabs. Rather than look at the difference between AA and these bad actors, Google has decided to do away completely with anything they fear might expose them to legal liability. In any case, AA's public information activities are stymied by this decision.

I, as the DCM, brought up the issues with GNEAA to the Assembly. It was suggested that the group consult the General Service guidelines to AA clubhouses.

Highlight from the Digital Communications Subcommittee: they have created a "digital binder" in English (Spanish to follow). What does this mean? Those literature racks you see in meeting spaces will also contain laminated 9" X 4" placards (same size as a pamphlet) with QR codes that anybody can use to access the pamphlet on their phone if no paper pamphlets are available.

Next we picked our non-alcoholic guest observer at the EPGSA. Jessica Leighton vs. Monika Van Sant Monika won by a landslide. My choice. She's a DO that has worked at Kensington Hospital.

Motion - recommend the following updates to our EPGSA Structure Manual to more accurately reflect the current customer and business practices for Area 59 as well as some minor grammatical changes. We voted to take it back to to the groups —— 38 in favor. 0 opposed. This is something we will need to discuss next month.

Motion - to increase FY23 Area Budget amount for Structure Subcommittee by an additional $1,350. 35 in favor. 1 opposed.

(End of DCM report)

In new business, Francine made a motion that we donate $100 to the Convention Committee. We approved this motion with substantial unanimity.

We read and discussed the 9th Tradition and the 9th Concept.

Finally we closed with the Responsibility Pledge.

August 20, 2023

Good Morning Group is having an anniversary celebration on November 10. Greater Northeast had a reorganization and they also changed their meeting schedule with more meetings on the weekend. Saturday: 10:00 am - As Bill Sees It, 1:00 pm Women, 3:00 pm Men, 8:00 pm Speaker meeting. Sunday: 10:00 am is a Big Book meeting, 5:00 pm they're bringing back the Tradition meeting as of September. 8:00 pm is a Candlelight speaker meeting. Also, they are having a dance on 9/9 at 8:00 pm with a DJ and food, fun, fellowship. Eric is the new GSR for Last Stop. Joe reported that One Day at a Time needs support. Oxford Circle Group has a new alt GSR Dave. Young Men's has a new GSR John C.

On October 1 there will be a Gratitude breakfast from 9:00 am to 12:00. 9130 Academy Rd., Philadelphia, PA, 19114. Tickets are $30 apiece and on sale on the SEPIA website. The treasurer report was an opening balance of $850.06, 34¢ interest, $8.00 in the basket, $50 donation from Fishtown Breakdown. With a subtotal of $908.40. Because the DCM hadn’t yet turned in her expenses the treasurer did not have a final balance.

The tradition meeting schedule is back again. Francine will speak this Sunday, Kyle on the 10th, me on the 17th, and Linda on the 24th. Traditions 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively.

We read and talked about the 8th tradition and the 8th concept. We also had a visitor from another group that is trying that put together a structure. The DCM had talked to her on the phone and she said she would be there.

May 21, 2023

Roll Call: Ruth reported that Fishtown Breakdown needs more people but we still have great meetings. Sean is the new GSR for Last Stop. He reported that they were doing pretty good, that there is an ebb and flow but the doors stay open. The women's meeting could use support. The Sunday meeting is no longer at 12 noon. It is now at 12:30 pm. Bernadette reported for Light of Hope that there was nothing new and they could use support. Joe S. reported on One Day at a Time that they need support and especially need women. Ruth reported that Port Fishington is doing better. They had a very low turnout for a while but lately more people are showing up. No visitation committee report. Ruth encouraged people to visit meetings and encourage them to get GSRs. Ruth reported that the website is more or less up to date. No other reports because the Officer at Large, Alt DCM, and Treasurer were absent….

April 16, 2023

Five people were in attendance: Ruth D. DCM, Francine R., Treasurer, Kyle W., Officer at large, and Sam G., GSR, and Linda who is possibly Kyle's replacement as GSR for Greater Northeast pending a vote.

Ruth and Kyle attended the pre-conference sharing session on Saturday, April 15. Ruth gave a report on that. (Our delegate Pete B. Should currently be at the General Service Conference in New York right now.) The overriding issues in much of the items concern updating our language while still preserving the AA message and making our message accessible via technology and social media.

A lot of the PAIs (proposed agenda items) concerned the ongoing translation of the Big Book into plain and simple language. Some want more transparency in the process. Some want to make sure that the 12 steps are not modified. Some want the changes to be classified as an update, not a translation. Some want to cancel the translation altogether.

A fifth edition Big Book and fourth edition Spanish language Big Book are also underway. The main changes here will be the selection of stories to reflect a more diverse cross section of alcoholics. Please note that these are not the same things as the Plain Language Big Book.

If anybody has any questions about any of the other PAIs they are free to call me, Ruth, at 571-435-3664.

Kyle reported that the GNE club still has way too much money and they're donating the money incorrectly. They won't give Kyle money to donate to District apparently because they do not trust him. Francine suggested that GNE group should hold a group inventory. Ruth said she would be willing to conduct it.

Francine gave the treasurer's report: Opening balance: $957.00, 38¢ in interest, 9.00 in the basket, $7.00 in donations (from Fishtown Breakdown), $23.40 reimbursed to Francine for attending the area meeting, $67.68 reimbursed to Ruth for attending the pre conference sharing session + money for copies.

From now on Ruth will make copies from her home printer as opposed to going to Staples. We decided to reimburse her 5¢ a page.

We now have keys to the closet door so we can access our literature.

We would like to collect emails from all the GSRs so that we can send out important information even if the GSRs cannot attend the meetings.

The Delegate will give a report on the General Service Conference on Saturday, May 20, from 10;00 am to 2:30 pm at Tree of Life Church, 933 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064

We read and discussed the fourth tradition and the fourth concept.

Minutes taken by Kyle W., with additions supplied by Ruth D.

March 19, 2023

Fishtown Breakdown- Needs support: Good Morning Group - Francine reported that it is hard to find people to step up but they do have a core.; Greater Northeast Club- Confusion about Tradition meeting. Kyle texted me that they brought it back on the last Monday at 7:00 pm but when Joe went to speak they were doing an anniversary meeting; Higher Powered - Just want to be a meeting, not a group.; Kensington- Hesitant to have a GSR; Light of Hope- Needs support; One Day at a Time- Thursday needs support.; Port Richmond- Hesitant to have a GSR

Treasurer's Report - Opening balance: $996.82, 34¢ interest, $4 in basket, Subtotal: $1001.16, Deductions: $15.55 for pamphlets and $27.68 for printing. Ending balance: $957.08.

Joe volunteered to do Tradition meeting on the Last Monday.

DCM Report: Francine attended in Ruth's place the Quarterly Area Meeting which was cut short due to a double booking.

New Business: Francine suggested that as a District we should adopt a policy of emailing the format to the GSRs. Joe said that he still needs the hard copy. We determined that it would be cheaper for DCM to print out copies at home and get reimbursed for printer cartridges as needed.

Read and discussed Third Tradition and Third Concept.

Meeting adjourned. Minutes taken and submitted by Ruth D.

January 15, 2023

Fishtown Group - electing new officers at January's business meeting; Fishtown Breakdown- Needs support; Greater Northeast Club- Kyle is new GSR (please remove Andi). No longer holding Tradition Meetings on Sundays and currently have a new Sunday meeting schedule as follows: Sun 10am and 6pm only. Needs support, members are not showing up to commitments; Light of Hope- Bernadette W is new GSR (please remove Mike B). Oxford Circle Group- Please add AGSR Dave M; Port Richmond- Will currently be holding their meetings at Bridesburg Rec Center at 4601 Richmond Street while Samuels is being worked on due to the damages from the explosion; Serenity Group- Holding a 12 Step Dance on Saturday 2/11 from 7:30-11:30 pm at 2330 E Tucker Street. Tickets are being sold and are $25 a piece for catered dinner and dancing. Flyer available if needed.

Office at Large Position still open for District 60. Currently no Visitation Committee. Currently no Workshop Committee. Website Committee: Ruth was not present for meeting & will provide update at next one. Treasurer's Report: Francine was not present to give report $55.00 in Donations. $25 Fishtown Group + $30 Oxford Circle.

DCM Report: Ruth was not present for meeting & will provide update at next one

Old Business: N/A. New Business: N/A

Next District 60 Meeting is scheduled for Sunday February 19th at 1:00 pm

December 18, 2022

Read and approve previous meeting minutes. - Talked about Fishtown needing more people. Good Morning Group said they need new people and new faces. GNE said that they have way too much money. Last Stop is having a Christmas Dinner after the meeting from 9 to 12.

November 20, 2022

November's GSR Meeting--DCM Dave's final meeting as DCM, opened with Tiffany filling in for Jake. She spoke of FISHTOWN and reported thus: "Attendance is up." She also indicated the group is celebrating its 52nd year (YES: 52nd!!) year in existence on December 8th. ~ Chris spoke for FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, informing the gathering that the meeting "needs support." Only two individuals appear to be keeping this meeting viable, and that could, sadly, end, meaning the dissolution of this once-vibrant group. . . ~ Dave said of GOOD MORNING GROUP, "Chugging along. We just had our Anniversary Meeting, which went well. . . Nothing else much to report." ~ LAST STOP GROUP OF AA was represented by Sam, who stated this: "We’re doin' pretty good. Eddie's not in town much; he's dealing with the new Last Stop in Chicago. We're now only open, during the weekdays, at 8:00, and on weekends, Noon.” ~ Mike from LIGHT OF HOPE's Mike said, "We’re doin' okay--but we STILL need support." Mike also indicated that the group was celebrating its anniversary on December 3rd, from Noon 'til 4:00PM. Festivities will be held downstairs; the entrance is on the basketball court side of the building. ~ The "Mighty Ox"--OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP--returns with Tom, stating, "Attendance is pretty good." Tiffany, again, but this time for SERENITY GROUP: "We're having our Second Anniversary. . . And from here on out, meetings are Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. No more Thursday and Friday." ~ YOUNG MEN's Jake (who materialized, seemingly from nowhere!) stated, sadly, "Attendance is down in all meetings. Getting harder to fill commitments." O! The humanity!

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; and Tiffany, the fill-in OFFICER-AT-LARGE reported that she issued the required text-messages to all the GSRs.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: December 4th - Trad. 11 - Tom Dec. 11th - Trad. 12 -Tiffany. The other dates have been unassigned, as of this writing.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1352 .79 Interest: .34 Basket: $22 Donations: $190 (Light of Hope: $100; OX: $30; Serenity: $60) Sub-Total: $1565 .13 Deductions: $599 (??) Ending Balance: $965 .42

Soon-to-ex-DCM Dave reported that, "I don't have much to report. Attended the EPGSA." Dave also discussed the ballot-counting system and procedures used in said system. . . Dave also handed out one of his signature, lovely and informative handouts:--a list of the newly-elected officers for Area 59.

NEW BUSINESS saw New District 60 Officers elected (well, sort of). . . No more need be said on this until nect month--when we shall see if these entrusted servants will indeed manifest themselves at December’s meeting!

The Eleventh Traditions and Concept were both read-and-discussed. Thoroughly. Exhaustively

The next meeting will take place on December 18th, God-Willing.

The Responsibility Pledge closed out the gathering.

October 16, 2022

The Meeting of October 2022 opened with The Serenity Prayer: and then--Roll Call began. Francine spoke for FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN and reported, "Six today! We’ve been low and could use support." ~ Soon-to-be-Ex, but for now DCM, Dave reported on GOOD MORNING GROUP, announcing the upcoming Anniversary Celebratory Meeting Bash on Friday, Veterans' Day, November 11th. Doors will open at 8.AM! This is GMG's 20th Anniversary, so be there for gourmet food, guest speakers from around the world, and good old-fashioned sobriety. And trained dancing bears--also sober. ~ LIGHT OF HOPE was represented by GSR Mike, who informed those in attendance that "attendance has been so-so." Even so, LOH is celebrating its own Anniversary on Saturday, December 3rd, from High (but sober) Noon until 4.PM. More details will be revealed--soon! Teresa of NEW LIFE had this to say: "Wednesdays are going really well; Sunday needs support." ~ Venerable Joe reported on ONE DAY AT A TIME with these words: "Wednesday’s okay, Thursday's all right, but One Day NEEDS WOMEN!!" And he raised his voice, emphasizing the desperate need of the group for members of The Fair Sex to pass through the doorway and over the threshold of ODAAT and partake of the sober ceremonies held within. If YOU know any lonely, forlorn FEMALES who long for teetotaling talk, point them to ODAAT, which meets at Saint James Lutheran Church, 5185 Castor Avenue (off Pratt), on both Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7.PM to 8.PM. And, seriously, if you DO perchance know any Women-In-Recovery, kindly suggest they look into this particular meeting. OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP's attendance is good, according to GSR Tom. And, finally, always-loquatious Andre of Polish-speaking PROSIT quipped, "Nothing new: Meeting two times a week." And so it goes.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; Fill-In OFFICER-AT-LARGE Tiffany reported that she texted and received replies; the VISITATION COMMITTEE continues to exhort all to attend those meetings not represented at the Monthly GSR Gathering; Dave (soon to be ex-DCM) reported for the WORKSHOP COMMITTEE that the 09/24 Workshop "went pretty well."

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE officially assigned only ONE Tradition to ONE individual: November 6th, Tradition 7, to Francine. 8, 9. And 10 on the matching Sundays remain unfilled.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1389 .95 Interest: $40 Basket: $18 Donations: $185 ($35 from HP; $150 from ODAAT); Sub-Total: $283 .62 After deductions for the Workshop and Rent. Ending Balance: $1452 .79

The DCM REPORT focused on the upcoming EPGSA, to be held at Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Centre, Lancaster, PA. This is an election year, so attendance is crucial! "Fabulous Pat" also dropped by to talk of all things EPGSA, and truly inspiring she was!

OLD BUSINESS: The OFFICER-AT-LARGE position is STILL OPEN--and obviously needs to be filled. If you are a Large Officer and are interested--What are you waiting for?? Service beckons.

NEW BUSINESS will see the nomination and, God-Willing, ELECTION of BRAND SPANKING-NEW OFFICERS for District 60. This is slated to take place NEXT MEETING, in NOVEMBER. Service beckons--again.

The Tradition and Concept of the Month were read, discussed, dissected, and digested. But you already know that.

The Next Meeting is scheduled for SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH.

GET INTO SERVICE. TAKE THE GIANT STEP FROM MERE PARTICIPANT TO Sober Servant. Nominate YOURSELF (or someone) for the Open Positions in District 60!

The Responsibility Pledge closed out October’s meeting. As always.

Again: Don’t hesitate to GET INTO SERVICE, either at the DISTRICT LEVEL, or in Your Individual Group(s)/Meeting(s)!

September 18, 2022

September's Meeting began as usual, followed by the reports, which went as follows: Jake from FISHTOWN relayed that, "Attendance is down a little bit--maybe because of the end of Summer. . . But everything is Kosher." ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth said this: "You know. . . Attendance is very, very low. Just the three of us: the two 'usuals' and a New Person." Ruth intimated that if it continues this way, they may have to disband the group. . . ~ DCM Dave spoke for GOOD MORNING GROUP: "No GSR, but we're chugging along: six-to-ten people per meeting." He also added that November 11th will see the group's Anniversary Meeting, to be held on a Friday. Concerning THAT--more will be revealed. ~ HAND OF GOD is now officially defunct; and KENZO WOMEN'S--according to a source close to that teetering meeting--needs support badly. ~ LIGHT OF HOPE has as its GSR Mike B., and he said, "Doin’ well. Had our Picnic--which went well. We're doin' all right. Can't complain." ~ Theresa from NEW LIFE said, rather succinctly and precisely, "Doin' well." ~ What a surprise to see "Joe" (long thought dead) as GSR for ONE DAY AT A TIME! He reported thusly: "We moved back to Saint James, Castor and Pratt. And the meeting needs support!" More details next month concerning precise times for the meetings. . . ~ Tiffany "channeled" Tom, who spoke through her in an eerie voice: "Attendance. . . Is. . . Okay." Tom's voice speaking, of course, on the status of OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP. ~ Ruth spoke for PORT FISHINGTON, informing all that the group was no longer entertaining the boorish pretensions afforded by "Zoom," and was now only fully "Live," She also attendance was "not as high as it could be." ~ Meetings are still being held Saturday and Sunday ONLY, until further notice at SERENITY GROUP, according to Tiffany. The group's SECOND Anniversary will be celebrated on the November 19th. The doors to this Gala Fest--to be held at, where else? Saint Anne's School Hall, 2342 E. Tucker Street--will open at 5.PM. ~ Jake spoke for YOUNG MEN'S, the premier meeting for Many Men who "identify" as such: "Everything’s good." And so it goes. . .

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and the OFFICER-AT-LARGE Stand-In gave a complete and thorough report. The VISITATION COMMITTEE exhorts all to attend meetings not represented at THESE Monthly Meetings to see what their status is (I.e. extant or extinct).

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE is having that "combo-workshop" with Districts 22 and 27 on Saturday, September 27th.

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE (Ruth) is keeping all info up-to-date and staying atop any new developments or updates or happenings in the area.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following Traditions on the following dates to these fine folk: 10/02 - T2 -Dave; 10/16 - T4 -Joe. The rest remain unassigned, as of this writing.

The TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1369.67 Interest: 28¢ Basket:$20 Ending Balance: $1,389.95.

DCM REPORT: The big news here is, naturally, the EPGSA, to be held from November 11th through 13th, at Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Centre, in Lancaster, PA. This is an ELECTION YEAR!! 'Nuff said!! DCM Dave passed out a hand-out which gave more details concerning this MAJOR EVENT and an "Area Day" in October--October 8th, to be precise. Dave also provided info, on his handout, addressing the proposed agenda items for the 2023 GSC.


NEW BUSINESS will see, in the very near future, nomination--and election--of NEW District Officers. All the old bums gotta go! In with fresh new meat! . . . Also: Francine was chosen, by unanimous decision, to attend the EPGSA this year! Congrats! (Hmmm. . . Wait a minute. Didn’t she go LAST YEAR, ALSO?? On the “company dime?!?" And isn't she--Treasurer?!?! Hmmmmm. . . )

"Nine T and Nine C" were read and discussed.

Next Meeting is slated for October 16th.

FALL into the good habit of being always ready, in all ways, to hold out the Hand of Help, to put someone on the Road to Recovery.

August 21, 2022

The Month of August's GSR Meeting was better-attended than its predecessors--but not by much. Here are the tales told by the loyal, hard-working GSRs: FISHTOWN's Jake said, "So. . . Attendance is up the last couple of weeks. . . We have a decent-sized group. Not much going on." ~ Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN had this to relate: "Yeah, uh, I was there today--and I was the only one." O! The Humanity! We feel your pain, Ruthie! FB meets at 2009 Frankford Avenue ("Circle of Hope") on the 2nd Floor, easily accessible by the front entrance. Meeting day is SUNDAY, 10.AM to 11.AM. ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP is "doing pretty good," according to DCM Dave. "A woman came in and shared her anniversary." Dave concluded by citing the days and times of GMG's meetings: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9.AM to 10.AM at Saint Michael's (adjacent to the church proper)"gathering room, at Trenton & Cumberland. ~ LIGHT OF HOPE is also "doing okay," with a Full-Blown AA Picnic slated for Saturday, September 10th, 11.AM to 3.PM., to be held on the grounds encompassing the Bridesburg Rec. Centre. (Note: In the event of inclement weather, the festivities will be moved inside.) ~ ONE DAY AT A TIME no longer has a GSR, and it would appear that the meeting locale is being moved. More will be revealed! ~ New GSR Tommy, fresh out of GSR Training-School, reports that attendance for OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP is "all right." OxCG meets on Sundays, 7.PM to 8.PM, at Saint Martin's Church, 5450 Roosevelt Blvd. The Business Meeting is the last Sunday of the Month at 8.10PM, following the regular meeting. . . ~ PORT FISHINGTON seems to have discontinued its "hybrid status" and is now fully "live." They are "plugging along," according to both Jimmy and Ruthie. More will be revealed and clarified--soon! ~ Karen of SERENITY GROUP told those assembled that SG was "doing good," although meetings are only being held on Saturdays and Sundays, during the Summer, from 6.PM to 7.PM, at Saint Anne's School Hall, 2342 E. Tucker Street, "home of the orange cone." ~ "Nothing major," quipped Jake, regarding YOUNG MEN'S. "Our doors are open." YM continues to meet at Atonement Lutheran Church, 1542 E. Montgomery Avenue, several days a week. Their attendance remains quite good indeed. Lets keep it so!

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; Tiffany, as acting OFFICER-AT-LARGE, reported that everyone received notification messages. Furthermore, DCM Dave, of the VISITATION COMMITTEE, explained that he hit as many meetings as possible during his time off the end of July. . . So stop calling him! (DCM = Don’t Call Me.)

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE has confirmed a Workshop, slated for Saturday, September 24th, with Districts 22 and 27. The theme, it is rumored, is "The AA Triangle: Recovery, Unity, Service." If you’re inner-ested, get in touch with either Ruth D. or Francine.

Ruth of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE reports that she is slowly catching up and getting the site up-to-date.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE has assigned the following Traditions to the following people on these days: September 11th - Trad. 11 - Ruth; 09/18 - T12 - Tiffany; 09/25 - T1 - (maybe) Dave.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1237.33 Interest:.20 Basket:$22; Donations:$110 ($50 - GMG; $60 -F); Sub-total AND Ending Balance (no Deduc.) :$1,389.67.

DCM Dave handed out a comprehensive DCM Report Sheet for the Month of August, which all are encouraged to read-and-study. OLD BUSINESS finds the OFFICER-AT-LARGE position STILL OPEN!! NEW BUSINESS reminds all of the UPCOMING ELECTION in November and the subsequent change-over in December.

The 8th Tradition and Concept were read-and-discussed.

The Next Meeting is slated for SEPTEMBER 18th.

(Rumour has it the FABUOUS PAT will be in attendance at Sepember's meeting, making the journey from her secluded chateau in Montmarte, France to expatiate on . . . Well. . . Stay tuned. . . This is a RARE TREAT--and NOT TO BE MISSED!!)

July 17, 2022

The meeting began as usual, on this sweltering July afternoon, with Jake from FISHTOWN (Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks, Thursday, 7.30PM to 8.30PM) taking the lead with his report on the status of things: "Our meeting attendance is kinda up since last meeting," said he. ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth reported that, "[We're] the same, you know. . . Having a small group. . . Limping along." ~ DCM Dave spoke for GOOD MORNING GROUP: "We've got a pretty steady group. . . New people pop in--but don't come back. But we're solid!" ~ Polish-speaking PROSIT's Andrej gave his usual concise report: "As usual, two meetings a week, but our Sunday meeting is now from 6.PM to 8.PM, but Wednesday is 8.PM to 9.PM." ~ PORT FISHINGTON reports that it's still hybrid and "good attendance last Monday." ~ Colleen told the gathering that SERENITY GROUP is now ONLY OPEN Saturdays and Sundays, 6.PM to 7.PM. ~ Jake again spoke, this time for YOUNG MEN'S, and this is what he had to say: "We could use support." And that, as they say, was that.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; and OFFICER-AT-LARGE informed the group that everyone received messages concerning the upcoming meeting today.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE: DCM Dave is off from work the last week of July and will "hit as many meetings as possible" to discern their status.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE reports that possible workshop for late September is in the works. Invited are Districts 22, 25, 26, 27 (who might possibly do a "skit" on sponsorship), and 28. More will be revealed!

The Web Site Committee's Ruth sheepishly reported she was two months behind (!!). Then she hung her head and wept softly.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned to Ruth (as a form of penance), Tradition 7, on August 14th. The others will be presumably picked up by DCM Dave, as there has been a scarcity of speakers for that Sunday late-afternoon/early evening event.

The TREASURER'S REPORT ran as follows: Opening Balance: $1211.33 Basket: $16 Donations: $10 (YM), Sub-total: $1237.23 Ending Balance: $1237.23

The DCM Report: Dave informed all that the EPGSA is slated for November 11th through 13th, at Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center, Lancaster, PA. It should also be noted that this IS an important Election Year for Area officers. Also a District 21 Workshop - a GSR orientation and workshop, August 13th, at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, on 877 Street Road, Southampton, PA.

OLD BUSINESS finds the OFFICER-AT-LARGE position still vacant.

The 7th Tradition and 7th Concept were both discussed and analyzed thoroughly.

And the next meeting is scheduled for August 21st.

June 19, 2022

The perfunctory stuff was done and the reports began on that bright June day one month ago. Leading off was "Jake" from FISHTOWN, who stated, "Pretty much the same. Doin' good. Could ALWAYS use support." ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth began with, ". . . of course, we always want more people, but we are doing better--thanks to Francine! We're doin' better." Ruth was, of course, referring to Francine leading the crusade to bring more people--"fresh sober meat," as it were--to FB. ~ DCM Dave ."us!" ~ LIGHT OF HOPE's Mike had this to say: "Like a lot of the groups--we're up and down: some nights we have a full crew; others. ." And here he trailed off. But came back with, "Yet, we're doing okay!" ~ Ruth spoke again--this time for PORT FISHINGTON: "We don’t have the numbers we used to. . . Maybe it's a Summer thing." Maybe, Ruth. May-be. ~ Tiffany filled in for Karen, who is vacationing in Guam: "The Alt. is no longer Jim C." And she went on to name Colleen R. as the new GSR Alt. Rep, Tiff also explained that the meeting schedule has changed, there being no longer either a Thursday or Friday meeting, "just Saturday and Sunday, 6 to 7." ~ Jake also spoke again, tersely, this time YOUNG MEN'S: "Doin' well. No issues." And so ran the reports for June 2022.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and the fill-in OFFICER-AT-LARGE gave a report.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE, as always, encourages all to attend as many meetings as possible that are NOT represented at these Monthly GSR Meetings, so see what in blue blazes is going on.

The WORSKSHOP COMMITTEE reports that the planned "Combo Workshop" for September has now involved even MORE districts, namely 26, 27, and 28 (and maybe MORE!) and is looking BIGGER AND BETTER than ever! Dave has sent invites to other districts in the hope that they, too, will join in the "FFF" this Fall!

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE's Ruth confessed the site was one month behind and was in the process of bringing everything "up to snuff." Ruth continues to work diligently at maintaining District 60's website, and we should be more understanding and compassionate toward her rare errors. This is still, arguably, the FINEST DISTRICT WEBSITE in all of AA!

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following Traditions to these fine folk: July 3 - T1 - Ed; 7/10 - T2 -Ruth; 7/17 - T3 -Dave; 7/24 - T4 - Tiffany; 7/31 - T5 - Not Assigned.

The TREASURER'S REPORT ran as follows: Opening Balance: $1, 196.19 Interest: .14 Basket: $10 Donations: $50 (Serenity Group) Sun-Total: $1,256.33 Deductions: $45 (Rent for July, August, September 2022) Ending Balance: $1,211 .33.

The DCM Report: Language simply cannot do justice to the stunning and sublime PRINT-OUT that was distributed by DCM Dave this month. Truly, he has outdone himself in professionalism, quality, and visual impact. This 34-page document covered absolutely EVERYTHING and left NOTHING unreported. No more need be said! All are adjured to READ THORUGHLY this most comprehensive and enlightening document, as it will dispel the clouds of uncertainty and doubt and bring illumination and clarity to anyone who reads and absorbs it.

OLD BUSINESS finds District 60 still OFFICER-AT-LARGE-less.

Of NEW BUSINESS,--nothing this month.

Both TRADITION 6 and CONCEPT 6 were read-and-discussed, at length, at length.

The next meeting of Distict 60, Area 59 is slated for July 17, 2022, 13:00 sharp.

May 15, 2022

"Jake" led off the GSR check-in--AFTER the meeting opened with The Serenity Prayer, of course. Concerning his group, FISHTOWN, the new GSR said, "Everything looks good. All Service Positions are confirmed." ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth D. gave her report, which ran as follows: "We are going along. . . Francine has been very helpful in getting new faces, new blood. . . We had a nice, small group today. . . So I'm “cautiously optimistic." ~ DCM Dave reported on GOOD MORNING GROUP: "People stepped up [to fill service positions and chair meetings]. Doing good. Our 7th Tradition is strong." ~ GREATER NORTHEAST is having its 78th (!!) Anniversary on June 25th. All of District 60 is looking forward to this spectacular event. ~ Mike from LIGHT OF HOPE told the assemblage that, "We're doin' well. Nothing to report." ~ Ruth spoke again, this time reporting on PORT FISHINGTON: "Doing very well," was how she put it. ~ Money-person Francine gave an update on PORT RICHMOND: "Struggling. Could use some support. PR meets at Samuel’s Recreation Centre, located at Gaul & Atlantic Streets, on Fridays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM, downstairs, in a comfortably air-conditioned room. ~ SERENITY GROUP's Tiffany reported that, "I am stepping down as GSR; Karen will be the new GSR, and Jim C. Acting GSR, for now." She also informed all that Thursday's and Friday's meetings were being cut out, but more clarification is needed on this. ~ Lastly, it would appear YOUNG MEN'S "got their utilities back," and is "back to normal. The "No Gurls Alowwed" Meeting celebrated its Anniversary recently, also. . .

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; but nothing from the OFFICER-AT-LARGE, for, alas! There is NO Officer-at-Large. (Cut to "HELP WANTED" sign.)

The VISITATION COMMITTEE again exhorts all to "drop by" any meeting not represented on a regular basis at the Monthly GSR Meeting and any group GSR-less. . . More people from District 60 need to get involved!

DCM Dave is discussing a possible, probable workshop for us (District 60) for sometime in June. . . But further discussions have been "tabled" 'til next month's meeting, in June--which doesn't leave much time for discussion.

Ruth D. of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE confessed sheepishly that she was "a bit behind" in the updates. She then began a tirade of self-excoriation, using colorful, denigrating language. O! Ruthie! We forgive ye!

The TRADITONS COMMITTEE assigned the following Traditions to these respective GSRs on these following dates: June 5 - Trad. 9 - Francine; 06/12 - 10 - Jim; 06/19 - 11 -Dave; 06/26 - 12 - Tiffany. All assignations are final: and failure to show will result in severe disciplinary action.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1183 .10; Interest: .09; Basket: $13; Sub-Total: $1196 .19; Ending Balance, likewise.

DCM REPORT: DCM Dave had much to say and elaborated with a fierceness and vigor that only HE, DCM Dave, can exude. Here is an encapsulation of what he spoke about: A "Mini-Assembly"/Delegate's Report will take place on May 22nd at 1490 Durham Road, #5437, New Hope, PA. The event commences at 10.AM. But doors open at 8.AM, and FREE Registration begins at 9. Dave will be doing a presentation with District 23 at the Assembly. Also coming up in June--the 12th, to be precise--is a Quarterly Meeting, which Dave will be attending. Much more is happening in the AA World, so stay tuned for updates!

OLD BUSINESS: At the meeting's beginning, the ADCM Position was open, but by its conclusion, Tiffany was unanimously voted in for this position.

NEW BUSINESS: The OFFICER-AT-LARGE position still "looms large" and remains, as of the close of the meeting, unfilled.

Both Tradition 5 and Concept 5 were read-and-discussed; and the next meeting is slated for Sunday, June 19th, FATHERS DAY.

April 10, 2022

After opening with The Serenity Prayer, roll call proceeded, with Chris from FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN telling the small assemblage that there were "only two group members, but still getting one or two newcomers and that is the reason we keep the meeting going." Polish-Speaking PROSIT's Andre gave his always-lengthy report: "Group is doing okay," followed by Tiffany from SERENITY GROUP who informed all that her group is "doing well."

The Officer-at-Larger gave her report, the Secretary's Report was read-and-approved, and the hat was passed around.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE reported that two meetings were visited--OLNEY/LAWNDALE and 1st DAY BIG BOOK.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE reports that a June workshop is "in the works" and will be a partnered effort with District 22 hopefully, if Dave can get in touch with them. The slated site is Saint Anne's Church.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following traditions on these dates and to these individuals: 05/01 Trad. 4 Tiffany; 05/08 Trad. 5 Krista; 05/15 Trad. 6 Dave; 05/22 Trad. 7 Not Assigned; 05/29 Trad. 8 Krista.

The TREASURER'S REPORT ran as follows: Opening Balance: $1,045.02 Interest: .08 Basket: $18 Donations: $120 Ending Balance: $1183.10

DCM Report: Because of his stint at the hospital, DCM Dave was unable to attend the March Area Quarterly Meeting. But there is a Delegate's Report/Mini-Assembly on May 22nd in New Hope, PA that he intends to attend. Also OLNEY/LAWNDALE is back open and meeting in-person (AND phone) at a NEW LOCATION and at different times: Meeting is at Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, 5918 N. 5th Street. Entrance is on Nedro Street side of the building. Meeting times are Mondays. Thursdays, and Fridays, 7.PM to 8.PM. 1st Day Big Book is also open. They are meeting "live and in-the-flesh" at their old locale--but only on Saturdays, at Step Meeting from 9.AM to 10.AM. They plan to open a Sunday Big Book meeting from 10 AM to 11 AM soon.

OLD BUSINESS: District 60 still needs a new ADCM. Anyone interested?

The 4th Tradition and 4th Concept were both read and discussed.

Next Meeting of District 60 is slated for May 15th.

March 20, 2022

March came in roaring like a veritable lion, with Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN leading off the GSR reports: "Three new people besides me and Chris! $30 in the basket!" After pausing but a moment, she continued: "People might be tired of Zoom Meetings. . . And we have competition with GREATER NORTHEAST. . . They offer breakfast sometimes." Rumor has it that starting in April, FB will be serving croissants along with steak 'n eggs at their Sunday 10.AM meetings, held at 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor. No mimosas, but freshly-squeezed OJ will be available along with bottled mineral water. ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP is "doing good. Eight-to-ten people, a couple of new people have stepped up for the Coffee Commitment--which is always good!" All this from DCM Dave, who spoke for the still-GSRless GMG. ~ Mike from LIGHT OF HOPE said, "We're doing well. Attendance is up and down, leaning more toward up." LOH meets at Bridesburg Rec. Centre, 4625 Richmond Street, in the always-comfortable Music Room. ~ PORT FISHINGTON's Jimmy informed those assembled that, "I had a hiatus. . . But the meetings are doing well, but the few I attended were kinda low." PF is a hybrid meeting, meaning you can attend it--Mondays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland--" in the flesh," so-to-speak. . . Or tune it in on Zoom. The Zoom I.D. is 867 4776 6524. ~ SERENITY GROUP is "still doing well," according to GSR Tiffany. "Our attendance is still high." ~ Sad news came from Francine: "The meeting is officially closed." She was, of course, referring to SMASH THE THOUGHT. ~ And so it went, and so it goes.

After the SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, Dave reported on the VISITATION COMMITTEE: "Not much going on." Dave also informed all that he would be out a few weeks in April, recuperating from surgery. "I'll be able to get around and visit a few meetings."

Ruth of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE reported that, "Doing well! KENZO WOMENS is on now."

The TRADITONS COMMITTEE assigned two Traditions for the Month of April: 04/03 - 12 - Ed; 04/10 - 1 - Ruth.

TREASURERS REPORT: Opening Balance: $971 .95 Interest: .07 Basket: $20 Donations: $98 Sub-Total: $1,090 .02 Deductions: $45 (Rent) Ending Balance: $1,045 .02

DCM REPORT: DCM Dave reported that at the Saturday, 03/19 All-Day Meeting the Preamble was discussed. . . And also in April, GSC. . . Delegate reports in May, and on June 11, a mini-assembly. Of course, much much more was gone over, in detail--far too much to go into here. Suffice it to say that AA continues to grind on, despite obstacles local and world-wide. . .

OLD BUSINESS addressed "Bridging The Gap" and any progress its making. . .

NEW BUSINESS discussed the need for a NEW ADCM for District 60. Stay tuned! More will be revealed in April concerning this matter. . . In addition, the possibility of a District 60 -ONLY- Workshop was mentioned, with the assembled GSRs giving a positive reaction on this proposition. Again!--More in April! . .

The Tradition and Concept of the Month were read-and-discussed, and a quick vote moved the date of the NEXT District 60 GSR Meeting from Easter Sunday to April 10th.

We wish DCM Dave well regarding the delicate bunion surgery he is to undergo shortly. God-Willing, he will be hobbling around after a short, albeit efficient recovery period. . .

February 13, 2022

Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN led off the assault of GSR Reports--after the perfunctory recitation of the Serenity Prayer and the calling-to-order by DCM Dave. "You know, it's funny. . . We were just about to shut down--when ONE person comes in. . . at 10:15. We wound up having a very nice meeting. It just goes to show: One person shows up and keeps it going!" FB meets on SUNDAYS, 10.AM to 11.AM at 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor. Please come out and SUPPORT THIS GROUP! ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP is "doing good. Eight to Ten people, with First Stop people beginning to come over. . . And other than that--the 7th Tradition is strong." All this from DCM Dave, who spoke for this GSR-less group. ~ Will from LAST STOP GROUP OF AA had this to say of the (in)famous under-the-EL Stop: "Doin' all right. Oh,--and the Business Meeting is the LAST SUNDAY of the Month, at 7.PM." ~ LIGHT OF HOPE's Mike said, "We’re doin' okay. . . Up and down." LOH's Business Meeting is the LAST WEDNESDAY of the Month, at 8.15. All meetings are held at the Bridesburg Recreation Center, 4625 Richmond Street, in lush Bridesburg. Meetings are held in the toasty-warm-in-the-winter and air-conditioned in the summer intimate Music Room, on the 1st Floor, to the immediate right after coming through the front doors. . . ~ Polish-speaking PROSIT is doing well: "We're doing fine. No problems at all," related Andre, GSR. ~ Ruth spoke again, this time for PORT FISHINGTON: "Doing well. Still doing hybrid." ~ Tiffany of SERENITY had some trenchant questions about a "50/50" and her group, which is doing well. ~ "There is a good possibility that SMASH THE THOUGHT may be dissolving," related Francine. "I will have a definitive answer probably next month." ~ YOUNG MENS has "lots of issues [with the physical building]." There is no heat, water, or electricity. YM has also seen a "drastic decrease in attendance," according to their GSR. The meeting will probably have to relocate to another site! More will be revealed--God Willing, at March’s meeting!

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and OFFICER-AT-LARGE Krista gave her report. The VISITATION COMMITTEE reports that MANY, if not MOST of the existing meetings in District 60 need support, and the WORKSHOP COMMITTEE slumbers, awaiting the arrival of Spring. . .

WEBITE COMMITTEE's Dynamic Ruth confessed to being "one month behind!"

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE Traditions Meetings are as follows: Tradition 6, from February: Dave; Trad. 7: Krista. March 6 - Trad. 8 - not assigned; 03/13 - Trad. 9 - Ruth; 03/20 -Trad. 10 -Krista; 03/27 - Trad. 11 -not assigned.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $939.87 Interest: .08 Basket: $22 Donations: $10 Ending Balance: $971.95.

DCM REPORT: DCM Dave reported on the January 23rd DCM Sharing/Mini-DCR Planning Session. Half of the Area's DCMs shared, there being quite a few Districts in attendance. . . He reported on several upcoming events, including a May 22nd Mini-Assembly. . . Dave also informed all that he'd signed up District 60 for an upcoming presentation with District 29. . . Dave has been quite busy attending both Zoom and "in the flesh" meetings, for the betterment of all and the continuation of the AA Tradition of Service. . . "Bridging the Gap" was once again brought up, and finding out if recent events necessitate the election of a new ADCM also came into play. More will be said on this last salient point at the March GSR Meeting which is slated for March 20th.

As Spring nears, keep in mind Weather and the seasons affect the outward appearance of things, as well as the Inner Reality. But change as things do, we must keep in mind the Responsibility Pledge, with which we traditionally close out all GSR Meetings. March forward, Ye of AA--toward SERENITY and FULFILLMENT!

January 16, 2022

The January 2022 Meeting of District 60 opened up in the usual way: and if you don't know what that is by now, you need to pay closer attention to detail. FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN'S Ruth D. had this to say of her group: "Hardly anyone coming: only one person, besides me and Chris--a newcomer." She paused, thought for a moment, then continued: "But if one person comes and we can help him--"" And she trailed off, allowing all present to complete the sentence in their heads. ~ DCM Dave reported on GOOD MORNING GROUP: "We have a nice, little group coming [regularly]. Our Prudent Reserve is good, and--" Dave added, "we're probably richer than we should be!" ~ Will from LAST STOP GROUP OF AA explained that while the daytime meetings were lacking in attendance, the nighttime weekday meetings were "packed," as are the Friday and Saturday meetings. "We're doing good," he said. ~ PROSIT'S Andre explained that "We're getting five-to-seven people twice a week, which is good." ~ PORT FISHINGTON, with its "hybrid meeting," is doing quite well, with "good attendance" at their one-hour speaker meeting, ~ SERENITY GROUP is doing "very well," also, according to Tiffany. "Fifty attended the meeting on Saturday!" ~ "No one returns the calls," bemoaned Francine of SMASH THE THOUGHT, which seems to be teetering on oblivion. . . ~ YOUNG MEN'S Brad was not present because he has "pink eye," also known as conjunctivitis. But according to "reliable sources," attendance is in "good high numbers." New officers have also been chosen.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE reports that, well--all the meetings need support, except for a select few with over-the-top attendance. So it is suggested to "drop by" any meeting that's convenient to both show support and check on its status. . .

DCM Dave reported on the WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: "We had a good combined workshop, with over fifty people in attendance." But now, alas, during these cold, gloomy months, there’s "nothing much going on."

Ruth is updating and fine-tuning the WEBSITE, as is the norm for the person in charge of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE. "I'm two months behind," remarked the self-flagellating, self-excoriating Ruth.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following Traditions to the following individuals, on the following dates: 02/06/2022 ~ Trad. 4 ~ Dave; 02/13/2022 ~ Trad. 5 ~ Ruth; 02/20 ~ T6 ~ not assigned; 02/27 ~ T7 ~ not assigned.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance : $968.79; Interest: .08; Basket: $16; Deductions: $55; Ending Balance: $929.87

DCM REPORT: DCM Dave shared that February 20th, Sunday (thus necessitating the day of the next District 60 Meeting), at the University of the Sciences, will be "Share-A-Day," This is a big event, and all are encouraged to attend.

Both the Tradition and Concept of the Month were read-and-discussed.

The Meeting ended with--what else? "The Responsibility Pledge."

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Minutes from 2021

December 19, 2021

The final District 60 GSR Meeting began with The Serenity Prayer, led by DCM Dave. All joined in: and then began the reports. Filling in for Ruth D. was Chris, who reported, "Updates--not good. Three people today. We're struggling." Chris was speaking of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, which meets Sundays, 10AM to 11AM at 2009 Frankford Avenue, on the 2nd floor. ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: 9AM to 10PM at Saint Michael's Church Meeting/Assembly Room on Trenton Avenue proper, Trenton & Cumberland Streets) is also in need of more support, according to Dave, who frequents this meeting. A dedicated core of home-group members are keeping GMG going, but a transfusion of new individuals is needed to fortify the group. ~ LAST STOP GROUP OF AA (Daily,--12Noon & 8PM at 1810 Somerset Street, Kensington & Somerset, right under the EL) similarly needs support. Attendance is down, according to Will. The last meeting saw only six persons in attendance. LS Business Mtg. is the last Sunday of the Month, at 7PM. ~ Mike from LIGHT OF HOPE (Mondays through Thursdays, 7PM to 8PM, at Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4625 Richmond Street, in the cozy and intimate Music Room, 1st Floor, to your immediate right, as you enter) said of his group, "it's hit or miss." ~ NEW LIFE (Wednesday evenings, 7PM to 8PM and Sundays, 7PM to 8PM at Saint Michael's Meeting Room, Trenton Avenue) is getting two to three people, according to George. ~ Shawn from GREATER NORTHEAST said of his group, "Struggling." GN meets at 4318 Frankford Avenue, on a variety of days and times: Mondays, 10AM, 12PM, and 7PM; Tuesdays through Fridays, 12PM and 7PM; Saturdays, 10AM, 3PM, and 6PM; Sundays, 10AM, 6PM, 8PM. Just look for that famous Blue Door. Grasp the handle. And pull.

After the SECREETARY’S REPORT was read-and-approved, DCM Dave advised those gathered that ALL MEETINGS in District 60 NEED SUPPORT, therefore ALL MEETINGS require visits and "drop-ins" according to VISITATION COMMITTEE standards.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE reported that the recent workshop went quite well, with over 50 persons attending!

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following traditions and speakers for the weekly 6PM Traditions Meeting at GREATER NORTHEAST: 01/02~Trad. 11~Will; 01/09~Trad. 12~Dave; 01/16~Trad. 1~The Unknown Speaker; 01/23~Trad. 2~Ed; 01/30~Trad. 3~Chris.

The TREASURER'S REPORT is quite lengthy and particularized, and is available from DCM Dave. For the record, however, the starting balance was $1455.17, and after deductions, additions, more deductions and permutations, the Ending Balance is $968.79.

DCM REPORT: DCM Dave reported that the recent meeting he attended had a lot of participants, even though it was a tight space, and a new panel will be convened in 2022. He passed out a strikingly handsome bound report that detailed the findings and deliberations of standing subcommittees and ad hoc subcommittees.

OLD BUSINESS again focused on "Bridging the Gap" and its importance in AA. This naturally segued into NEW BUSINESS, as a Bridging the Gap coordinator is needed for the District.

Tradition and Concept 12 were read-and-discussed.

Next Meeting is slated for January 16th of the New Year--2022.

November 21, 2021

DCM Dave led off the GSR reports by informing all that, "FIRST DAY BIG BOOK is not meeting any more." ~ This sad news was followed by Ruth D. speaking about her group, FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN: "We still exist, but we REALLY would like new people. [Those who come here] like the intimacy. It's a Big Book study. But we have competition!" She added after a pause, "We can rally!" That's the ol' AA Spirit, Ruthie! Dave spoke again, this time for GOOD MORNING GROUP (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9AM to 10PM, at Saint Michael's Church adjacent hall, Trenton & Cumberland Streets): "No GSR. We're self-supporting. Pretty much the same eight to twelve people [in attendance]. ~ "Sal" from GREATER NORTHEAST explained that the Saturday 1PM and 8PM meetings had been cancelled. ~ "Last Stop needs support," said Will of LAST STOP GROUP OF AA. ~ Mike from LIGHT OF HOPE is having "no issues," and has an Anniversary coming up: LOH's 34th Anniversary will be celebrated on Saturday, December 4th, from 12PM to 4PM. Also, take note: LOH's regular meetings, which run Monday through Thursday at Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4625 Richmond Street, in the cozy Music Room, are 7PM to 8PM. ~ Stalwart AA GSR Laura said of ONE DAY AT A TIME, "We have a core group! We meet rain or shine!" And Laura banged her fists on the table for emphasis. ONE DAY meets Wednesdays, 7PM to 8PM, at Glading Presbyterian Church, located at Cheltenham & Oxford. ~ POLISH-SPEAKING PROSIT's own Andre, a giant among men, said, "We're doing fine. Seven people, usually, two times a week. . . And now, we have a woman [in attendance], a wife and mother. . . Which is highly unusual." PORT FISHINGTON is "doing well," according to Ruth, who proffered these morsels of insight. ~ Finally, YOUNG MEN'S is doing "quite well," so says Brad, GSR of that most manly of meetings.

October 17, 2021

The Serenity Prayer was recited by those assembled: and then DCM Dave gave an update on several groups: Suffice it to say that attendance is down, "across the board" in District 60, with the exception of a few meetings. Most groups are "trudging along" and being sustained by "core members" who attend regularly and pick up most, if not all, the commitments. All District 60 Meetings are in need of support. ~ Tiffany from SERENITY GROUP announced that SG was having an Anniversary Blowout on November 20th, 6PM to 9PM. She also gave her group's official number, which is 376936. SG meets at Saint Anne's School Hall, 2342 E. Tucker Street on Thursdays, 5.45PM to 6.45PM, and on Fridays and Saturdays, 6PM to 7PM. ~ Noble Norm spoke about SURVIVAL, which meets on Thursdays, 6PM to 7PM: "The last couple of meetings,--nobody really showed." And that about sums up the sorry state of affairs--once again, "across the board"--here in District 60.

District 60 is in need of an Officer-at-Large. The VISITATION COMMITTEE is encouraging all the "spread the word: that Unity comes first." In other words,--get out and go to meetings and interact!

A combined District 60 and District 22 Workshop is slated for December 4th at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street. Dave will give an update next meeting.

Traditions for November: 11/7~3~Dave; 11/14~4~Norm; 11/21~5~Tiffany.

Fabulous Pat spoke about the EPGSA, November 12th through 14. But even her magnificent presence could not lift the palpable pall that had engulfed the GSR Meeting. . .

Treasurer's Report: Opening: $1,455.17; Basket: $17; Deductions: $45; Ending Balance: $1,427.59

District 60 nominated Frisky Francine to represent the GSRs at the EPGSA. Congrats, FF! Have fun! . . And the next meeting is November 21.

September 12, 2021

First up with a Performance Report for GOOD MORNING GROUP was DCM Dave--this AFTER the perfunctory bringing the rowdy group to order and the communal recitation of the Serenity Prayer (short version). "People coming in. We're sound, financially. And the Anniversary is coming up." ~ Word has it that KENZO WOMEN'S will resume, 7PM to 8PM Fridays, possibly at Saint Anne’s Church, Memphis & Lehigh. Stay tuned: more will be revealed! ~ JoAnne spoke for LIGHT OF HOPE: "No changes, really.--But we need support Thursdays." LOH meets at Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4625 Richmond Street, Monday through Thursday, 6.30PM to 7.30PM. ~ ODAAT ("One Day at a Time") is "holding its own," and "needs more people," according to Lovely Laura, the grizzled GSR since the dawn of time. Question is,--WHAT is ODAAT holding? And WHAT KIND of people?? "We need more women," according to Laura. Allow that first question to stand unanswered for now. . . ~ FISHTOWN's Claire informed all about the need for a Treasurer and an additional GSR. F-TOWN meets at Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks, on Thursdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM and on Saturdays, 10.30AM to 11.30AM. ~ Concerning the status on SMASH THE THOUGHT, Francine stated that there has been, "No word from the Church." ~ Norm of SURVIVAL told his fellow GSRs his group was "Just rolling along. . . Seven-eight people [in attendance]. . . It's AA: and it's good!" ~ Brad, representing YOUNG MEN'S, confided the following: "[We had] Fifty on Wednesday! . . Thirty-Forty on other days." And that ended his report. WHAT MORE need he say?!? Amazing!! ~ And that concluded the GSR Reports for September’s meeting.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; and DCM Dave posted the opening for the District 60 position of OFFICER-AT-LARGE.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE suggests "hitting meetings and 'talking it up' concerning the necessity for a GSR and/or participation in the Monthly Meeting."

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE discussed an email from District 22 and others concerning a combined workshop with the tentative title, "Bridging the Gap." This is slated (tentatively) to take place on Saturday, December 4th. A ZOOM meeting will occur on Tuesday, September 25th, 7PM, to discuss the details and planning. . . The ZOOM Meeting Number is 98611503189; the passcode is 588932.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE slated the following Traditions and Speakers for the following dates: 10/03 - Trad. 10 - JoAnne; 10/10 - Trad. 11 - Norm; 10/17 -Trad. 12 - Francine; 10/24 - Trad. 1 - Ed; 10/31 - Trad. 2 - Dave.

The TREASURER'S REPORT ran as follows: Opening Balance: $1,417.17 Interest: .12 Basket: $48 Donations: $90 Sub-total: $1,555.17 Deductions: $100 (Dave, for mileage); Ending Balance: $1,455.17

DCM REPORT: DCM Dave is now the King of Handouts, having handed out several to the assembly. Beautiful in style, sublime in their content, magnificent to behold!--each contained a treasure-trove of information and jewels of AA wisdom . . . too intense and lengthy to detail here!

OLD BUSINESS,--namely, the selection of two GSRs for the EPGSA, on November 12th through 14th, is postponed 'til the October Meeting. And then,--THEN!--the decision will be made! And revealed!

Tradition 9, along with Concept 9, were discussed--after being READ, of course!

And the next meeting? Why, it’s slated for October 17th!

Be Responsible! Let the Hand on AA be ever open and ready to reach out and grasp the hand of One Who Asks for Help!!

August 15, 2021

The sweltering month of August was upon the GSRs of the Mighty District 60: and the throngs flocked to the cool confines of Saint Michael's Church adjacent assembly room and settled down after much good-natured commotion and jostling. The Serenity Prayer was recited by the sober mob: and then came the extensive reports: FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN’s Ruth D., who was also serving as DCM this day, Dave being in recuperation after the successful removal of a golfball-sized growth from the inner recesses of his brain, began: "Only two of us today--Me and Chris." ~ Ruth also indicated that PORT FISHINGTON was now BOTH Live! AND "Hybrid 21st Century." ~ Tiffany from SERENITY GROUP informed the massive group that "We've submitted the new forms and we're awaiting our [official group] numbers."

The 7th Tradition basket was passed around and filled to the brim with contributions from the eager GSRs. Then the Secretary's Report was read-and-ratified, the various committees gave extensive reports (too vast and complicated to explicate here), and then--

The TRADITONS COMMITTEE slated the following Traditions and Speakers for these upcoming dates: Sept. 05 - Trad. 6 - Ruth; Sept. 12 - Trad. 7 -Ed; Sept. 19 - Trad. 8 - Tiffany. Sept. 26th’s Trad. 9 was not issued to anyone, since so many GSRs squabbled and fought to be given the privilege of taking that particular commitment.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,317.05 ~ $100 pending ~ Ending Balance: $1,417.05

The various Committees discussed a variety of things, including the need to vote to select TWO (2) GSRs for the EPGSA, scheduled for November 12th through 14th, this year in Lancaster

The Tradition and Concept of the Month were read-and-discussed by all assembled, with aplomb and delight.

And the next meeting is slated for September 19.

Joining us next month, God-willing, will be the Fabulous Pat, who will speak about the upcoming EPGSA and WHY all GSRs should endeavor to attend it.

The meeting ending with the throng reciting the Responsibility Pledge.

Remember: Commitments are called such for a reason.

July 18, 2021

Pleasantries were exchanged, and the Serenity Prayer kicked off the July 2021 Meeting of the Mighty District 60. FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN'S Ruth began with a simple statement: "We're having more intimate meetings. It's going well." ~ DCM Dave spoke for GOOD MORNING GROUP: "New people are showing up, though the same core group is taking all the commitments." Dave added that the 7th Tradition status was very good indeed. ~ Joe K., now the GSR of LAST STOP GROUP OF AA, asked, "How are we doing?" And answered his own question with, "Well, we're improving: we're starting to fill back up." ~ The Disembodied GSR spoke for LIGHT OF HOPE, as LOH had no official GSR yet: "We have no GSR yet. The group is doing well. We are back in the original air-conditioned meeting room." (Note: The "Music Room," on the first level, to the immediate right after passing through the Main Entrance of the complex. And it most certainly IS air-conditioned.) "New members are coming, and hopefully we'll have a GSR soon. LOH meets at the Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4625 Richmond Street. The meeting times are Mondays though Thursdays, 7PM to 8PM. ~ Long thought dead, Laura of ONE DAY AT A TIME reemerged from a Mark Twainian "highly over-exaggerated report of her demise" and spoke about her group, ONE DAY AT A TIME: "Everything is doing good. We had some women come one time,--three of them! . . But they didn't come back. . . I tried to explain that, 'You don't have to get dressed up!' But, I don't know. Laura also added that, "I don't do Zoom!" Oh, Laura! How did we get on without ya?!? ~ Andre from Polish-speaking PROSIT was there: and his check-in was long and winded, and he went on for quite a while! Suffice it to say that all is well at the "Big 'P'." ~ "We are happy beyond ecstatic to be meeting live!" said the spokesperson of PORT FISHINGTON, Of course, there's also a hybrid model for the unadventurous or just plain lazy. ~ Tiffany of SERENITY GROUP (you know,--the orange cone: Saint Anne's School Hall; 2342 Tucker Street) told all, "We're doing good!" ~ SURVIVAL Group, which meets at Samuels Rec. Centre, 3539 Gaul Street on Thursdays, 6PM to 7PM, was represented by a fellow who looked, sounded, and acted like former DCM Norm! But how could that be? Hadn't Norm transcended his physical "shell" and merged with the Intergalactic Sober Macrocosm?? Hadn't he reached the legendary and almost-never-spoken-about "14th Step??" We know not. But we can report what this fellow told us: "Our meeting is small. Only 7 to 8 people." We will stay tuned for more from this "born-anew" version of "Norm," as well as Lazarus-Laura, and the rest of the District 60 GSR Crew. More will be revealed!

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; the OFFICER-AT-LARGE checked in; and the VISITATION COMMITTEE decided to check out FISHBOOK, 2009 Frankford Ave., 2nd Floor, Wednesdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM. To see if it is still in existence. Ruth of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE reported that the Website is, quote, "Pretty up to date."

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE slated the following Speakers and Traditions for the following dates: 08/01 ~ Trad. 1 ~ Ed; 08/08 ~ Trad. 2 ~ Krista; 08/15 ~ Trad. 3 ~ Norm; 08/22 ~ Trad. 4 ~ Dave; 08/29 ~ Trad. 5 ~ Laura. All Traditions meetings are held at Northeast Club on Sunday, 6PM.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,241.83 Basket: $25 Donations: $50 Ending Balance: $1,326.83

DCM Dave reported on the Treatment Committee, "Bridging the Gap," by clicking on Member Services at http://area59aa.org you can obtain more info and sign up. Also: The 64th Annual EPGSA will be held at Lancaster, PA, at the posh Wyndham Resort, on November 12th through 14th. Use the same link to register online.

The 7th Tradition and 7th concept were perused and committed to memory.

Next Meeting is slated for August 15th, rain or shine.

The Responsibility Pledge closed out the meeting.

June 27, 2021

June's GSR Meeting began with no less a luminary than DCM Dave pinch-hitting for . . . The Unknown GSR. He informed those assembled that Joe A. was now General Chair of GOOD MORNING GROUP, which meets M-W-F, 9AM to 10AM at Saint Michael's Church adjacent assembly-room, Trenton & Cumberland Streets. "Financially, the group's solid," said Dave. "New people are coming. . . From YOUNG MENS." ~ Another Joe,--"Joe"--represented LAST STOP GROUP OF AA and gave a most eloquent and illuminating report on that noble group's status. ~ "Nothing special; meeting two times a week," quoth Andre of Polish-speaking PROSIT. ~ SMASH THE THOUGHT's Francine reported that, "We're looking to start a meeting," meaning to reignite, as it were, the Thursday night meeting that now hangs in abeyance. . . ~ "Sunday Driver" Ruth D. arrived late after totaling her Lamborghini a few blocks away in Fishtown. Unscathed, unscratched, and unruffled, Reckless Ruth declared, "People coming in a DELUGE! A baker's dozen! Thirteen! THIS is what we want!" Ruth was, of course, referring to FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, which meets at 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor, on Sundays, 10AM to 11AM. She was citing the meeting that occurred earlier that very morning! And Road-Demon Ruth continued: "We're financially solvent. That's NEVER been an issue. We had a great meeting today!" Are these "harbingers of things to come?" More will be revealed. . . ~ Riled-up Ruth continued with a short report on PORT FISHINGTON: "We're now meeting in person!" PF meets at Saint Michael's, Monday evenings, 7.30PM to 8.30PM.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-ratified; the OFFICER-AT-LARGE checked in on the status of things; and the VISITATION COMMITTEE continues to exhort all who are aware to make others aware also--of what meetings are up-and-running, either "virtually" or "in the flesh." Or a combination thereof, which they call, in new-fangled terminology, a "hybrid."

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE is working--working on an upcoming Fall 2021 Presentation featuring guest-speakers from around the world. Stay tuned!

The Website COMMITTEE'S Ruth quipped, "It's reasonably up to date--" referring to, what else? The District 60 Website!-- "but if you see anything wrong--" and here she gave out her private telephone number, which we will not include, lest other angry motorists come forward with unfounded accusations leveled against our techno-wiz (and drag-race enthusiast) Ruth!

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE slated the following Traditions and guest celebrity speakers for the following dates in July: 07/04~Trad. 9~Francine; 07/11~Trad. 10~Krista; 07/18~Trad. 11~Ruth; 07/25~Trad. 12~DCM Dave. (Note: Speakers are subject to change.)

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1271.72 Basket: $15 Deductions: $45 (rent for July and August) Ending Balance: $1241.83

DCM Dave handed out one of his exquisitely-crafted DCM Reports, which detailed--methodically albeit succinctly--the Delegate's Report from Mini-Assembly Mach II and the General Service Convention. One of the highlights was a revision to Page 117 in the "12 'N 12," replacing the phrase "mate of the opposite sex" with the word "partner." Which begs the question: What about those involved in polyandrous relationships? Shouldn’t the new wording be “partner(s)?” The Grapevine Board also changed the Preamble to read "people who--" from "men and women who." And what of those with alcoholic non-humans living in their midst? In other words, beer-sodden dogs and rum-lapping cats?!? Not to mention parakeets.

OLD BUSINESS brought up the free subscription to the Grapevine. Who will be the lucky recipient?

The Tradition and Concept of the Month were read-and-discussed--at length. And the next meeting date is slated, tentatively, for July 18, 2021.

This INDEPENDENCE DAY, help someone who is sick and suffering to achieve INDEPENDENCE from "evil spirits."

May 16, 2021

The May Meeting of District 60 began with the Serenity Prayer. Then DCM Dave reported on FIRST DAY BIG BOOK: "There were cars in the parking lot. . . I checked the doors. I asked the cleaning people. . . The rooms were set up, the tables neatly arranged, chairs placed.---But no one showed. No one's showing. The meeting's on, but no one is showing up." This eerie vision was conveyed by Dave: and we here at District 60 ask that if anyone has any information regarding the missing members of FDBB to get in touch with us pronto! ~ "Only five people today---but we're happy to get that!" This from Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor, Sundays, 10AM to 11AM. "The Meeting is going on. It's a great meeting! We're self-supporting. . . We break down the Big Book. The meeting is going well--so come!!" ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP was represented by DCM Dave: "Dom's moved on." ---Now, Dave DIDN'T mean that Dom had "PASSED on," in the traditional sense, and gone to his reward in Sober Valhalla (or, conversely, his punishment, in Stewbum Hades), but that he had moved away to another land, far far away, and he had thus relinquished his GSR-hood. But to continue: "Doing well, financially. Attendance is good, and the group is self-supporting." ~ JoAnne from LIGHT OF HOPE spoke of the amenable split between the original entity (LOH) and the offshoot, which is still meeting at the place indicated by the orange cone. The 7th Tradition money was divided equally between the two autonomous meetings, and both will continue with their respective meeting days and times. A final definitive meeting schedule will be posted in the June Minutes for both groups. And so it shall be revealed! ~ Andre of Polish-speaking PROSIT succinctly stated, "Nothing new. Two meetings a week, and good support." ~ PORT FISHINGTON was represented by Ruth, who stated, "June 7th will be the beginning of a possible hybrid meeting. Possibly." ~ PORT RICHMOND, Samuel’s Recreation Centre, Gaul & Atlantic, Fridays, 7:30PM to 8:30PM, is OPEN. OPEN. Open for Business. ~ Karen from SERENITY GROUP (the offshoot of LOH) stated, "No problems." Here is SG's tentative schedule, to be absolutely confirmed beyond a shadow of an empty fifth's doubt in June: Thursdays, 5:45PM to 6:45PM; Fri., Sat., Sun., 6PM to 7PM. SG meets Saint Anne's School Hall, 2342 Tucker Street. (Orange cone.) ~ Finally: SURVIVAL. Is. Open. SURVIVAL meets at Samuel's Rec Centre, Thursdays, 6PM to 7PM.

The SECRETARY’S REPORT was read-and-approved.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE reported on a new "series" of meetings taking place in the Front & Girard area: "Hope on Girard." GSRs are encouraged, along with their respective group members, to check out one of the many meetings taking place at this site.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE had a recent combined effort with District 22. As DCM Dave quipped, "It was one of the better ones." An all-District Workshop is being planned for some time in the Fall, 2021.

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE's Ruth D. is forever updating the site and always welcomes constructive criticism.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE; The following Traditions Meetings are slated for the Month of June: 06/06 ~ Trad. 5 ~ Ruth; 06/13 ~ Trad. 6 ~ Dave; 06/20 ~ Trad. 7 ~ ? 06/27 ~ Trad. 8 ~ Ed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,376.18 ~ Basket: $17 ~ Donations: $90 ~ Sub-Total: $1,483.40 ~ Deductions: $211 (workshop) ~ Ending Balance: $1,271.72.

DCM REPORT: Dave distributed two informative flyers that were eye-catching and stunning (despite being in black and white), as well as informative. The topic of each flyer was, respectively, the Mini-Assembly Mach I (of which our District will not be partaking), and Mini-Assembly Mach II (of which we will--be partaking, that is); both Mini-Assemblies are on Zoom. Much of Life seems to be on Zoom these days.

OLD BUSINESS "tabled" the free subscription to Grapevine; no NEW BUSINESS.

Tradition 5 along with Concept 5 were read and discussed, and the next meeting will be either June 20th (Father's Day) or June 27th (Non-birthing Persons Day). Which will it be?? That,--THAT will be revealed.

The meeting closed out with The Responsibility Pledge. Summertime is Sobertime: be ready to serve the still-sick-and-suffering!

April 18, 2021

After the perfunctory introductions and openings were dispensed with, "Fishtown Claire" said of her group, FISHTOWN, "We're open for business. Took a vote and separated, but we're still involved with Saturday morning. Saturday morning's light attendance. Thursday's doing good." ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth D. spoke next: "We are meeting! We are going strong. Didn't have as many as I would have liked [today], but we're having awesome meetings!" Ruth paused for a moment, then continued, "You know, we're called 'Breakdown' because we break-down and explain the Big Book." Indeed, Ruth! FB meets every Sunday Morning, 10AM -to- 11AM, at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor.~ Dominic is off living in a magic Spanish castle in (where else?) Spain, so DCM Dave gave us the low-down on GOOD MORNING GROUP: We're averaging 10 people per meeting. We dispersed $400. The people who show are very supportive. ~ Dave also spoke for HAND OF GOD: "It's just 3 guys showing up, trying to keep it going." HG meets at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street, Saturdays, 6.30PM -to-8PM. ~ Tiffany gave an up-to-the-moment update on LIGHT OF HOPE and its bastard offspring, as of yet, officially un-named. "We're currently doing two completely different meetings," was how Tiff put it. Seems that LOH has resumed meeting at Bridesburg Rec. Centre, 4625 Richmond Street on Mondays -through- Thursdays, 6.30PM -to- 7.30PM. The new meeting, conceived and born during the Era of Corona Virus, meets at Saint Anne’s Church, 2342 E. Tucker Street, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, from 6PM -to- 7PM. And on Thursdays, from 5.45PM -to- 6.45PM, so there exists a bit of a clash, some competition twixt Mother and Daughter, if you will. . . ((**Query/Note-to-Self: Is it permissible to say "bastard" in AA? Politically incorrect?? ---More will be revealed.. . )) ~ Alternate GSR George from NEW LIFE graced us with his presence and proceeded by saying, "Our meeting's doing great! Wednesday night we had, oh, 16-17 people!" George rubbed his hands and glanced around, then continued: "Some nights we have pizza; some nights we have hot-dogs, other good stuff." He went on to name lobster, shrimp, filet mignon, and a host of other culinary delights, yes. He then got into a protracted discussion about masks: the wearing and not-wearing of, which took up much time and delved into the intricacies of this odd new fetish which seems to have gripped our Nation in a vice-like clasp of muted depravity. ~ "We're currently still on Zoom, but we're all set to open back up on June 7th---which is still a ways away. There'll be more info coming." All this from Jim C. of PORT FISHINGTON. ~ Finally, Shane from YOUNG MEN’S announced, "We're STILL WIDE OPEN. AND NO MASKS!!" YM has the dubious distinction as being the ONLY meeting to remain open during the entire "forced lockdown ritual" imposed on society by the Evil Alien Reptilian Overlords. Kudos to these testosterone-fueled Sons of Liberty, not to mention SOBRIETY!!

The VISITATION COMMITTEE is encouraging everyone to spread the word about all meetings, whether "in the flesh" or on Zoom! Check 'em out: and tell your brothers and sisters to do so also!

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE had JoAnne give an update on the upcoming Combined Districts 22 & 60 Workshop, taking place on Saturday, the 24th of April. The Theme is, of course, "Service--In the Time of Co-Vid." Registration begins at 10AM, at the site of the workshop, which is Wissinoming Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street. The event promises all the thrills, chills, and spills of a classic AA Workshop, despite the hindrances incurred by living in these troubled times,--so come out!!

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE'S Ruth D. said of the website, "I still need to put in the minutes for March. Some corrections need to be made."

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE has these Traditions and Speakers slated for the Month of May: 05/02 - Trad. 12 - Ruth; 05/09 - Trad. 1 - Dave; 05/16 - Trad. 2 - JoAnne; 05/23 - Trad. 3 - Ed; 05/30 - Trad. 4 - Jim.

The DCM REPORT: DCM Dave said, "I don't have a whole lot to say," And then he launched into an hour-long explication about the Conference, the Mini-Assembly on June 13th, and so much, much more.

The GSRs were then graced with the presence of Elena, DCM of District 22, who gave a stunning and memorable presentation featuring the latest high-tech equipment and advances in modern media presentation on Area 59's CPC Committee and all concomitant items that embellish and enhance this stellar entity. Truly, it was remarkable and outstanding, to say the least!

The FOURTH Tradition and Concept were read-and-discussed, and the next meeting was deemed do-able on May 16th.

The RESPONSIBILITY PLEDGE closed things out--as usual.


March 21, 2021

"My name is Ruth, and I'm an alcoholic." So began the report of Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, first on the docket of GSRs who had assembled last month to give the low-down on what was happening and what had transpired recently at their respective meetings. Ruth continued, "We are open and, umm, sometimes attendance is good, sometimes not. This is, uh, like today, we had"--and here Ruth counted aloud on her fingers--"1--2--3--4--5--6 people. Financially we're good. And we are having great meetings! So everyone,--come!" ~ Dave spoke for GOOD MORNING GROUP and said many noble things indeed; but what stood out was his announcement that GMG was "rich." Attendance is good, holding steady; but more new people are needed to take commitments. ~ HAND OF GOD is "struggling." The Saturday evening meeting, from 6:30 to 8PM at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street still exists--but needs help and support! ~ "No official change--for once!" reported Tiffany from LIGHT OF HOPE, meaning that the meeting is still taking place at Saint Anne's Church, 2342 E. Tucker Street, 6PM to 7PM, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. "We're open and getting support!" Tiff added. ~ Polish-Speaking PROSIT is "still meeting on Wednesdays," with "nothing new." This from Andrej, GSR. ~ Jim from PORT FISHINGTON informed all that, "We voted on Monday: and we will be reopening Monday, June 7th." PF will again take its rightful place, at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets--after a year-long absence. This is a speaker meeting, and convenes on Mondays, 7.30PM to 8,30PM. ~ Francine from SMASH THE THOUGHT had the following update: "The meeting is still closed; we're still not permitted in the School Building. But we've been talking with Chrissie, and we're working on getting a meeting going at the park a few blocks away from the School meeting-site. ~ And so concluded the GSR Reports for March 2021.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; and the OFFICER-AT-LARGE reported that all who answered her text were in attendance.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE--through the mouthpiece of DCM Dave--had this to say: "Things are in a state of flux. . . People are worried about getting the meetings back up-and-going." Dave advised those in attendance to check out those meetings that were open and to assist in any way possible in securing GSRs for those meetings.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE has a workshop planned for Saturday, April 24th. The theme, tentatively, is "Service In a Time of Change." JoAnne stepped up and spearheaded this movement, and many GSRs displayed enthusiasm and interacted with much animation and motivation. It is still a bit unclear if there is an "agenda in writ," but this will all be resolved at the next GSR meeting. As always: More will be revealed!--So stay tuned!

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE is updating. Forever updating and keeping up-to-date on a day-to-day basis, always on the up-and-up. So says Ruth, the Queen of Tech--and Mastermind of the Website!

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE has slated the following Traditions and Speakers: 04/04 - Trad. 8 - Ruth; 04/11 - Trad. 9 - JoAnne ~ 04/18 - Trad. 10 - Dave; 04/25 - Trad. 11 -Krista.

The TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,402.07 ~ Basket: $18 ~ Donations: $7 ~ Sub-Total: $1,427.18 ~ Deductions: $90 (rent) ~ Ending Grand Total Balance Par Excellence: $1,337.18

The DCM REPORT; DCM ("Don’t Call Me") Dave handed out a super-cool sheet that detailed what transpired at the March District Meeting. Easy on the eyes, the handout broke down and explained everything nicely, succinctly. The contributions in 2020 reached an all-time high: 1.4 million!

The 3rd Tradition, along with the 3rd Concept: read-and-discussed!

Next Meeting is slated for the 18th of April.

Always remember the Responsibility Pledge.

February 28, 2021

The GSRs and other luminaries of "The Supreme District of Area 59,"--THE MIGHTY DISTRICT 60!--were ready with their reports. So, after the perfunctory Serenity Prayer, the festivities commenced. FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth D. had this to say: I wasn't there last week, but today there were only four of us--but we're still doing okay, financially. Financially, just fine. Hopefully, more people will start showing up." FB meets Sundays at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Avenue, on the 2nd Floor, 10AM to 11AM. The Business Meeting is the last Sunday of the month, directly following the regular meeting. ~ Dominic of GOOD MORNING GROUP said, "Our group's doing okay. Attendance is picking up. We are here. And we encourage everyone to come." ~ Melanie is the new GSR of GREATER NORTHEAST GROUP. And this is what she had to say: "Attendance is okay, and it's picking up, a little bit at a time." ~ LIGHT OF HOPE's Tiffany reported that, "The meeting days are Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday." And the meeting-site remains, for now, Saint Anne's Church, 2342 E. Tucker Street. As does the time--6PM to 7PM. "Just look for the orange cone." ~ OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP's Tina, friend to all three-limbed canines and assorted ungulates--and back in action!--told all, "We're still open: and we're meeting in-person! Attendance is down because of the CoVid, but--we ARE open!" OCG meets at Saint Martin's Church, 5450 Roosevelt Blvd., Sundays, 7PM to 8PM. ~ Polish-Speaking PROSIT just celebrated its 17th Anniversary on February 7th, according to Andre, the GSR. Nastrovia!--But keep it celery tonic. ~ PORT FISHINGTON's Jim said of his group, "We're still meeting--still on Zoom. But we're still getting plenty of different speakers. ~ Francine (of the thrice-pawed pooch), GSR of SMASH THE THOUGHT solemnly stated, "Still closed.--But talks are under away about meeting in the park a few blocks away. We're talking about it." Stay tuned!--More will be revealed. . .

The Secretary's Report was read-and-approved; and The Officer-at-Large, well-- hold up a second. . .

But The VISITATION COMMITTEE DID report that HAND OF GOD had been visited,--by no less a luminary than DCM Dave! Our DCM also encouraged, as always, GSRs to implore active meeting-goers to investigate and attend those meetings that are in abeyance, as it were. . .

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE's Ruth D. gave out the website address (www.district60aa.org) and encouraged a constructive critique of the information she supplies on the site. . .

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE Schedule for March: 03/07-Dave-T4; 03/14-Ed-T5; 03/21-Tifffany-T6; 03/28-Francine-T7.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,372.96 Basket: $29 Ending Balance: $1,402.07

DCM REPORT: Dave reported on "Bridging the Gap," from Feb. 13 which included speakers from the Area. Our DCM informed all that he was on the Treatment Access Committee. . . Informed those assembled of the Area 59 Pre-Conference Sharing Session slated for March 28. Dave passed out an info sheet detailing the agenda and supplying the Zoom ID Number and Passcode. . . Dave spoke of the success of the Share-a-Day the week prior to the February meeting. . . And so, so, much more!

Of OLD BUSINESS --none. But NEW BUSINESS heralded the nomination and subsequent election of a new OFFICER-AT-LARGE,--the old one having been killed and subsequently devoured by his CATS! Krista-Q. stepped up and delivered an emotional speech wherein she detailed her experience and history in serving AA. She spoke at length, for almost an hour, delivering a detailed narrative and explaining with exquisite eloquence her love and devotion to "This Way of Ours." When she finished, the room was silent; all were awestruck and impressed beyond words. . . A vote was immediately taken, and a new OFFICER-AT-LARGE was handed the Sceptre of Sobriety--a kind of quirt used to subdue overzealous, out-of-order GSRs, should they need such ministration. --In any case, KRISTA-Q. will now be in touch with all GSRs a day-or-two prior to each Monthly Meeting--so be prepared to hear from HER from now on!

Tradition Three, Concept Three:--read-and-discussed. Next Meeting: March 21st.


January 17, 2021

The first meeting of the New Year,--2021, to be exact,--began with perfunctory opening followed by the GSR Reports. Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN kicked it off with, "My name is Ruth, and I'm an alcoholic." She continued, "Low attendance today: only Nine people." She then corrected herself after a moment of mental calculation: "Ten. Ten people." And then, "We hope to keep the momentum going--keep people coming in. Financially, we're are doing well. And"--she paused, "things are looking up." ~ "GOOD MORNING GROUP's doing okay," said Dom, long-time GSR of that sturdy group. "Getting some support. Quite a few anniversaries this month. . . So the New Year is starting off pretty good." ~ Tiffany is now full-time GSR of LIGHT OF HOPE. She reported that, "We're still meeting at Saint Anne's Church, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 6PM to 7PM. Business Meeting is the last Sunday of the month." When asked by a member of the assemblage where the meeting-site actually was, directions were given and coordinates were established, thus solidifying the tangible locale of LOH's present location. "Look for the orange cone," and you can't go wrong. ~ Taras of OLNEY/LAWNDALE explained that, "We're still on 'phone meetings. But we're getting a lot of newcomers." The all-important number for that meeting is 725.735.9212. ~ "We have live Meetings, Sunday and Wednesday," said Andre of his group, Polish-speaking PROSIT. PROSIT meets at Saint Adalbert's Church, 2657 E. Allegheny Avenue, 6PM to 7PM on Sundays, and 8PM to 9PM on Wednesdays. Bring your own kielbasa. But no piwa.~ PORT FISHINGTON's Jim C. related the following: "We're going to have a vote: A vote to open up the meeting--live. . . Or keep it on ZOOM." He added that, "Although I myself haven't been on it, it seems to be going good. The group might wait 'til the restrictions are up. . . But we're still getting guest speakers." The ZOOM coordinate numbers are 867 4776 6524. No password is required. ~ Francine of SMASH THE THOUGHT reported, sorrowfully, "Unfortunately, we're still not meeting: the Church will not permit outside meetings." ~ YOUNG MEN'S Jimmy spoke thus: Steve K. is the new GSR. We are open and doing well." YM meets at Atonement Lutheran Church, 1542 E. Montgomery Avenue, on the following days and times: Sundays, 5.30PM to 7PM (Beginner's Mts.); Wednesdays, 7PM to 8.30PM (Speaker Mts.); Thursdays, 6.30PM to 7.30PM (Big Book); Saturdays, 10AM to 11.30AM (Step Mtg.)

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and the OFFICER-AT-LARGE reported that, "Everyone got back to me. Thanks!"

VISITATION COMMITTEE: Dave wants someone to spearhead the VC, as many of the groups in the District DO NOT HAVE A GSR and are thus, not represented at the monthly meeting. This has the added detriment of making any news and updates concerning the unrepresented group inaccessible. The position of VC Coordinator will be brought up at a future meeting.

WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: A possible--possible--workshop is in the works, possibly, for the possible tentative date(s) of April 24th, 25th.

WEBSITE COMMITTEE: Ruth D. sez: "The website is doing well. It’s up and running!"

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: for the Month of February: 02/07 ~ 12 ~ Dave; 02/14 ~ 1 ~ Dom; 02/21 ~ 2 ~ Ruth; 02/28 ~ 3 ~ Francine.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1399 .25 ~ Basket: $31 ~ Donations: $40 ~ sub-total: $1470 .36 ~ Deductions: $95 ~ Ending Balance: $1372 .96

DCM Dave handed out several complex and intricate hand-outs; explained why emailing was better than printouts (saves paper); spoke of the glorious DCM orientation, a mini-assembly on June 12, and many more things too numerous and intense to get into here. Suffice it to say that AA carries on! AA survives! And we, of AA, are SURVIVORS! Through our darkest days then, and through these similarly--albeit different--dark days: we continue to carry the message! Whether by live meeting, Zoom, telephone group-confab, or smoke-signals--We are IN SERVICE to All Who Require What We Have.

The next meeting will be the last day of February--the 28th.

Thus concludes the Minutes of the 2021 maiden voyage of District 60's Monthly Pow-wow.

"Keep comin' back; it works--if YOU work it."

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Minutes from 2020

December 20, 2020

The Final Meeting of the year 2020 began with the much-needed-these-days Serenity Prayer, followed by roll-call. Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN said, "Umm. . . We are operating in-person. And we'd really like more people. . . Just the four of us today. Financially we're doing fine. . . So Please come. Pass the message on: We exist!" ~ "Financially, the group's doing good and we're getting more people," said Dave, substituting for an ailing Dom. "The struggle is people serving. Not enough rotation. We've begun using [the text] "Living Sober." Basically, it's four-to-five core group members." GOOD MORNING GROUP, the just referred to, meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9AM in the spacious room adjacent to Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland. ~ FISHTOWN's Claire had much to tell those assembled. Having reached an impasse concerning certain issues and unable to resolve differences adequately, the group has decided to split into two distinct entities: The Thursday Night Meeting (7.30PM to 8.30PM) will retain the "FISHTOWN" moniker; but The Saturday Morning Meeting will henceforward be known as--something else, with its own officers and so forth. . . Both autonomous groups will continue to meet in Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks, and the specific type of meeting provided by each will be established soon. More, as we say, will be revealed. ~ JoAnne of LIGHT OF HOPE also had an update, somewhat convoluted and unsteady, but it went like this: "So, yeah, we moved--again! We WERE at Edgemont & Venango. . . But now we're at Saint Anne's Church, 2342 Tucker Street." JoAnne explained that the Pastor from the former site was on some kind of heavy CoVid trip and was worried about infection and was hesitant about some things, and more such things. Details and finalities should be available at the January Meeting, but for now it looks like the meeting will run as follows: Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays:--6PM start time. ~ "We're still closed," said Taras, of OLNEY/LAWNDALE. "And there's no word on when we're going to open." ~ Jim C. of PORT FISHINGTON relayed that, "We're still on Zoom. We're having a meeting on the 4th with the whole Home Group and vote on whether to go LIVE or not." ~ SMASH THE THOUGHT is, according to GSR Francine, "Permanently closed until the school fully reopens." ~ The roll call ended with an upbeat note: Ryan from YOUNG MEN'S announced that, "All Meetings are OPEN! We are THRIVING! Financially, we're doing very well. At our next Business Meeting, we're going to vote on new officers. And we will be open Christmas Eve."

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and new OFFICER-AT-LARGE Taras informed all that, "Everyone did good in getting back. Everybody here replied."

The VISITATION COMMITTEE had this to say: "Not much going on here; we encourage the GSRs to get out and visit different meetings."

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE stated, in a similar vein, "Nothing going on now."

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE's Ruth solemnly told the group, "I'll put in the new minutes and make appropriate updates."

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE's Sunday 6PM Meetings are still being held on ZOOM. The Meeting I.D. Number is 503536771; the Password is GNEAA. If the meetings resume "LIVE" status, well, YOU'LL be the FIRST to know. . .

The TREASURER'S REPORT ran as follows: Opening Balance: $1,371.25 ~ Basket: $25 ~ Ending Balance: $1,399.25

The DCM REPORT: "I'll try to type out a report. . . Had an Area 59 Conference. A long day." This from new DCM Dave. He continued in this vein, elaborating on what transpired and what to expect in the future, in 2021. He also passed out a sheet that broke down and simplified what went on during the 12/13/20 Meeting.

Of OLD BUSINESS, none. The same for NEW BUSINESS.

The Tradition and Concept-of-the-Month were read-and-discussed, as usual. . .

And the next meeting. . . The next meeting is slated for January 17, 2021.

Happy New Year. Yay.

November 15, 2020

The November installment of District 60's monthly GSR meeting began with the Serenity prayer, followed by roll call. The reports put forth by the GSRs ran as follows: Ruth D. of Fishtown Breakdown had this to say, "So, uh...we've been doing live metings. Including me, a total of 5 people. Don't know yet if we're going to lock it down again." "Just celebrated our 18th anniversary! A good success. Our meetings are doing pretty good, and we're getting support!" All this from Good Morning Group's Dom. "Still having phone meetings," said Taras, GSR of Olney/Lawndale. "Don't know when the reguylar meetings are going to open up. But the phone meetings are going well." Laura from One Day at a Time spoke, "Our group is hanging in there. Everybody's giving more money [to the 7th tradition]...Trying to keep it going." Andre from Polish-speaking Prosid told those assembled, "Still having live meetings. No changes. Seven people [attending on a regular basis]." Port Fishington's Jim related that "we're still on Zoom" and left it at that. "Still, unfortunately, we're not meeting. The school is closed to outside meetings!" These words from the mouth of Francine, GSR of Smash the Thought. JoAnne of Light of Hope gave an update on her meeting: "We've officially moved to Venango. The transition went well." Definitive meeting days and times will be available next month, according to JoAnne. And so ended the GSR reports for the month of November.

The secretary's report was read and approved. The outgoing Officer at Large was not present. The visitation committee is in abeyance, as is the Workshop Committee. Ruth of the Website Committee reported that, "I have to update some stuff - Light of Hope for instance..."

The Traditions Committee may become reactivated next month. More will be revealed at December's meeting.

The Treasurer's report ran as follows: opening balance: $1,335.12, basket: $36, ending balance: $1,371.25.

DCM Report: The November committee was, sadly, DCM Norm's final meeting - as DCM that is. "I don't know when I'll see you all again," said Norm. And with that, the new DCM seized Norm by the throat, wrested the sceptre of power from him and wrenched the signet ring from his right index finger. Taking his place on the sumptuous red velvet throne on the raised dais, DCM Dave assumed his rightful place and all paid due homage to him.

Neither old nor new business was discussed. Tradition 11, along with the Concept, was read and discussed.

We here in District 60 advise all who count themselves amongst the saved to reach out and access the Higher Power during these dark and troubled times, not just when feelings of being overwhelmed arise, but on a continuous basis: in order to generate and retain "good healing sober AA vibes" to be shared with all and sundry.

The next gathering of the faithful is December 20, 2020.

And remember, especially these days, that you are responsible. Responsible whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out for help.

Service doesn't rest.

October 18, 2020

Formalities formalized and dispensed with, the GSR reports ran as folows: Ruth of Fishtown Breakdown began by saying, "Um...so...uh...attend! We still have sparse attendance: today five people. One was the person who ran the meeting and one was me. He said he'd send word out...I'd like to see it get bigger, like it formerly was." Good Morning Group's Dom had this to say: "Gearing up for our 18th anniversary on November 11, Veteran's Day. It's a Wednesday from 9:00 'til...noon. Breing a covered dish, whatever you can. Bring something. All are welcome. Food, fun, and fellowship!" "All right, so our group has meetings outside. Our attendance has been awesome. We contacted Grace Episcopal Church (Venango & Edgemont streets)...We're going to start having our meetings there. We have to write up a plan... take care of the insurance... so the beginning of Nuovember we can get in there...depending upon the paperwork. We'll have flyers made up and distributed." And more will doubtless be revealed by the speaker of these words, the most illumined one, JOAnne of - where else? - Light of Hope! Taras the Terrible of Olney/Lawndale let his counterparts know that "we're still having 'phone meetings.' The Pastor survived his ordeal with malevolent microbes," Taras informed us, as did the missus. "We're still having 'phone meetings' 'til otherwise. Possibly Zoom meetings soon." Tina the Not-So-Terrible of Oxford Circle Group told all that her group's meeting had moved from outside to inside and was still going strong. Port Fishington's Jim let those assembled know that, "We're still on Zoom. We had a meet and greet meeting at Penn Treaty Park, which was nice and went well." "Unfortunately, we have no access to the school building so therefore no meeting," said GSR Francine, "We're in limbo. The principal didn't get back, so we have no way of knowing when we'll reopen." "Still great," sputtered Arretta of Survival, "We should be able to get back into the Rec. soon. Looking into Thursdays, here at Saint Michael's." Young Men's is "open for all meetings. Wednesdays are wall-to-wall!" Thus saith YM's GSR. A Polish speaking group was also represented at October's meeting and more info regarding this will be posted next month. Finally, Claire of Fishtown let it be known that "we've resumed. Thursdays, 7:30 pm, Saturdays, 10:30 am."

The Secretary's Report was read and approved. ("I have to say that everything went perfect. My apologies for only printing up so many." - the Officer-At-Large, on the current state of things.)

The Website Committee (Ruth): "I'm keeping it as up-to-date as I can. Everything's fine otherwise."

The Treasurer's Report: Opening balance: $1,734.33, basket: $50, deductions: $449.23, ending grand total balance: $1,335.12.

DCM Report: November 13 through 15, the EPGSA. Saturday is voting for new positions.

Old Business: Elections for District 60. The positions of DCM, ADCM, Officer-at-Large, Treasurer, and Secretary were voted on. The new postholders will be revealed next month if and when they assume their positions for their first meeting in those roles. If they survive into the next month, many earthlings having persished in the septic tide of the Mandarin Malaise.

Stay tuned!

The traditions and concept of the month were both read and discussed. As always, the confabulations crackled with energy.

Next meeting is slated for November 15. If you survive the devastating plague we will see you there. If not, say hi to Bill and Bob and the always forgotten third saint of sobriety.

September 20, 2020

The September installment of the monthly meetings was no-frills and direct, terse and to-the-point. The GSRs gave their no-frills reports in an orderly, straightforward fashion—for the most part. . . Claire from FISHTOWN sent a text to someone stating that the group was meeting, but only on Thursdays, from 7.30PM to 8.30PM. Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN told those assembled, "Back to meetings!" And counting on her fingers, "1. . . 2. . . 3. . . 4. . . 5 people! It was a real meeting! It's going on! We have hand-sanitizer and we distance ourselves. . . Yeah! We had a real meeting. . . A couple of people hadn't been there before. Some new faces! And we're having a REAL MEETING!" GOOD MORNING GROUP's Dominic said, "We’re doin' better. . . November 11th is our 18th Anniversary. 9 to 12, on a Wednesday, Veteran's Day. We're practicing safe seating. . . We have masks. Things are looking up." The report from GREATER NORTHEAST ran as follows: "Same as last month." Nancy spoke for LIGHT OF HOPE: "Still continuing meetings outside. We're searching for a new spot, because the Rec Centre is still closed." Ruth spoke for PORT FISHINGTON and informed all that Zoom meetings were the staple there. Also: on the day of this GSR Meeting that we hear of now, a 4PM get-together at Penn Treaty Park was slated to happen. Not a meeting proper, but a kind of "hang out and say, 'Hello' type thing." PORT RICHMOND's Ryan: "Not open. No word. No clue. No news." Aretta from SURVIVAL stated concisely, "Still the best. But the same problem. The people who run the Rec Centre aren't returning my calls. . . So we'll see." "We are the One Group that has never shut down!!" thundered YOUNG MEN's GSR. The testosterone hammer of the manly godmen of that noble group continues to smash the idols of alcoholic thought! "Wednesdays are crowded, and Saturdays, it's a pretty filled room." (Perhaps he should have said, "handsomely filled," but no matter.) "Everything is going well."

The Officer-at-Large had "nothing to report." She informed the group that she'd called LAST STOP to find out Who the GSR is—to no avail. Also: her tenure is almost up, and she will be returning to the Reservation in Iowa.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE reports that HAND OF GOD is trying valiantly to stay open.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE passed out a flyer for the combined District 22 & District 60 Workshop, to be held SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, from 11AM to 2PM at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street. That's the corner of Comly & Jackson. Doors open at 10AM and YES, there will be FREE FOOD. . . as well as the perfunctory fun and fellowship.

"I’ve been remiss in updating—but there hasn't been much to update." And so confessed a remorseful Ruth D., Techno-Queen and sole proprietor of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE.

If the TRADITONS MEETING starts back up in the Month of October: 10/4-T:10/Dave; 10/11-T:11/Norm; 10/18-T:12/Ruth; 10/25-T:1/Ed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,591.83 Basket: $42 Donations: $100 Sub-Total and Ending Balance: $1,734.22

For the DCM Report, Dave told of the "Virtual Elections," and about registering before a certain time, as there is a deadline. One must be logged in properly and several other conditions must be met. The Finance Committee is also "holding the works up." Ironically, the Area budget is 40K into the black. An astounding condition indeed! Dave also went over the Delegate Report with incredible accuracy and precision. It would take reams of paper and hours of tedious dissection and expatiation to explain what Dave explained in a few short minutes.

The Official Elections for District 60 positions is next month. That meeting will be held on the 18th of October - God Willing. Until then, District 60 advises you to take appropriate measures and make wise decisions, as well as eat nutritionally-dense foodstuffs and consume vast quantities of clean, fresh, room-temperature water. Remember: You are RESPONSIBLE for Your Self and for Other Selves. THAT is Our Way.

August 16, 2020

"...to accept the things I cannot change..." - from the Serenity Prayer.

Solemnly, stoically... they strode proudly yet humbly... from all directions... charged with a most noble task: and ready to carry out that for which they were appointed - chosen before the pre-dawn of nascent time; and these men and women who had stepped a dozen steps across the threshhold of oblivion into the hallowed halls of serenity entered the reception hall of Saint Michael's Church to testify. Masked and gloved, burqa'd, swarthed in muslin gauze and winding sheets.. hermetically sealed and protected from the intrusion of so much as an iota of a particle of a fragment of any kind of germ, bacterium, or viral pippin - the loyal, hearty folk who comprise the bulwark of District 60 - supreme AA district amongst a myriad of lesser districts - began roll call. Which went like this:

"Fishtown Claire" from - where else? - FISHTOWN Group said, "Still not open. No outside meetings; no Zoom." FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth D. told all, "We had a four-person meeting today... We're hoping for a decent crowd. I think we're having the same issue as with the fire...People aren't sure we're open. We're having a small but real meeting. Pass it around!" Dom of GOOD MORNING GROUP announced, "[Things are] starting to pick up just a little. Our Anniversary meeting is November 11th - Veteran's Day. It's going to be held righ after the regular meeting ends, so it'll be from about 10 am to ...11 or so - maybe longer." Danny of GREATER NORTHEAST let us all know that the noble group he represents is having only one meeting per night at 7:00 pm. The HAND OF GOD (Deus ex Machina) IS open for business, as it were: Saturdays, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. "LIGHT OF HOPE is -" began Joanne, and then her voice trailed off dramatically. She continued, "the building is not open... but we meet Monday through Friday at 6:00 pm... and Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 pm." "We've opened up!" announced the GSR of NEW LIFE. "Twelve to fourteen people... tables separated. Must wear a mask! But it's air-conditioned! So join us!" OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP's Tina had this to say: "Nothin' much. There's access in or outside." Francine from SMASH THE THOUGHT stated tersely, "We're still in limbo." "We're having our meetings outside the Rec Center, Thursday nights only," spake Arretta of SURVIVAL (note, as of September 20, 2020, Survival meetings have NOT resumed.)

The OFFICER-AT-LARGE had nothing really to report - except that people were responding more readily to her texts... and the VISITATION COMMITTEE also had not much to put forth, encouraging those assembled to spread the word concerning which meeting were open and to support them...

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE is slated to do a workshop with infamous malingerers District 22 - but nothing writ in stone, just yet...

Ruth D. - who IS the WEBSITE COMMITTEE, for all intents and purposes - let us know the website is fine, with new info being added, as well as updates.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assignations for September: 9/6 - Trad. 10: Ruth; 9/13 - Trad. 11: Norm; 9/20 - Trad. 12: Francine; 9/27 - Trad. 1: Ed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,859.93. Basket: $49. Donations: $83. Subtotal: $1,991.93. Deductions: $400 (Area 59). Ending Balance: $1,591.83

DCM Norm reported that this year's convention will be held, but on Zoom! It will run from November 13th through the 15th. More will be revealed on this soon!

It is with butterflied stomachs and tizzy heads that we report the following: At next month's GSR meeting: Fabulous Pat! Yes! September will see the return of Pat, considered by many to be the Grande Dame of AA. Ageless, sublime, and reported to be gifted with supranormal powers such as the ability to levitate, read minds, and translocate (the ability to be physically in two places at the same time), Pat will talk to District 60 about "Getting Online with Zoom."

O! The magnificence! How fortunate are the fine fold of District 60, to be so blessed with such a Presence! Surely this is a adumbration signaling a proverbial Light at the end of the cold dark COVID Tunnel of Dissipation and Derangement! Nothing more need be said, except that the Tradition and Concept of the Month were read and discussed, and the August meeting ended with all anticipating the arrival - on September 20th - of this august being. O! Sobriety! O! Serenity! We of AA pledge to bring these gifts to all the sick and suffering!

March 15, 2020

(Note: The minutes of this document reflect what was said at the MARCH 2020 MEETING--the last gathering of District 60 before the imposed sanctions, limitations, and restrictions. Certain responses and items have been modified for better coherence and linear sense. Also, abridging and editing have been employed to enhance relevance and general understanding. Your indulgence is appreciated.)

The attendees of the March 2020 GSR Meeting hustled into the sacred space, avoiding the piles of corpses and stray bodies littering the infected asphalt streets: the first victims of the scourge. Nervous and shaky, the GSRs looked around at one another, eyeballing their neighbors and contracting with a jolt if someone even so much as cleared his or her throat. A full-blown cough induced a wave of nausea and utter panic. A hearty sneeze induced an involuntary loosening of bowel-control. But despite all this, the brave and valiant GSRs proceeded with their reports: Stalwart Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN began by saying, "Our group was packed today! We were on fire! Really good attendance!" ~ "GOOD MORNING GROUP will be OPEN!" thundered Dom. "If anyone is interested, we'll be here in the morning! We'll be practicing social distancing and we're telling meeting-goers to be mindful of the facilities and about cleaning up [after themselves]." ~ LAST STOP GROUP OF AA's Rashied tersely stated, "We're remaining open!" ~ Taras of OLNEY/LAWNDALE informed all that his meetings were--CLOSED, until further notice. Not only that, but the Good Pastor and his bride are in hospital, stricken by the plague! ~ Luscious Laura, the Eternal GSR of ONE DAY AT A TIME told her comrades, "We really need support. There were only FIVE people there [last meeting]! It's now a matter of MONEY: if we don't have enough, if we don't get enough--we're closing!" She ended her short, trenchant delivery and a pall fell over the pall already cast on the group. ~ OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP's Tina revived the quickly-sinking-into a dark morass meeting somewhat with, “We’re doing good. And we’re OPEN!!” ~ Fabulous Francine from SMASH THE THOUGHT brought the sad news that her group was temporarily CLOSED. ~ Arretta of SURVIVAL mustered all her strength and resilience in a concerted effort to revivify the moribund meeting by proclaiming, "We're still the best in the Land! Great turnout! We're planning our Anniversary Meeting for May. Doin' great! At the upcoming business meeting we'll be discussing mixing up the Meeting Format! We're doing GREAT!" Such a brave child! ~ YOUNG MENS Steve K. announced that, "Everything's good with us." ~ And, finally, according to Claire, FISHTOWN (Holy Name, Gaul & Berks) is OPEN--for now....

The Secretary's Report was read-and-approved, then the Officer-At-Large reported that it was "great that everyone is getting back after I send the group text." More was said, but the handwritten notes became somehow defaced and the content lost to the swirling sand-sea of devoured time...

The Visitation Committee asks all concerned to "drop by" various meetings to check out their status.

The Workshop Committee: Because all the upcoming events were "put on ice," so-to-speak, details concerning What Could Have Been are somewhat irrelevant. Suffice it to say that Dave and Arretta had laboured long and hard creating and constructing their presentations for the Combined Districts 60 & 22 Workshop--only to have it postponed due to You-Know-What. Their efforts will have to wait until the mist dissipates and the microbes decamp.

The Website Committee continues to function, since computers and electronic gadgets are non-organic and don’t get viruses.--Or DO they?!?

Traditions Committee: If the Traditions Meetings resume, the Tradition to begin the new roster will be TEN (10).

Treasurer's Report: Opening: $1,494.30 ~ Basket: $24 ~ Donations: $70 ~ Ending Balance (as of the March 2020 Meeting): $1,588.36

District 60 hopes you are all faring well during this time of dismay, disillusionment, and doubt. You are adjured to continue practicing socialist distancing and to also continue wearing your head-covering--even to bed and in the shower, as microbes are water-resistant and love a good sudsing just like everyone else. Increase your intake of Vitamins A and D; engage in regular physical exercise; and read and re-read the "Big Book" and the "12 'N 12." We in AA are made of Stronger Stuff and CAN and WILL endure.

Take refuge in Your Higher Power and keep those dirty hands CLEAN!!

February 9, 2020

The mid-Winter meeting, which took place on a frigid, blizzardy afternoon began with a dire warning from DCM Norm: Saint Michael's Church, at Trenton & Cumberland Streets, where this meeting is held--along with the meetings of several other AA Groups on various days and nights--is concerned. Extremely concerned. About what is transpiring before, during, and after the said meetings. The building is being vandalized and desecrated, and some of the meeting-goers, along with what could be hangers-on and associates, are, to quote DOM of GOOD MORNING GROUP, "venturing out of the proper area." In other words, people are leaving the Meeting-Space Proper and "exploring" other parts of the structure that are off-limits and should NOT be accessed by anyone except authorized church personnel. Some of these "wanderers," these "roamers," have taken to smearing excrement on the walls--in AND outside of the lavatories. Yes: You read that right: someone has, on two-or-three occasions, bedaubed the walls in human filth, violated the sanctity of this space which has been entrusted to us for our recovery needs! Bescumberment most foul! In addition, on the Thursday preceding this GSR meeting, a deranged lunatic tried to set fire to the door by which participants enter and exit. This pyromaniacal troglodyte was captured by the church's security cameras and remains at large. Help us find this degenerate and give to him his comeuppance! All GSRs should pass this information on to their groups. Although we don't want to create an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust, we DO want to retain our respective groups' meeting-rooms and continue to utilize the church; thus we should remind one another to stay put--in the area used for meetings only--and not venture out into territory deemed not permissible for our egress. In addition, we should behave ourselves in the lavatories, treat them as we treat our OWN bathrooms (well, maybe NOT, for some of us), and restrain the urge to take handfuls of feces and smear up the walls like a bad Pollock painting. If we want to keep using Saint Mike's, we had better wise up and fly right! And that's ALL on this--for NOW!

On to the reports: Fred of FISHTOWN informed all that "attendance is great." As far as last month's "Totgate" debacle, Fred reports that the dispute will be settled "in-house." Yes, there will be executions and banishments, but when the blood dries and the corpses are interred, the matter will be considered settled--for good. ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth D. said, "Our attendance is really good. We filled all our chairs today!" She did, however, note one small annoyance: "The Wednesday group is taking our books and giving them away," meaning (the GSR-less--figures, doesn't it?!?) FISHBOOK, held in the same space, on Wednesday evenings, was "appropriating" Big Books and distributing these items, gratis. Not that there's anything wrong with a little charity, a few freebies,--it's just that, despite popular belief, AA materials don't grow on trees, free for the pluckin', or descend from the skies when the names of Bill W. and Doctor Bob are chanted. These items COST MONEY. And while we applaud FISHBOOK's efforts to help the needy suffering alcoholic who cannot, just yet, afford to purchase a Big Book, we implore them to keep in mind it IS 2020 C.E.--and printed materials cost more than they used to. ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP's Dom: "Our group is doing okay. We could always use support. . . The attendance goes up and down." ~ "Pretty good," was how stand-in GSR Francine (now pulling double-duty for TWO different meetings! [and the nuns said she'd never amount to ANYTHING!!] ) described KENSINGTON, which meets at Samuel's Rec Centre, Gaul & Tioga Streets, on Wednesdays, 7PM to 8PM. ~ LAST STOP GROUP OF AA's new GSR, Tina M., said of her meeting, "Group's doing well." ~ JoAnne from LIGHT OF HOPE piped up when her name was called: "That's me! That's me!" O! What an adorable little sober buttercup! A tee-totaling wagon-riding pixie of temperance! "Attendance has really picked up!" she chirped. Thursday is now a beginner's meeting! . . Monday, Wednesday, Friday--the attendance is up!" And she gestured with her hand in an "upward movement." O! How adorable! "Things are going just the way AA should go: nice and smooth!" ~ OLNEY/LAWNDALE's Taras, though not quite as adorable as JoAnne, did relate that, "Actually, we have new people coming. Steady attendance. Up to 10 at a time! We’re very happy with it!" ~ ONE DAY AT A TIME's Kathy--that's right: Kathy; Laura is on sabbatical--spoke thus: "We’re doin' well. Hangin' in there." ~ Tina of OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP challenged Kathy’s verbosity with, "Doin' good." ~ Jim C, of PORT FISHINGTON took up the GSR filibuster challenge with his own, "Attendance is good." ~ Francine--this time of SMASH THE THOUGHT--commented that, "Attendance is kind of weird: it's up and down. But we're doin' okay." And so it went on that hot, sunny Sunday. . .

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE advised all that District 22--notorious for procrastination, complacency, and 4-star ball-dropping--is having a workshop in the Spring, entitled, "How the District Cooperates in Area Affairs," It will be held, tentatively, the 4th of April, at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, located at Jackson & Comly. The event will go from 11AM -to- 3PM, give-or-take. And wouldn't you know it?!? The go-getting GSRs of District 60--famous for structure, poise, equanimity, congruence, sapience, and loads and loads of questionably-tasteful belly-laughs--voted unanimously to assist District 22 with their presentation. More info will be disseminated come next month!

Ruth D. of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE announced,--"Much to my embarrassment and chagrin, an error occurred on last month's web-site posting." She confessed her hours of self-flagellation and torturous removal of finger-cuticles with a pair of rusty tweezers to atone for her oversight. All is forgiven, Ruth! Carry on!

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE has the following Tradition Meetings slated for the Month of March: 03/01 - Trad. 5 - Taras; 03/08 -Trad. 6 - Ruth; 03/15 - Trad. 7 - Dom; 03/22 - Trad. 8 - Ed; 03/29 - Trad. 9 - Nancy.

The TREASURER'S REPORT runs as follows: Opening Balance: $1,220.27 Basket: $24 Donations: $250 No Deductions. Ending Balance: 1,494.30.

The DCM REPORT: "I really don't have a report," quoth Norm.

OLD BUSINESS: ADCM Dave mentioned the Big Book changes. . . He also shared that he received e-mail concerning the December Quarterly Meeting. . . The Big Debate is being postponed 'til the March meeting--it having been "back-door'd" ‘til then. Yes.

NEW BUSINESS had bubbly JoAnne proposing a motion to promote the forming of a Grapevine Committee sometime in March which will meet at the 4021 Club out in West Philly. A good and noble idea indeed!

The Tradition of the Month, along with the Concept, were read and discussed with the usual enthusiasm and intensity, though many GSRs were still preoccupied with the thought of WHO in blue blazes was smushing up excrement and smearing it on the walls?!? Too much free time!

The next meeting is slated for March 15, 2020.***

***ADDENDUM (added March 16, Saturday, 9AM)

Unless, of course, we succumb to the insidious contagion unleashed upon the world by the seemingly never-sober, non-serene Communist Red Chinese. . . from their factory-labs in the Wuhan Province, also the production centre of 88% of the world's fentanyl, not to mention poorly-crafted rotgut moonshine.

Minutes from 2019

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December 15, 2019

The final meeting of this score--for it has been a score: an amount of time indicating a span of twenty years, as in, "Four score and seven years ago. . ." (which amounts to eighty-seven years)--took place, as usual, in the underground bunker of an undisclosed location, deep within the bowels of "East Philly." "Fishtown Fred" from--where else?--FISHTOWN led off the savage parade of reports: "The group's doing well," he began, "no problems to report. Good attendance. Everything's well,--going well." ~ Subbing for Ruth D. was Chris, who related that, "As for our group"--meaning FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN--"going well. Fifteen [attendees] this morning. Had our 10th Anniversary Meeting along with FISHBOOK. Everything went well--" At which point DCM Norm interjected about something or other and then Chris continued, explaining that the group did one commitment a month and that the number of people was limited. ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP's Dom said, "Our meetings are doing okay. . . Attendance is up-and-down--probably 'cause of the holidays. . ." Dom also stressed that GMG would have both a Christmas Day (morning) and New Year's Day meeting, for those who need to take refuge in the soothing embrace of reassurance after the manic-and-deranged assault of these two over-hyped, over-priced "days of mirth." GMG meets three times a week--Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9.AM -to- 10.AM, at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton and Cumberland Streets, in redolent Fishtown, U.S.A. ~ JoAnne attended KENZO WOMEN'S (Fridays, 7.PM -to-8.PM at the aforementioned Saint Michael's) and reported that they were GSR-less, although "Small-sized Raquel" seemed interested in picking up the commitment. KW is an all-women's meeting, though if you are a man and identify as a woman, you are encouraged to attend. They have yoga as well, before the meeting, so you can work on your Kegel exercises also. ~ Rashied of LAST STOP GROUP OF AA brought along Alt.-GSR Tina in order to give her a taste of the sublime madness that is the District 60 GSR Meeting. (The good news is she left the meeting fairly unfazed and was able to walk on her own accord. Stamina!) "Last Stop's doin' great!! Attendance is good. We voted on where the money should go. . . Our Anniversary is coming up." ~ JoAnne, again,--this time from her own group, LIGHT OF HOPE: "So, yeah. . . We're doin' good. We WILL be closed"--she emphasized--"the 24th and 25th [of December] and the 31st and the 1st [New Year's Eve and Day]. . . We had a problem with the Treasurer a couple of months backed. . . Things are better now. We have a New Treasurer, and it's going good. A Bank Account was brought up. . . About opening up a bank account for the group--" And thus JoAnne launched into a most torrid and twisted tale indeed: about how two names would be on the account and how one certain member seemed to be insisting, almost, that his name be one of those two and this guy was a proverbial pain in the posterior, he was, yes, and questions about prudent reserve and dissension and intrigue and confusion and more questions and egos and personalities and quirks and raw bugeyed insanity, yes. And Thursdays are now a Beginner's Meeting. ~ New GSR Pete of NEW LIFE told all that attendance was "up-and-down,"--nothing new. That NL's always been "a small group," and nothing new to report: "Group's doin' okay." ~ Tina of OXFORD CIRCLE had this to say: "Our group is pretty fabulous. And we have a big, juicy check for the District." A lot of bristling ensued in the gathering at that point, as all are quite fond of big juicy checks no matter whom the recipient. ~ Another new GSR--Jim--of PORT FISHINGTON, explained that there had been "issues with the door,"--referring to the huge oaken door that offers egress to meetings held at the mentioned-twice-already Saint Mike's Church--and that he was better known as "Doorman Jim" (in addition to GSR-Jim), as he opened, closed, watched-and-guarded said big door like no other known. The meeting, incidentally, a one-hour speaker event, is doing quite well. ~ SMASH THE THOUGHT's Francine reported that attendance was "up-and-down," and that the group's Spectacular 4th Anniversary Meeting would be taking place on January 16th, from 6.30PM to 9.PM--a Thursday, the usual meeting-day for the group, at MDG. Gobs of tasty delectable Free Food, two speakers from opposite ends of the Space/Time Continuum, a 50/50, and more Free Food with which to gorge yourself shamelessly, wantonly ~ Arretta of SURVIVAL reported, sadly, that the group's Tuesday and Wednesday meetings had been disbanded, leaving SURVIVAL with but one meeting--Thursdays, 6.PM -to- 7.PM. And even THAT meeting is possibly relocating: to Samuel's Rec. Centre on Tuesday nights! O! How the mighty have fallen! ~ YOUNG MEN'S GSR stressed that the Thursday night meetings (7.30PM -to- 8.30PM) needed support. And so ended two decades (a "score," technically, as stated earlier) of GSR Reports.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and the OFFICER-AT-LARGE profusely thanked all who got back to her and responded to her text-promptings. She informed new folk that it was her want to text GSRs a reminder of the Sunday meeting on a Friday before said meeting.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE exhorts all to attend any meeting that is not represented at the GSR meeting, to see what in blue blazes is going on.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE reports an abeyance of activity 'til Spring 2020, and Ruth of The WEBSITE COMMITTEE has been temporarily sucked into a "Tron-like" alternate universe, so no report was forthcoming from her. We expect her immanent escape by next month, but the TRADITIONS COMMITTEE was in full swing and the following commitments were writ into sober stone: January 05/Tradition 9/Norm; January 12/Tradition 10/Ed; January 19/Tradition 11/Pete; January 26/Tradition 12/Dave.

TREASURER Nancy was on a top-secret operation for Naval Intelligence, thus no TREASURER'S REPORT for December.

The DCM REPORT focused on the November Convention and the 80,000 cups of coffee consumed. Norm also spoke of "the importance of the Home Group," which is, "at the top of the inverted A.A. pyramid."

Meanwhile, ADCM Dave mentioned possible donations "A.A. in Philly." This is an item that should be taken to individual groups. And NEW BUSINESS examined a Study Committee that will be focusing on the first 164 pages ("the didactic chapters") of the "Big Book." Discussed at the Quarterly Meeting was, among other things, whether or not to change pronouns in the text to accommodate gender-nonspecific A.A. persons. The elimination of archaic irrelevant ideas was also discussed, along with a complete overhaul of the "To Wives" chapter. . .

Read-and-discussed were Tradition 12 and Concept 12. The next meeting is slated for January 19--2020!! So focus in on that date and keep it in your sights; the A.A. "vision" can be seen from afar quite clearly. . .

November 17, 2019

The November installment began like it always beings: with the Serenity Prayer. And then came the reports. First up was Ruth from FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN: "Plans for the Anniversary Meeting are underway. It'll be December 1st, a Sunday, 9.AM 'til 11.AM. Food, fun, and fellowship. Two speakers. It’ll be the combined Sunday and Wednesday meetings." Ruth added that the festivities would be held on the FIRST Floor, as opposed to the 2nd, where meetings usually take place. So take note! All this is happening at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Avenue, incidentally. ~ "Group's good. Good turnout." This terse assessment from Danny of GREATER NORTHEAST. To which he added: "At the last Business Meeting it was decided we need a complete Group Inventory, so we're looking for an unbiased person [to perform that function]." ~ Laura spoke for HAND OF GOD and sadly informed the gathering that "HAND" is "ready to close, it may dissolve." The Business Meeting is held on the Last Saturday of the Month at 6.15PM. ~ Arretta indicated she would "intercede" and find out what's going on at KENSINGTON (Samuel's Recreation Centre, Gaul & Tioga Streets, Wednesdays, 7.PM to 8.PM). ~ LAST STOP GROUP OF AA's brand-spankin'-new GSR, Rasheed, indicated that the group's Business Meeting is held on the First Monday of the Month, at the unGodly hour of 9.15PM. Otherwise things were chugging along nicely on the LS Choo-Choo Train. ~ "We had our Anniversary yesterday! A very nice affair. . . An affair to remember," mused JoAnne of LIGHT OF HOPE. "I got goosebumps from certain things that were said by the speakers. . . New people are taking the chairs. . . We're doin' pretty darn good!" ~ OLNEY/LAWNDALE's Taras said, "We got two new people--beginners--coming in. And that’s something positive happening!" He added that attendance was "steady." ~ ONE DAY AT A TIME's Laura spoke a second time, for her own group: "We really need support! ONE DAY AT A TIME NEEDS SUPPORT!" she intoned. ~ Tina, GSR of OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP, enthused that, "Our group's doin' great! Attendance is pretty packed." She also inquired where-and-how the group--loaded down with 7th Tradition money--might make a donation. ~ "One thing I learned at The Conference," began Francine of SMASH THE THOUGHT, unsolicited, "was how to use the Area 59 Website. So I registered our group online!" She continued by adding that. "Our meetings vary. . . But we could always use more support!" ~ SURVIVAL's Arretta said of her group, "We're doin' good Tuesdays. Thursday's are good. Wednesdays are lacking--but we're paying the bills." Or so one would hope.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, and the OFFICER-AT-LARGE thanked everyone who responded to her texts and profusely apologized for neglecting her duties last month, assuring everyone that she'd in fact moved into the approved District 60 zone--"into the neighborhood," as she termed it--having nestled herself snugly into a ramshackle abandoned bungalow along with her Hummel figurines and pernicious little dog.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE continues to exhort folk to "drop by" various meetings--"Try something new!"--especially those "in need of support" and those not having an active GSR.

Dave spoke on behalf of the WORKSHOP COMMITTEE, informing all that District 22 would be sponsoring a workshop on November 30th, to be held at the Tacony Group, and on December 15th SEPIA would be hosting an event, from 12.PM to 3.PM at their Philadelphia headquarters. Also, an Emotional Recovery happening is taking place at Saint Michael’s on December 7th. For more information, go to--

The District 60, Area 59 Website, which is run by the most capable Ruth D. (who will be one of the Featured Speakers at the combined Wed./Sun. Circle of Hope site "Fishbreak Booktown" Anniversary shindig!) Ruth apologized to LOH for an error and encouraged all to point out any inconsistency and/or malaprop--even the most minute iota-of-a-mistake, such is her commitment to accuracy!

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE line-up for December runs thusly: 12/01 - Tradition 4 - Ruth; 12/08 -Trad. 5 - Laura; 12/15 - Trad. 6 -Norm; 12/22 - Tradition 7 - JoAnne; 12/29 - Trad. 8 - Dave. All Traditions Meetings are held at GREATER NORTHEAST, 4318 Frankford Ave., from 6.PM to 7.PM. A "Candlelight Meeting" follows at 8.

The TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1, 632 .10 ~ Basket: $17 ~ Donations: $160 ~ Sub-Total: $1,809 .26 ~ Deductions: $753 .29 (Convention expenses) ~ Ending Balance: $1, 055 .97

The DCM Report focused on the Convention. Norm was gleeful, if not ecstatic, when he enthusiastically reported that the AA "Big Book" had reached the 80-year mark in age. He was equally visibly excited and genuinely worked-up to inform all, choking back the tears of joy, that the Big One had been translated into a total of 71 languages--including Basque, considered the most difficult of modern languages. He also reported that at the Convention itself there were "no fights, no killing, no drinking." Alas, the coffee DID run out at one point, forcing the caffeine-craving conventioneers to pay exorbitant, jacked-up prices to the evil conglomerate Starbucks for their fetid swill.

NEW BUSINESS brought forth the question of whether to (or not) donate District funds to an event slated for March 0f 2020, tentatively titled, "80 Years of AA in Philadelphia." Should a second collection be taken up, during the course of the GSR meeting, to secure more capital for this blessed event? More will be revealed as the Divine Plan unfurls itself--that much is for certain!

The E1eventh Tradition and Concept were read-and-discussed, of course.

And the next meeting was slated for December 15th.

The Responsibility Pledge closed out the meeting.

October 20, 2019

After the recitation of The Serenity Prayer, The Great Taras spoke for FIRST DAY BIG BOOK and said, "The meeting's full Saturdays. Sundays are okay; it's doin' okay." ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN's Ruth D. reiterated something she'd said last month: that Alt.-GSR Kat, because of other obligations, had effectively stepped down from her position. Despite that, Ruth informed all that the group was "doin' really well," and planned to get together with GSR-less FISHBOOK (also at 2009 Frankford Avenue, "Circle of Hope," 2nd Floor; but on Wednesdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM) for a combined December 1st Breakfast Meeting, tentatively at 9.AM, to be held at the aforementioned site, featuring two speakers--a youngster and an old-timer--and some of the "founders" of each meeting (those that still walk unencumbered upon the Earth, that is). The magic number is TEN--as in a ten-year Anniversary. As for the FB group proper: "We had a great turnout today!" (Ruth) ~ Dom from GOOD MORNING GROUP said, "We're doin' okay. We're getting a lot of participation and support." He also mentioned the Anniversary Meeting/Celebration, to take place on Saturday, the 26th of October, 6.PM to 9.PM and will showcase two speakers, a GMG "Ancient" who will detail the history of the group, believed by some to be shrouded in the mysterious haze of lost time, and will feature a "gourmet spread," catered by the finest purveyors of succulent cuisine in this modern world of ours. ~ "Our Anniversary is coming up!" chirped the always-effervescent but never-neurotic JoAnne of LIGHT OF HOPE (Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4600 Richmond Street, in always-pungent Bridesburg, USA). Details: LOH's Anniversary Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 16th, from 1.PM to 4.PM at the Rec. Centre, but NOT in the usual, "regular meeting room," but DOWNSTAIRS, in the facility's Grande Ballroome! Two speakers are being specially flown in for this event--one from Honduras, the other from Uzbekistan, where, we are told, the "astral image" of Doctor Bob periodically materializes on the side of the building in Bokhara where clandestine meetings are held! The victuals will be provided by celebrity chef Francois Pappillion and served by a staff of scantily-clad gender-indeterminate beings. A mesmerizing play in the style of the great Samuel Beckett will also be performed by a troupe of semi-professional AA actors! Sober existential serene excitement--for-real for-real at LOH on the 16th!! "The attendance is great--a lot of new people," also added Jo. "The light is shining with rays of hope," she concluded. ~ Taras (again) spoke for his own group, OLNEY/LAWNDALE, and said, "We're small but hangin' in there. . . We got a new guy--just out of ReHab. . . I think he's going to stick with it. Godwilling. We'll see. Things are good." ~ "[We had a] Bad month. Hardly nobody coming. But it's a great group of guys. Hopefully we won't have to close the group." These solemn words from ONE DAY AT A TIME's Laura. The group meets Wednesdays, from 7.PM to 8.PM, and the Business Meeting is the last Wednesday of each month. ~ PORT FISHINGTON is "doin' real well. Financially doin' well. So much so that we thought we had TOO much money!" All this from fill-in GSR Ruth. ~ Francine from SMASH THE THOUGHT told her fellow-GSRs, "The meeting's sparsely attended. A six-to-ten [person] attendance, average. We're moving forward. STT meets at MDG School, 2612 E. Monmouth Street, Thursdays, 7.PM to 8.PM. . . ~ DCM Norm spoke for SURVIVAL: "Attendance is way off, but Thank God for the three meetings we have!" Take note: Norm will speak on his anniversary, the 5th of December--66 years!! That is all! That is enough!!

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved; the OFFICER-AT-LARGE, being on vacation YET AGAIN, gave no report, and the VISITATION COMMITTEE encouraged everyone to drop by various and sundry meetings to see what's what--especially with those GSR-less groups.

Dave spoke for the WORKSHOP COMMITTEE and reported that all went well: Good food, a Good Crowd. . . A success! He also mentioned a November 30th Workshop sponsored by District 22.

WEBSITE COMMITTEE'S Ruth exhorted all to let her know if any errors manifested themselves on her most excellent website.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: 11/03 - 12 -Norm; 11/10 - 1 -Ed; 11/17 -2 -Nancy; 11/24 -3 -Taras.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,717.66 Basket: $24 Sub-Total: $1,736.66 Deductions (Workshop Lunch): $104.56 Ending: $1,632.10

Dave authored and printed up a most delightful flyer, "Why Does Our Group Need A GSR?" He distributed it to those assembled with the hope that they, in turn, would make copies and share it with their group-members.

Tradition & Concept 10 were read-and-discussed; the next meeting: 11/17.

September 15, 2019

The September GSR Gathering began with the usual formalities: and then came the reports, which went as follows: Tom P. of FISHTOWN said "Good. No changes." ~ "Since she has not been to a meeting in several months, our Alt.-GSR is no longer our Alt.-GSR," said Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN. She added, "Things are going well; good turnout. Actually, it's a great meeting! Very healthy!" ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP's Dom put forth this: "Things are picking up; new people are coming." In addition, he informed all that GMG would be celebrating its 17th Anniversary on the 26th of October with a Super-Charged Special Meeting--to take place not on a weekday morning, but on a Saturday, from 6.PM to 9.PM. ~ GREATER NORTHEAST's GSR Danny reported all was well, that GN was thriving, and that the group had a new Alt.-GSR--Dave M. ~ "Lots of Light, Lots of Hope," is how GSR JoAnne of LIGHT OF HOPE described he overall metaphysical, cosmological state of her group. On a less esoteric level, she also informed the gathering that, "We're going to change something in the Tuesday meeting. The last Tuesday of the month will be a Tradition Meeting--the Tradition of the Month." Although attendance was good at all four meetings, she stressed that it could be even better. ~ Taras of OLNEY/LAWNDALE said, "We're doing all right. Picking up on Fridays. Thursdays have been changed from 7.PM to 8.PM. We knocked off a half-hour." ~ OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP's Tina said, "Everything's goin' good. Getting bigger every week!" ~ And from Larry S. of PORT FISHINGTON: "Everything steady. No changes." ~ SMASH THE THOUGHT's Francine informed all that, "We've been having very low attendance. We're hoping to pick up some new people." ~ SURVIVAL is "doin' really well," according to Arretta. "We have a Wednesday speaker meeting. Thursday's a beginners meeting. Come out and support people with sobriety!" And so we shall. . .

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved. The OFFICER-AT-LARGE was "excited to report there's not much to report," and offered appreciation for all those who responded to her texts. The VISITATION COMMITTEE implores all active AA members to "drop by" groups that are not regularly represented at these monthly meetings. . .

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE let it be known that "everything was set" for Saturday, September 28th--the day of the multi-district communal workshop deluxe. Set-up time will be 9.30AM, and setter-uppers are encouraged to stay for he post-workshop clean-up.

Ruth of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE let it be known that the site is two months behind on then minutes. But the site looks "pretty good" otherwise.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE slated the following: October 6/Tradition 8/Taras; Oct. 13/Trad. 9/Dom; Oct.20/Trad. 10/Larry; Oct. 27/Trad 11/Dave.

The TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,634 .53 ~ Basket: $28 ~ Donations: $50 ~ Bank Interest: .66 ~ Ending Balance: $1, 712

DCM Report: Norm and Dave went to the Area Meeting--holding hands, it should be noted. But they left early because, in Norm's words, the meeting was "monotonous." But the important thing--this time paraphrasing DCM Norm--was the discussion of the Importance of the GSR in AA. The presentation pushed service, service, service, and, although "long-winded," emphatically implored people to sign up for the convention.

Of OLD BUSINESS there was none, but NEW BUSINESS put forth some opportunities for those wishing to get involved in the aforementioned convention: the need for Greeters and other Volunteers at said convention. ADCM Dave suggested the group choose a GSR from amongst those gathered to go gratis to the convention. Drawing straws or pulling a name from someone's dirty old hat wasn't even necessary, as Fabulous Francine of SMASH THE THOUGHT was unanimously selected! Congrats, Francine!

And if all this wasn't enough, the meeting was graced by the presence of equally-Fabulous "Ted" who spoke of the Grapevine and its usage of current up-to-date modern stories in its effort to spread the AA message. . .

The next meeting is scheduled for the 20th of October. Hope to see YOU there!

August 18, 2019

The mid-summer August meeting began with the Serenity Prayer--led by DCM Norm--followed by the reports, which ran as follows: Eric of FIRST DAY BIG BOOK reported that, "Attendance is low--probably because of the summer. . . We have no financial problems." ~ FISHTOWN's Tom said, "Everything's going well and decent. Thursday's [attendance is] overwhelming!" ~ Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN told the assemblage that, "Kat is no longer the Alt. We're doing well; good attendance and all that. Our biggest issue is getting people to participate in the Business Meeting." ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP's Dom advised all that, "Attendance picked up." He also added that GMG would be celebrating its Anniversary on Saturday, the 26th of October, with a special two-speaker meeting. The event will take place at Saint Michael's Church, from 6.PM -to- 9.PM. ~ Danny from GREATER NORTHEAST said of his group: "Doin' pretty good." He also made it known that a "Luau" would be held on Saturday, the 7th of August--a fun-time hot-weather event for sure! ~ "Attendance is very good!" saith Jessica C. of LAST STOP GROUP OF AA. "We have air-conditioning for the Women's Meeting, which definitely increased attendance." ~ LIGHT OF HOPE's JoAnne beamed, "Light of Hope is very lit up and filled with Hope. Our Annual Picnic is the 24th of August, Saturday, from 12 to 4." She emphasized the victuals will include but be not limited to bar-b-que. ~ Laura from ONE DAY AT A TIME announced the Earth-shattering news that, "Everything's going the same. Still all guys. Everything's okay, though!" ~ GSR Tina from OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP said, enthusiastically and ebulliently, "The group is great! A whole lot of people! And a lot more women!" ~ New GSR Larry S. from PORT FISHINGTON revealed this: "We’re doin' okay--even though there was a rent hike. There were some problems a little way's back: someone left the doors open and unlocked, and the Church got robbed." ~ SURVIVAL's Mike remarked that, "We're doin' good. Pumpin' up the 7th Tradition: We got more money in our Prudent Reserve. We have to start sending more out." ~ Keith, representing YOUNG MEN's, said, "All the groups are doin' really well. At the next Business Meeting--the last Monday of the month--we're going to vote on reducing the length of the meetings."

The Secretary's Report was read and approved; the Officer-at-Large reported that, "There's not much to report. Thanks to everyone for getting back!"

The Visitation Committee abjures all to "drop by" on any meeting that doesn't have a GSR present at today's meeting; keeping a "moving current" within the District 60 structure helps to insure coherence and stability.

The Workshop Committee reports that all 6 Districts from the Philadelphia area will descend on the SEPIA Office at 444 N. 3rd Street on the 28th of September for the Combined District Workshop Extravaganza. This Saturday event will feature our own ADCM, Dave "Good to the Last Drop" L., presenting a lecture on "The Voice of the GSR Rep. in AA." He will deliver his thoroughly-researched paper that day to all the other Area Districts, who will probably offer up some kind of something for their own presentations also, if they can remember to do so. All GSRs are exhorted to attend. District 60 will cough up the dough for--Pizza! Ten pizzas, precisely, from a local establishment that has not garnered too many health-code violations.

According to Ruth D. of the Website Committee, We are NOT on our way to getting WordPress--at least not right now--due to circumstances beyond our control! May more be revealed!

The Traditions Committee scheduled the following traditions/speakers: Sept. 01-Trad. 3-Mike; 09/08-T4-Larry; 09/15-T5-Laura; 09/22-T6-Dave; 09/29-T7-Norm.

Treasurer's Report: Opening Balance: $1, 473.53 ~ Basket: $37 ~ Donations: $124 ~ Ending Balance: $1,634.59

The Next Meeting is slated for 15 September; now you know!

July 21, 2019

The mid-summer meeting of District 60 began with FIRST DAY BIG BOOK's Eric B. reporting that there's "Nothing to report. Attendance is good." ~ Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN had this to say: "The meetings are going fine, although the attendance is down--probably because of the summer. But everything's all right!" ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP's stalwart GSR, Dom, informed the gathering that his group was getting on all right, but needed more attendance--especially at the business meeting (last Wednesday of the month, at 9.45AM) so some new individuals could take commitments. ~ "Attendance is great!" gushed GREATER NORTHEAST's Steve McC. "Nothing new to report." ~ LAST STOP GROUP OF AA's Jessica said, "Everything's doing well." LIGHT OF HOPE's JoAnne said of her group, "Light of Hope's doing well. . . We bounced back from our little debacle." JoAnne went on to say that on the 24th of August--a Saturday--the group would have its Annual Picnic Bar-be-que. Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4600 Richmond Street is the location; the time is 12Noon -to- 4.PM. JoAnne informed everyone, in her usual effervescent, bubbly manner, that the pool would be open for all who wish to immerse themselves in the fuming, over-chlorinated water. The repast will feature cucumber sandwiches, scones, and oolong tea. ~ David K. from NEW LIFE said, "Everything's going good. Our meeting's moving to Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks Streets. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, August 7th, 7.PM -to- 8.PM." The Sunday meeting--"As Bill Sees it"--is, in David's words, "done." ~ OLNEY/LAWNDALE's Taras informed all that his group was "Doing okay. Last month we had our 70th Anniversary. We're getting a few new people coming around. . . Things are okay!" ~ ONE DAY AT A TIME's GSR, Laura, bewailed the lack of women at her meeting. Otherwise: Business as usual--a good thing! ~ Joe of PORT RICHMOND, cleared his throat, rose, and slammed his fist on the table: "We DARE you to come!" he bellowed. ~ Brand-spankin' new GSR Tina of OXFORD CIRCLE GROUP (Saint Martin's Church, 5450 Roosevelt Boulevard; Sundays, 7.PM -to- 8.PM) told all that the meeting she represents is "Good." ~ SMASH THE THOUGHT "needs support," according to GSR Francine. STT meets at 2612 E. Monmouth Street, side entrance to Mother of Divine Grace School on Thursdays, 7.PM -to- 8.PM. ~ Mike of SURVIVAL informed the assemblage that although Tuesdays and Thursdays were "good," Wednesday "needs help." ~ YOUNG MEN's Keith said his group was doing well--but could always use more support.

The OFFICER-AT-LARGE did not read her report because she was not present--lounging somewhere in Florida according to reliable sources. . . Doing absolutely nothing and feeling little guilt, remorse, or shame about missing the meeting. The "easier, softer way" indeed!

After the SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved, the VISITATION COMMITTEE assigned a number of drop-bys to various folk. . . It is recommended by the Elders of District 60 that everyone visit different groups and acclimate him-or-her self with the rich variety of meetings we have going here in "East Philadelphia,"--District 60!

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE has decided to let ADCM Dave present a paper at the Combined District Workshop, slated for Saturday the 28th of September, at the SEPIA Office, 444 North 3rd Street. Dave's topic will be, "The Voice of the GSR Rep In AA." Dave emphasized that anyone who wanted to assist him could join in and do just that--help out.

Ruth of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE reported that, "We're almost up-to-date right now. . . WordPress is getting done."

As the meeting was moving along at choo-choo train chug-a-chug speed, the door to the room burst open, and amid much pomp and circumstance entered "Pat-X." Carried in on a palanquin by a retinue of beefy men in gabardine loincloths, this legendary AA cornerstone leapt off the crushed velvet cushions upon which she lay and promptly seated herself at the table and launched into a discussion of the arcane, esoteric aspects of "This Way of Ours." Her poise, her eloquence, her grandeur--Stunning! Some were rendered speechless by her words: sweet morsels of language dripping with succulence and ethereal headiness. Others swooned and lay unconscious upon the floor, whilst others sighed and then burst into tears and intermittent paroxysms of what could only be described as wanton ecstasy! Such was the power of her delivery! Such was the intensity of her commitment! Such was her passion! When one mentions the names of Bill W. and Doctor Bob and That Other Guy, the third one, Who Everyone Forgets About, surely--surely!--this mighty woman's name should be pronounced also! A Living Goddess of AA Valhalla!--And in our very midst! The blood, ebullient, twists in tidal waves within our very veins!

When all revived, the meeting continued.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following to the following: August 4-Tradition 11-Taras; Aug 11-Trad 12-Dave; Aug 18-T-1-Dom; Aug 25-T-2-Norm.

The TREASURER, who was on vacation from her work, was not present that day--opting instead to sacrifice her hard-earned down-time and instead volunteer overseas for two weeks with Peace Corps International AA. Some folk are always in a State of Responsibility and constantly at toil. No soft, easy, loafer's way for them! In any case, no Report for this Month.

And because it was mid-July, nothing much else was happening, so after the perfunctory reading-and-discussion of the month's Tradition and Concept, Norm wrapped things up.

Next meeting is the 18th of August.

June 23, 2019

The June installment of District 60's Monthly GSR Meeting opened with DCM Norm leading the assemblage in The Serenity Prayer. And then it began: FIRST DAY BIG BOOK's Eric B. said, "Nothing really new to report. Membership's strong and we're doin' all right." Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN informed her fellow GSRs, "Meeting is going well. We have a decent turnout--about fifteen people. We have commitments, a business meeting, a decent meeting. We're okay." Dom from GOOD MORNING GROUP told us that, "Attendance picked up. Doing well for now. We got through another season." GREATER NORTHEAST's GSR, Steve McC, said of his meeting, "Going well. We opened up slots for different positions. We're organizing a picnic for June 29th, Saturday, at Wiss Park." He went on to apprise the gathering of the fine repast that will be laid out: Bar-be-que. Also on the non-edible menu will be sporting activities and feats of strength, for those non restricted to sedentary couch-life. "We will be visible," remarked Steve when asked by one GSR where "Wiss Park" is and how will picnic area be found. LIGHT OF HOPE's JoAnne said this: "Light of Hope's doing well. We had a business meeting last month. We have a new Treasurer--Rob. We had this situation with the money...But it's been rectified. The group will go on. People are bringing new people. All the controversy is done and over." GSR Laura of ONE DAY AT A TIME spoke thus: "Our group is doing the same as always we need women!" She paused as if mentally masticating some morsel, and then--"I don't care, though. All these guys there. I’ve been GSR for so long. . . They won't let me quit! And I love it there!!" PORT FISHINGTON GSR, Adam, put forth that, "We just had our business meeting. We’ve been having some issues. Numerous problems. A break-in and problems with the bathrooms. We need members to sit down with the council. The problems are with just a few select individuals. There was some intimidation by Saint Mike's people who work here. . .We're trying to straighten all this out." Joe from PORT RICHMOND cleared his throat, raised his hands, blessed the gathered GSRs and intoned, "All are welcome." SURVIVAL is "doing good," according to Mike W. "No complaints." SMASH THE THOUGHT finally has a GSR. . . Goes by the name of Francine: and this is what she told them all: "Everything's going good. We have a new format, to be voted on at the next business meeting." FISHTOWN's Tom P. said of his group, "Everything's well; meetings are strong-going." Finally, LAST STOP GROUP OF AA's Jessica C. informed the gathering that the group will be registered-and-active by July 12th. Also: There would be no meeting on the 9th of July. "Everything’s moving along nicely," she said.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read-and-approved. The OFFICER-AT-LARGE had "nothing to report. Everybody communicated back to me."

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE put forth a proposal to do a workshop with Districts 25, 26, 27, and 28 in September 2019. The idea is One Speaker from each District will hold forth on the topic, "How Do We Have A Voice In AA?" The event is slated for Saturday, September 25th, 11AM to 4PM. At next month's meeting (July), a vote will be taken to see if we should throw in with this bunch. And then, it will be revealed!

Ruth D. of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE reported that Wordpress was still being worked on, in regards to its installation and usage on District 60’s Website. . .

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE has assigned the following Traditions to these good folk: July 7 - Tradition 7 - Adam; July 14 - Tradition 8 - Norm; July 21 - Tradition 9 - Joe; July 28 - Tradition 10 - Ruth. All Tradition Meetings are held at NORTHEAST CLUB on Sunday evening, 6.PM.

The TREASURER'S REPORT opened the books and showed a Balance of $1,696 .03; The Basket netted $26, and the Donations (from GMG) totaled $25. Deductions of $531 .00 for the combined District 22/District 60 Workshop brought the Ending Balance to-- $1,216 .27. American Currency, no less.

The DCM REPORT was given by ADCM Dave, who spoke in mellifluous tones of the Area Quarterly Meeting in Jefferson Township, PA. He spoke, too, of this year's Convention, which will be held in Lancaster, PA. Prices, advised Dave to the GSRs, are lower this year--lower than ever before in the entire history of the Conference! (Sort of.) He directed all attention to the flyer that had been passed out and advised everyone to read it--thoroughly. Also, because of new software purchases, communication will be made easier for all. Two potential guest speakers for the Convention were excluded due to a possibility of a break in anonymity. Something to do with them being involved in Law Enforcement. We do know that some kind of Doctor or some such is slated to speak--but that might not be right either. More will--more MUST!--be revealed!

Of OLD BUSINESS, nothing. Of NEW BUSINESS, nothing either.

Tradition 6 and Concept 6 were read-and-discussed: and all were much the better for it afterward.

The next meeting of District 60 will take place on July 21st.

As always, this meeting--June's--closed out with THE RESPONSIBILITY PLEDGE.

May 19, 2019

May, the month of Mother's Day, saw the GSRs and other high-falootin' potentates of District 60 assemble for the gathering decked out in their Spring finery. DCM Norm, attired in a white linen suit, brought the meeting to order with the Serenity Prayer.

"What to report? . . Let's see. . ," began Eric B. of FIRST DAY BIG BOOK. "Alan A. visited, and we've been having more issues about finding the entrance to the meeting. It's at the basement door of the convent." He added that attendance was "steady," and that other issues had been resolved. Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN had this to say of her group: "Doin' pretty good. We started slow this morning. But then more people started straggling in. Actually, we're doing great!" GOOD MORNING GROUP's globe-trotting GSR, Dominic, simply stated, "Attendance has picked up." Jessica C. from LAST STOP GROUP OF AA explained that GSO may have rejected the group's application for an identification number because of complications and misfiled paperwork; they will make another valiant effort at obtaining said GSO number. She also stated that, "Attendance is rising!" [Note: it behooves everyone to be aware that "LSG of AA" is an entirely different entity than FIRST STOP CALL OF ACTION, which is frequently confused with the former. The GSR of FSCA is Frank A., for the record.] "The Girl with the 'Gidget' Hair-do," Nancy, spoke about LIGHT OF HOPE: "Everything's going good; nothing new to report." "We're doing okay. We need some support Wednesday and Sunday." This from David K. of NEW LIFE. He added that the group would be celebrating a 4 Year Anniversary on July 24th. The event will commence at 6.PM and carry on 'til about 9.PM and will be held at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets. Top Cat Taras from OLNEY/LAWNDALE leaned back, cracked his knuckles, and announced his group's 70th (!!!) Anniversary Bash, slated for the 21st of June, Friday, from 6.30PM to 9.PM. He added, concerning the meetings, that attendance was picking up. [Note: 70 YEARS!!!] - ONE DAY AT A TIME's Laura noted that, "Nothing new's happening. Still looking for more women. All's well." Adam F. of PORT FISHINGTON reported that, "Everything's going well. We just celebrated our 14th Anniversary. We had a speaker from New York who was pretty good. We also had the perfect amount of pizza!" Let it not be said that sobriety does not induce numerical calculativeness. SURVIVAL's GSR, Mike W., told the crowd, "Great Anniversary! Lot of people showed up! Attendance at the meetings is good--except Wednesday; that's a little light." ADCM Dave informed those assembled that VENANGO Group is "done." Also: we are saddened to hear of the passing of one of VENANGO’s founder's, "Richard." Recently, the VISITATION COMMITTEE dropped by WISSINOMING PM (Howell & Torresdale, Friday, 8.PM to 9.PM and reported that, "There was no meeting; no-one showed up." District 60 is seeking to establish whether or not this group has officially disbanded.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read and approved, and since OFFICER-AT-LARGE Arretta was resting following the previous day's shouldering of the dual District 22/District 60 Workshop Spectaculaire, Dave weighed in and also commented on said Workshop: It was, in his word, "successful."

Ruth D. of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE reported that, "Things are generally fine. A bit of a computer malfunction due to some complications." She also informed the GSRs that WordPress conversion was "imminent."

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE slated the following Tradition Meetings, hosted by the following speakers, for these upcoming dates: June 02 - Tradition 2 -Dave; June 23 - Tradition 5 - Dominic; June 09 - Tradition 3 -Ed; June 30 - Tradition 6 - Norm; June 16 - Tradition 4 -Laura

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,660.13; Basket: $26; Donations: $25; Sub-Total: $1, 711.13; Deductions: $15.10; Ending Balance: $1,696.03

The DCM REPORT was delivered by ADCM Dave, who reported on the Area Meeting, the Pre-Conference Sharing Session, which featured 72 Agenda Items! He explained about the Archives and other notable aspects of AA, and touched on the "break-off" committees, the bulk of which went to the Literature Committee. Dave himself, he informed all, was on the Structure Committee.

A reminder that because of Father’s Day the next meeting of District 60 will take place on the 23rd of June. Also: an Area 59 Mini-Assembly will take place on the 30th, on Penn Campus.

May being the 5th Month, both Tradition 5 and Concept 5 were read and discussed, discussed with much gusto, as usual!

And May's meeting closed out with The Responsibility Pledge.

April 28, 2019

The April installment of District 60's Monthly GSR Meeting kicked off with ADCM Dave informing the gathering that ABANDON YOURSELF TO GOD "is no longer existing." Although the meeting, which formerly convened at Miracle House on 2060 Allegheny Avenue, has been subsumed into The Source, we will not abandon the hope that it will return, albeit as another avatar, elsewhere. CALL OF ACTION (formerly "The First Stop") meets at 2414 Kensington Avenue, at 12PM and 8PM. FIRST DAY BIG BOOK (Saint William's Church, Rising Sun & Devereaux) has a new GSR, and he is called Eric. He explained that meetings are held on Saturdays, 9AM to 10AM and Sundays, 10AM to 11.30AM "without a break." He went on to explain how some folk were having a difficult time finding the proper entrance to the meeting. Turns out it's the basement door of the convent. Or so we think. In any case, FDBB's Business Meeting is held on the 3rd Saturday of the month, at 10.15AM, right after the regular meeting. So if you can figure out how to get in there, please attend the business meeting and get involved with this group, which needs support! Tom P. of FISHTOWN (Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks, Thursdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM; Saturdays, 10AM to 11AM. Business Meeting the last Saturday of the month) stated that, "Pretty much the same. Nothing new to talk about. Each meeting averages about 40 to 50 [attendees] strong." "We're doin' pretty well! It'd be nice, though, if we had a larger group of home members [to shoulder various responsibilities and take on commitments]. We have a Good Message!" all this from Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, which meets at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor, Sundays, 10AM to 11Am. The group's Business Meeting is the last Sunday of the month. ~ GREATER NORTHEAST's Steve McC enthused, "Our attendance is great! Everything about our group is thriving!" And then Steve launched into a harrowing tale concerning a controversy that fomented due to a "non-AA event" taking place at the site, in the GN Clubhouse. Suffice it to say that this torrid, twisted epic story entailed HANDBAGS. The making, buying, selling, and finagling of--handbags. A well-intentioned money-raiser of sorts, this "HandbagGate" now has GN habitués at each other's throats and drawing blood! The schism is so horrendous that it threatens to rend asunder the bonds and ties that keep GN together; the infighting and vicious calumnies being hurled back-and-forth from both the "Handbaggers" and the "non-Handbaggers" would seem to be leading the whole place to the depths of hellish perdition. Steve's story alone prompted an hour-long discussion and debate amongst the GSRs that nearly led to fisticuffs and all-out on-the-floor wrasslin', hair-pulling, and biting! It was only the cool, level-headed intervention and action of DCM Norm that saved the day and prevented the situation from degenerating into a demented hillbilly-type imbroglio. Picking up the gavel, he dealt a sound thumping to the heads of the more "enthusiastic" debaters, thus ending the melee-within-a-meeting. If nothing else, this episode should serve as a warning to all AA Groups (and GSR Meetings!) that "HANDBAGS"--in any size, shape, form, colour, variable. . . In any aspect WHATSOEVER: even the very concept of "handbag"--is anathema to Serenity! May Our Higher Power help us all and protect us from these pernicious handbags! Jessica, GSR of LAST STOP GROUP OF AA (1810 Somerset Street, at Kensington, the Somerset "EL Stop") meets daily at 12Noon and 8PM, each meeting being one hour long. The Business Meeting is on Wednesday, at 9.15PM. According to Jess, "We're doin' well! Attendance is building up!" LIGHT OF HOPE has "so much Light and so much Hope." This from GSR Joanne, who also enthusiastically told her lesser-ebullient colleagues that, "We're 'overhauling' our Officers, making some changes." LOH meets at Bridesburg Recreation Centre, 4600 Richmond Street, Monday through Thursday, 7PM to 8PM. The Business Meeting is the last Wednesday of the month, directly after the regular meeting. "We're really shining a 'Light of Hope,'" ended Joanne. If you want to partake of this Light--you know what to do! "Old Deuteronomy" Taras H. of OLNEY/LAWNDALE had this to say: "We're doin' pretty well, too!" He then advised the group that he'd distributed handouts concerning O/L's 70th--70th!!!--Anniversary. (Why, that's older than Norm!) The group will have this celebration at their usual meeting site, Lawndale Presbyterian, Levick & Oakley. Regular Meetings are held on Tuesdays (Male Only!)and Thursdays, 7PM to 8.30PM; and Mondays and Fridays, 7PM to 8PM. The Business Meeting is the last Thursday of the month, right after the regular meeting. The Grande Dame of ONE DAY AT A TIME, GSR Laura, said this: "We're doin' well, but we could use some support. Especially women." She then introduced Alt. GSR Kathy, who will fill in for Laura on the Sundays when she goes skydiving. ONE DAY meets on Wednesdays, 7PM to 8PM, at Glading Presbyterian Church, Cheltenham & Oxford. The Business Meeting is the last Wednesday, every other month: so show up if you want to get involved and participate--especially if you're a woman, or want to be a woman, or think you're a woman. At PORT FISHINGTON, "Everything's going well," according to GSR Adam. The group's 14th Anniversary will take place on the 6th of May, from 7.30PM to 8.30PM. Adam went on to inform everybody that his group had just elected new officers. To substantiate the point, he poignantly pointed to PF's new Alt. GSR, Cathy,--Cathy with a "C," this time, sitting to his right. Joe of PORT RICHMOND told his fellow GSRs that the group was "doing good." He then sheepishly added that PR's Anniversary Bash is slated for the 24th of May, a Friday, 7PM until closing time at Samuel's Recreation Centre, Gaul & Atlantic. Meetings normally are held on Fridays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM, with the Business Meeting being the last Friday of each month. That Girl from SURVIVAL had this to say: "We're doing absolutely fantastic!" She added that on May 11th SURVIVAL would be celebrating 25 years in existence, with an Anniversary Party, from 7PM to 9PM. Of especial interest is--in addition to the usual merriment and guest speakers--a special food consisting of flavored frozen slush stuck into an inverted dunce-cap cup being served up to those interested and intrigued. And so it went, in April, for the GSR reports.

The SECRETARY’S REPORT was read and approved, the OFFICER-AT-LARGE commented on several items.

And The VISITATION COMMITTEE vowed to visit PORT RICHMOND STEP (Tuesdays from 6.30PM to 7.30PM, at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland). DCM Norm himself promised to drop by and see what's what. . . Also: WISSINOMING PM (Fridays, 8PM to 9PM, Howell & Torresdale) needs a visitation.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE briefly discussed the upcoming workshop, "Spring Into Service," to be held in conjunction with District 22, on Saturday, the 18th of May. Things seem to be progressing smoothly. "I think you guys are doing a great job," said Norm approvingly. The worskshop will take place at Saints United Lutheran Church, 3200 Ryan Avenue (at Sackett), zip code: 19136, from 11Am to 3PM or thereabouts. This year's theme is "SPRING INTO SERVICE." You are GUARANTEED to have a good time, according to the architects of this event. Featured will be presentations, discussions, informative readings, a skit or two, "AA Jeopardy," and guilt-free food--and scads of it. If nothing else, you can pig out shamelessly and reassure yourself it’s all good. But seriously: The event promises to be Informative and FUN,--done up the AA Way!!

Ruth D. of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE cited a change on the District Minutes and reassured everyone that the quality of the website was top-notch--as always!--and always striving to be even better.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE sets up Tradition Meetings at GREATER NORTHEAST, 4318 Frankford Avenue, every Sunday night, from 6PM to 7PM. The schedule for the Month of May runs as follows: May 5 - Tradition 10 - Arretta; May 19 - Tradition 12 - Mike; May 12 - Tradition 11 -Dave; May 26 - Tradition 1 - Joanne

The TREASURER'S REPORT saw an opening $1,445 .98. The Basket netted $33. Donations amounted to $181. The Ending Balance is $1,660.13

The DCM REPORT focused on the RoundUp. "It was a great RoundUp. Fantastic," quoth Norm.

Of OLD BUSINESS, there was none; and NEW BUSINESS delved into the disturbing trend, lately, of Guest Speakers missing their engagements at GREATER NORTHEAST Sunday evenings, for the TRADITION MEETING. People taking commitments have been "wigging out" and not showing up. Big Daddy Norm reprimanded the daffy no-showers gently yet sternly--then brandished the IMMENSE GAVEL, displayed it to all, then banged on the table several times with much force and passion. Recalling "The Handbag Incident" that had transpired earlier, the message was delivered clearly. The Workshop (touted above) was again "plugged," this time with the bill for total co$t being presented: $720. The caviar had better be fresh!

The Fourth Tradition was read and discussed, along with The Fourth Concept. So much was said, by so many, as usual, that the insightful comments and lucid interpretations cannot fit into this report. Suffice it to say that much was garnered, again, as usual.

Next meeting date has been scheduled for the 19th of May.

The April Meeting closed out with The Responsibility Pledge. You, too, be responsible: and SPRING INTO SERVICE!

March 17, 2019

March's meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer: and then the reports commenced. They went like this: Dave, our intrepid ADCM and all-around He-Man, visited ABANDON YOURSELF TO GOD and reported that "changes have been made." Trinity House, which basically had been supporting and running the meeting, could no longer afford the rent demanded by the Greedy Landlord for use of the site (a dinky, narrow rowhouse), and was thus forced to withdraw as erstwhile patron. The meeting itself might move to a different locale--as yet unknown, undisclosed. We can only wait for 'more to be revealed." A broken door, stuff disappearing, coffee being used up, books disappearing, toilets clogged with footwear(?!?). . . These are just a few of the things plaguing FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN, according to Alt.-GSR "Kool" Kat. FB shares their space with "another group," which will go un-named (naturally a group WITHOUT a GSR, hence a no-show at Monthly D-60 Meetings!!). . . And we'll leave it at that. But besides their problems, obstacles, and challenges, FB is thriving--an amazing testimony to a group that had its burial plot dug and tombstone purchased not too terribly long ago. . . "Attendance is good," said Kat. "It has increased! Yeah, we’re doin’ well." So be it! GREATER NORTHEAST is having its Anniversary Bash on May 18th, beginning at 4PM at Saint Mark's Church, down the street from GN Headquarters, 4318 Frankford Avenue, where the festivities will continue, later that evening, at 8PM, where a rollicking unrestrained deranged dance will take place! According to Steve McC (yet another He-Man of Disrict 60! You can SMELL the SWEAT!), myriad speakers will do their thing throughout the day at Saint Mark's, and the shindig takes place later. LAST STOP had its first Group Conscience Business Meeting and elected a chair, secretary, instituted by-laws, and basically instilled structure into the ofttimes free-flowing meeting. This given to the group by Temporary GSR Jessica. "The Stop" is obviously going through transition--for the good, it would seem. Most importantly, all meetings of THE LAST STOP are now held at The Last Stop, at Somerset Street, right there beneath the Somerset EL Stop, Ground Zero, as it were. Meeting times are 12PM and 8PM. JoAnne from LIGHT OF HOPE said, "Light of Hope's doin' well. Our last Business Meeting went very well. . . We have new officers. . ." And she went on to elaborate that Pat was now Chairperson; "Nutty" Nancy (our own unscrupulously honest Treasurer), Secretary. . . And some other folk in other positions. She added that although attendance was good, Monday could use support. NEW LIFE is "getting [its] treasury back up. We were going to change the format, but we decided against it." Thus spake David K. Expect to see an anniversary meeting sometime in July, around the 24th. . .According to Top-Cat Taras of OLNEY/LAWNDALE, "A few new people are coming steadily. . ." And from this group, also, an anniversary--their 70th, to be precise (Wow!); more details soon. ONE DAY AT A TIME's Laura had this to say: "Yeah, I think our group really needs support. People are sick. They make other excuses. . . " ONE DAY meets on Wednesdays, 7Pm to 8Pm at Glading Presbyterian, Cheltenham & Oxford. Adam F. from PORT FISHINGTON had "nothing really to report. The meeting's doing well. We have a door person now to keep things running smooth." PORT RICHMOND's GSR, Joe, stated, "Our attendance is really good. . . We do the Step of the Month, we have speakers. . . Everything's good and all are welcome." He also nonchalantly added that May 24th would see the group's 60th Anniversary (another "Wow!"), and this special meeting would feature two speakers and much gaiety and sober celebration. Mike from SURVIVAL stated that, "We're becoming a 'Wellness Meeting,'--people coming in from straight out of Detox." Also: Yet ANOTHER anniversary meeting, this one slated for May 11th, from 6PM to 9PM, and will mark SURVIVAL's 24th sober year on the planet. (We ran out of "Wows," so we'll just say, "YOW!!!") Finally, GSR Keith of YOUNG MEN'S put forth that, "The group's doing really well. . . Thursdays could use a little support, I guess." And so ran the GSR reports.

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read and approved; OFFICER-at-LARGE (and Body-Sculptress Extraordinaire) Arretta sadly reported that VENANGO GROUP has passed away. . . And the VISITATION COMMITTEE planned a drop-by for FIRST DAY BIG BOOK, a now GSR-less meeting. . FDBB is located at Saint William's Church, Rising Sun & Devereaux, and meets Saturdays, 9AM to 10AM and Sundays, 10AM to 11.30AM; the business meeting is each month's 3rd Sunday, at 11.15AM.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE advised the gathering that DCM Norm would be in touch with the good padre in order to secure space for the tentative May 18th Workshop.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE scheduled the following Traditions and Speakers for these upcoming days: April 7: Tradition 6: Adam: 4/14: T-7: JoAnne: 4/21: T-8: Norm: 4/28: T-9: Taras.

The TREASURER'S REPORT ran as follows: Opening Balance: $1,417.04; Basket: $25; Donations: $67; Sub-total: $1,509.13: Deductions: $63.15 (Glenn’s pen set); Ending Balance: ((drum roll)) $1,445.98!

In The DCM REPORT, DCM Norm touched on the following topics with his usual suave style, effortlessly implanting gobs of juicy knowledge into the heads of the awestruck GSRs:--An Area Meeting on March 10th, 10AM to 4Pm, where reports from various committees (including the Convention Committee and the Archive Committee); a pre-conference meeting on May 4th, where voting on whether or not to have a 5th Edition of the "Big Book" published; general observations on the Nature of AA in the 21st Century.

Of OLD BUSINESS, sadly, none. But NEW BUSINESS--Ah. New Business addressed the issue of whether District 60 (that's US!!) should work in conjunction with notoriously unreliable District 22. A vote was taken, then-and-there, on the spot: and the "resolution," as it were, was passed: Hence, District 60 will indeed partner up with that other district, or so it seems.

The Third Tradition, along with The Third Concept, were discussed--after being read, naturally.

Next Meeting is for 28th of April, due to the Holiday.

February 17, 2019

Roll-Call for February's Gathering began with Dynamic ADCM Dave, representing ABANDON YOURSELF TO GOD (Miracle House, 2060 E. Allegheny Ave.): "There's going to be a 12th Anniversary on Saturday, the 23rd [of March] at Miracle House. Two speakers. 7 to 9 [PM]...Food, fun, and fellowship." Succinct and Precise. ~ "Nothing really special. . . Everything's going well. . . There's another Tom who's now Alt. GSR. . ."--all this from THIS Tom, Tom P., of FISHTOWN. ~ FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN'S Ruth D. put forth of her group that [it had], "Good attendance, but there's a problem with the door. The meeting is going strong. . . We read out of the Big Book, make comments. . . We have to develop a system to avoid Future Door Problems." ~ GOOD MORNING GROUP'S valiant Dom said, "Attendance is up and down. . . It varies. " Dom also added that he would be leaving for another land soon, over the hills and far away, to be with his family for several months. We will see who fills in for him, in his absence. ~ GSR Steve McC of GREATER NORTHEAST told the crowd, "Doin' really well. Our 75th Anniversary is May 18th, a Saturday: all-day Food, fun, and fellowship. . . We're going to have different speakers do all the steps, a different speaker for each step." He also put forth that Saturday's Emotional Sobriety Meeting has returned, at 3PM, each and every Saturday, and that Dan is the new Alt. GSR. ~ Nancy, District 60's nimble-fingered Treasurer, spoke for LIGHT OF HOPE: "Everything's going good. There's no meeting the 18th. Attendance is good." ~ NEW LIFE'S David K. spoke thusly: "Wednesday's good--but Sunday needs support." ~ Taras of Olney/Lawndale informed his fellow GSRs that, "We can still use support. Sometimes. . . People come in, stay and come back. But then don't come back after that. Also, our 70th Anniversary is coming up." ~ GSR Laura from ONE DAY AT A TIME voiced her usual complaint: "No girls!" She went on to say that although she didn't mind being the only lady there, she would definitely appreciate it if more members of the fair sex were in attendance. ONE DAY meets at Glading Presbyterian Church on Wednesdays, 7PM to 8PM. The building's at Cheltenham & Oxford. ~ Adam of PORT FISHINGTON said, "We just had a Business Meeting, and we created a new position--Doorkeeper. Someone to be at the door for the first half-hour, to keep the noise down. . . To keep things running smoothly." ~ Big Joe of PORT RICHMOND let it fly: "Doing good. Our anniversary of 60 years is coming up--maybe. We'll see in May." ~ Sergeant-at-Arms Arretta spoke for SURVIVAL: "We're cool. May 11th is the Anniversary Meeting, 6 to 9 [PM]. Food, fun, and fellowship. And water-ice." ~ Finally, Keith from YOUNG MEN'S informed the assemblage that all was well and working fine, except that, "Thursdays could use a little support." And so ended Roll-Call for February 2019.

The Secretary's Report was read and approved, and the Officer-at-Large reported that people DID INDEED get back when sent a text to remind them of the meeting.

The VISITATION COMMITTEE made a note to check up on VENANGO (Grace Church and the incarnation, 2645 East Venango Street), Saturdays at 10AM. Any other group can be visited of course to see if all is well. . .

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE is gearing up for another mind-bending District 60 workshop, slated for June. . . Already, the following stalwarts of "the finest district East of the Mississippi" have pledged their commitment: Arretta, Dom, Ed, Nancy, Steve, Taras. . .

The WEB SITE COMMITTEE'S solo powerhouse, Ruth D., told all that although the transference to Word Press was still not quite completed, it would be--very, very soon. . .

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following commitments to the following folk: March 3rd, Trad. 1--Taras.~ 10th, Trad. 2--Norm F. ~ 17th, Trad. 3--Steve. ~ 24th, Trad 4--Nancy, March 31st, Trad 5--Dave.

The TREASURER'S REPORT began with an Opening Balance of $1,093.56; the basket netted $26; donations totaled $297.48; no deductions gave an ending balance of $1,417.04.

The DCM REPORT focused on Share-a-Day, which was attended by Norm and Dave. "How Can I Get More Involved In Service?" was the theme-questions, which focused on bringing and giving the AA message to those who are "landlocked"--invalids, the hospitalized, and those homebound. In short, transmitting the good stuff of AA to those incapable--for whatever reason--of going out and obtaining it themselves. . . "Inter-Phones" were also discussed, as was the CPC (Co-operation Professional Committee). . . DCM Norm did a break-down of contributions to AA that ran like this: 10% - District; 10% - the Area; 30% - GSO; 50% -Intergroup. Contributions can be made online at aa.org. The bottom line with all this is to keep AA going, to increase our strength so we can reach into to future mists of the 21st Century and be ready to meet any challenges that may arise. . .

OLD BUSINESS brought up the subject of a lovely gift for departed DCM Glenn (no, not DEAD, just elsewhere in AA!). It was unanimously decided that a nifty CROSS PEN SET would fit the bill nicely for the big guy.

NEW BUSINESS touched on an upcoming event slated for the end of March, the 29th, 30th, and 31st as well as an Area 59 Quarterly Meeting. See www.area59aa.org for more details.

The Second Tradition and its companion, the Second Concept, were read and discussed with much vigor--as usual.

The next meeting is the 17th of March--Saint Patrick’s Day. A little known fact: Saint Patrick was a strict ascetic who never "nipped the barley-corn." Let us follow his noble example and continue to reach out to any-and-all who need reaching out to.

January 20, 2019

The first meeting of the new year kicked off with DCM Norm F. presiding over the opening formalities, and then Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN launched into her report: "We're doing great.--Seriously, we really ARE! We're having a business meeting again. . . We have a new Alt.-GSR. . . Changed the format a bit. . . Our attendance is up, and we have a solid group of core members.” And remember, folks, this group was moribund--the grave was being dug--only several short months ago! Amazing what blessings can be bestowed upon the Faithful! ~ "GOOD MORNING GROUP for this month," began GSR Dom, "well. . . Attendance picked up. . . People from other groups are coming back." Dom also informed the assemblage that as early as next month he would be going overseas, facilitating the need for a new or substitute GSR. Bon Voyage, Dom! ~ GREATER NORTHEAST'S Steve McC said, "Doin' really well. . . Nothing going on that's really bad. We remodeled the downstairs. . . " (Now you can start on MY place, guys!) ~ JoAnne from LIGHT OF HOPE had this to say: "We, um. . . Well--we have new officers. . . Doing a re-vamp on things. This Wednesday's the business meeting. Thursdays are good, but Monday definitely needs support. We also need more women members." JoAnne also mentioned an open Gaudenzia House commitment that needed filling and offered it to any interested taker. ~ NEW LIFE'S David spoke of the Sunday, 6.30PM Meeting at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland: "In pretty bad shape. Badly in need of support." ~ Taras H., "Uber-GSR" of OLNEY/LAWNDALE reported that, "Yeah, we're still struggling. . . Our 7th Tradition is down. . . Tuesdays there's some guys comin' in. . . We're struggling. We're still open!" ~ Laura from ONE DAY AT A TIME said of her group (named, no doubt, after a late-70s television sitcom), "Doing good. Could always use support. We're holding on.--We're a good group!" ~ PORT FISHINGTON'S GSR, Adam F., spoke thusly: "Group's doing good. Attendance just as good as always. We did have issues with the door. [Note: Referring to the main door which had been left unlocked, on several occasions, recently, making the building accessible and vulnerable.] Everything's good otherwise." ~ Joe S. of PORT RICHMOND put forth this diatribe, of sorts: "PORT RICHMOND’S doing good. A variety of meetings. All are welcome." ~ SURVIVAL'S Mike W. explained that his group was, "Doing fantastic. Picking up. Good turnouts. Everything's as wonderful as ever." ~ New GSR Keith of YOUNG MEN'S said of that stalwart "No Gurls Allowed" Meeting: "We're doing very well. Things are picking up. We have good turnouts. Everything's as wonderful as ever!" Indeed it is, indeed it is. . .

The SECRETARY'S REPORT was read and approved. Then the OFFICER-AT-LARGE confronted those who dared not return or acknowledge the reminder-texts she sent. Heads rolled; tears were shed; but all was forgiven in the end. Just don't let it happen again. . .

The VISITATION COMMITTEE set up a drop by for SMASH THE THOUGHT on Thursday, 31 January, at 7.PM. . . Several other meetings were promised visitations, to discern whether or not things were proceeding smoothly. . .

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE is zeroing in on a May-June day/date/time for the Spring 2019 Worskshop. It has yet to be made clear if District 22 will be part of this monumental event. Officer-at-Large Arretta "the Enforcer" made an astute observation that it would be prudent to reserve space--somewhere--for the event,--NOW.

Ruth D. of the WEBSITE COMMITTEE explained that she is still in the process of converting the site to "mobile-friendly" Wordpress. It's "chock fulla information," was how she describes our cool site.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE set up Traditions Meetings for the following days in February: 02/03-Trad. 9 (Dave); 02/10-Trad. 10 (Norm); 02/17-Trad. 11 (Adam); 02/24- Trad. 12 (Ed). All Tradition Meetings are at GREATER NORTHEAST CLUB, 4318 Frankford Ave., 6.PM

TREASURER’S REPORT: Open: $973.53 ~ Basket: $20 ~ Donations: $113. ($25-GMG; $73-GrNE; $15-Srv.) ~ Adjustment: $5.63 ~ Deduction: $18.60 ~ End: $1,093.56

In the DCM REPORT, Norm, our ebullient DCM, spoke of an Orientation Meeting on the 13th of January, where past delegates regaled the crowd with their torrid tales and salacious stories. . . Bygone years now consigned to dusty shelves shrouded in the mists of the past. . . A planning meeting is slated for June--so stay tuned for more to be revealed regarding that. And Norm also spoke, he did, of a meeting concerning the ROUNDUP in April, to be held at SEPIA (444 N. 3rd Street) at 12.PM on the 10th Of February, as Sunday. . . In addition, Norm distributed a gorgeous handout detailing the ins-and-outs, hiways-and byways of GSR-dom. . .

No OLD BUSINESS,--but NEW BUSINESS brought up a splendid idea to take up a collection in order to give a lovely gift to GLENN S., former DCM, NOW a high-falootin' big shot who rides around in a snazzy sports car in his retina-singeing Hawaiian shirts. (Actually, Glenn has moved in to a position of more responsibility and more work in the ranks of AA. We wish him the best. Sans tacky shirts.) On this subject--the purchasing of a significant and relevant gift for the Big Guy--more will be revealed!

Tradition 1 and Concept 1 were both read and discussed. Enthusiastically!

Next meeting is scheduled for the 17th of February. Be there and share the Love.

Minutes from 2018

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December 16, 2018

The final GSR Meeting of the year began with Norm doing the perfunctory intros, and then Dom led off the GSRs' reports: "Basically, our group's functioning, but like others, it's in need of support. We're surviving." Dom further elaborated about GOOD MORNING GROUP: "We talked about it and might have to cancel one meeting." GREATER NORTHEAST's Steve McC said, "Doin' well, man! Energy's good. There's a New Year's Eve party 8.PM 'til whenever. On New Year's Day an 'Alcathon,'' from 12 Noon to 9.PM. . . " He went on to advise the other GSRs that the Step Meetings were going extraordinarily well, with "speakers for each step." The 7th Tradition was also "good," according to Steve - which means the group is raking in the dough. On a final note, this enthusiastic GSR added, "We've got a new mop-bucket!" One can only hope that Christmas Eve will see the delivery of a new mop to accommodate said bucket. Cole, the new GSR from LAST STOP, brought everyone "into the loop" concerning this noble group: "There was miscommunication. Guys stepped down. Attendance right now is 'hit or miss.' [We have] all kinds of issues. Not a lot of Home Group members...and no-one's really qualified to hold office..." Let us hope that the New Year brings change and amelioration to LAST STOP. :: LIGHT OF HOPE'S JoAnne had this to say: "Doin' well! Thursdays are very good! But Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays could use some support. . . We're in a transition with our officers. . . We're attempting to go over the by-laws. . . and use these guidelines to get in order. . . " JoAnne, taking her new role seriously, had several questions for DCM Norm, regarding strict interpretation of all AA "rules and laws." She also mentioned that the group, in observance of the holidays, would not be holding meetings on the 24th and 25th of December, and on January 1st. :: New GSR David K. and new Alt. GSR George R. from NEW LIFE put forth that, "We do need support—for both days, Wednesday and Sunday." NEW LIFE meets at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets, on Wednesdays, 7.PM to 8.PM, and on Sundays (an "As Bill Sees It" meeting!!), 6.30PM to 7.30PM. :: OLNEY/LAWNDALE'S Taras H. reported that the group was "Struggling. . . Just three [meeting-goers] on Friday." He added that, "We think it's the season." He also brought up the possibility of O/L changing the Thursday meeting up a bit. :: Laura from ONE DAY AT A TIME had "good things to report." "Our money's getting straightened out. . . being sent to Intergroup. And we still had some left over!" She added thoughtfully, "Ladies still needed!" :: "Good. Business Meeting . We’re not having a Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve Meeting. Our attendance is good." This terse report from Adam of PORT FISHINGTON. :: Joe of PORT RICHMOND characteristically kept things precise: "Doin' good. A variety of meetings. All are welcome." :: New GSR Mike W. of SURVIVAL, said this: "No complaints out of Survival. Doin' fine." :: Finally, YOUNG MEN'S Norm K. said of that Men Only Meeting, "Everything's goin' pretty well. . . We're pretty busy. Right now we're involved in a toy drive. No complaints." District 60 advises all denizens of the area to check with your favorite meetings to determine their "availability" during this holiday season.

The Secretary's Report was read and approved, then Norm reported on the status of the VISITATION COMMITTEE: Several groups were scheduled for "drop-bys," notably SMASH THE THOUGHT, for Thursday, the 20th of December, VENANGO, for ANY upcoming Saturday, at 10.AM, WISSINOMING GROUP, and KENZO WOMEN'S, Fridays, Saint Michael's Church, at 7.PM Of the WORKSHOP COMMITTEE, Norm informed the group that District 22 has not yet gotten back on the proposed joint effort for an upcoming workshop.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: The following Traditions and speakers were slated for January: 06/Tradition 05/Taras; 13/Trad. 6/Ed; 20/Trad. 7/JoAnne; 27/Trad. 8/Dom. All Traditions Meetings are held at GREATER NORTHEAST CLUB, Sundays, at 6.PM.

New Treasurer, Nancy offered these figures: Opening Balance: $790.53, Basket: $37, Donations: $146 (YM-$130; GMG-$20; GN-$96) No Deduction brought the Ending Balance to $973.53.

The DCM REPORT: Norm reported that he attended the latest conference where, in his inimitable words, "all the old guys were seated at a big fancy table." Big fancy table and cushy, comfy, accommodating, sleep-inducing chairs notwithstanding, Norm was alert and keen during the entire length of the proceedings, asking numerous questions and taking multiple, detailed notes which he compiled and collated and bound together into a small midwestern town-sized book which he displayed to the awe-struck GSRs. So many things were discussed and so detailed were Norm's writings on all the subjects that we can only give a meager sketch of the proceeds. Highlights included a Concept Presentation (10, 11, 12); a "move-up" of old officers to new positions and the transition of "newbies" to maiden voyage posts; the area structure manual (which Norm distributed and delved into for a full forty minutes!); the Area Treasurer's Report (AA is NOT rich—in case you didn't already know); and a scientific breakdown of the Structure Committee (which in its complexity and profoundly abstruse structure cannot even be fathomed here, let alone talked about). January 13th, Norm also mentioned, would be New DCM Orientation: the perfunctory branding and tattooing, the omertà, and so forth.

Tradition 12 & Concept 12 were read-and-discussed with much alacrity and insight. Stellar celebrities such as Dick van Dyke and Chief Halftown entered the discussion, and much wisdom was put forth and imbibed by the thirsty group that afternoon.

Before the meeting officially closed down retired DCM Glenn S. (DCM Emeritus??) thanked everyone for his-or-her support during his tenure and delivered a solemn yet uplifting speech concerning AA and Service. As Concept 12 states, "AA is a corporation that's NOT a corporation." All that makes AA work comes from the HEART—not the billfold.

Next Meeting: January 20th, 2019!

November 18, 2018

November's meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer: and then Tom P. of FISHTOWN gave us the update on his group. "We're back in the 'little room,’ back home," he said. What Tom meant, of course, is that the meeting is being held in the smaller space adjacent to the large auditorium which usually houses the proceedings. So, for the record, FISHTOWN meets at Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks Streets, on Thursdays, 7:30PM to 8:30PM, and Saturday mornings, 10:30AM to 11:30AM. In the "little room." For both. "Meetings are going well with really good attendance," quoth Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN. She added that next week the group would be having a real, authentic business meeting. "We're making it a more systematic operation," Ruth explained. For the record, Ruth will remain GSR of FT. (Someone expressed a keen interest in assuming that position, but that fellow turned up missing.) GOOD MORNING GROUP'S Dominic said of his well-established, three-times-a-week meeting, "Our attendance went down a bit. . .The Anniversary went real well. . . the Pastor [of the parish in which the meeting is held] blessed us. He's one of us!" Well, with a bonafide "whiskey priest" putting in some extra "juice" behind the scenes, what could go wrong? "Things are really good. New faces, new blood. The 'Night to Remember' was awesome. The hall was awesome. A Christmas tree-trimming party is coming up." All this from "Awesome" Steve McC. of GREATER NORTHEAST. A reminder that GN has 18(!!) awesome meetings a week at 4318 Frankford Avenue. Nancy from LIGHT OF HOPE had this to say: "We had our Anniversary, which was supposed to be Thursday, but we had it yesterday, Saturday, 'cause of the weather. We're trying to get more people to come Mondays and Wednesday. We have this new guy who’s been coming. Really good attendance Thursday!" "The LIGHT" emanates from Bridesburg Rec. Centre, 4600 Richmond Street, Mondays through Thursdays, 7.PM to 8.PM. Laura of ONE DAY AT A TIME informed the gathering that all was well, with the meeting retaining its status quo. PORT FISHINGTON'S Adam said, of his group, this: "Since last time—awesome speakers! Nothing really special on the horizon. Attendance is just as good as it always has been. Nothin' out of the ordinary." Just another AWESOME MEETING in District 60-land, that's all!! NON-GSR Dominic, a loyal attender of SMASH THE THOUGHT, implored DCM Glenn S. to do a drop-by at this meeting. "We're in the process of considering a new GSR and a new General Chair, and we need some help. We need help with a 'deciding factor.' "Fear not, Smash: plucky, creaky, jolly Glenn will be doing a visitation at your business meeting! That's a promise! Finally Kid Chaos, herself, Arretta of SURVIVAL, spoke up: "We're doing really well. Friday nights have been cancelled. And we still need a little bit of support for Thursdays. More women are needed!" If you ARE a woman (and even if you are NOT), SURVIVAL meets at Memorial Methodist Church, 1300 Dyre Street, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 6PM to 7PM. Business meetings are the final Thursdays of the month, right after the regular meeting.

The Secretary's Report from last time was read-and-approved.

Officer-at-Large Dave L. said (for the final time), "Not too much to report..." And then outgoing O-a-L Dave rose and delivered a solemn address to the gathered GSRs, thanking all and sundry for allowing him to serve with integrity and humbleness. Which he DID INDEED do! This reporter wept openly and wrung his hands from grief and from separation anxiety. If only more folk were like the noble Dave, an AA stalwart and all-around good egg! O! the humanity!

Meanwhile, the VISITATION COMMITTEE scheduled drop-bys for the following meetings: At the aforementioned SMASH THE THOUGHT, 12 December; Wednesday, the 28th for NEW LIFE; 05 December, Wednesday, LAST STOP; and VENANGO, 24 November, 10.AM.

The WORKSHOP COMMITTEE announces that Our District will do, in conjunction with District 22 and its new Officers (new DCM Gail; new ADCM Bridgette), SEVERAL(!!) GSR Orientation Workshops in order to explain the role of the GSR to those who might be interested in taking on the responsibility. Glenn spoke with the fine folk at District 22 (who, if memory serves, dropped the proverbial ball last year, in regards to a Workshop) who want other Districts to join in, also. . .

The WEBSITE COMMITTEE'S Ruth D. explained that the Area Website should be re-vamped with WordPress. Ruth showed a keen interest in these matters, citing that WordPress is easier to read on a mobile device.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE scheduled the following tradition meetings, all held 6PM Sundays, at GREATER NORTHEAST. For 12/2, Trad. 12, Nancy; 12/9, Trad. 1, Steve; 12/16, Trad. 2, Laura; 12/23, Trad. 3, Adam; 12/30, Trad. 4, Norm F.

The TREASURER'S REPORT showed an opening balance of $700.48 The basket netted $24. Donations amounted to $66. With 0 deductions, the balance ended with $790.53.

The DCM REPORT brought to you (us, really) in AWESOME Living Colour—basically focused on EPGSA and the happenings at that sacrosanct event. During the course of the proceedings, different individuals were chosen and voted into office, intrigue abounded, and in the end things turned out in accordance with the Law of Predestination. Glenn put forth his two cents concerning "The God Word" and some interesting facts concerning Atheists and Agnostics in AA. AWESOME Speakers spoke and, generally, to quote Glenn, "the entire weekend was fun and informative, just ask anyone who was there."

NEW BUSINESS brought on the voting for New District 60 Officers. We shall eschew the formalities and the grueling hours of campaigning by the dozens of AA-ers who yearned to occupy those coveted positions and instead just announce the Victors: DCM: Norm F.; ADCM: Dave "Juan Valdez" L. ; Treasurer: Nancy "Sticky Fingers" F. Secretary: Ed K.; Officer-at-Large: Arretta, "The Enforcer."

It being November, the E11eventh Month, the respective Tradition and Concept were discussed.

The next meeting is slated for the 16th of December, 2018.


October 21, 2018

Back from after a long abscess - pardon: absences - was Our Leader (for now, anyway), Glenn S. And to prove he was still in charge, the jolly DCM clapped his hands once: and the assembled GSRs fired off their reports: Tom P. is the New Magoo at FISHTOWN (Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks, Thursdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM; Saturdays, 10AM to 11.30AM; Business Meeting the last Saturday of the month) and he had this to say: "Group's goin' well...A little hectic these days 'cause they're doing plumbing work...Sometimes the meeting's at Saint Laurentius's, down the street, at Berks & Memphis. Moon" - a legendary AA stalwart who has reached near-demigod status - "says the move might be permanent." An excellent idea! Anything to elevate a "B-List Saint" to top-billing. (Saint WHO?) "Doin' really well. Get[ting] back to having regular Business Meetings." This and more from FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN'S Ruth D. "We still read from the Big Book [but] we haven't had a regular Business Meeting and our group has a rep at the EPGSA Conference." Ruth was, of course, referring to herself! But it begs the question: Does YOUR group have a spokesperson, bags packed, "ready to go??" GOOD MORNING GROUP'S Dominic reported that GMG is "Doin' okay this month!" All is in readiness for the October 27th Anniversary Bash, to be held on Saturday from 6.PM to 9.PM. Come out and help GMG celebrate 16 Glorious Years of Sobriety. The place is Saint Michael's Church (now THERE'S an A-Lister if there ever was one!), Trenton & Cumberland. Food, Fun, Fellowship, Freakiness—all that good stuff! Done up GMG-style! Steve McC of GREATER NORTHEAST opined that, "We're doin' pretty good. Everyone's settled down in service positions. He reminded all that the 27th of October would be HIS group's All Hallows Eve Party. With a measley $5 donation fee AND a FABULOUS PRIZE for best costume, the savvy teetotaler could first hit the GMG Anniversary, gorge him-or-herself on victuals, then embark for GN, get there and pig out some more, and then enter and win the costume-contest as a shameless glutton! Oh, these wily AA folk and their insatiable appetites! Steve also put forth that the group would be using Saint Mark's (another big-name saint!) for next month's "A November to Remember." More will be revealed concerning this event—but you already knew that! GSR Nancy (another "for NOW, anyway") from "LIGHT OF HOPE" told of her group's anniversary with these simple words: "We're celebrating our 33rd Anniversary on the 15th of November, a Thursday, from 7PM to 9PM." Come one, come you all: and partake of this historic happening at the Bridesburg Rec. Centre, 4600 Richmond Street, in fragrant Bridesburg! OLNEY/LAWNDALE'S Taras ("the Terrible!") H. said, "We're hangin' in there...New speakers, which helps a lot! And the whole place has been repainted. You won't recognize it! Even the ceiling [was repainted]!" One cannot help but feel a certain kind of commaraderie for a man so enthusiastic about PAINT! "Our meeting is pretty much stayin' the same. Two new girls came." This from Laura, of ONE DAY AT A TIME. New GSR Adam, of PORT FISHINGTON (Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland, a 1-Hour Speaker Meeting, Mondays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM), told the assemblage, "Everything's been great. Great speakers! Great consistency! Every speaker has knocked it out of the park!!" Adam also let it be known that the Business Meeting usually consists of only about four persons, the implication being that more folk need to get involved "behind the scenes," on the organizational level at PF! Last but certainly not least, everybody's favorite hillbilly from some other state in the Union—Arretta! And she had this to say, of SURVIVAL: "Doing fantastic as usual. But we are voting on taking away the Friday meeting." A terse-and-restrained delivery from the GSR of this noble group! And that finished off the reports.

The Secretary's Report was read-and-approved. The Officer-at-Large had "not much to report," except the absence of several GSRs from the table that day.

The Visitation Committee prescribed visits to both SMASH THE THOUGHT ("MDG" Church & School, 2612 E. Monmouth Street, Thursdays, 7.PM to 8.PM) and LAST STOP (which meets at "The First Stop," not the "new Stop," and—well, you KNOW).

The Workshop Committee is on hiatus—but not so for the ever-vigilant Web Site Committee! Chief Techno-Wiz Ruth D who transmitted the following data: "Website is fine. Lot of events. Site address is www.district60.aa.org. Affirmative. Live Long and Prosper."

The Traditions Committee slated the following November Dates/Traditions/Speakers: 11/04~Trad. 8~Dave; 11/11~Trad. 9~Norm F.; 11/18~Trad. 10~Arretta; 11/25~Trad. 11~Glenn.

Treasurer's Report: The Money Man gave us an Opening Balance of $1,343.48. The Basket bagged $28. Donations totaled $85. which brought the Sub-Total to $1,456.48. Deductions amounting to $756 brought the Grand Total to (drumroll) $700.48. Yowza!

Lame Duck Glenn attended the Area Day. And he remarked, in his inimitable style, "All the same faces were there." Discussed was the "We..." newsletter, as well as "The God Word” pamphlet, which will be released soon in "American English" (e.g. "oatmeal" in the stead of "porridge;" "elevator" rather than "Lift," and so on and so on). The role of the LGBTQ community in AA was discussed also. "One Big Tent" was mentioned and the Grapevine BOOK: a compilation of classic articles from that most noble publication.

Of OLD BUSINESS, nothing much—but NEW BUSINESS ushered in the reality of Nominations for coveted positions here at District 60: Norm F. was nominated for DCM; Dave, nominated for ADCM. Code-Buster and Double-Naut Aqua-Spy Nancy got the nod for the Treasurer nomination, and Arretta ("The Enforcer") is in the running for Officer-at-Large. Lots were drawn and the same guy who drew short two years ago drew short again and got stuck with the Secretary nomination. Stay tuned, kids! More will be revealed! Read and Discussed were Tradition 10 and Concept 10. So much was said that to report even a fraction of it would encompass several pages. But saving on space, we put forth that the next meeting is slated for the 18th, in November: and saving additional trees, we report a Traditional Closing Out and bid you adieu 'till then! Remember to be ALWAYS IN SERVICE, and EVER-READY TO HELP SOMEONE IN NEED!!

September 16, 2018

Norm F. once again was at the helm. He gave the order: and the GSRs began.

GOOD MORNING GROUP'S Dom said, "As far as attendance, went down low. We're gearing up for the Anniversary." Which will take place, if all goes well, on SATURDAY, the 27th of OCTOBER, from 6PM to 9PM. No fee required to attend this gala event. Dom added that volunteers are needed to arrive one hour early to assist with setting-up. "Doing good as far as attendance goes," is how Steve McC described GREATER NORTHEAST GROUP. He also informed the council that the former Treasurer "misplaced funds," but despite that imbroglio, "the bills are caught up with." A "NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER" is the big buzz over at GN: a blitzkrieg event taking place on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of NOVEMBER, featuring, among other mind-bending highlights, the fabulous Peter M., from Florida. But closer on the horizon is the HALLOWEEN PARTY, slated for the 27th of OCTOBER, a SATURDAY. "Everything's going well after a little bit of turmoil," said the noble Steve McC., closing out his narrative. Jumpin' JoAnne from LIGHT OF HOPE was clinical in her report: "Thursdays are really good attendance. A lot more women—which is needed. Mondays are Chairperson's pick, but next business meeting we're going to tinker with this [format]. The picnic went well!" And thus spake Joanne. OLNEY/LAWNDALE'S stalwart Taras "Bulba" H., apparently cured of his inner-ear malady, put forth that, "We're hangin' in there, doin' what we gotta do!" "A lot more crowded; doin' a lot better. But the guys get lonely lookin' at just me." Who else but LAURA, the One Alone, the Only One, of ONE DAY AT A TIME would speak with such bold-yet-disarming candor?? Yes, Laura! The Cherished One. Womenfolk are encouraged to inject some estrogen into ONE DAY, which meets at GLADING PRESBYTIRIAN CHURCH, at CHELTENHAM & OXFORD, on WEDNESDAYS, from 7PM to 8PM. In other words, come to the meeting all you sweet-breathed gals! PORT RICHMOND'S Joe, ever the straight-shooter, discharged this ejaculation: "Doin' fine. All are welcome. We have a variety of meetings." Well said, Brother! "The Woman from Way Out West," that could only be Arretta, of SURVIVAL, had this to say of her group: "Thursday's meeting picking up again. Everything’s going really well!" And so it goes, for another month of GSR reports, here at District 60.

The Secretary's Report was read-and-approved. The Officer-at-Large reported that only Ruth got back, informing him she'd be a no-show at the meeting—which means several people who received texts and didn't attend didn't even offer the common courtesy of texting back with a reply. How uncouth!

The Workshop Committee put forth the following information: On SUNDAY, the 14th of OCTOBER, AREA 59 will present a GENERAL SERVICE AREA DAY. All are invited!! It will take place at BROOKHAVEN BOROUGH HALL, 2 CAMBRIDGE ROAD, BROOKHAVEN, PA 19015. The event is hosted by District 55, and registration commences at 9AM sharp! The topics covered will include "An inspired understanding of General Service;" "An opportunity to interact with members of the area committee;" "A better understanding of our Legacy of Service and opportunities to serve." In addition, there will be valuable door prizes, a wonderful-and-fulfilling Service Treasure Hunt Game, a plethora of highly-entertaining and compelling speakers, and transpersonal interdimensional interactive roundtables! Whew! And all this for FREE!! Once again—ALL (that means YOU, with nothing better to do that day) are invited.

The TRADITIONS COMMITTEE assigned the following TRADITION MEETINGS, as follows: 07 OCTOBER, TRADITION 04, Steve. 14 OCT, TRAD 05, Dave. 21 OCT, TRAD 06, Norm. 28, 6, Dom.

TREASURER'S REPORT (delivered by impeccably trustworthy Shane R.—who NEVER "misplaces" funds!): Opening Balance: $1,204.48 Basket: $14 Donations: $125 Sub-Total: $1,343.48 No Deductions, bringing the Ending Balance to. . . $1,343.48. Sha-zaam!

Glenn's in-absentia DCM Report was distributed to the crew. And reading it, it's almost as if Glenn were THERE, such is the somnambular tone of the text. But the report put forth some interesting information: Glenn attended the last quarterly meeting, "the only one left this year where anything is really done." Although there IS a quarterly pow-wow in December, that one's "really just a turnover meeting. Many important items were discussed and pondered over, and in the end, well, the right decisions were made!

OLD BUSINESS of the EPGSA, had Glenn (once again, in absentia), wringing his hands over the lack of candidates/nominations for the coveted scholarship. "I was hoping that more people would have been nominated, making my decision that much harder." Really, Glenn? REALLY?!? We commiserate with you in your hour of hardship and suffering, we really do.

NEW BUSINESS revealed it's Election Time, coinciding with Our Great Nation's Elections! New District 60 Officers are needed to fill the vacancies left by the old ones, who will be summarily sacrificed and their seasoned flesh devoured at a great banquet to celebrate the New Replacements! Hoorah! More will be revealed at next month’s meeting.

The Tradition and the Concept of the Month were both read and cerebrated upon and then poured forth the expatiations, like (alcohol-free) ginger beer.

The next meeting is slated for the 21st of October.

With the Responsibility Pledge, the took to the streets to offer succor to any suffering and in-need man or woman who wants to grab the Hand of AA!

August 19, 2018

At the helm for August's meeting was "the old man of Survival," none other than sleek and crusty Norm F., District 60's one-of-a-kind ADCM. He initiated the formalities, and the group launched into their reports. ABANDON YOURSELF TO GOD's Kevin S. spoke first, informing all that "We don't really have attendance problems," explaining that the majority of the meeting-goers came from Trinity House. He DID put forth that "new blood" was needed, that an infusion of "plasma" would bring new energy to the group, which meets at Miracle House, 2060 Allegheny Avenue on Saturdays, from 7PM to 8PM. Ruth D. from FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN broke it down in living colour: "Nice robust attendance...A lot of participation. But we hope to get more people willing to take service positions." GOOD MORNING GROUP's Dominic let his fellow GSRs know that "Attendance is up-and-down right now," but the real excitement, concerning the October Anniversary Bash, slated for the 27th of that autumnal month, is just now starting to foment: GMG is gearing up for this spectacular event and, according to Dom, "flyers are forthcoming." More, much more, will be revealed! Steve McC of GREATER NORTHEAST GROUP stated matter-of-factly, "Attendance pretty much good," the only lull in attendance being during the daytime work hours, when most honest decent folk are toiling away at their jobs. Steve also mentioned that new officers had been recently elected and that this promised a new infusion of energy to the clubhouse. "Nautical Nancy," Queen of the Codebreakers, from LIGHT OF HOPE stated in non-cryptic terms, "Everything is good. Attendance is good." Saturday the 25th of August would see the group's Anniversary Picnic, celebrated under open sky and welkin, all afternoon. Cuisine Americana is the rule here: "We do hot dogs and hamburgers," from Double-N. Taras H., who shoulders both OLNEY/LAWNDALE and PRIMARY PURPOSE, had an equilibrium problem, due to fluid in the ear. But despite his head being filled with juice, he carried on, his ever-cheerful and perky self! "The same problems: the same people over and over...We welcome new people, they come to a meeting,--then they don’t come back." We are hoping that future "new infusions" will not be "rejected" by the dual bodies of O/L and PP! And we hope Taras will find relief from his waterlogged brain. Laura, the one and only - Literally! - from One Day at a Time, said, "We're doing well. New attenders coming almost every week. Fortunately, or UNfortunately, no other girls." Perhaps in the future new womenfolk will wend their way to this meeting, One Lady at a Time, for Laura’s sake! Joe S. from PORT RICHMOND (Samuel's Rec., Fridays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM) leaned back and launched into one of his famous filibusters: "We're doin' good! All are welcome!" "As wonderful as ever!" is how starry-eyed Arretta described attendance at SURVIVAL. "All meetings doing well! It's all good!" Yes it is, Arretta, yes indeed.

The Secretary's Report was read and approved. The Officer-at-Large (who is, incidentally, a rather big and opposing man) gave a full report of all happenings occurring under his auspices: "Good," is how he described everything, fully and thoroughly.

The Visitation Committee encourages all GSRs to exhort their groups' members to attend other meetings, investigating new groups, providing "transplasmatic interspersing" to ALL of District 60.

The Workshop Committee is preparing for something big, REALLY BIG, in the upcoming months. Will more be revealed? What do YOU think, pilgrim?

The Website Committee's Ruth D. confessed that she did NOT put the COMPLETE minutes up on the website last month. She was forgiven her transgression—AFTER being put to the bastinado.

The Traditions Committee brings a Tradition Meeting weekly, on Sunday evenings, 6PM, to GREATER NORTHEAST GROUP. The upcoming roster looks like this: September 2: Tradition 11: Speaker: Dom; Sept. 9: Tradition 12: Speaker: Dave; Sept. 16: T-1 Speaker: Taras; Sept. 23:T-2, Ruth; Sept. 30: T-3, Laura.

Treasurer’s Report: Opening Balance: $1, 145.48. Basket: $24. Donations: $35 ($20 from Port Fishington; $15 from Survival) No Deductions. Ending Balance: $1,204.48.

For the DCM Report, Glenn's astral body materialized and related that there will be an Area Forum on Saturday, September 15th, at Saints' Lutheran Church, 3200 Ryan Avenue, at Sackett Street. All the Philadelphia districts are involved in this event because it is extremely important. "And another thing," Glenn's opaque evanescent ectoplasmic form began,--but wise Norm pulled the plug and Glenn vanished in a tingling "Poof!"

Old Business dealt with the EPGSA Scholarship for one special District 60 GSR. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, an honour and privilege that will be bestowed on one individual based on an extensive criteria that includes, but is not limited to, Nobility of Character, Dedication and Commitment, Raw Charm, Perspicacity and Stick-to-itness, a Thorough-and-Exhausting Knowledge of the AA Literary Corpus, Moral Uprightedness and Decency, and the Ability to Listen Attentively and Comprehend What Was Heard during protracted periods of time. Due to the current politically correct climate of our society, the Swimsuit Competition has been nixed. Nominated by their peers were (1) Shane "Greasy Thumbs" R., District 60's Money-Man and (2) "that gal from the wilds of Ohio," Arretta of Survival. Both nominees will receive equal scrutiny: their lives, behaviours, interaction with others, dietary habits, and the very essence of their beings will all be taken into consideration and analyzed with the utmost precision by "The Elders of District 60," who live in seclusion and secrecy due to their senescence and old-timey attitudes. They will make their pronouncements and recommendations, after carefully and painstakingly going over everything with a proverbial fine-toother. Then Glenn will probably flip a coin and that will be that. Good luck to the two lucky nominees!

New Business brought for nothing, so the Tradition and Concept of the Month of August were read and discussed, and discussed enthusiastically!

The next meeting date of District 60 is the 16th of September. See you, as the song says,--in Sep-temmm-berrrr.

July 15, 2018

The Serenity Prayer kicked off the meeting. DCM Glenn S. cracked his knuckles, leaned back, and demanded knowledge of the groups' status. And here it is: New GSR Racquel from FISHTOWN showed little hesitation or apprehension and launched into her report. "Good Attendance!" she said, "from the best Home Group ever!" The other GSRs sat stunned and silent, staring solemnly. GREATER NORTHEAST'S Steve McC informed all that Jerry had "stepped down" and that Anthony was currently hospitalized; he, subsequently, was now in the coveted GSR role. Which he took to like an orangutang at a banana factory: "Everything’s good! Doin' well!" he said. Wayne of the LAST STOP (which meets at the 1st Stop, 2414 Kensington Avenue. Accept no other imposters!) reached out to the assemblage, intoning, "[LS] Definitely needs support...A lot of newcomers. A LOT of newcomers," stressing the recent influx of sobriety-seekers. ** LIGHT OF HOPE'S "Fancy" Nancy advertised the Home Group Picnic, August 25th, a Saturday, from High Noon 'til about 16:00EST. Mouthwatering viands from the farthest reaches of Bridesburg are promised, along with satiating beverages and cleansing plant juices for those inclined to optimal intestinal well-being. This orgy of grub and libation will take place in the poop-free park, "right next to the monument." As far as attendance, all is well at LOH's four meetings. Taras H., who represents both OLNEY/LAWNDALE and PRIMARY PURPOSE, said (of both groups), "Hangin' in there...New people!" And he added, "it's good to see new blood." Joe spoke for both ONE DAY AT A TIME (Laura being on her honeymoon) and PORT RICHMOND (Samuel's Rec., Fridays at 7.30PM). Of the former, he said, "[This meeting] Always needs support." And of the latter, "We're doin' good! All are welcome!" Arretta from SURVIVAL had been eyeing Racquel carefully when she intoned, "We're doin' really well! The BEST group—in ALL AA!!" YOUNG MEN'S Norm K. produced a $25 donation, breathed contentedly, and sighed, "No complaints. Everything's good." ABANDON YOURSELF TO GOD, GOOD MORNING GROUP, SMASH THE THOUGHT, and FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN are all chugging along, but need additional infusions of "new blood." FISHBOOK (at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor, Wednesdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM) is in dire need of support! As for the several other groups not represented at July's GSR Meeting, all are encouraged to "check out" these meetings and perhaps take note of their status.

The Secretary's Report was read and approved. The Officer-at-Large, Dave L., stressed to the GSRs the need to acknowledge reception of his monthly texts, prior to the actual meeting. This courtesy should be extended to Dave by anyone receiving a text from him; a simple "Thank You" or "Got it" is not only polite and mannerly, it informs OAL that YOU are still there and AWARE.

The Visitation Committee decided that Joe will drop by WISSINOMING on an upcoming Friday and that Glenn will make a house call to PORT RICHMOND STEP. Once again, all are exhorted to drop by any meeting not represented by a GSR (preferably on a Business Meeting day/night) and assess the status of that group.

The Workshop Committee announces an upcoming forum on the 15th of September, a Saturday. It's an "Area Forum" to be held at Saints' Lutheran Church, 3200 Ryan Avenue (at Sackett Place, across from Lincoln H.S.). The site is the meeting spot of District 22 (the guys who "dropped the ball" on the Spring Worskshop,--remember?), but according to Glenn, "We don't have to do anything, really, but help." Clear as always, Glenn, crystalline clear.

The Website Committee's Ruth D. is temporarily trapped inside a cyber-world of sorts, so no report was forthcoming from her.

The Traditions Committee sponsors a Weekly Traditions Meeting, which takes place at GREATER NORTHEAST GROUP. The day is Sunday, and the time is 6.PM to 7.PM. Here is the roster for August: 05 August, Tradition 7: Glenn. 12 August, Tradition 8: Norm. 19 August, Trad. 9: Arretta. 26, T10: Ed.

The Treasurer's Report shows an Opening Balance of $1,041.50. From the Basket. $20. Donations: $25 from YOUNG MEN’S, $30 came from OXFORD CIRCLE, SURVIVAL slid in $15, and FISHTOWN proffered $14.25, all of which brought the Sub-Total to $1,145.48. $0 in Deductions means the Ending Balance is (drumroll) $1,145.48!

DCM Report featuring Uber-DCM Glenn S.: Glenn is getting really good with the handouts, following up last month's barrage of dead tree sheaths with a new, double-sided 10-pager that delved into the Conference Advisory Actions of the 68th General Service Conference. Pertinent items (at least to Glenn) were highlighted and discussed. These included Literature items 30, 31, and 32, which appear on Page 5 of the handout. These points address (30) the pamphlet "The God Word," (31) the History of the Three Legacies, and (32) an in-development pamphlet for Spanish-speaking women in AA. Note: if you or someone you know is Latina, in AA, and has a story to tell, please bring this to our attention, as this narrative could be used for inclusion in the publication. Also: "La Vina"(the Spanish language version of "The Grapevine") will now be published with perfect binding of the 68 pages,--and in full colour! Under "Public Information" was Item 40, which states that AA’s "anonymity" is not a device—a "cloak"—to shield, conceal, and protect HARMFUL criminals. Calling the authorities to report depraved antisocial and decidedly deranged activity DOES NOT go against any of the AA Traditions. The theme for the 2019 General Service Conference has been revealed! It is "Our Big Book—80 Years, 71 Languages." It is recommended that all GSRs obtain and study the recommendations that were approved by the 68th General Service Conference and share these actions with their respective groups.

Old Business addressed the issue of the DISTRICT 60 SCHOLARSHIP—Who should be the recipient and what should be the criteria for "winnowing out" those who are truly deserving AND in need of financial aid. At this point it seems that nominations will be presented at the August Meeting and it will be left to the discretion of fair-and-unbiased Glenn to select someone. Stay tuned for more to be revealed!

New Business brought nothing new to the table, shucks.

Tradition 7 (everybody's favorite!) and Concept 7 (ALSO everyone's favorite—concept, that is) were read and discussed at length. What perspicacity! What storehouses of knowledge and enlightenment, these District 60 GSRs, who poured forth vast quantities - veritable rivers! - of this AA "Nectar of Insight!"

The next meeting of Area 59, District 60 will take place on the 19th of August—and rumour has it Norm will be at the helm, plucky Glenn being on assignment in Guam.

The Responsibility Pledge closed out the meeting, and all filed out quietly, somewhat saddened that another glorious, boisterous, and informative GSR Meeting had ended. But more will come! Just you wait and see!

June 17, 2018

The June monthly meeting began as usual, with DCM Glenn S. leading the crew in the Serenity Prayer. Then up stepped Kevin S. - new to the tribe! - from ABANDON YOURSELF TO GOD (Saturdays, 7PM to 8PM at Miracle House, 2060 Allegheny Avenue). "We're all right," he stated, "but we need support. Mostly guys from the Trinity Network. We could also use some new speakers." GSR Kevin also listed Jim G. as a contact and supplied a phone number. "Going well! More people! Much better," was how Ruth D. described her group, FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN. District 60 applauds this meeting for resurrecting itself from near-death and installing itself once again amongst the ranks of the Well-Attended. LAST STOP'S Bob opined that "people are working the steps" over at the (in)famous den of temperance and teetotaling. LS's GSR also pointed out Thursday evenings as special, because that night featured Joe K. doing a Big Book Study. Sailor-girl Nancy from LIGHT OF HOPE beamed out, with lighthouse brilliance, "Everyone’s doing good. I brought up the Convention, and," she trailed off and resumed, informing all that her group was indeed funding her journey to Gettysburg in November! If only all groups were as accommodating as LOH! NEW LIFE'S efficient, prompt, and precise GSR Alexis announced the July 25th Anniversary Meeting for her meeting. The whole thing will go down on Wednesday at 7PM and will feature two speakers. This 3rd year anniversary meeting purports to be, in the words of this bubbly rosy-faced never-tardy Soberiette, "the party of the summer!" Let's all descend on NL, Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets, on the night of the 25th and hold her to task! "Same people. We need new speakers. We're still functioning," said Taras of OLNEY/LAWNDALE and PRIMARY PURPOSE, an all-men's meeting that assembles from 8PM to 9.30PM on Tuesdays. O/L has its meetings on Mondays and Fridays, from 7PM to 8PM and on Thursdays, from 7PM to 8.30PM. Both meetings are GSR'd by Taras, and all gatherings take place at Lawndale Presbyterian, Levick & Oakley Streets. The Tender Chartreuse of Sobriety, Laura, intoned daintily, "The group finally seems to have a little bit of money. But it's still all guys. I'm the only girl!" We can only imagine the competition amongst the menfolk of that meeting to stay in Laura’s good graces and to win her attention. But quite unexpectedly, Laura thundered, "I have the best group, Norm! Our Wednesday night meetings are awesome!" And she pointed and wagged a discerning forefinger at that gentleman who is, in fact, District 60's ADCM! Gadzooks! "We have new air-conditioning!" said a smiling Joe, GSR of Port Richmond (Samuel's Rec Centre, Gaul & Atlantic Streets, Fridays at 7.30PM). "And we're doing well," he added. "We are that fabulously fantastic group in District 60!" thus spoke the fabulous, fantastic Arretta of SURVIVAL. Fridays were "a bit slower" than the other days, she offered, but otherwise things were fabulous and fantastic. Norm K. of YOUNG MEN'S stated the following: "Everything is good at YOUNG MEN'S; a lot of young guys [new to AA] are getting a continuous year or more of sobriety." In addition to those GSRs present, reports were "put out there" concerning the following groups/meetings: FISHTOWN (Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks, Thursdays 7.30PM to 8.30PM and Saturdays 10AM to 11AM) doesn't seem to have, at this point, a viable GSR. Lizz W. stresses she is NOT the GSR; FISHBOOK (2009 Frankford Avenue, 2nd Floor, Circle of Hope, Wednesdays, 7.30PM) has no GSR and is need of support; GOOD MORNING GROUP needs more people to attend the Business Meeting (last Wednesday of the month at 9.45AM) in order to facilitate commitments; HAND OF GOD needs support. All these aforementioned meetings require what DCM Glenn referred to as an infusion/transfusion of "new blood." Finally, we are crestfallen to report that PROGRAM OF ACTION has folded and is now officially defunct. We pause for a moment of silence...

...and resume with the reading-and-approval of the Secretary's Minutes from last time, as well as The Officer-at-Large's report of "Nothing much to report." No news, as they say...

VISITATION COMMITTEE requests that phone calls and drop-bys be made to WISSINOMING PM, slated to meet Fridays, 8PM to 9PM at Howell & Torresdale; to VENANGO, which meets on Saturdays at 10AM at Grace Church and the Incarnation, 2645 East Venango Street; PORT RICHMOND STEP, Tuesdays, from 6.30PM to 7.30PM at Saint Michael's Church; and KENSINGTON, Wednesdays, 7PM to 8PM at Samuel's Rec. DCM Glenn stresses that ANYONE can drop by any of these meetings so a proper assessment can take place: We need to know what up with these groups! Let's check them out!

WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: "Once again, great job!" beamed Glenn, effusing his effulgence on the assembled GSRs. He was, of course, referring to the spectacular, fabulously fantastic, stupendous District 60 Workshop, which took place in May. But like any good, caring father, lest his children become too complacent, he shifted gears and informed all of the September Area Forum, which will take place, tentatively, on a Saturday, at Saint Catherine's. More will be revealed.

WEBSITE COMMITTEE: Ruth D. is on top of it as usual, with up-to-date changes and the latest technological additions as soon as they materialize in the Real World!

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: A weekly meeting on Sundays, 6PM, at GREATER NORTHEAST GROUP, 4318 Frankford Avenue. Fabulously Fantastic Guest Speakers Each Week! The Lineup for July is as follows: 01 July~Tradition 2~Alexis; 08 July~Tradition 3~Laura; 15 July~Tradition 4~Taras; 22 July~Tradition 5~Arretta; 29 July~Tradition 6~Ed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance: $1,036.03~~Basket: $19~~Donations: $15 (Survival)~~Sub-total: $1,070.12~~Deductions: $28.97 (Grapevine subscription prize from workshop) Grand total/Ending Balance: $1,041. 15

DCM REPORT: Glenn's DCM Report was vast and complicated; it took in subtleties and nuances that cannot be justifiably reproduced here, so intense and recondite were the intricacies he discussed. His knowledge of the inner-workings of AA surely eclipses that of any other DCM anywhere! All Hail Glenn S.—Uber-DCM! But in the interests of this report, a brief synopsis will be attempted, to wit: The GSRs were informed of the money loss at last year’s November Conference and a possible remedy for the repeat of this contretemps. Glenn also attended a marathon, day-long Area Meeting which featured reporting from the Convention Committee. Glenn explained meticulously what transpired and what information was transmitted: and the fastidious GSRs furiously scribbled notes to preserve these savoury morsels of fabulously fantastic AA knowledge. He reminded all that the deadline for Registration for the "Superbowl/Woodstock/" of AA happenings, the Convention, was October 5th. There was talk of a transference of $10,000 from somewhere to somewhere and of the Bridge the Gap Program, for those out of treatment and freshly-released from incarceration. Area 59 is also searching for an office/space to house the AA Archives, a secure, comfortable area where the Archivist can work on, collate, and keep in order the plethora of AA lore that has been amassed over the years. Glenn also put forth that a Certified Judge will be a guest at the convention, indeed: a non-AA Doctor of Law who will observe and participate in the proceedings. Justice will be ever-present, so be on your best behavior, Norm!

Speaking of Norm OLD BUSINESS again addressed the footing of the bill for that most serene ADCM, assuring him that, barring catastrophe, he would indeed be there. If funds permit, Glenn will also tag along. Nancy from LIGHT OF HOPE again smilingly informed the envious crowd that her way was paid; the check was written and had only to be mailed! Stay tuned: More will be revealed!

NEW BUSINESS addressed the issue of whether or not to contribute $25 to the Hospitality Suite for the convention.

Being June, the Sixth Tradition, along with Concept Six, was read and discussed. As always, the GSRs weighed in on both the Tradition AND the Concept with much cerebration, confabulous conversation, and exchange of profound observations and deep, probing insight. What a group we have!

The Next Gathering of the fabulously fantastic District 60 tribal leaders will take place on the 15th of July.

The Responsibility Pledge closed out the meeting.

Celebrate the Summer-time with Sobriety!

May 20, 2018

The GSRs were revved up and raring-to-go, so DCM Glenn S. officially opened the meeting, and everyone joined in with the recitation of the Serenity Prayer. First out of the gate was Alex C., who stated of his meeting, FIRST DAY BIG BOOK, "A few more women. Actually had two today. . . One was very young. . . a newcomer." So the group is doing well, if Alex's look of contentment is to be taken a barometer of success. "Attendance is. . . you know, the people, they're coming back. A totally different group," said "Rockin' " Ruth D. of FISHTOWN BREAKDOWN. She continued: "Frank and I are trying to get a core of people to attend the Business Meeting." She added that the Phoenix-like group (figuratively AND literally) needs OFFICERS. GOOD MORNING GROUP'S stalwart Dominic opined that things were "going along," and that people were needed for new, fresh Chair Commitments because the same core group was taking on the responsibility month after month. He added that attendance "lightens up in the summer," and that he himself would be on hiatus for a few upcoming weeks in June. GREATER NORTHEAST will be celebrating their 74th (Wow!!) Anniversary on the 2nd of June, a Saturday, with a FREE DANCE from 12Noon 'til ?? This, according to Anthony, GSR. He added that the clubhouse was essentially open ALL DAY Saturdays, with an EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY MEETING taking place at 3.PM. Furthermore, at 1.PM, prior to the ES Meeting, an ALL-WOMANS MEETING takes place downstairs at 1 PM, with a concomitant ALL-MENS MEETING upstairs at the same time! Gender equality! Way t'go! "They're not giving up!" said Joe of HAND OF GOD, which meets every Saturday, from 6.30PM to 8.PM at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street. To further entice sweet-toothed tosspots and those in need of a sugarfix, enormous bowls of succulent gourmet candy have been set out at the meeting. An adjoining table with insulin has been set up, too. Wayne H. from LAST STOP intoned, "Same as always," adding that LS was meeting at The First Stop, 2414 Kensington Avenue, not to be confused with The Middle Stop ("Layover Stop") or The Penultimate Stop. Meeting times are every day, 12.PM, and 8.PM, with the Business Meeting on Wednesdays at 9.15PM. At LIGHT OF HOPE "Everything is going good. . . Pretty good attendance!" This from the bubbly Nancy, GSR of this Bridesburg bastion of temperance. "Taras Bulba" H. from Olney/Lawndale remarked that, "Everything's fine. We're a small group, but we're consistent." Such heartfelt words from such a kind man! ONE DAY AT A TIME: "They’re doing okay. More women. Ruth D. spoke again, this time for Port Fishington, and said, "going strong. well-attended. Excellent speakers!" Joe S. (again) of Port Richmond, "Doing good. . . We have a variety of meetings. Packed some nights. (The meeting takes place Friday evenings, from 7.30PM to 8.30PM at Samuel's Rec. Centre, Gaul & Atlantic Streets.) GSR Arretta of Survival gave the low-down: "Attendance is great! A good influx. The best group in the land!!" She added, referring to the Anniversary meeting, "The meatballs were good." After a moment she also added, "Fridays could have better attendance." "Everything's going well!" said Norm K. (not to be confused with NORM F.—who is not the "norm," so-to-speak). "If anything, maybe the Thursday meetings could use a little more support," as an afterthought. And this concluded the GSR Reports—except for Alexis, who came late (and the Sun rose in the East AND Bears sleep in the woods). "We still need support—especially on Sundays," quipped the tardy teetotaling General Service Rep. of NEW LIFE.

The 7th Tradition Basket was passed around; the Secretary's Minutes were read-and-approved; and the Officer-at-Large weighed in on the state of things, adding that Ron G. was no longer GSR.

VISITATION COMMITTEE decided that a drop-by should be arranged for VENANGO GROUP (Saturdays, 10.AM at Grace Church & the Incarnation, 2645 East Venango Street), by anyone willing to do so. PORT RICHMOND STEP also needs a house call. FISHBOOK, Wednesdays, 7.30PM to 8.30PM (located at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Ave.) also needs to be visited, as well as KENSINGTON. Glenn stressed that anyone can drop by these meetings (preferably on Business nights) and inquire as to their status.

WORKSHOP COMMITTEE reports a highly successful FIRST ANNUAL DISTRICT 60 SPRING WORKSHOP!! The District 60 fueled-and-funded event was a smashing success, even the basket netting $103! The page is too small, the print too large to say enough about this satisfying sober encounter with AA sapience: participants and attendees alike were enthralled and gratified by what turned out to be a genuinely climactic happening. All were satisfied and satiated by day's end and basked in the afterglow.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE scheduled the following Traditions Meetings at GREATER NORTHEAST: T/10-Dom; T/11-Ed; T/12-Dave; T/1-Arretta.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Opening Balance - $1,370.03, Basket - $126 ($103 from the Workshop; $23 from the day's meeting), Donations - $15 (Survival), Subtotal - $1,511.03, Deductions - $375 ("The Conference Fund"); $100 (rent), Ending Balance - $1,036.03

DCM REPORT: Glenn S. (sans Hawaiian shirt, thankfully) extended his profuse THANKS to all who took part in the Spring Workshop, and smiling, eyes closed, savoured the memory of all the delicious viands consumed at this AA affair. He appeared on the verge of joyful tears, lost in his reminiscence, when he caught himself and launched into the promulgation of the next BIG AA EVENT, namely the JUNE 24TH AREA 59 MINI-ASSEMBLY AND DELEGATES CONFERENCE to be held at Newtown Square, PA. District 60 (that's US!!!) is in charge of set-up AND clean-up, so Taskmaster Glenn wagged a stern finger and advised all to be there early, WAY, WAY BEFORE 8.AM, when the doors officially open. Alexis is thus advised to get there the night before. Or better yet, the DAY before. Our SUPER-DELEGATE, PAUL MARSHALL, will discuss what transpired at the 68th General Service Conference. Items voted on at the Pre-Conference Sharing Session will be spoken about, and many other things. Glenn rose from his chair, to his full height of 6'8" and roared to the GSRs, "IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND THIS MEETING! AND IF YOU DON’T—" and he picked up a pencil and snapped it in half, then cast the broken tool to the floor. But seriously, this IS an important event, and all GSRs SHOULD attend so they can fulfill their function and report back to their groups as to what is taking place in AA. Not missing a beat, Glenn hipped the stunned crowd to the November Convention in Gettysburg. This is the "Woodstock" of AA and, because this is a voting year, all GSRs are exhorted to attend. Each GSR should express to his-or-her respective group the imperative nature of this event and request funding to attend—which naturally segues into OLD BUSINESS: The proposed scholarship which came up last month seems to becoming more and more a reality: the assembled GSRs seem to be leaning toward funding BOTH DCM Glenn AND ADCM Norm F. so they can go to this celestial happening. The absolute final word on this has been tabled for now, but it looks like Norm will FINALLY be able to see scenic Gettysburg!!

Of NEW BUSINESS there was none, so TRADITION 5 and CONCEPT 5 were read-and-discussed. The next scheduled meeting is FATHER’S DAY, the 17th of June. As always, the Responsibility Pledge closed out the meeting, and all decamped to their respective dwellings.

April 22, 2018

The April meeting began with Glenn S., DCM, wearing a tacky Hawaiian shirt (but it looked good on him!!) signaling for the recitation of the Serenity Prayer. After which the GSRs began their reports. This is what they said that lovely twenty-second day of the fourth month: "What do you want me to tell you?" Alex C. of First Day Big Book asked with a wry grin. "Hardly any women. Otherwise things are going well." Fishtown's Liz W. trumpeted, "The best meeting! We’re always packed!" She folded her arms, leaned back in her chair, and left it at that, saying no more. GSR Ruth D. who represents Fishtown Breakdown reported that "Attendance has gone up considerably, but we still need more [people], besides me and Frank." She explained that FB, which seemed on the point of folding, and had been indeed in a moribund state, to put it bluntly, was showing signs of renewed life; so the meeting will continue, in the hope that it will return to the glory of its former self. Good Morning Group's Dominic said, "We can use support." He elaborated that the Last Stop move may have contributed to the decline in attendance. Jerry R. is the new GSR at Greater Northeast, and all seems to be well. Hand of God (Saturdays, 6.30PM to 8.PM at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Avenue) needs support! Program of Action's Michael D. emphasized the business meeting-end of the group needed support. "Only three come regularly." He added that, "There's parking across the street." Chris represented Last Stop and gave the definitive address as 2414 Kensington Avenue. "Meetings are good, but we need support," he said. "Doing very well," purred Nancy F. from Light of Hope. The kittenish GSR added that people not directly involved in the home group were chairing meetings - a positive innovation which seemed to be channeling new energy and infusing new vitality into this Bridesburg mainstay of sobriety. Olney/Lawndale's GSR Taras H. proclaimed, "We're doing all right. Hanging in there. Tuesdays I’m not sure about." Loquacious Laura of One Day at a Time explained that although the meetings were made up of "a core of guys, I don't care any more." Last week was the group's anniversary which brought in "a lot of people;" she added that it was nice to see so many felicitous folk. Joe spoke for Oxford Group and announced an Anniversary meeting/celebration: The 6th of May, Saturday, 6.PM. Two speakers will appear at this meeting, which is celebrating one year shy of 50 years: Forty-Nine Years! Ruth D. spoke again, this time for Port Fishington, and announced the meeting was "doing well. Great speakers!" The 30th of April - Walpurgisnacht - would see the group celebrating an Anniversary! Be there that Monday night to join in and contribute to the merriment. "Doin' okay," is what Port Richmond's Joe, speaking a second time, had to say about his own group, that meets Fridays at Samuel's Rec., 7.30 to 8.30PM. Taras, also representing Primary Purpose (Tuesdays, 8. To 9.30PM at Lawndale Presbyterian, Levick & Oakley Streets) indicated that this Men Only meeting was doing all right but needed a bigger turnout. "We're still the best group in all AA!" screamed GSR Aretta, banging her fists on the table whilst turning toward Liz W., of Fishtown and curling her upper lip into a snarl. And although she didn't really do those things, she did say that her group, Survival, was doing really well, although the numbers were down a bit on Fridays. The 23rd Anniversary of stalwart Survival will take place on the 12th of May, 6.PM to 9.PM, a most fortuitous day-and-time, as will be revealed shortly.

The Secretary's Report was read and approved; the GSRs confirmed the Officer-at-Large's text-messages regarding the meeting had been received, and Glenn sheepishly admitted he had "dropped the ball" - again! — regarding his scheduled visits, as determined by the Visitation Committee. For the upcoming weeks, the VC slated the following drop-bys: Ed will go to Port Richmond Step, Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets, Tuesdays from 6.30 to 7.30PM on the 24th of April, their business meeting. Drop-balled Glenn will visit Wissinoming PM Group on the 18th of May, and Venango Group will also receive a much-needed house call from one of the District 60 "visitors."

The Workshop Committee has put together, of course, a Dynamic District 60 Workshop that will take place on the 12th of May, from 10.AM to 3.PM, at Saint Michael's Church, 2139 E. Cumberland Street (Trenton & Cumberland) in swanky Fishtown, USA. The three presentations will include "The Twelve Concepts," "Using Technology to Enhance Recovery," and "Spirituality and Balancing the AA Triangle." In addition, there will be a "Sober Bros" skit, "AA Jeopardy," a discussion of AA literature, and—AND! — a most exquisite repast: succulence from around the globe will be served up to slavering gourmands and gastropods who attend this splendid sober seminary. Which segues naturally into the reminder that later on in the day, Survival will be having their own shindig—an Anniversary Meeting featuring, yes,--MORE grub (in addition to speakers and ebullient AA camaraderie, naturally)!! With meticulous planning and scheduling, the savvy sober signor and senorita can, on that Saturday, gorge him- or her-self to full satiation and succor as well as learn something, hobnob, and just have good clean sober fun!

Ruth D. of the Web Site Committee apprised all that "the updates continue." Grateful Hearts, for instance, is now "Dead." Our hearts go out to the dead, gratefully tossing sober roses on the grave.

The Traditions Committee arranged for the following Traditions Meetings, to be held at Greater Northeast Group on Sundays, at 6.PM: 06 May: Tradition 6: Laura; 13 May: Tradition 7: Aretta; 20 May: Tradition 8: Alex; 27 May: Tradition 9: Joe.

The Treasurer's Report showed an Opening Balance of $1,206.43. The Basket took in $22. Donations amounted to $141.61(from the combined offerings of Oxford, Survival, and Fishtown). And with no deductions, the Ending Balance showed $1,370.03!

DCM Glenn had no neatly-typed report this month. Instead, everybody's favourite DCM reported that the Pre-Conference Sharing Session had been a smashing success. Co-hosted by District 60, many GSRs from all over the Western World had turned out, travelling thousands of miles by aeroplane, motor-car, submarine, and schooner. Participation was at a peak, and the various committees met and voted on an array of topics and propositions. A stellar sober event, to say the least! Upcoming events include an area meeting on the 10th of June followed by a delegate's report on the 24th.

Old Business focused on the discussion of the "District 60, 2018 Convention Scholarship." Various ideas concerning "how to select the GSR/group for the scholarship" and what criteria should be applied were bandied about. More cerebration, meditation, and prayer on these matters will be necessary before the actual qualifications and judging-standards for this most-noble distinction are made fully manifest. We humbly turn to our Higher Power in guidance with these matters. May more be revealed soon!

With no New Business at hand, the Fourth Tradition and the Fourth Concept were read, then discussed.

The next meeting will be on the 20th of May.

The April meeting closed out with the Responsibility Pledge. We urge all to heed these words and remain ever-at-the-ready for any needy brother and/or sister "out there" who wants to "come in from the cold."

March 18, 2018

The GSR Meeting of the eighteenth day of the third month of the eighteenth year of the twenty-first century began with the Serenity Prayer. And then DCM Glenn demanded of the GSRs their reports—which went as follows: Alex C., representing First Day Big Book, stated, "Saturday morning, crowded! Like 30 people...though Sunday, much smaller." He added, furrowing his brow, "But we never have any women!" New GSR Lizz, of Fishtown (Holy Name Church, Gaul & Berks Streets), said of her group: "The best meetings! Saturdays are always packed; Thursdays not as much." Fishtown Breakdown (Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Ave., 2nd Floor)'s Ruth D. spoke solemnly. Her message: "Not doing well. We're seriously talking about shutting down. It's not worth keeping open. Things aren't looking good." Good Morning Group’s GSR, Dominic, said, "Attendance is picking up. But we're hoping for more support, here and there." Of Greater Northeast, GSR Jerry said, "We’re doing well. The Saint Patty's Day party was packed!" He added that GNG's new 3.PM Saturday meeting focused on Emotional Sobriety. Mike D. from Program of Action (formerly K & A Big Book Study) put forth that the meeting was still a Big Book study but the meeting night was Tuesday (not Wednesday!), 7.PM to 8.PM. Support was needed, he emphasized, for this fledgling meeting, being held at Mother of Mercy House, 709 E. Allegheny Avenue (just a few blocks West of K & A), especially with Home Group/Business meetings, where only three individuals were regularly in attendance. Wayne of Last Stop informed the gathering that attendance was low at that bastion of sober thought-and-action, and that "things were in limbo" concerning exactly what site LS would finally settle down in. For now, the meetings are happening at 2440 Kensington Ave. Light of Hope's Nancy beamed, "Doin’ pretty good!" She paused, as if savouring her upcoming comment, then served it with piquant amusement: "The guy who chairs on Thursdays - he usually brings pizza!" Other GSRs paused and cerebrated: then saliva glands were activated; audible noises issued forth from vacant stomachs. Alexis, representing New Life, told the group, "We’re picking up with members." She added that Sundays, "As Bill Sees It," was not as well-attended as the Wednesday speaker meeting. GSR Taras of Olney/Lawndale advised those assembled that attendance averaged from 5 to 7 individuals on Mondays and Fridays, but that a time change had resulted in some confusion. For the record, all meetings are held at Lawndale Presbyterian Church, Levick & Oakley Streets, the Monday and Thursdays meetings being from 7.PM to 8.30PM; the Friday meeting being only one hour long: 7.PM to 8.PM. Joe represented One Day at a Time and stated with utter simplicity, "In dire need of support! Especially women!" Port Fishington's Jim F. trumpeted, "Things are going great! 40 people on average for every meeting!" Joe spoke again, this time for Port Richmond (Samuel's Rec.). "Doing well," expatiated with great finesse and fanfare. Liz spoke again, also for Port Richmond Step (Saint Michael's Church, Tuesdays, 6.30PM to 7.30PM). "I’m the Chair. We have no Home Group support," adding they needed more people to attend and participate in the Business Meetings. "S.O.L. Group is defunct," stated Ed, laying a rose upon the gravesite of that now nonmeeting. Finally, Norm K. of Young Men's apprised all that the long awaited Anniversary meeting/sober shindig would take place on the 29th Of April. Otherwise, YM's one-gendered meetings were all standing stout.

The 7th Tradition Basket was passed and filled to overflowing, the minutes of last month's meeting were read and approved, the Officer-at-Large put forth that "Everything’s updated," so a smooth segueway was made into the Visitation Committee Report.

"I dropped the ball," confessed Glenn, referring to his missed visit of Port Richmond Step, due to an unforeseen occurrence. He promised to amend his wayward behavior by dropping by on PRS, at their monthly business meeting, as well as visiting Venango Group on Saturday, the 7th of April. Abandon Yourself to God would also get a house call on that day.

No Combined Districts 22 & 60 Workshop will take place on Saturday, the 24th of March. There will be, however, a brainstorming/planning session on that same day-and-date, at Mother of Mercy House, at 10.AM as a first step toward a District 60 Workshop, to be tentatively held on the 12th of May at Saint Michael’s Church. Stay tuned to witness the revealing.

Website Committee's techno dynamo Ruth said of the website: "Fine! And still working more and more on making the site more mobile friendly!"

Traditions Meetings (all held at Greater Northeast, 6.PM to 7.PM) Schedule for April: 04/01 - Tradition 1 - Dave; 04/08 - T2 - Dom; 04/15 - T3 - Ed; 04/22 - T4 - Taras; 04/29 - T5 - Jim F.

Treasurer's Report: Opening Balance: $1,123.35 Basket: $33. Donations: $50 (Light of Hope); No deductions. Ending Balance: $1,206.43.

Glenn's DCM Report (now typed neatly and efficiently: double-sided and distributed for everyone's perusal) focused on several pertinent subjects, most notably the Pre-Conference Sharing Session, to be held on 08 April, Sunday, at University of the Sciences, Alumni Hall, 600 43rd Street, 19104. This is a major event, and that fact cannot be stressed enough! All GSRs are implored, if not exhorted, to attend! Although registration begins at 9.AM, get there by 8! A postcard bearing words of encouragement was entrusted to Ed to mail off to Paul Marshall, as he is slated to journey to the General Service Conference, to be held in the "Big AApple" April 18th through the 25th. Also touched on was a road trip/excursion to Ephrata, PA, the end of March (the 31st) for a forum dealing with educating GSRs on what General Service does and how to get more involved. This is an event where a GSR can learn how to "do more and do it better!"

Old Business brought nothing to the table, but New Business most certainly did. DCM Glenn proposed a scholarship of sorts, to be awarded to one GSR/Group from District 60, to wit: Group Conscience of District 60 would nominate recipients for this honour, and the chosen GSR would be sent to November's General Service Conference - all expenses paid! The proposal was motioned, seconded, and passed. That road trip to Ephrata seems like a good idea now, doesn't it, eh?

Tradition 3 and Concept 3 were read and then thoroughly discussed.

The next meeting date has been shifted to the 22nd of April, the fourth Sunday of the month, the change taking place due to scheduling conflicts. It being Earth Day, the meeting will be held at the nearby Park, in a yurt. All GSRs should bring a vegan dish ("pot-luck" style) and wear patchouli oil.

"18 March 18" closed out with the Responsibility Pledge. "Spring into Spring with Service."

February 18, 2018

Glenn, back and revitalized from his Sharing Session with other DCMs, opened February's meeting with the Serenity Prayer, and then the GSRs gave the lowdown on their respective groups. First Day Big Book's Alex C. had taken a headcount at the recent Saturday morning meeting: "Twenty-five to thirty people," he quipped. "And on Sunday, about fifteen." He added things were going well. Ruth from Fishtown Breakdown said, "Attendance was really good today. Old people are coming back." She then continued, "We have too much money!" She finished with, "The challenge is getting people to stay for the Business Meeting." "We need support," Dom of Good Morning Group matter-of-factly stated. "We need a General Chair. And a Treasurer is needed." He continued by revealing GMG had a cash balance "way over," and "direction in handling money" was sorely needed. Glenn promised to advise Dom in this regard following the official proceedings. Alt. GSR Mike of Greater Northeast told the gathering, "Things are going well." And, not surprisingly, he revealed a celebration for Saint Patty's Day, at the clubhouse, on that Great Man's Feast Day, Saturday the 17th of March, from 8PM 'til Midnight. A $5 donation is suggested for this sober event whereby the forbearing reveler might kiss the temperate Blarney Stone. New GSR Ron G. represented Kensington (Wednesdays, 7PM-8PM at Samuel's Rec.) and smilingly stated, "Good attendance." Chris, the "Alt.-Alt.-GSR" of Last Stop delivered the long-awaited news: LS was officially occupying the Kensington & Somerset Street site as of Friday, 23 February! The "renewed-new" building would reopen, offering comforting arms of succor to legions of Seekers Of Solace from a cruel world. Chris advised all that the meeting schedule/lineup (including the business meeting) would remain the same. Light of Hope's JoAnne spoke of her group thusly: "As a whole, doing well." New GSR Taras of Olney/Lawndale reported that "Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays are varied: five to ten [people], but Thursday's picking up." One Day at a Time's stalwart Laura explained, "Everything's going well," and went on to elaborate how she'd "Shanghai'd" three males from the Northeast Group and brought them to her meeting afterwhich the amazed menfolk expressed their thanks to their abductress and vowed to return to One Day. Oxford Circle Group's Juan stated, "We need support, especially at the business meetings." He added more women were needed. Jim, who spoke for Port Fishington, beamed that, "Everything's going great! We average about forty-six people per meeting!" He also said that at the upcoming anniversary meeting there would be not one but two speakers. Ed of S.O.L. emphatically stated he was not the GSR, but advised those assembled that the group's attendance was down and it needed support. No surprise that GSR Arretta of Survival described that meeting as "Still the best group!" Attendance was "really good," she added, "with good sobriety." As an afterthought she tagged on, "But we need more women." Young Men's Norm K. revealed the day-and-date of the Anniversary Meeting, sort of: either the 28th or 29th of April. When questioned, he further revealed that Womenfolk would be permitted to attend this bastion of abstemious maleness, this one time, for this celebratory fete.

The Secretary's Report was read-and-approved. All text and phone contact had been effectively made by the Officer-at-Large. And the Visitation Committee produced the following updates and "drop-by" schedules: Dom reported that he'd spoken to the folk at Smash the Thought, and no decision had been made concerning the activation of a GSR. Port Richmond Step has to date not voted on a GSR or a tentative GSR. For new visitations, Glenn offered to drop by Venango on Saturday, the 24th of February. A visit would be paid to PRS to lend a helping hand with their non-GSR situation on Tuesday, 06 March, at 6.30PM.

The Workshop Committee says the 24 March date for the Combined Districts 22 & 60 Workshop is a go! All interested persons should get in touch with Gail of District 22.

Ruth D. of the Website Committee stated, "We are as updated as could possibly be. We're not as mobile-friendly as we could be, but this issue is being addressed." 21st Century teetotaling hi-tech!

The Traditions Committee slated the following meetings and speakers: 04 March-Tradition 9-Ed, 11 March-Trad. 10-Jim F. 18 March-Trad. 11-Arretta, 25 March-Trad. 12-Norm F. All Traditions Meetings are held at the Northeast Club, 6PM to 7PM on Sundays.

Treasurer's Report: Opening Balance: $1,118.27, Basket: $25. Donation: $100. (First Day Big Book), Deduction of $120 for RENT. Ending Balance: $1,123.35

Glenn's DCM Report came this time printed out on a handout which was distributed to the assembled crowd. District 60's DCM leaned back, stretched, cracked his knuckles and launched into a protracted expatiation on many items of interest. He reported that the Share-A-Day had been successful and informative, but not well-attended, probably due to the atrocious weather that hit the city that day. He himself was in command of the grazing troughs and expressed delight in the enormous amounts of cud consumed by the Share-A-Day grazers. Glenn also passed around an informative bulletin listing Agenda items for the 68th General Service Conference Committees. It listed a number of suggested items to be voted upon for change, amelioration, or elimination. Glenn proffered his list of Top 10 Items to be looked at and taken into consideration. He then passed out a stunning flyer promulgating the 2018 Area 59 Pre-Conference Sharing Session, to be held on Sunday, 08 April 2018. Speaking with a textured lilt to his mellifluous voice, the mellow, mustachioed maestro of moderation gently pointed out that this Sharing Session was to be hosted by Districts 27 AND 60: namely, OUR group. The implications were obvious. Glenn also reported on the doings at January's DCM Sharing Session. Topics of discussion included How to Get GSRs More Involved in General Service and How a DCM Can Better Motivate Newcomers to Become More General Service-Savvy. He also happily expounded on the "white wrapped paper present" exercise (designed to elicit ideas and reactions espousing the benefits of being involved with general service), which resulted in our group of GSRs yearning to grasp more firmly that particular branch of the AA Tree of Bounty and dig at Its Roots for Serene Treasure! But the climactic moment came when DCM Glenn, awash in passion and noble sentiment, held forth on the beauty, sublime linear logic, and exquisite equipoise that is "Robert's Rules of Order." Some gasped with sudden joy; some sighed blissfully. This reporter wept unabashedly with soul-shattering felicity.

The GSRs steadied themselves, and a lull in the intensity due to there being neither no New Business nor Old Business allowed a natural segue into the reading-and-discussion of the Second Tradition and Concept. Group Conscious was discussed thoroughly; but unable to handle any more excitement, concept-discussion was kept to a minimum. The meeting closed with the Responsibility Pledge.

The 18th of March is the slated date for the next Meeting of District 60, Area 59.

January 21, 2018

Newly-elected ADCM Norm F. took the helm for his maiden voyage and steered his crew into the Serenity Prayer, which opened this first meeting of the New Year. The assembled GSRs began their reports, which read as follows: Dave L. stated with point-blank terseness that he was no longer affiliated with Abandon Yourself To God, also offering, "They don't have a GSR, and they're just a meeting." A visitation will most likely be scheduled for this group. First Day Big Book's Alex C. reported that "things are going well," adding that the Saturday meeting has a small turnout compared with that of Sunday, which is much bigger. Ruth D. of Fishtown Breakdown said, "Things are going well. [But] people who used to go there don't, but we're happy with what's going on." "Doing okay - but support is needed," is how Dominic described Good Morning Group. Michael D. distributed a spectacular all-colour flyer for his meeting, which has experienced a complete overhaul and dynamic metamorphosis: The Program of Action, AA Big Book Study Group (formerly "K & A Big Book Study") now meets on Tuesday nights, 7PM to 8PM, at The Mother of Mercy House, 709 E. Allegheny Avenue, 19134. Michael stressed that parking was indeed available in the lot directly across the street in front of the church. All were exhorted to take action and "program their direction-finders" to this new-and-energetic meeting! Wayne, now the GSR of Last Stop, spoke of his group as being "just as crazy as it always is," and further stated that the denizens of LS would soon be "figuring out what building is going to be used. probably in February." Sunbeam Nancy F. from Light of Hope brought along Alt. GSR JoAnne, and both spunky gals agreed that "we could use a little more support—especially on Thursdays." GSR Alexis M. intoned solemnly that, "Our Wednesday meeting needs support, and our Sunday meeting" - As Bill Sees It, Sundays, 6.30PM to 7.PM, Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland - "most definitely needs support!" One Day At A Time's always-effervescent Laura put forth that, "Everything's the same. Would be nice if we had more ladies. Support's needed," hinting that One Day's coffers were not being filled quite to the brim, and a boost in attendance would propel the group out of penury. Juan from Oxford Circle Group intoned, "We need support!" From Jim F. of Port Fishington: "Everything's great! We have at least twenty-plus people at our meeting!" S.O.L.'s Ed K. stated, "Attendance has fallen off; support is needed," and added, "It could be due to [friendly] competition from a competing meeting on the same night." With the ascension of Norm F. came the promotion of Aretta, now sitting pretty in the GSR chair, as-it-were. Her assessment - which had an oddly familiar ring - of Survival: "The best group around!" But, she added, carefully, "We need more women." Alt. GSR Sean accompanied Norm K. of Young Men's. "Everything's good," was the simple-yet-satisfying tidbit tossed to the teetotaling temperates in attendance that fine January afternoon. He then added that April/May would see the anniversary celebration of the machismo-lubed YM machine. More will be revealed!

Whilst the Secretary's minutes were read, the 7th Tradition wicker basket was passed around. The Officer-at-Large then informed the group that he had "contacted all" concerning the meeting.

The Visitation Committee elected to send Dominic to Smash the Thought (Thursdays, 7.PM at MDG Church and School, 2612 E. Monmouth Street 19134) and 'Lexis to Port Richmond Step (Tuesdays, 6.30PM at Saint Michael's, Trenton & Cumberland).

The Workshop Committee updated the status of the Spring 2018 Workshop with Districts 22 and 60: the event will take place sometime in March. We await for more to be revealed.

Ruth D. of the Website Committee said, "We're working on making it [the site] more mobile-friendly," and as always keeping everything—all information—up-to-date and meticulously accurate.

The Traditions Committee holds Tradition Meetings every Sunday, at 6.PM ('til 7) at the Greater Northeast Group's clubhouse at 4318 Frankford Avenue 19124. February's slated meetings run as follows: 04 February – Tradition 5 – Ed; 11 February – Tradition 6 – Ruth; 18 February –Tradition 7 –Dominic; 25 February –Tradition 8 - Laura.

The Treasurer's Report: Opening Balance:$1,077.27. Basket:$26. Donations:$15. Sub-Total:$1,118.27. GRAND TOTAL ENDING BALANCE:$1,118.27.

The DCM Report focused on the "Share-A-Day Workshop," which is slated for Sunday, 11th of February, from 10AM 'til ?!? PM at University of the Sciences, McNeil Science Tech Center, Bldg. #19, at 600 South 43rd Street, in sunny West Philadelphia (19104). Registration begins at 9.AM "on the dot." For more info, get in touch with Fran at vicechairperson@aasepia.org -or- Ken at Alt-Delegate@Area59.org This event will feature three different classes, each offered three times in the course of the day; ideally, every workshop-goer will have attended every class by day's end. Football season is over, and baseball has not yet begun, so there's no reason to miss this joyous day of Unity and Service!

Of Old Business and New Business, there was none, sadly.

Tradition 1 was read-and-discussed by the anxious Eagles-fans, the sobering story of Eddie Rickenbacker providing a kind of "grounding" for the GSRs who were ebullient with elation and simmering with expectation over the upcoming battle. Ruth D. read Concept 1 and elaborated on its intricacies and subtleties. The group was spellbound. Calm had been restored.

"18 02 18" is the scheduled date for the next meeting; that is—18 February 2018.

The meeting ended with the Responsibility Pledge, and the GSRs filed out to make preparations for the "big game" that night which pitted the Hometown Heroes against some bums from elsewhere.


Minutes from 2017

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December 17, 2017

The December installment of District 60's monthly meeting kicked off by DCM Glenn officially opening the proceedings with the Serenity Prayer; thereafter spoke the GSRs regarding their respective groups and meetings. What follows is their tale told on that wintry afternoon:

Abandon Yourself To God's Dave L. emphasized that he was NOT the GSR, but offered to update those assembled on the group's status. The meeting is still at Miracle House, 2060 E. Allegheny Ave, on Saturday, with the same format, but the TIME is now 7PM to 8.30PM. Alex C. from First Day Big Book said his group was "doing great," that it was "packed out" the previous Saturday, although showing a smaller showing that Sunday morning. He also presented a $100 donation from FDBB. Ruth D. of Fishtown Breakdown lamented that "we haven't seen the old-timers return." A fire next door to the building that houses the meeting necessitated a hiatus-of-sorts for FB. "But," she continued, "New people, different people, are coming to the meeting now! A new crowd." Good Morning Group's Dominic - a Grandfather yet again! - solemnly stated, "The group's doing okay," and elaborated that since the dissolving of another meeting that used to gather in the same building but on a different day and time, some confusion had arisen as to GMG's schedule. For the record, it is as follows: Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9AM to 10AM, at Saint Michael's Lutheran Church, 2139 E. Cumberland Street (the corner of Trenton & Cumberland). Greater Northeast's Mike brought along new Alt. GSR Jerry and divulged yet another spectacular event happening at GN: a New Year's Eve Gala Dance, from 8PM to 12:15AM 2018! The sober soiree is to include a DJ, grub, gallantry, and, as Mike put it, "all that fun stuff." He also advised the assemblage that starting Saturday, the 13th of January, 3PM, a new meeting, dealing with "Emotional Sobriety" and utilizing A.A. Grapevine literature would be added to GN's lineup. This means the clubhouse will be open all day, assisting those in recovery and anyone seeking sobriety, serenity, and succor. Although not the GSR, Glenn spoke for Hand of God, and assured everyone the meeting indeed had relocated to Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street. "We need support," said Glenn, matter-of-factly. New Alt. GSR Wayne, representing Last Stop, made his debut at the district gathering, apprising all of the status of LS, which continues to host meetings and provide refuge for those seeking some escape from the rigors of life and the embrace of warm companionship and understanding. "Everything is going good," from Nancy, GSR of Light of Hope. And as an afterthought: "No meeting on Christmas." New Life's Alexis admitted that although things at her group's meetings were "going well," NL "needs support." "It's pretty much the same situation," said Shane of Olney/Lawndale, adding that he had not been attending recent meetings due to scheduling conflicts. "Everything's going great!" said Jim of Port Fishington. "We're still trying to determine our Anniversary date," implying that a precise day-date-time had not yet been arrived at. More—or perhaps ALL!—will be revealed at the next District 60 Meeting, in January. Joe, representing Port Richmond, which meets Friday nights from 7:30PM to 8:30PM, at Samuel's Rec Centre at Gaul & Atlantic Streets, quipped, "Doin' fine!" S.O.L.'s Ed informed the GSRs that attendance had slacked off some, but that the meeting would be "on" on Christmas Day, Monday, the 25th. Survival, according to GSR Norm F., is "the best group - still! - in all A.A." It is indeed difficult to challenge such genuine, "unbottled" A.A. pride and joy! The election of new officers is a top priority this month of December at Young Men's, according to GSR Norm K. Otherwise, the testosterone-fueled YM group was running smoothly and efficiently, as usual. And finally, Michael D. from K & A Big Book Study passed out leaflets promoting his relatively new group, which meets on Wednesdays, from 7PM to 8PM, at 709 E. Allegheny Ave.

District 60 advises meeting-goers to check with their favorite groups and meetings to ascertain their operational days-and-hours during the officially recognized holiday dates.

The Secretary's Report from the previous month's meeting was read and approved; the Officer-at-Large was unable to reach one GSR and inform that rep of the present meeting.

The Visitation committee reported that Alexis had visited Kenzo Women's and would be returning on the next business meeting with much-needed forms and concomitant information. Dominic had spoken to the composed crew at Smash The Thought and relayed the message that reliable group officers were going to emerge soon. And Ed spoke to the attendees at Port Richmond Step about selecting a GSR or sending someone to a monthly Sunday District 60 Meeting to "test the waters." Upcoming visitations are as follows: Venango on Saturday, 23 December '17 (Glenn); Olney/Lawndale on the 28th, Thursday (Glenn); Kensington (Samuel's Rec.), Wednesday, 27 December, at 7PM (Ed).

The Workshop Committee advised all GSRs that the Combined District 22/60 Winter 2018 Workshop would indeed take place on the scheduled date of 20 January at Jackson & Comly Streets.

Ruth D. of the Website Committee told the group, "The Website's goin' fine! Keeping up to date and correcting any possible errors and inconsistencies."

The Traditions Committee, which holds a Traditions Meeting every Sunday, at 6.PM, at the Greater Northeast Group clubhouse, scheduled the following presentations for January 2018: 07 Jan-Trad 1- Alexis; 14 Jan-Trad 2 – Dominic; 21 Jan-Trad 3 – Norm F.; 28 Jan-Trad 4 – Dave L.

The Treasurer's Report ran as follows: Opening Balance: $875.30; Basket: $27; Donations: $153.50; Ending Balance: $1,055.80.

DCM Glenn distributed copies of Area 59's Committee Agenda for 10 December 2017, and explained the contents exhaustively, focusing on several points of major interest, such as "New Business items '4.' & '5.' He elaborated to the GSRs the workings of this kind of meeting and as to what transpires, and all GSRs left our District Meeting much wiser in the intricate ways and functions of "the next rung" of the A.A. operational ladder.

Of Old Business there was none,--but New Business brought the announcement that Cecelia was stepping down as ADCM and hence, a new individual was needed to fill the spot. Stalwart Dave L. immediately nominated the noble Norm F., who accepted the nomination. In shorter a time than it takes to tell, hands were raised in unanimity, and the group heralded Norm as the New ADCM!

It being December, both Tradition 12 & Concept 12 were read and discussed. 21 January will be the first meeting of the New Year. The Responsibility Pledge brought 2017's final meeting to a close.

November 19, 2017

Glen S. began the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, with the assembled GSRs joining in; when finished, they began their respective reports, which ran as follows: Fishtown Breakdown's Ruth D. informed everyone that her meeting was "back in business" after being on hiatus due to fire-damage from the conflagration in an adjoining building. She stated that "turnout was okay. . . but they needed to 'get the old [meeting-goers] back,' suggesting that former attendees had been forced to resort to finding an alternative meeting and had consequently "stuck with" their new "fill-in" group. GSR Dominic said of Good Morning Group, "We need support," adding that the present Chairperson would more than likely be stepping down soon. . .***Greater Northeast's GSR, Mike, had two pertinent announcements concerning his stalwart group: the first being a Thanksgiving Day Celebration, to be held on the 23rd, Thanksgiving Day proper, with the clubhouse doors opening at 9.AM with breakfast for anyone interested in nourishing-and-warming morning meal, followed by meetings throughout the daylight hours, until 3.PM, when a full dinner was scheduled to be laid out for hungry folk. At 7.PM a "Gratitude Meeting" will take place, rounding out a full day GN. The admission to this all-day gala event, it should be added (in keeping with the A.A. spirit) is gratis; it's a FREE event! The second announcement concerned the group's Saturday 1 PM meeting, which will, as of next week, will be an All-Women's meeting. Glen represented Hand of God and confirmed the group's move to Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street, and added that the "Hand" needed support, citing as an example one individual who'd been chairing every meeting for over a month now, and whose already-testy disposition was becoming increasingly testier. First Day Big Book's GSR, Alex, put forth that "both meetings were going very well." "Everything’s going well; the Anniversary went good," said Nancy of Light of Hope. New Life's Donnie opined that the Wednesday, 7 PM to 8 PM was doing "good," and that a new meeting had begun: "How Bill Sees it," Sundays, 6.30PM, at Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets. Alt. GSR Shane from Olney/Lawndale advised the group that the current GSR was stepping down; he added that the Business meetings produced a "not great" turnout, but the meeting's proper attendance was "okay." Support was needed, in other words. One Day at a Time's effervescent Laura put forth that "Earl took the Chair. . . " and, having it been made known that the meeting needed more females, more women were indeed showing up. "Boy, did they come," Laura blithely stated. Juan, representing Oxford Circle, stated flatly, "This group needs support." Port Fishington's Jim spoke of an Anniversary celebration that was in the works, with "no specific date yet." Ed from S.O.L. stated that "the group's doing well, but could always be better." "In case anybody doesn't know it yet, we're the best group in A.A.!" was how Norm F. introduced Survival. "We're doing fantastic! Good meeting turnouts, good sobriety," with some members having twenty-to-thirty sober years "under their belts." Norm also stated that, this being the case, Survival was an excellent place for a newcomer to find a sponsor. The "Joe & Charlie" tapes were also being played - a tradition at Survival every Friday. And accompanying the aging Norm was his vibrant apprentice-GSR, Anetta, who was watching all the proceedings with a keen eye. Young Men's Norm K. put forth that the group's five(!!) meetings were all doing well. Last Stop will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary on Saturday, 9 December, at the 2440 Kensington Ave. site, from 8 PM 'til ? Two speakers are slated to "deliver the goods," and a dance may or may not follow. On Thanksgiving Day, 150 meals will be distributed to those who show up at the under-the-EL, under-repairs avatar of Last Stop at Kensington & Somerset, from 11 AM to 3 PM. In addition, District 60 advises you to check with your local and/or favorite group/meeting to determine their operational status for the upcoming holidays.

The Secretary's report from October's meeting was read-and-approved, and it was confirmed that the Officer-at-Large had sent texts to all GSRs reminding them of the meeting.

And as far as the Visitation Committee, all drop-bys were scheduled for the end of November: Dom would talk to the good folk at Smash the Thought on the 30th, 'Lexus said she'd check out Kenzo Women's on November's final Friday, and Ed promised to "do" Kenzo Group on the 28th.

ADCM Gail from District 22 graced the meeting with her presence, but got right down to business, putting forth the date of the combined Districts 22/60 Workshop as the 20th of January 2018, at Jackson & Comly Streets, from 11 AM to 3 PM. She suggested a series of meetings prior to the actual event where eager participants could brainstorm and discuss their ideas concerning training sessions, informative talks, and skits for the program. Many GSRs were eager to get involved and Gail culled many-a-name and e-mail from the plucky District 60 crew. More will be revealed!

Ruth of the Website Committee stated she sees the site as "a work in progress because changes constantly have to be put in to update it."

The Traditions Committee, which schedules traditions meetings for every Sunday, 6.PM to 7.PM, at Greater Northeast Group's 4318 Frankford Ave. site, produced the following commitments for the month of December 2017 (and one for November): 26 November/Tradition 7/Alexis; 3 December/Trad 8/Alex; 10 Dec/T-9/Ruth; 17 Dec/T-10/Ed; 24 Dec/T-11/Mike; 31 Dec/T-12/Glenn

The Treasurer reported an opening balance of $1,093.38; the basket netted $20, and a $15 donation from Survival increased that, but a deduction for reimbursement to Cecilia for $235.08 brought the Ending Balance to $875.30.

DCM Glenn S. went over several items discussed at the Convention, among them the need for improved committee communication and keeping the A.A. "triangle" balanced, with an emphasis on the "base" or bottom side. Glenn once again encouraged all GSRs to "get and know your Service Manual," and this segued into Old Business, whereupon the "manuscript situation" was voted upon by the GSRs. The results will be brought by Glenn to the next meeting that formerly addresses this issue.

Mention was made of the "yellow card: in New Business, and Ruth explained clearly that, although A.A. does indeed "practice anonymity," it also "adheres to the 'law of the land,' "and if a genuine safety issue does arise, one should not hesitate to summon the authorities. Furthermore, although it perhaps wasn't necessary to read the entire Safety Card at each meeting, some kind of plan should be "in place" with each group/meeting, should someone with a history of aberrant behavior begin "acting up."

Also, Cecelia humbly requested reimbursement from District 60's "vault" the sum of $235.08—the amount she was obligated to pay for specified services rendered at the Gettysburg Convention. She wisely held on to all documentation concerning her expenditures and produced said paperwork at the crucial moment, thus garnering her the "thumbs-up" (hands-up, actually) approval when the assembled GSRs voted on her entreaty.

Both Tradition 11 and Concept 11 were read and discussed, with the former being commented upon by Gail, who mentioned "famous people" who claim to be in A.A. yet present a less-than-admirable to the public at large. 'Lexis and Norm both joined in this discussion, making it clear that sometimes a "celebrity" is oft-times better off adhering to A.A.'s principle of anonymity—for the good of all!

The next meeting of District 60 was scheduled for 17 December, and all rose to recite the Responsibility Pledge. And that closed out the 19 November meeting.

October 22, 2017

ADCM Cecilia kicked off the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, after which the GSRs of those groups represented delivered their monthly check-in/report. First Day Big Book's Alex C. stated, "Things are going very, very well; we have a good turn-out. In fact, I'm just coming from our Sunday morning meeting!" Alt. GSR Leyla of Fishtown Group reported that the Anniversary Meeting/Celebratory Event went well and had met, fortuitously, with "a lot of support." Everything else, she said, was "going really well, also." Ruth D. informed the gathering that no meetings were being held at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Ave., where her group, Fishtown Breakdown, assembles because of a fire in an adjacent building which naturally effected adjoining structures (i.e. smoke damage); because the insurance company was still investigating the matter, she advised that meetings would probably not resume until sometime in November. Good Morning Group's GSR, Dominic, proudly reported "an outstanding turnout for GMG's 15th Anniversary Celebration, which had been held the previous afternoon, Saturday, 21 October. He apprised the assemblage that roofing work for the church which houses GMG's meeting - as well as several other groups - St Michael's, Trenton & Cumberland Streets, had approved the contract to commence long-needed repairs on the holy building's roof. The renovation would, however, in no way impact on any of the meetings. Greater Northeast's Annual Halloween Party/Costume Contest for the 28th of October was touted, with the incentive of cash prizes of $100, $50, and $25, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes, respectively,--although as one person quipped wryly, "It's probably fixed." GN's Halloween Bash will be held from 8PM to 12midnight at the clubhouse, with a small admission fee, rigged contest or not. A stunning flyer from Hand of God heralded the relocation to new digs at 4419 Comly Street (at Jackson), the meeting day-and-time being Saturday, 6.30PM to 8PM. Last Stop's Alexa was pleased to report her group was "doing pretty well. . . ", that "people are coming back," and the group was getting more monetary support. Things were definitely on the upswing. Nancy from Light of Hope announced her group's 28th Anniversary was slated for 15 November, from 7PM to 9PM in the basement of the Rec. Centre (as opposed to the usual meeting-room, on the first floor of the building). Food, Fun & Fellowship in the A.A. tradition being "a given" for such an event! Alt. GSR Donny of New Life stated his group needed more support and passed out flyers promoting the group's meeting-night and other pertinent information (Wednesdays, 7PM to 8PM at St Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets). One Day at a Time "still needs support and needs more female attendance!" thundered GSR Laura. Port Fishington was represented by Ruth D., who stated things were "doing fine; no complaints." The usually verbose Joe said of Port Richmond Group (Samuel's Rec. Centre, 7.30PM to 8.30PM, Fridays), "Doin' well." The fledgling S.O.L. group was represented by Ed K., who reported the group was "okay," with "vacillating attendance." "The best group! - And the cheapest!" was how Norm F. described Survival, adding that, "I'll never get to that convention." He also advised everyone present that his group's elections were approaching and that, among other things, the fate of the "yellow card" would be voted upon. Norm K., last but certainly not least, to report, beamed that Young Men's meetings (there are now FOUR different meeting days-and-times for this group!) were going "very, very well. . . Standing-room only at some of the meetings!"

The 7th Tradition Basket was passed, and the Secretary's Minutes were read and approved.

No report issued from the Officer-at-Large, so the Visitation Committee set up the following drop-bys : [1] Donny would follow up on Kenzo Group, Tuesdays at St Michael's, Trenton & Cumberland, 8PM to 9PM on the 24 October; [2] Alexis scheduled her visit to Kenzo Women's for Friday, 27 October, at 7PM; [3] Nancy would make a valiant attempt and a supreme effort to drop in on the business meeting of Last Stop, 01 November, at the ungodly hour of 9.15PM.

The Workshop Committee is gearing up to hold a combined District 22/District 60 workshop at St Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets, on Saturday, 02 December 2017. More will be revealed! . .

The Website Committee's Ruth D. assured all that the site was both up-to-date AND accurate.

The Traditions Committee scheduled the following Traditions to be read-and-discussed on the dates that follow,--all meetings being held at Greater Northeast, Sundays, at 6PM: 05 November Tradition 4 -Joe; 12 Nov T-5 Alexa; 19 Nov T-6 Dom; 26 Nov T-7 Ed.

Treasurer's Report: The Opening Balance was $926.38; the "hat" took in $12 from those gathered, with the addition of $30 from Survivor and two checks,--one $66 and the other $59,--from Fishtown, bringing the Grand Total Ending Balance,--there being no deductions,-- to. . . $1,093.38.

There being really no DCM Report, nor Old Business, nor New Business,--

The 10th Tradition was read-and-discussed by the group; afterwhich Ruth D. read and eloquently expatiated on Concept 10.

The next meeting date of District 60 is scheduled for 19 November 2017 C.E.

The 22 October meeting ended traditionally—with the Responsibility Pledge.

September 17, 2017

The meeting began with the Serenity Prayer, and then DCM Glenn S. officially started up the proceedings by asking each GSR to report on the status of his-or-her group. What follows is their responses: Dave L. reported happily that Abandon Yourself to God group had started back up, and all the previous, existing information concerning the meeting was still accurate (Saturdays, 7pm to 8pm, Miracle House, 2060 E. Allegheny Ave.); First Day Big Book's Alex stated his group was "doing great!"; Fishtown's Alt. GSR Leyla informed those present that on the 5th of October, her group would be celebrating its 45th Anniversary (in service since 1972!) with a gala event on that date, from 7pm to 9pm and the festivities would include two speakers, edibles, camaraderie, and much felicity. Otherwise, the group was doing well and even had a surplus of cash after expenditures on anniversary fare; Ruth D. from Fishtown Breakdown said, "Everything's going fine, nothing to complain about; that's all I can say!"; "Everything's going great!" beamed Alt. GSR Mike from Greater Northeast. He went on to add that GN would be having a Pancake Breakfast at their clubhouse on the 1st of October, from 8am to 11.30am, with a Big Book meeting strategically inserted in the 10am to 11.30am time slot. Admission for the event: $3. And in addition to this, Mike announced a Halloween Costume Party his group was having, slated for the 28th of October, at the site, 8pm 'til the Midnight Witching Hour, with prizes being awarded for the best costumes, and scary sounds provided by DJ Philly. $5 admission for this event; Glenn S. represented Hand of God and reported sadly that the group had been "thrown out" of its lodgings by the manager due to a break-in for which they were blamed. Members were considering relocating somewhere in District 22's territory, but for now, in the `words of a crestfallen Glenn there was "no more meeting."; Alexa C. from Last Stop provided these updates: the "new" Last Stop at 1819 E. Somerset Street remains closed, the structure being worked upon so it can be "brought up to code," and the "original" Last Stop at 2440 Kensington Ave. would continue to operate thanks to an extension on the now-sold property from its new, benevolent owner. Alexa stressed that all meetings are being held at 2440 and Last Stop desperately needed support; Light of Hope’s Nancy F. reported tersely, "Everything's good!—That’s it!"; Olney/Lawndale group was doing okay, although some things were uncertain, and a “new man” was needed, perhaps, at the helm; The always-effervescent Laura said of her group, One Day at a Time, "Definitely different kinds of people, more people [in attendance]. . . but more women [are needed]!—I'm the only girl!"; New GSR Juan, representing Oxford Circle Group, offered that "more support is needed."; Norm F. of Survival humbly stated, "Still the best group in A.A.! Still undefeated!" He added that Survivor had "plenty of money," but was still hesitant about releasing the funds; Norm K. from Young Men’s reported the attendance was good, with a ten-man core making up the main body of meeting-goers; Venango's message was simple: "Support needed!"

Following the Secretary’s minutes being read-and-approved and the Officer-at-Large checking in, the Visitation Committee decided upon the following drop-bys: Port Richmond, Samuel’s Rec. Centre, 30 September, 7.30pm to 8.30pm (Glenn and Ed); Kenzo Women’s, Saint Michael’s Church, 22 September, Friday, 7pm to 8pm (Nancy); Kenzo Group, Saint Michael's, 10 October, Tuesday, 8pm to 9pm (Glenn and Ed); in addition, to "carry-overs" from the previous month’s meeting: S.O.L., Church of the Atonement, 1542 E. Montgomery Ave., 25 September, Monday, 7pm to 8pm (Glenn); Kensington Group, Samuel's Rec. Centre, 27 September, Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm.

The Workshop Committee will endeavor to secure the tentative date of December 2nd for a District-Inclusive (but all welcome) Workshop; once this date is confirmed, more will be revealed....

The Website Committee's Ruth D. stated everything is "as up-to-date as I can make it," and added to consult the online web-page to check days/dates/times for any-and-all meetings and events—and not to rely on "word of mouth." The homepage’s accuracy and efficacy was thereby established.

The Traditions Committee scheduled these Traditions Meetings, all to take place at Greater Northeast Club, 4318 Frankford Ave., on Sundays, 6pm to 7pm: October 1,--Tradition 11,--Glenn; October 8,--Tradition 12,--Dave; October 15,--Tradition 1,--Ed; October 22,--Tradition 2,--Nancy; October 29,--Tradition 3,--Laura.

Treasurer’s Report: Opening Balance: $904.38; the "take" from the basket: $22; No Deductions; Ending Balance: $926.38

DCM Report:Glenn reviewed the handout that had been distributed to those assembled, and explained in particular the contretemps of the "Printer's Copy" and all that situation entails.

Of Old Business, there was none; New Business focused on moving October's meeting to the 22nd due to Glenn's obligatory attendance of the Area Inventory, scheduled for the 15th—the third Sunday of the month. The October GSR meeting was indeed switched to the 22nd.

Tradition 9 was read and discussed, along with Concept 9, the latter being waxed upon poetically by Glenn. "Get to know and love your General Service Manual," he gushed.

It being a Football Sunday and all business having been concluded, Norm F. moved to close the meeting and with the motion approved, The Responsibility Pledge was recited and the meeting closed out.

August 20, 2017

Meeting began with The Serenity Prayer, then DCM Glenn S. addressed the assembled GSRs and asked each to relate the status of his/her group. Their reports were as follows:

Roll Call: Dave L. reported that Abandon Yourself to God had disbanded, that meetings were no longer being held; he added, however, that the group might, Phoenix-like, rise from the ashes and resume with meetings, albeit under a different "banner." Nothing would be known, he stressed, until next month, September. Fishtown's Leyla informed everyone that her group would be celebrating its anniversary on Thursday, 05 October 2017 with a special two-speaker meeting, the time being from 7PM to 9PM. Some on-the-spot, serendipitous investigation revealed the group has been in existence since 1972, making it 45 years young! Ruth D., representing Fishtown Breakdown, beamed that things were "going really well, really big attendance!" Good Morning Group's GSR, Dominic, stated that a new chair had been decided upon, Gary R. His group would also be celebrating an anniversary: Saturday, the 21st of October. The 14-year-old group "definitely needed support—monetary support," stressed Dom. Alternate GSR Mike of Greater Northeast added to the wave of mid-August good vibes by announcing his group's "Summer Slam" type celebration on August 26, Saturday, which will entail "food, fun, fellowship," and much more. It is slated to be held at the meeting site, 4318 Frankford Avenue, from 8PM to midnight! Although not officially GSR, Glenn opined that Hand of God "needed support." Alexa of the Last Stop put forth several pertinent facts concerning her group: The new site at 1816 E. Somerset Street had been shut down by L & I, forcing members and attendees to, for now, resume meeting at the old location,--2440 Kensington Ave. But at the business meeting, scheduled for September 6, 2017, the decision to move to 2442 Kensington, right down the street, would more than likely be voted upon and passed. The 2440 building is now technically owned by someone else; and also, a name change for the group seems imminent. The GSRs for both Light of Hope and New Life put forth, in absentia, that their meetings needed support. Alt. GSR Shane R. reported that the rent fee for his group's site had been settled with the somewhat recalcitrant Pastor/landlord; things were progressing. One Day at a Time's Laura, penitent and ashen-faced, put forth that her group was "doing great, new people." That the meeting was "not boring no more." Although, she added in hindsight, the [financial status of One Day] "could be better." Stand-in Ruth D. said of Port Fishington, "[We're] doing fine, attendance is down for the summer [but we're] ambling along." Shirley of Port Richmond (Samuel's Rec Centre) said, "Attendance is phenomenal!" and went on to mention the "new lineup," recently instituted in/by the members. Survival's Norm enthused, "The best group in A.A.!" though he added, in muted tones, "But they still won't 'bump up' the contribution." Young Men's new GSR, Norm K., announced that a new meeting on Thursday, 7.30PM to 8.30PM; Big Book Study had been added to the group's roster, bringing the total to FOUR different meetings per week!

The Secretary’s Report was read-and-approved; The Officer-at-Large checked existing telephone numbers and added new/revised ones.

The Visitation Committee scheduled three "drop-bys" for the month of September: Higher Power Group, 5th & Nedro Streets, for Tuesday, September 5, 6PM; S.O.L. , 1542 E. Montgomery Ave., Monday, September 25, 7PM; -Kensington Group, Samuel’s Rec. Centre, Wednesday, September 27, 7PM.

The Workshop Committee, although “passing” on the upcoming event in September, vowed to put together something beneficial to all in the not-too-distant future.

The Website Committee's Ruth D. gave to the assemblage an update on the mechanics and technical advancements inherent in this Golden Age of All Things Computer.

The Traditions Committee took the following commitments for September: September 3, Tradition 7, Alexa; Sept 10, T8, Ruth; Sept 17, T9, Dom; Sept 24, T10, Mike. Traditions meetings are held at Greater Northeast, 4318 Frankford, Sunday, 6PM.

The Treasurer's Report ran as follows: Opening Balance: $825.38; Basket: $21.00; Donations: $58 ($45 from Survival; $13 –Fishtown); No Deductions, the Grand Total Balance: $904.38. The 7th Tradition Basket was passed, and the Secretary's Report ("minutes") were read and unanimously approved. No report was forthcoming from the Officer-at-Large.

DCM Glenn S. spoke about the introduction of the Yellow Safety Card into the "system" of A.A. and the initial reactions. He also enthused about the Annual E.P.G.S.A. Convention, to be held in Gettysburg, PA on November 3, 4, 5. He urged those interested in attending to bring the matter up, immediately, with their respective home-groups.

Old Business and New Business basically were glossed over, there being nothing pressing to be brought to the forefront and discussed.

Both Tradition 8 and Concept 8 were read and enthusiastically discussed by all assembled.

Sunday, 17 September 2017, 1PM, is slated for the next meeting of District 60 (Area 59).

The Responsibility Pledge closed out the meeting, with all reciting it.

July 16, 2017

The meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer, then DCM Glenn S. officially began the proceedings by inquiring of each GSR present the status of his-or-her group. Their responses ran as follows: Alex C. of First Day Big Book reported "no problem; good attendance...same as last time," and added as an afterthought, "We have new carpets!" Fishtown Breakdown's Ruth D. beamed [things were] "going great...we're financially solvent...The meeting's great, and we’re all happy!" GSR Dominic from Good Morning Group said his meeting was "getting things bumped up for their Anniversary," which is to take place in October, 2017. He also revealed that Gary S. was the new Chairperson; he also shared that GMG had purchased a quantity of A.A. wristbands (featuring the official logo) which they were selling for $2 a piece,--50% of the profits being handed over to the Church which houses the group, the other half put into the fund for the Anniversary gala. Mike, fill-in GSR of Greater Northeast, said the group was “doing good,” that members were eagerly anticipating this Saturday’s (the 22nd of July) big picnic, to be held in the Clubhouse and the surrounding environs. Glenn represented Hand of God and stated the meeting “needed support,” but was "doing all right." The Last Stop's Alternate GSR, Chris W., announced that the meeting site/Clubhouse at 2440 Kensington Avenue was officially closed as of the "last notes played" from the final meeting's "swan song," which occurred on Friday, 14 July 2017; the final meeting was well-attended, with much fanfare and a mixture of joy and exquisite sorrow. He quickly added, however, that the NEW Last Stop (located at 1816 Somerset Street) had “opened its doors” the very next day, Saturday, the 15th of July. Attendance that first day was quite good, and the energy was powerful. Chris concluded by stating that all meeting times were pretty much the same, with the exception of one or two slated meetings. Nancy F. from Bridesburg’s Light of Hope put forth that "a lot of young people" were attending the meeting...that the "meeting’s good; attendance is good." New Life's Alexis informed all present that her group was gearing up to celebrate its 2-year anniversary on Wednesday, 09 August 2017; a celebration featuring "food, fun, and fellowship" was planned for that special day, from 6PM to 9PM, at the meeting site, Saint Michael's Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets. Jim F. of Port Fishington said "attendance [was] down," but "otherwise doing great." Also, it should be noted that Abandon Yourself to God group, Miracle House, 2060 E. Allegheny Avenue, will have its final meeting on Saturday, 22 July 2017, at 7PM.

The 7th Tradition Basket was passed, and the Secretary's Report (“minutes”) were read and unanimously approved. No report was forthcoming from the Officer-at-Large.

Glenn announced three up-coming "drop-bys" from the Visitation Committee, as follows: the new meeting, S.O.L., Mondays, 7PM, at The Church of the Atonement, 1542 E. Montgomery Avenue—the 24th of July; Higher Power Group, which technically is in a different district, but located at 5th & Nedro Streets, would be visited on Tuesday, 25 July, at 6PM, with the intent of "bringing them back to the fold," i.e. having them rejoin District 60, from which they unceremoniously "defected"; Kensington Group, Samuel’s Recreation Centre, Wednesday, the 26th of July, to ascertain their general condition.

The Workshop Committee put forth that District 22 was "footing the entire bill" ($512) for the Spring 2017 Combined Districts 22 & 60 Workshop. Also: a proposed all-Philadelphia districts workshop for September seems to be imminent.

Although the Website Committee was silent, the Traditions Committee revealed its roster for August 2017; Greater Northeast Group will host these specialty meetings, which will take place on Sundays, on the following dates, the speakers being also as follows: Week 1, 06 August, Tradition 3, Dominic; Wk 2, 13 Aug, T-4, Alexis; Wk 3, 20 Aug, T-5, Nancy; Wk 4, 27 Aug, T-7, Alex.

Treasurer's Report: Old Balance: $799.38 + $16 from the T-7 basket + $10 donation from New Life brought the Ending Balance to $825.38

DCM Glenn passed out a hand-out that detailed the happenings at the recent Area 59 Mini-Assembly and Delegates Conference. Highlights included the revision (keeping in mind the sensitivity of language) of several pamphlets (e.g. "Young People in A.A.", "Is There A Problem Drinker in The Workplace?", literature involving LGBTQ issues, and mental health issues) and the "big push" for safety "in the rooms," and in A.A. in general. Glenn handed out what will be, come July's end, known as "the yellow card,"—a terse statement, similar to the well-known "blue" and "green" cards, ideally to be read at the onset of each meeting.

There was neither New nor Old Business, but Tradition 7 and Concept 7 were read and discussed by the assemblage.

The next meeting is slated for Sunday, 20 August 2017, at 1PM, Saint Michael’s Church, Trenton & Cumberland Streets.

The meeting officially ended with all reciting the Responsibility Pledge.

June 18, 2017

The meeting began promptly at 1.PM. Those assembled recited the Serenity Prayer, then DCM Glenn officially opened by greeting everyone and requesting a status-check of each GSR and his-or-her respective group. The check-ins ran as follows: Dave from Abandon Yourself to God stated that the meeting was "still open...still having meetings...." That things were "a little slow." Dominic of Good Morning Group said things were "picking up," that the 15-year anniversary of the GMG was coming up in October....He asked for additional support so that donations and offerings could be made to the church which houses the group’s meetings. Although technically not the GSR, Glenn reported on the Hand of God group. Chris, representing The Last Stop (whose GSR is Alexa) stated that "attendance is down...[that] nothing is certain 'until after the move,' [but that] the doors are still open!" Light of Hope's Nancy F. put forth, "Everything's going good!" Shane R. from Olney-Lawndale reiterated what he had stated last month: the group was behind in the rent; the Pastor-Landlord was demanding a higher rent-fee; and the membership had sent to him a lesser sum than specified. Glenn had spoken with the Oxford Circle group and stated they needed support. Port Richmond (Samuels Rec.) still has no GSR; Glenn opined that the "young Turks" who attended the meeting regularly were clamouring for changes to be made by "the old guard," that a GSR and more representation, among other things, was needed. Smash the Thought was represented by Ed K. who was informed by DCM Glenn that the group needed to submit paperwork in order to become registered ("numbered"). Ed stated he would inform the members. Norm F. of Survival referred to his group as "the best meeting going!—The best group in town!" clearly, succinctly indicating Survival's thriving status. Alexis spoke on behalf of Venango; all seemed well. A high female-attendance rate was noted. New GSR Pat T. of Young Men's reported "good commitments and the business meeting as being scheduled for every month's last Wednesday." New Life, according to Alexis, "definitely needed support." This was put forth with much emphasis. The meeting’s anniversary would be celebrated on 09 August, from 6PM to 8PM, with "food, fun, and fellowship" for all. In addition, Alexis represented Kenzo Women's and put forth [the meeting had] "pretty good attendance." A visitation was proposed for said group. Alex C. from First Day Big Book beamed that the group had "very good attendance."

The minutes from the last meeting were read by the Secretary—and passed by unanimous approval. The "hat" (actually a basket) was passed, and the Visitation Committee initiated its report: Dom stated that Kenzo Group needed more support and that the listed GSR was, in fact, no longer such. Grateful Hearts, according to Glenn, was "still up in the air." This meeting was no longer listed, and another inquiry would be made soon. He also reported that Port Richmond (Samuel's Rec.) had a number of new attenders, apparently younger individuals, who wanted change and progress to occur at the meeting, including the selection of GSR. Glenn proposed visiting the group again on their business meeting night. The Oxford Circle group would also be visited, on the last Sunday in June.

The Website Committee had nothing new to report.

Traditions Committee selected the Traditions and Speakers for the month of July as follows: 02 July, Tradition 10, Nancy; 09 July, T-11, Alexis; 16 July, T-12, Glenn; 23 July, T-1. Chris; 30 July, T-2, Dave. (As always, District 60 Tradition Meetings will be held Sundays, 6PM, at the Greater Northeast Club.)

Treasurer's Report: Opening Balance: $700 .08; the basket netted $24.10 and donations amounted to $75.20; the Total came to $799.38.

DCM Report: According to Glenn, at the NERF, Paul M. spoke of certain things related to "Safety in A.A." and that "more would be revealed." He thanked Alexis and Ruth for their presentations at the workshop. He informed the assemblage that the Officer-at-Large was also functioning as the Tech Person, and that a better-qualified individual was needed for that position. A competent person from the ranks of A.A. would be hired to fill the position. Glenn also spoke of the upcoming Eastern PA GSR Convention, informing the assembled GSRs about registration, lodging, food, and more. He urged all GSRs to attend. Glenn informed those present that this upcoming Saturday, the 24th of June, was "Mini-Assembly II," a delegate’s conference. Handouts for this—as well as the previously-mentioned convention—were distributed.

Of Old Business, there was none; likewise with New Business.

Tradition 6 was read-and-discussed, as was Concept 6. The roles and responsibilities of trustees and delegates, among other things, were delved into. "A Group" and "B Group" was explained.

Glenn motioned to close, confirming the next meeting for 16 July 2017.

The Responsibility Pledge was recited by all—and the meeting officially closed.

May 21, 2017

The Meeting opened promptly at 1.PM. The Assemblage recited the Serenity prayer, then DCM Glenn S. officially opened the meeting by greeting everyone. Ed K. took minutes.

GSRs from each group proceeded to check in and provide updates for his-or-her specific group. Their reports ran as follows: Alex C. from First Day Big Book (157254) related that "everything was all right...nothing much to report." Ruth D. of Fishtown Breakdown (701194) said her group had "good attendance," that "a good vibe" was to be had at the meetings, and that she and fellow members were "pleased" at what was transpiring in-and-at FB's meetings. She added that FB was working on establishing a bank account for the group. Dominic, GSR of Good Morning Group (655976) indicated [they were] "still holding together." Mike, representing Greater Northeast (112131), said things were "good. . . going well," and indicated the group had celebrated an anniversary Saturday, 20 May 2017. Glenn S. from Hand of God (149545) characterized his group as "struggling." Cecilia, GSR from The Last Stop (655680), informed those present that the properties which provide site-space for meetings and serve as shelters for individuals requiring it had been sold; the meeting location (and possibly, lodging) would be relocated to a newly-acquired building situated at Kensington Avenue and Somerset Street. Eddie Z. and Chris had had a falling-out, apparently--which resulted in several managerial changes at Last Stop. A nearby corner property (2014 Kensington Ave.) was purchased by Chris and now serves as a temporary homeless shelter. Cecilia added that there was "nothing much positive" to report, that "support was needed." Don from New Life emphasized that support was needed for his group. New Life will be celebrating a two-year anniversary on 09 August 2017; flyers announcing the event and all it entails will be printed up and distributed. Shane, representing Olney-Lawndale (112445), informed all assembled that the Pastor of the building where the groups meetings are held had raised the rent of said building. Group members were attempting to negotiate a lesser sum with the Pastor-landlord. As of this report, no resolution has been reached; no progress has been made in the endeavor to lower the rent amount. Jim F. from Port Fishington (653723) indicated money was being saved up in his group. Pete, GSR of Smash the Thought, related that STT had instituted a format change, as follows: 1st Thursday of the Month: reading from Living Sober; 2nd Thursday: Speaker; 3rd: "Twelve and Twelve;" 4th: Speaker; 5th: Chairperson's Choice. . . He also said that at the group's last business meeting, obtaining a GSO number had been discussed, and group members were wholeheartedly in favour of doing so. Rich of Venango reported the group was "doing well," that it had "good female attendance," and that on 22 August 2017, a two-year anniversary would be celebrated.

After the Tradition Basket was passed, Ruth D. read the Secretary's Report from the previous meeting; the minutes of said meeting were then voted on and approved.

Visitation Committee: Dom reported that visiting Kenzo Group (696327) had been rescheduled for Tuesday, 30 May 2017; likewise, Kat's visit to Kenzo Women's (which meets in the same space as KG) was rescheduled for Friday, 02 June 2017. Glenn said that after visiting Grateful Hearts on Tuesday 16 May 2017 and finding the building inaccessible he would make a second attempt--on Tuesday, 23 May. Mike also indicated he would look into the matter. Rich and Pete said they would do a visitation on the 26th of this month.

Website Committee: Ruth D. admonished herself for bad grammar, a misspelling, and slightly askew information in her last transmission; she also requested--and received, by unanimous motion-approval--reimbursement of $82.

Tradition Committee: The Schedule for the "Tradition Meetings, District 60," at the Greater Northeast Club, for the Month of June 2017 is as follows: Week 1: 04 June - Tradition 6 - Speaker: Rich, Week 2: 11 June - Tradition 7 - Speaker: Ruth, Week 3: 18 June - Tradition 8 - Speaker: Alex, Week 4: 25 June - Tradition 9 - Speaker: 'Lexis (Meeting Day/Time for all Tradition Meetings is Sunday, 6.PM)

Treasurer's Report: Opening Balance: $738.58; Basket: $ 22.00; Donations: $ 21.50; Sub Total: $782.08; Deductions: $82.00 (reimbursement to Website Committee); Ending Balance: $700 .08

DCM Report: Glenn S. informed the group of the District 22 and District 60 COMBINED WORKSHOP, which will be held on Saturday, 10 June 2017, from 11.AM to 3.PM at Wissinoming United Methodist Church, 4419 Comly Street (Comly and Jackson Streets), in the basement. The theme of this event, he stressed, is going to be "SUPPORTING OUR FUTURE." He then informed those assembled that District 22's plan was to perform a 30-minute skit entitled "The Committee in Bob's Head," and on the heels of this requested ideas and commitments for similar presentations. He himself put forth the idea of "Safety in AA," afterwhich several others brainstormed and came up with several interesting concepts for realization/performance, most notably: From 'Lexis: "Fellowship in AA, as opposed to Membership in AA," Ruth: "The Difference Between Intergroup and General Service," "Diversity," "Contributing: Spirituality and Money," and "The Unity Pitch" were other concepts bandied about. . . In the end, it was decided that 'Lexis, Ruth, and Glen would make the presentations. In addition, Glenn said that help was needed in setting up the site for the event, and doors would open at 10.AM. Contributions of food were encouraged, as was assistance in making the entire gathering successful. Glenn S. also brought up "Mini-Assembly II: Delegate's Conference Report," slated for Saturday, 24 June 2017 at Saint Michael's Lutheran Church, 109 East Doe Run Road, Unionville, PA. The theme of "Supporting Our Future" again was mentioned, and all GSRs were exhorted to attend.

OLD BUSINESS: there was none to discuss; NEW BUSINESS was a re-focusing on the upcoming AA events and commitment to making them a success.

Both TRADITION 5 and CONCEPT 5 were read and discussed by the assemblage. Furthermore, Glenn elaborated on the idea of "Minority Opinion" and how an impassioned-and-fervent opinion held by a member can, when put forth with great candor and emphasis, override a previously popular mindset. "Substantial Unanimity" as it functions in AA--its undeniable importance and the impact it has--was touched on also. Glenn then shared some information on a tradition from literature available fro aagrapevine.org.

The next Meeting of Area 59, District 60 will be held on Sunday ("Father's Day"), 18 June 2017.

All assembled took/recited THE RESPONSIBILITY PLEDGE, and DCM Glenn S. officially closed out the meeting.

April 23, 2017

The meeting opened at 1:00 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Glenn S., DCM, presided. Ruth D. took minutes.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, said he had nothing new to report though the group can always use support. Alex C., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that the group was doing well and had no problems. Expect an anniversary celebration in the near future. Kat, the GSR for Fishtown, reported that the attendance at the Thursday meeting was hit or miss but attendance at the Saturday meeting was way up. The group has one month rent in prudent reserve. Ruth D., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reported that group was doing well and is hoping to get a bank account soon. Dominic, GSR of Good Morning Group, reported that the group was getting more outside support. Maurice, GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the 1:00 Saturday group is struggling but the other meetings are doing well. They were able to solve an issue of people smoking in front of the building by moving the smokers to the parking lot on the side of the building and also by cleaning the sidewalks of butts. Mike, the new alternate GSR, was also present. Glenn S. reported that Hand of God could use support. Nancy F., GSR of Light of Hope, reported nothing new with the group. Issues are arising with Last Stop. Eddie Z., the owner of the Last Stop, is apparently having a conflict with AA. He has cut out the afternoon meeting and the morning meditation. The Last Stop is supposed to be moving to Somerset St. Alexis, the GSR for New Life, reported that the group needed support. They are planning on an anniversary celebration on August 9 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Donnie, the alternate GSR, was also present. Mike D., GSR for Olney-Lawndale, reported that attendance has been sporadic (though the men's meeting enjoys a large attendance). They continue to have issues with the treasury and access to funds. The pastor of the chuch wants to increase the monthly rent from $120 to $350. They will try to negotiate him down to $200. Jim F., GSR of Port Fishington, had nothing to report on the group. Pete, GSR of Smash the Thought, reported that they are considering changing the format. Norm F., GSR for Survival, reported that the group will be having an anniversary meeting on May 13, from 6 to 9 pm with food, fun, and fellowship and water ice. Keith G., GSR of Young Men's Group, reported that the group is going well. They have commitments at Impact, a veteran's shelter.

The district needs a new secretary. Glenn told us to take this news back to our groups. Anybody can do it. It is better that that the secretary not be a GSR

Officer at Large Report David L. texted everybody to notify them.

Visitation Committee - Pt. Richmond Step is not very interested. Kathy and Cecilia went to Kenzo women's. They seemed receptive to the idea of electing a GSR. The members of Oxford Circle are aware of their lack of representation but cannot find anybody who is interested. We will visit Kenzo. Jonathan who was GSR of that group has not been attending District meeting. He is reportedly getting married and started a new job. Dominic will go to Kenzo on May 16. David L. can go to Grateful Hearts on May 23.

Workshop Committee - D22 wants to do it. June 10 is the tentative date but it's the same date as the Delegate Report in Scranton, a problem because then Area officers whom we value greatly at our workshops, would not be able to attend. We can possibly move it back to June 17. Planning meeting took place yesterday. Glenn wants safety in AA to be a topic at the workshop. Steve Schmidt, Area secretary, could talk about service manual. For this workshop Glenn wants to open the floor for more interaction. Ruth suggested topics on contributions to AA not keeping up with inflation and the distinction between IG and GSO. District 22 wants to do a skit (The Committee in Bob's Head). We could do a skit too. We have 3 hours to fill. District 60 will discuss the workshop after next month's district meeting on June 21.

Website Committee - Ruth reported the website was doing fine and is up and running. She requested that now that our district is enjoying increased solvency that she would like to be reimbursed for cost of web hosting and maintaining the domain. A vote was held and everybody agreed that this should be done. The yearly domain renewal costs $25 a year. The hosting costs $57.00 a year.

Traditions Committee - Alexis will speak on May 7 on the second tradition. Glenn will speak on May 14 on the third tradition. David L. will speak on May 21 on the fourth tradition. Mike T. will speak on May 28 on the fifth tradition. The Last Stop is no longer holding tradition meetings at the end of the month.

Treasurer's Report - Shane, the District treasurer (and alternate GSR for Olney-Lawndale) gave the report. Our opening balance was $698.58. The basket yielded $25.00. We received $15 in donations. The subtotal was $738.58. As the rent had already been paid and the DCM and Ruth in her past capacity as DCM have not submitted any expenses, there were no deductions, the ending balance is $738.58.

DCM Report - Glenn and Cecilia, the alternate DCM, attended the District 22 meeting on March 21 to discuss the combined district workshop. They decided the date would be June 10 and the workshop would be held at the Wissinoming United Methodist Church at 4419 Comley St. (at Jackson). However, at the most recent planning meeting for the workshop on April 22, Glenn noted that the Delegate's Conference Rpeort #1 is on that date. Although that report is not for districts in our vicinity, Area Delegate and other area 59 officers would be unable to attend the workshp, so we may change the date to June 17. Glenn and Cecilia went to the Pre-Conference Sharing Session on April 2. Various GSRs from District 60 also attended the sharing session. Glenn thanks everybody who was there. Area Delegate Paul M. really appreciated the feedback and ideas he got from all who were present. He will take the Area's group conscience with him to the GS Conference. District 60 will help with set-up at the Delegates Conference Report #2 on June 24 in Unionville, PA. Here our Delegate will report on what happened at the Conference. The next Area 59 meeting is on June 11, 2017. Melanie M. stepped down as Alternate Delegate. Ken D. will step in and also keep on as chairperson.

No old business and no new business

Next we read and discussed the fourth Tradition, on autonomy, and the fourth Concept, the Right of Participation.

We closed the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge. The next meeting will take place on May 21, 2017, at 1:00 pm.

February 12, 2017

DCM Glenn S. opened with the serenity prayer.

Roll call: 10 GSRs in attendance. Dave L., GSR for Abandon Yourself to God said the meeting has good attendance a day are overall doing OK, they are fully self supporting from the group members. Phyllis, GSR for Fishtown said their attendance is good, their H and I commitments are being filled. Dominic GSR for Good Morning Group said they are picking up attendance, at times they struggle from month to month but they are getting by. Glenn S., GSR for Hand of God stated that there is no longer a meeting on Sunday. Danielle, GSR for Last Stop said their attendance is good, the home group started a visitation committee and started going to meetings out of the area. Mike D., GSR for Olney-Lawndale said their attendance is fair. Jim, GSR for Port Fishington they have good attendance they should be taking over 8TH and Girard coming April or May. Mike D., GSR for Primary Purpose, attendance is great for this meeting, having some issues with landlord that hopefully will subside. Norm F., GSR for Survival doing good, lost commitment with Friends Hospital as the hospital no longer has an AA meeting there. Nate, GSR for Wissinoming A.M. could use support.

7th Tradition basket passed.

Secretary Report: minutes were gone over and accepted.

OAL report: Dave L. called everyone except Shane.

Visitation Committee: Glenn visited Fishbook. Good meeting. They do not want a GSR. They want to be just a meeting. Glenn will send minutes to Kate. Visiting Grateful Hearts on Feb 28th. Glenn also visited New Beginnings. Nice little meeting with small attendance. Fishtown Breakdown will be visited on March 26th. Smash the Thought will be visited on Feb 23rd by Dominic.

Workshop Committee: Glenn talked with District 22. They stated they want to try and move the date to the end of April.

Website Committee: website is up and running.

Traditions:NEC: 3/5/17 tradition 5 Glenn, 3/12/17 tradition 6 Dominic, 3/19/17 tradition 7 Danielle, 3/26/17 tradition 8 Mike, Last Stop: 3/27/17 tradition 3 Dave L

Treasurer’s Report: Opening Balance: $573.73, Basket: $30, Donations: $49, Sub-total: $652.73, Deductions: __n/a_, Ending Balance: $652.73

DCM Report: Share-A-Day, Glenn will be doing a presentation on Literature.

Old Business: Motion was put on floor for GSR meeting to be moved to St. Michael’s. Motion was passed. Glenn will contact Jackie on Monday. The pastor stated that they have church so starting at 1:30 would probably be better everyone was ok with that .

New Business:none

Tradition and Concept of the month were read and discussed.

Next Meeting will be on March 29, 2017. Meeting was closed with Responsibility Pledge.

January 15, 2017

DCM Glenn S opened with three serenity prayer.

Roll call: 12 GSRS in attendance. Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God said meeting needs support. Alex C., GSR of First Day Big Book said Sunday meeting needs support. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown had by-laws meeting attendance is strong and steady. Jim T., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown said attendance is good. Dominic from Good Morning Group said they need support. Maurice GSR of NEC said attendance is good, by-laws meeting was set for Feb 5TH @12 pm, Valentine’s Day dance is set for Feb 11th @ 8pm $5 to get in. Glenn S., GSR of Hand of God said they need support. Cecelia, GSR of Last Stop, said attendance is good. Nancy F., GSR of Light of Hope said all meetings are now 1 hour meetings. New Life, no GSR, although Alexis from group was in contact and stated that they need support. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale attendance is good. Had elections in November they have a new IGR. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, said they are getting more attendance. Jim GSR of Port Fishington said they are doing well. Christine GSR of Smash the Thought had elections, 1 year anniversary celebration Thurs 19th from 6-7. Nate GSR of Wissinoming A.M. attendance good. Keith GSR of Young Men’s said they elected officers and that attendance is good.

Secretary’s report: Danielle read the report.

Officer at Large Report: Dave L. called everyone Friday night. Jim T said there was a conflict with work. Jean couldn’t make it but asked for questionnaire.

Visitation Committee: Groups to be visited Grateful Heart’s on Feb 28th by Dave; Fishbook Feb 22nd by Glenn. New Beginnings at episcopal 7-8:15 on Saturdays.

Workshop Committee: All for having combined district workshop on either 3/11/17 or 3/18/17, possibly do a game show.

Website Committee: Ruth, district60aa.org ; Tradition meeting list, only accepts money from district AA groups. Meeting lists in this district. Events, minutes, steps and tradition manual.

TRADITIONS Committee: GNEC - 2/5/17 Laura Tradition 1, 2/12/17 Dave L. Tradition 2, 2/19/17 Maurice Tradition 3, 2/26/17 Danielle L. Tradition 4, Last Stop 2/27/17 Nancy, Tradition 2.

Treasures Report: Shane reported opening balance was $512.73, 7th Tradition was $22, donations $39, Sub total $573.73, no deductions with ending balance of $573.73.

DCM Report: Glenn S. attended the share a day planning meeting.

Old business: was read.

New Business: motion to inquire about District meeting moving to Trenton and Cumberland.

Read and discussed tradition and concept of the month.

Next meeting will be 2/12/17. We ended the meeting with the Responsibility Declaration.

Minutes from 2016

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December 18, 2016

DCM Glenn S. opened meeting with the serenity prayer.

ROLL CALL: 7 GSRs in attendance. Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God said meeting needs support. Nancy F., GSR for Light of Hope Group reported that meeting was doing well and that there would be no meeting on Dec. 26. First Day Big Book GSR, Alex C., said that the Sunday 10am meeting needs support. Maurice, GSR for the Greater Northeast Group reported the group is having a New Years Eve Party. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group reported that the group is looking for a new venue. Last Stop GSR, Cecilia, announced the group is having a Christmas Party Dec. 24 from 9pm-1am. Norm F. GSR for Survival Said the Friday Joe & Charlie meeting needs support.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: No minutes from last meeting, notebook missing.

OFFICER AT LARGE REPORT: Dave L. voted in as new officer at large.

VISITATION COMMITTEE: Groups to be visited Wissinoming Am, Glenn, Young Mens, Glenn and Venango Group, Glenn & Nancy.

WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: Glenn, DCM & Cecilia, ADCM will visit District 22 to talk about doing a combined district workshop sometime in March 2017

WEBSITE COMMITTEE: Nothing new to report.

TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: Greater Northeast Group, Jan 1-Glenn, Tradition 8. Jan. 8-Maurice, Tradition 9. Jan 15- Dave L., Tradition 10., Jan. 22- Alex C., Tradition 11. Jan. 29-Cecilia, Tradition 12. Last Stop, Jan. 30-Nancy F., Tradition 12.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Shane reported opening balance was $430.08. 7th Tradition basket was $15.00. Donations $33.00. No Deductions. Ending Balance $478.08.

DCM REPORT: Glenn S., DCM, thanked everyone for voting him in, is looking forward to working with everyone for the next two years. Glenn asked if anyone had any suggestions on how to make the district meeting better, please bring it up in new business. Glenn also stated that he would like to have the meeting move along more smoothly and briskly. Glenn attended the last Area 59 Quarterly Meeting on Dec. 11 in Bristol. He reported this was the meeting where the outgoing DCMs were replaced by the incoming DCMs. Marty S.(Outgoing Area 59 Convention Chair) gave a report on the EPGSA Convention. Marty said they read all the feedback papers and certain changes will be made for next year. There will be the Share-a-Day planning meeting on Jan.8, 2017 at SEPIA from noon-3pm. Glenn will attend the DCM orientation on Jan. 22, 2017 in Byrn Mawr.

OLD BUSINESS: District still needed a secretary, so Dannielle from the Last Stop volunteered. We voted her in unanimously.

NEW BUSINESS: Glenn suggested a GSR should research and report on a tradition each district meeting. GSRs agreed and we will start next month.

We read and discussed Tradition 12 and Concept 12. The next district meeting will be Jan. 15, 2017. We ended meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

November 16, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 pm with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Coll: Nancy F., GSR of Light of Hope, reported that the group was doing good and their anniversary was grand. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown, reported that their group has donations for District which she provided. They have their November commitments. She also reported an increase in funds. The group will have their meeting on Thanksgiving. Ruth reported on behalf of Fishtown Breakdown that the group will be having an anniversary celebration in December with brunch and a speaker. Maurice, GSR of Greater Northeast, reported the group was ok. Three events are occurring: an alcothon Thanksgiving with a gratitude meeting at 7:00 pm on Thanksgiving, Unity Night on December 3 from 6 to 11 at St. Catherine though tickets might be sold out, and a Children's Christmas party on December 16. Glenn S. reported on behalf of Hand of God that they have no Intergroup rep and are not conducting business meetings anymore. Cecilia, GSR of the Last Stop, reported that the group had to dip into their prudent reserve in order to make rent. Shane R., alternate GSR for Olney-Lawndale, said the group was fine. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported that the group was doing well and that oldtimers were bringing in "new blood." Ruth D. reported on behalf of Port Fishington that the group was hosting an Acts of Recovery on December 17 from Noon to 5. Norm F., GSR of Survival, reported that the group just conducted elections and he is still GSR. The Wednesday and Friday meetings need support. The group has $900 but refused to send their GSR to the Area Convention. Norm expressed frustration with the lack of appreciation from other group members in that they are uninterested in really listening to the GSR report. The treasurer was also apparently misinformed on how to contribute to District as Norm reported that the treasurer claimed he was contributing to District but Laura the treasurer has never received any contribution from Survival. We offered to attend the next business meeting to educate the group on the importance of the GSR. Ruth also showed Norm where on the District website there were directions on how to contribute to District 60.

The 7th tradition basket was passed around the room.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes from last month's District meeting from the website. Nobody had any changes. The minutes were approved.

Visitation Committee: Jonathan was absent and so we did not receive a report on the Good Morning group and the Port Richmond group. Glenn will go to Young Men's which lost its GSR to relapse and Wissinoming AM whose GSR Bill C. has not been attending District meetings. Laura also said she would call Bill C.

Workshop Committee: We need to start thinking about next year. March is a good month and just like this year we would like to have a combined workshop with our neighbor, District 22, again.

Web Site Committee: Nothing new to report.

Traditions Committee: December's schedule is as follows: Glenn S. will speak on Tradition 4 on December 4. Chuck, alt-GSR of Greater Northeast, will speak on Tradition 5 on December 11. Ruth will speak on Tradition 6 on December 18. Dave L., though absent, had asked Laura to volunteer him to speak on December 25 on Tradition 7. Nancy will speak on Tradition 12 at the Last Stop on December 26.

Treasurer's Report: The opening balance was $332.18. The basket yielded $22. Donations totaled $75.90. The subtotal was $430.08. Ruth did not yet report her expenses for the EPGSA so there were no deductions. The ending balance is $430.08.

DCM Report: Ruth reported on the election process at the EPGSA.

Old Business: We had hoped to bring in potential candidates for District positions. None seemed to be available. However, after Ruth spoke to the non-GSRs who happened to be in the room during the meeting inviting them to stand for office, a woman named Sherry spoke up so we nominated and seconded the nomination for her. She will likely become the secretary next month. Since she lives at the Last Stop we can be assured of her attendance to meetings. Because Laura needs to give up her position as District treasurer, we found it necessary to appoint a new treasurer. Fortunately Shane stood up for the position and we happily accepted. Laura will take him to the credit union to make him the official signer. Because the Area Panel Changeover is occuring on December 11 which is before our next District meeting we found it necessary to elect a new DCM. Glenn S., who has been our alternate DCM, was nominated and elected unanimously as the new DCM. Cecilia was nominated and elected unanimously as the new alternate DCM.

We read and discussed the 11th Tradition and the 11th Concept. Finally we adjourned the meeting. The next District meeting will be on December 18.

October 30, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported no change. The group has 2 to 5 home group members. Nancy F., GSR of Light of Hope, reported that the group will be celebrating their anniversary on Wednesday, November 16, 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Alex C., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that the group was doing well. Maurice, new GSR of Greater Northeast, and Chuck, new Alternate GSR, were present to represent their group. Glenn S., alternate DCM, reported on behalf of Hand of God that the group was struggling. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group, reported that the meeting attendance fluctuates. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported that the group is in need of an alternate GSR. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported that the group is hanging onto its money. Laura M., GSR of One Day at a Time, reported that the group is going great. They have enjoyed an increase in old timers. Jim F., GSR of Port Fishington, reported that the group took up a commitment and are not hosting a meeting on 8th and Girard. Norm F., GSR of Survival, reported that he has the best group in AA.

Roll Call: Ruth read the minutes from the previous month's meeting off the website. They were approved with no changes.

Visitation Committee: Glenn reported that the members of Oxford Circle are painfully aware that they do not have a GSR. A discussion with Christine, GSR of Smash the Thought, revealed that she is aware that she is remiss in attending district meetings. Jonathan said he will go to the Good Morning group and the Port Richmond group to persuade them to appoint GSRs.

Workshop Committee: No report

Web Site Committee: Ruth promised that she stay on to maintain the website even after her term as DCM is over.

Traditions Committee: David L. will speak on Tradition 12 on November 6. Glenn S. will speak on Tradition 1 on November 13. Chuck M. will speak on Tradition 2 on November 20. Jonathan will speak on Tradition 3 on November 27. Norm will speak on Tradition 11 on November 28 at the Last Stop.

Treasurer's Report: Laura gave the report. The opening balance was $367.38. The basket netted $22. We received $30 in donations. (the group in question is actually in District 22 but they are letting us keep the money.) The subtotal was $419.38. Deductions for Ruth's travel expenses were $87.20. The ending balance was $332.18.

DCM Report: Ruth reported on her attendance to Area Day in Pottsville the two weeks before. Glenn also attended. Attendants would rotate to different tables at which AA servants talked about elements of service: vision, service, experience, responsibility, interaction, cooperation, and enthusiasm. Ruth felt it was a rewarding experience that would benefit anybody in service, not just DCMs.

Old Business: We decided to bring in nominations for new district officers at the November meetings but will hold elections in December.

New Business: Glenn told us the information he found out about our mystery donor. The group is called Break Down the Book. They are in District 22 but the treasurer for the group thought it was in District 60. In fact, the group is listed as being in District 60 on the SEPIA website. We are not obligated to return the money.

We read and discussed the 10th Tradition and the 10th Concept. The next meeting will be November 20. We closed with the Responsibility Pledge.

September 18, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Shatoya H., District secretary, took minutes

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that the group is "moving along." They are keeping the doors open and have new people coming in. As he said, it is what it is. Nancy F., the new GSR of Light of Hope, reported that everything is good. Alex C., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that he was concerned about his ability to make it to the Area conference in November due to the cost of having a single room. He was advised that he could likely find a roommate in our neighboring district, 22, if none was available among the GSRs in 60. Glenn S., ADCM, reported on behalf of Hand of God that it still going ok but they have no plan to elect a GSR. The Sunday meeting is enjoying more support. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo, reported the group is going well though the attendance fluctuates. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported that Attendance is good. They recently celebrated their 15 year anniversary and are having a Halloween event. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported that the group is doing fairly well. The Thursday and Friday meetings average 12 to 20 attendants per night. Financially the group is doing well but the money is kept in a safe to which only two people have the keys and money orders for Area, District, GSO, and SEPIA have disappeared. Jean S., GSR of New Life Beginners, reported a small core group of six to ten regulars though others, including beginners, do show up. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown, reported that the Saturday morning meeting is standing room only. The Thursday meeting attendance fluctuates. The business meeting is running smoothly, so much so that they are considering reducing the frequency of the business meetings to once every two months, but Phyllis wondered if that was done. Ruth assured her that her home group Port Fishington has business meetings every two months though they will have on the spot meetings as needed for issues that arise. Jim, GSR of Port Fishington, reported that the next business meeting is in October and attendance is good.

Secretary's Report: Ruth skimmed through the minutes from the August district meeting. No changes were implemented and the minutes were approved.

Visitation Committee: Ruth and Glenn reported that our visitation to Light of Hope yielded positive results in the form of a new GSR, Nancy. Glenn and Mike D. will go to Oxford Circle on September 25. Glenn will go to Smash the Thought on October 6.

Website Committee: Ruth stated that in a couple of months her term as DCM will be over. However she will be willing to continue maintaining the website provided nobody else is interested in the job. Nobody was so Ruth will continue on as the website committee.

Workshop Committee: The combined district workshop on August 27 went well. As this is the second workshop we have done this year we have fulfilled our quota.

Traditions Committee: Glenn will speak on Tradition 7 on October 2. Shatoya will speak on Tradition 8 on October 9 Cecilia will speak on Tradition 9 on October 16. Alex will speak on Tradition 10 on October 23. Mike D. will speak on Tradition 11 on October 30. Dave L. will speak on Tradition 10 at the Last Stop on October 31.

Treasurer's Report: Laura was absent. We pieced together the report. The opening balance was $310.42. The basket yielded $18.00. The district received a donation of $38.96 from an unknown group with the number #613911. It is possible that this number refers to Smash the Thought since the number does not correspond to any other groups in our district. (Phyllis presented a check from the Fishtown group. Unfortunately it was made out to GSR so the district cannot deposit it.) The subtotal was $367.38. No deductions at this time though there will be to compensate the DCM for travel. The ending balance is $367.38.

DCM Report: Last week Ruth attended the third 2016 Quarterly Area meeting in Phoenixville. She extended kudos to the GSRs for District 60's increased donations to Area 59 although it appears that the Area may have inadvertently received donations made by Greater Northeast Group and Olney-Lawndale Group intended for the District since the records from the Area treasurer indicate two identical donations on identical dates made by those two groups (in an attempt to address this issue, this website has been updated to include directions for donating to District 60 on the home page.).

Ruth also reported that the Area has lost its Assistant Archivist who was technologically savvy. If Area opts to replace him, it would preferably be somebody who is also tech savvy and lives close to the storage facility where Area stores its archival materials. The person who meets those requirements happens be the DCM of District 60 who has also served on the Archives subcommittee. So it is possible that Ruth will become the Assistant Archivist.

Doors DVD was added to the Area library. It will be shown at the EPGSA Convention. If anybody knows anybody with translation skills and who can communicate in ASL, send them to Area. More and more DCMs are opting to submit their reports online as opposed to writing them out and placing them in the basket at the Area meetings. More online DCM reports enable us to think about the business at hand and make the Area secretary's job a lot easier. Ruth also stressed that Area needs volunteers for the convention. Not GSRs, not DCMs, not ADCMs since they will be participating in elections. Ruth informed the meeting that Area day registration is at 9:00 am. The event starts at 10. Note that it falls on our District meeting.

The Public Information Subcommittee recommended that we enable online donations to EPGSA. Nine Areas and four Intergroups already do. Using Paypal would cost 2.2% of the contribution plus 30¢ per transaction. So for example a $100 contribution would result in a net contribution of $97.50. There are no set-up costs or monthly fees and can be cancelled without cost at any time. In addition PayPal would provide the contributor with proof of the contribution saving the Treasurer 80¢ in postage and supplies. Issues to consider when implementing online donations are determining that the donors are in fact AA members and protecting the donors' anonymity and financial information. Implementing online donations has been generally successful resulting in as much as a 25% increase in contributions in some cases.

DCM also reported on the Area Committee's vote on Structure Subcommittee proposals.

New Business: The District agreed to postpone the next District meeting until October 30 to accomodate the DCM's expected attendance to Area Day.

We then read and discussed the 9th Tradition and the 9th Concepts.

The meeting closed with a recitation of the Responsibility Pledge. The next meeting will be on October 30.

August 21, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D. presided.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that his group was struggling. They are down to two homegroup members although the attendance is higher. Alex C., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that the group is going great and is sending him to the conference in November. Jim T., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reported that the group is doing well and is planning a picnic on September 10. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo, reported that the group is going well. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported decreased 7th tradition funs. She introduced the new alternate GSR, Alicia. Jean S., GSR of the New Life Beginners, reported that her group recently celebrated its first anniversary. They have almost achieved a prudent reserve. They need regular support in the form of homegroup members. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale and Primary Purpose, reported that the groups have more money than they know what to do with. However they do not seem to have any access to it. He reports that the group is in chaos and he is frustrated with the other members. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported that the group is going great. They are bringing in new speakers. They have a tradition meeting once a month. The one problem is the shortage of women in the meetings. Jim, the new GSR of Port Fishington, reported that the group was doing great. Norm F., GSR of Survival, reported that the group is doing well. They have a tradition meeting on the last Tuesday of the month.

The 7th Tradition basket was passed around.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes from the previous meeting. The mintues were approved.

Visitation Committee: Ruth reported on her visit to Light of Hope in Bridesburg on August 17. It turned out that the business meeting does not occur on the third Wednesday as previously thought. It is on the last Wednesday of the month. Ruth will return to the meeting on August 31. She did have a chance to mention why she was there, to encourage the members to elect a GSR. Glenn and David will attend the Oxford Circle group. Jim T. lives near Wissinoming PM and can find out when they have their business meeting. Alicia regularly attends Kenzo Women's. She will attempt to persuade them to appoint a GSR

Workshop Committee: Laura, in her capacity as treasurer of the district, gave Glenn $50 for the hoagie tray and paper products that our District is providing for the workshop.

Website Committee: Nothing new to report. The site continues as usual.

Traditions Committee: The speakers are as follows: On September 4, Cecilia will speak on Tradition 3. On September 11, Glenn will speak on Tradition 4. On September 18, Dave will speak on Tradition 5. On September 25, Jonathan will speak on Tradition 6. For the Last Stop meeting, Norm will speak on the Tradition 8 on August 29. Jean wiull speak on Tradition 9 on September 26.

Treasurer's Report: The opening balance was $413.42. The basket netted $17. Donations totaled $60. The subtotal was $490.42. Deductions totaled $180 which included $50 for the workshop and $130 to pay rent at the Last Stop. The ending balance is $310.42.

No DCM report

No old business

New Business: Kathy Q. is no longer able to carry on as Officer at Large. She reported to Ruth and Glenn that she found somebody who would be the new OAL. That person made phone calls to the GSRs. However they were not present at this meeting. We could not carry out a vote on a person who was not there. Cecilia volunteered to take on the position and she was voted in as the Officer at Large.

Next we read and discussed the 8th Tradition and the 8th Concept. Our conversation lead into a discussion about how the wording on the green card that groups read in meeting has changed to reflect the fact that a dollar does not have the same buying power that it once did and to ask members do donate more. Laura said that she and Kathy wanted to know how that change was implemented when they knew nothing about its inception. We explained about how a motion was put out to the groups and the Delegates voted on the issue in the General Service Conference. There was a general acknowledgement that GSRs in Area 59 do not have as much say on the issues as in other Areas. DCMs frequently vote on issues without having a chance to take them back to their districts. Glenn brought up that District 45 has made a motion to have Area 59 change the Pre-Conference Sharing Session in order to gather a TRUE conscience of the entire area.

We closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next meeting will occur on September 18.

After the meeting adjourned, Glenn, Jonathan, and Ruth got together to show what they had prepared for the upcoming workshop. Jonathan promised that he would have something ready by Saturday. Ruth urged him to time his talk because it needs to be no more than 6 minutes long and the biggest challenge Ruth experienced in preparing her remarks was keeping to the time restriction.

July 17, 2016

Ruth, DCM, had erroneously thought that she would not be able to make the District 60 meeting at its usual scheduled date on the third Sunday of the month and had requested that the meeting be moved back a week. However it turned out that she would be in time for the usual time and informed the Officer at Large, Kathy Q., who then made the phone calls.

The meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D. presided.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that the group was struggling but they were able to pay their bills. Alex C., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that the group was doing well and was enjoying good attendance. Jim T., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reported that attendance was good and the group was picking up commitments. They are planning a picnic for mid to late September. Frank A., now the alternate GSR for Last Stop, reported it was doing well. Although Port Richmond Step does not currently have a GSR, they still donated to the district.

The 7th Tradition basket was passed.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes from the previous meeting. They were approved.

Visitation Committee: Ruth agreed to visit Bridesburg/Light of Hope on August 17 when their next business meeting is scheduled. (It should be noted that although we were planning a visit to Attractions on Tuesday evening, July 19, Michael D. informed the DCM and ADCM on Monday that the meeting no longer existed so the visit was canceled.)

Workshop Committee: Glenn reported the date for the combined workshop entitled Our Spiritual Way of Life – Steps, Traditions and Concepts is definitely August 27, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, at the SEPIA offices at 444 N. 3rd St. Setup will be at noon. Districts 60, 25, 26, 27, and hopefully 28 will participate. Each district will have 20 minutes to present on its topic. District 60 will be the first to present. Our topic is How the Steps Lead Us into Spirituality. Then District 25 will present on How Step 1, Tradition 1, and Concept 1 All Tie Together. District 26 will perform a Tradition skit. District 27 will put on a Principles Trivia Game. District 28 is scheduled last. It is not known what their topic will be as they have not been showing up to the planning meetings.

Glenn suggested and all agreed that we should have a planning meeting to prepare our presentation for the workshop. We agreed on August 6 at 1:00 PM. Frank, who runs the Last Stop, assured us that the room would be available to us at that time and date.

Traditions Committee: The August schedule will be as follows: On August 7, Ruth will speak on the 11th tradition. On August 14, David L. will speak on the 12th tradition. On August 21, Glenn will speak on the first tradition. On August 28, Alex will speak on the 2nd tradition. We have not yet determined who will speak on the 8th tradition at the Last Stop on Monday, August 29. Fortunately we will be holding our next district meeting before that time and can obtain a speaker then.

Treasurer's Report: The opening balance, based on our Treasurer's last report, was $331.42. The basket yielded $12.00. Donations from Fishtown Breakdown ($50) and Port Richmond Step ($20) totaled $70.00. Our subtotal and total as we had no deductions was $413.42.

DCM Report: Ruth reported on the second Mini-Assembly she attended near West Chester on June 26. The main takeaway from our Delegate's trip to General Service is that we are headed for financial trouble in the future if more groups do not start contributing. The percentage of groups contributing to GSO is at an all-time low - 40.3%. This is a shame for we would not have to rely so heavily on book sales to non-AA entities or consider selling "drunk junk" if all groups registered under GSO would contribute just a small amount. It is important to note that a dollar in 1945 had the buying power of $13 in 2015 while the buying power of one dollar in 1945 is worth only 8 cents in 2015. It is time for individuals to contribute to the 7th tradition basket at their meetings more than the same dollar which has been the prevailing contribution for decades now. Donations are stagnant while expenses for GSO continue to climb slowly which is why we are predicting storms on the horizon. Ruth also mentioned that text written by Bill Wilson for Concept XI that would be considered sexist by today's standards will be removed although it will still be available upon request from Archives. Also, no action was taken on a proposed "plain language" Big Book.

No old business or new business.

Tradition and Concept Reading: Appropriately enough we read the 7th tradition in the 12 and 12. In the discussion following, Alex lamented that his group could not both send him to the conference in November and contribute to GSO. Ruth and Glenn assured him that given the choice of one or the other, AA would rather see him representing his group at the conference. Ruth talked about the importance of a prudent reserve and also the possibly greater danger of a group having too much money than if it has too little money. Concept VII concerned the AA Board of Trustees having legal power to manage AA's affairs but in spirit it is the AA groups that ultimately hold the power. Ruth again emphasized why it was important that our district endeavor to encourage as much participation as possible from the groups so that our voice is heard. Also, and this ties in with Tradition 7, Ruth explained why she accepts reimbursement for travel expenses incurred doing work for the Area even though she could afford to pay her own way. If the district does not reimburse the current DCM, they might think they do not have to reimburse the next DCM, and then the District is in danger of appointing only officers who can afford to pay their own way. The opportunity to be a trusted leader in AA must be available to all willing AA members REGARDLESS of their financial status.

We closed with the Reponsibility Pledge. The next district meeting will be August 21.

June 19, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Shatoya took minutes.

Roll Call: David L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that 15 guys attended the meeting last night but they only have 2.5 homegroup members. Nobody comes to the business meetings. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown, reported that they had no business meeting last month due to the Memorial Day holiday. Their Thursday meeting has picked up a lot. Kevin B., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that attendance is good. Their Founder's Day event, used to fund the November to Remember event, was sold out. July 16 will be the July 16th Annual Barbeque from noon to 4:00 PM at Wissinoming park. Tickets are $5.00. Kevin spoke on behalf of Fishtown Breakdown that attendance is good and they are doing well and to expect a $50 donation to District. Glenn reported that Hand of God is dying and now both meetings need support. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, revealed that the treasurer is misinformed on the four entities that groups contribute to to support AA levels of service. Contrary to his belief, one entity does not split the money and distribute it to the other entities. Cecilia said she would pass on the addresses and instructions on how to contribute to District, Area, GSO, and Intergroup. She reported that attendance to meetings is good and the camping trip for the residents went very well. Michael D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported that the Men's group held a family day and it was a big success. They just got a new Intergroup rep after the last one disappeared. Finances are on a firm footing and they will be contributing to Area, GSO, District, and Intergroup. Laura reported that in the past month new people have been attending the group and they have more members. Norm, GSR of Survival, reported that it is doing well. Bill C. reported that the Wissinoming AM meetings are well attended.

The 7th Tradition basket was passed

Ruth read the Secretary's report from last month. It was approved with no changes.

Officer-at-Large: Kathy asked everybody for their updated phone numbers as she was having trouble reaching everybody when she called to notify them of the upcoming meeting.

Visitation Committee: Glenn visited the Girard Group on May 16. The meeting was not there. The site is not a daycare center. Kathy will attend the Good Morning group on June 30. Glenn and Ruth and Mike will go to Attractions on Tuesday, July 19 at 7:00 PM.

Workshop Committee: Glenn attended the planning committee meeting. Districts 25, 26, 27, 28, and 60 will be participating in the workshop. The venue will be SEPIA at 444 N. Third St. The date is tentatively August 27 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. The theme is Our Spiritual Way of LIfe: Steps, Traditions, and Concepts. Each district will have 20 minutes for their presentation. Our topic will be about how the steps lead us to spirituality. The next planning meeting will be July 9, noon to three. Glenn will not be able to attend that planning meeting. Cecilia will go in his place. Glenn let us know that we will be contributing $50 for a hoagie tray and paper products for the workshop.

Traditions Committee: Kathy will speak on the 6th tradition on July 3. Glenn will speak on the the 7th tradition on July 10. David L. will speak on the 8th tradition on July 17. Shatoya will speak on the 9th tradition on July 24. Kevin will speak on the 10th tradition on July 31. For the Last Stop meetings Shatoya will speak on the 6th tradition on June 27. Glenn will speak on the 7th tradition on July 25.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported that the opening balance was $467.42. The basket yielded $19.00. The subtotal was $486.42. $155.00 was deducted for Ruth's travel to the last two quarterly Area meetings. The ending balance was $331.42.

DCM Report: Ruth attended the Area Quarterly Meeting last week in State College, PA. She informed everybody that the Delegate Conference Report/Mini Assembly next week at Goshen Fire Company, 1320 Park Ave, West Chester, PA. Our district is doing setup so we need to be there! We can also have Pat come and speak to us directly if you'd like. There is a PA State Convention, August 5-7, Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA. PENNSYPAA will be at Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, Aug 12-14. Area Convention is on Nov. 4-6. Ruth provided fliers. This is an election year. Ruth emphasized not only how important it is for the GSRs to be there but also how important it is for the GSRs to be on time for the roll call at the beginning of the session. If you are not on time you cannot vote and if you are late for the roll call and you try to vote anyway and the number of votes tallied exceeds the number of voters counted during roll call, the vote will be declared invalid and the vote will be redone all over again. We have a new venue for the convention in Gettysburg which should be vastly superior to the Lancaster Host Resort which is now condemned due to three floors collapsing from a water main break! We need volunteers to man the tables. They cannot be GSRs because the GSRs will be voting. Ruth promised to copy the sign up sheet provided by the alternate Delegate for each of the GSRs to take to their groups next month. The Area approved 2 guest observers to the convention as opposed to the usual one because a substantial majority did not prevail for either of the candidates. The Area authorized the Delegate to purchase a new laptop computer, office software, and printer within special project budget not to exceed $1,200. The Area Will have an assistant to web-servant who can take over if needed. Structure Subcommittee had proposed amendments but the Chairperson struck them because the there was no substantial unanimity in approving them within subcommittee. It was an awkward moment.

No old or new business.

We read and discussed the 6th tradition and the 6th Concept.

Ruth requested that we push back the July meeting one week. Everybody consented. So the next district meeting will be on July 24.

We adjourned the meeting and closed with the responsibility pledge.

May 15, 2016

ADCM Glenn S. filled in for DCM Ruth D. All the attendants opened the meeting with the serenity prayer.

Roll Call: Dave L. from Abandon Yourself to God reported group is doing ok, but could use more attendance. Alex from First Day Big Book said meeting is fine. Phyllis from Fishtown Group reported group is good and working on their group history. Glenn reminded her to not only give history to district but also to SEPIA. Fishtown Breakdown's GSR Jim T. said group is doing good and just started new commitment at Self Help. Glenn S. reported Hand of God is doing fine, but still needs new GSR. District treasurer Laura spoke about One Day at a Time group, saying they have a new GSR named Brenda. Brenda showed up after Roll Call and said meeting is doing well but needs support. She also said that the group has a new Intergroup Rep. Charlie M. from Port Fishington reported group is doing good, but he can no longer be GSR. Charlie said they will get new GSR and he will escort him or her to the next district meeting. Norman F. of the Survival group said meeting is great but needs support for Friday nights' Joe and Charlie meeting. Norm also reported that group started a 50/50 at Thursdays meeting.

The 7th Tradition basket was passed.

Secretary's Report: Glenn read previous meeting minutes which were approved. No changes.

Officer at Large Report: Cathy apologized because she forgot to make reminder phone calls to GSRs.

Visitation Committee: Glenn visited Last Stop/G & Allegheny meeting on Friday May 13 and talked to Dan, the group chairperson. Dan said the group is still just getting started and also will probably be losing current location. Glenn exchanged phone numbers with Dan and told him to call if we can help in any way. Dan will let district know if they move. Glenn, Dave L.and Jim T. will visit Girard group on Monday May 16 to see if group is still there.

Workshop Committee: Glenn received an e-mail from Burnadette, ADCM District 27, about possibly having a combined workshop like we did last year. After talking to DCM Ruth, Glenn told Burnadette we would love to join together for workshop. Burnadette set up workshop planning meeting for June 11 from noon-3pm at SEPIA. Glenn told GSRs they should attend this planning meeting. Glenn is unsure just how many districts will be involved in workshop.

Traditions Committee: Traditions meetings at Greater Northeast Club Sunday 6pm

Tradition meeting at the Last Stop Monday June 27th 8pm Tradition 6---TBD. Will talk to Last Stop GSR, Cecilia.

Treasurers Report: Laura

DCM Report: Glenn reminded GSRs about Mini-Assembly II/Delegates Conference Report on June 26 in West Chester. Glenn did not have the flyer for the meeting, will bring it next district meeting.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Read and Discussed Tradition 5: Talked about primary purpose and individual and group responsibilty.

Read and Discussed Concept 5: Talked about minority opinion and how it works. Dave L. said at the Phila. zone Intergroup meeting minority opinion changed the minds of enough voters to deny a motion.

Next Meeting--June 19th

Ended Meeting with The Responsibility Pledge

April 17, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Phyllis took minutes.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that attendance has picked up due largely to men from nearby recovery houses. Alex C., the new GSR of First Day Big Book, reported good attendance. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown, reported decent attendance and that they filled all their April commitments. Her group also donated $23 to District. Glenn, ADCM, reported that the formerly named GCI group is changing its name to the Venango Group because Glenn explained to them that it is inadvisable to name an AA group after the hosting building because it implies association and is therefore a violation of the 6th tradition. They are not ready for a GSR yet. Glenn happened to be sitting in on their very first business meeting. Glenn also reported on Hand of God which has not really been having business meetings and is in flux. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported increased attendance and a larger prudent reserve for the group. Donnie, who has replaced Lauren as the GSR of New Life, reported that the group needs support. Not enough people are attending the meetings. The Sunday meeting is no longer active. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported that his group has acquired an Intergroup representative. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported good attendance and an inspirational speaker at their last meeting. Charlie M., GSR of Port Fishington, reported good attendance. Glenn spoke on behalf of Wissinoming PM that the group needs support.

The 7th Tradition basket was passed.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes of the previous District meeting off the website. No changes requested.

Visitation Committee: Glenn was pleased to report that SEPIA has obligingly purged the meeting schedule of defunct meetings in our district. He reported that Prosit, the Polish speaking meeting, does indeed exist. They rarely have business meetings and it is run by one person, Mario. It is not really a group, just a meeting, so it is not reasonable to expect them to bring in a GSR. He went to Smash the Thought and said it was good. Glenn and Alex will attend the group, Last Stop of K&A or Mother of Mercy on 801 E. Allegheny at Friday, 8:00 PM on May 13. Questions continue to arise as to the existence of Girard Group. Another unrepresented group in our district, Our Lady Help of Christians, meets only on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Do we want to reach out to this group?

Workshop Committee: No report. We will possibly have another combined workshop in October.

Website Committee: Ruth reminded people to check out the webiste and notify her of any errors.

Traditions Committee: The May schedule is as follows - On May 1 Ruth will speak on the 9th Tradition. On May 8 Alex will speak on the 10th Tradition. On May 15 David L. will speak on the 11th Tradition. On May 22 Glenn will speak on the 12th Tradition. We have not yet determined who will speak on the 1st Tradition on May 29 as that is Memorial Day weekend. Cecilia will speak on the 5th Tradition at the Last Stop on Monday, May 30.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported an opening balance of $416.42. The basket yielded $14.00. Donations totaled $33.00. The subtotal was $463.42. $14.00 was deducted to reimburse Ruth for copies. The ending balance is $449.42.

ADCM Report: Glenn, Don, and Jonathan attended the Preconference Sharing Session on April 3. The Session provides our delegate Pat F. with the Area's collective conscience on how they would like her to vote on issues that the General Service Assembly will address this month. Per our Concept outlaying Right of Decision and the other Areas being represented, it does not mean the the decisions will go as our Area voted at this Session. Glenn stood in for Ruth on the Archives Committee and Jonathan stood in for Glenn on the Ad Hoc Literature Committee. Glenn provided us with agenda items that the committees deliberated on. Among the highlights was an approval to add the line "AA Members do not need prisoner experience to be able to share sobriety with prisoners" to the Corrections materials. The Policy/Admissions committee reviewed a report from the trustees Committee on the General Service Conference regarding Conference observers from other fellowships and voted against this idea. Perhaps the most contentious issue was that put before the Report and Charter Committee: Consider request to revise text in the Concept Eleven essay regarding male/female distinctions in the Twelve Concepts for World Service. The line in question is "Men...because they are men are apt to be better at business." While the essay adds a footnote debunking this language, some felt that it should be erased entirely. At issue is whether we consider our Twelve Concepts for World Service archival material as well as a guide for our current actions. Is the language merely outdated or is it historical? The motion ultimately failed when it was put to the Area. Also a bone of contention was a consideration to remove the phrase "Special Needs" from Conference Committee on Treatment/Special Needs-Accesibilities name and throughout the committees' Composition, Scope, and Procedure. Discussion took 45 minutes. A consideration to create a "plain language" version of our basic text Alcoholics Anonymous netted no action.

DCM Report: Ruth talked about her Archives Subcommittee meeting the previous date in which the assistant Archivist instructed us on how to use Digital Voice recorders that we have acquired. These devices will be key in gathering oral histories from AA longtimers who would have knowledge of Area history. Ruth asked the GSRs to let her know of anybody who had substantial sobriety, 20 or more years. It turns out Alex C. has 25 years and would be a good candidate. Ruth also handed out a GSR preamble that she came across at the subcommittee meeting: We are the General Service Representatives. We are the link in the chain of communication for our groups with the General Service Conference and the world of AA. We realize that the ultimate authority in AA is a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. As trusted servants, our job is to bring information to our groups in order that the group can reach an informed group conscience. Passing along this group conscience, we are helping to maintain the unity and strength so vital to our fellowship. Let us, therefore, have the patience and tolerance to listen while others share, the courage to speak up when we have something to share, and the wisdom to do what is right for our groups and AA as a whole.

No old business and no new business

We then read and discussed the fourth Tradition which is about AA group autonomy and the fourth Concept which is about voting authority in proportion to one's service position.

Our next District meeting is May 15, 2016. Ruth will be unable to make it. Glenn will fill in for her and preside over the meeting

We closed the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

March 20, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Shatoya H. took minutes.

Roll Call: Mike D., outgoing GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that the meeting is doing very well and Alex C. will be replacing him next month as GSR. Kim, GSR of Grateful Hearts, reported increased attendance in the last two weeks. Starting next month the group will be able to donate to District. Kevin B. has replaced Kathy Q. as GSR of Greater Northeast. Kathy will remain our Officer-at-Large. Kevin reported that the group has a little money in the bank. They will holding a fundraiser on April 23 for November to Remember. On Saturday, May 14, will be their 72nd Anniversary celebration with three speakers. June 10, Founder's Day, will be "Pork and Pepsi" at 2770 Pratt from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Glenn S. reported that Hand of God is still trying to find a new GSR. Aside from that the meeting is doing well with increased attendance on Sunday and decreased attendance on Saturday, a reversal of prior trends. Johnathan, GSR of Kenzo, reported that the group is doing pretty well and attendance is okay. Cecilia reported that Last Stop is doing better with a large influx of women coming in. Their women's meeting has been cancelled for the time being. A lot of newcomers are coming in so she asked us to lend our support in helping them. They will be taking a group of Last Stop residents to the Round Up in April and a camping trip in May. Laura reported that One Day at a Time is going well. Norm reported that Survival will be having an Anniversary on May 14 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and the group is doing well. Bill C. reported that the chair of Wissinoming AM relapsed and disppeared with the keys but they were able to rectify the situation. Carter accompanied the new GSR to Young Men's Group, Jason who reported that the group will celebrate 52 years on April 24 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Ruth reported on behalf of Port Fishington that they will have an anniversary on Monday, March 21 from 7:30 to 9:30. Phyllis that the business meetings are enjoying an attendance of 8 or 9. Commitments are being filled.

An representative for a new group was in attendance: Christine of Smash the Thought. It started on January 14 and meets Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Thompson and Cambria School Hall on 2612 Monmouth St. On the 1st and 3rd weeks the meeting is a speaker/topic discussion format and on the 2nd and 4th weeks they read from the Living Sober handbook.

Officer at Large/Traditions Committee Report: In her capacity as a member of the Greater Northeast Club and facillitator of the Sunday evening Traditions meeting that we are resuming with GSRs speaking on the traditions, Kathy Q. said she would keep track on who is speaking on what day on what tradition and also on whether the GSRs keep the commitments. Kevin will speak on the 5th Tradition on April 3. Johnathan will speak on the 6th Tradition on April 10. Glenn will speak on the 7th Tradition on April 17. Laura will speak on the 8th Tradition on April 24. In addition, Kathy will also keep track of the new Traditions meeting format on the last Monday of the month at the Last Stop at 8:00 pm. Cecilia will speak onthe 3rd tradition on March 28. Ruth D. will be speaking on April 25 on the 4th Tradition.

Visitation Committee: There were no scheduled visitations this month although Glenn visited a meeting at 2645 E. Venango on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. It is called GCI after its host church, Grace Church and the Incarnation. Glenn suggested to the runners of the meeting that it is not entirely in keeping with the traditions of AA to name a meeting after the building in which it is housed. Another meeting without a name has emerged on 801 E. Allegheny. It meets on Wednesday from 7 to 8 pm and Friday from 8 to 9 pm. Glenn and Carter plan on attending the Polish speaking meeting, Prosit, on March 30.

Workshop Committee: Glenn reported that the workshop went well though a larger attendance would have been nice. The speakers and the skit were good. District 22 wants to do it again. We would be delighted.

Website Committee: Ruth will add our Traditions speaker schedule to the website.

Treasurer's Report: The opening balance was $405.08. The basket yielded $30. The subtotal was $435.05. Deductions were $18.66 to reimburse Ruth for copies. Our ending balance was $416.42.

DCM Report: Ruth and Glenn attended the Area quarterly meeting in Hawley, PA, last week. Ruth talked at length about the one motion that was put on the floor: The Structure Subcommittee recommends that the motion relating to the placement of the linguistic district and Logo #3 on the Area Map adopted on Dec. 13, 2015 be rescinded. A lot of emotion on this one. The Delegate cried as she said that this motion was disrespectful. The Alt-Delegate said he could cry too if he wanted. Not everybody on the Structure Committee was in favor if this motion, in particular the Committee Chair. Arguments for the motion - the original motion back in December was introduced too fast. We never had a chance to take it back to our GSRs (we voted against postponing it back in December). It will be confusing to have another logo with the number 68 in competition with the Area Logo. Ruth was against the motion. Ruth felt that the Area conference had already decided this so why were we rehashing it? The linguistic district is a real district and it should be represented. In the end, the majority voted in favor of the motion. However, it was not a 2/3 majority so the motion failed. Ruth also informed the GSRs about the Preconference Sharing Session on Sunday, April 3. Glenn provided copies of the flier for all present. In addition, a mini-assembly will take place on Sunday, June 26, for which our district will assist in the set-up. Ruth made sure that all understood exactly what a mini-assembly and a preconference sharing session were. The yearly convention will be at the Gettysburg Wyndham Hotel. For the first time we will be able to register online and by phone as well as by mail but not until after June. Ruth reminded the GSRs of the importance of attending. Particularly this year as it is a voting year and Ruth would like to continue her rise to power in the ranks of AA. The Area finances are in good shape. This year their checking account has $7000 more than it did the same time last year. Ruth mentioned our delegate, Pat F.'s, visit to the Last Stop business meeting in the wake of the Al-Jazeera America anonymity break and that she thought the visit went well.

Ruth took this time to segue into a concern she had. When she calculated her mileage at the 40 cents a mile for this trip she found it was $95 for 238 miles. However, with the low gas prices, it takes less than $30 to fill her gas tank which can take her over 300 miles when full on the highway. But Bill C. cut in and explained that this rate was determined with great research and calculation by the United States government and it also takes into account the wear and tear on the car that these trips can inflict. Ruth said she felt better about taking money at that rate now that she took into account other factors besides mere gas mileage. The group agreed to keep the rate as it is. Don was curious as to how we got this number and how one talks to the Area officers about it. Ruth explained about the part of the Area meeting in which DCM actions and summaries take place and she promised that she would bring it up as an action (an issue, problem, or question for the Area conference to help with) at the next quarterly meeting.

Next we read Tradition Three and Concept Three. We closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next District meeting will be April 17.

February 21, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Shatoya H. took minutes.

Roll Call: David L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that the group was struggling. They had their anniversary meeting. It went well. The turnout was good. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported good attendance. However they need to rotate out old officers and bring in new officers. He has a person who might be interested in taking over the GSR position. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown, passed along the breakdown of different entities to which AA groups donate. Their Saturday meeting is very full. Thursday not so much. Jim T., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reporte that the group just elected a new treasurer and attendance is good. Rick, the treasurer of Good Morning Group, reported that the group was struggling. Shatoya reported that Grateful Hearts, with the assistance of outside help, was able to make by-laws. The contentiousness of their meetings has abated considerably of late. They have appointed a co-chair who is well versed in Robert's Rules of Order. Also, Kim is now the GSR. Shatoya will continue to be the District secretary. Kathy Q. also reported a new GSR is taking over for Greater Northeast and she will stay on as the Officer at Large. Glenn S., ADCM, reported that the Sunday meeting of Hand of God is doing better than before and the Saturday meeting still enjoys excellent attendance. But they still seem unable to appoint a GSR. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported decreased participation. They will have a St. Patrick's Day meeting on March 17 at 9:00 PM. Of large concern was a recent article published by Aljazeera America about the Last Stop Recovery House with its numerous anonymity breaks. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported increased attendance and that they are slowly ammassing prudent reserve and hope to soon contribute to District, Area, GSO, and IG soon. Ruth D. reported that Port Fishington will be having an anniversary celebration on March 21, 2016 at 7:30 with a one hour speaker and then food. Norm, GSR of Survival, reported that it is doing well with increased attendance. They will soon contribute to District and have an alternate GSR Rick. Bill C., GSR of Wissinoming AM, reported that all is well. Carter reported that Young Men's group is doing well. They will soon have somebody new as the GSR. He has been GSR for three years. Lauren, the new GSR for New Life, reported that in addition to the Wednesday 7:00 PM Beginner's meeting, they now have a Sunday afternoon Came to Believe meeting at 5:00 PM. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo group, reported that the Thursday meeting is no more. The Tuesday meeting continues to do well.

Secretary's Report: Shatoya read the minutes from last month's meeting which were approved and the approval was seconded.

Visitation Committee: Glenn returned to Fishbook and passed out pamphlets. Group members said they were working on getting a GSR. Shatoya want to Kenzo Big Book and gave the members information and the time and place for the District meeting.

Workshop Committee: The combined district workshop is set for March 12, 11:00 to 3:00 with doors opening at 10. Lunch will be served. A planning meeting is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, February 23 at 7:00 PM. Two speakers are set. Donald, the Area archivist, will speak on the Concepts. We have another speaker for the Traditions. A skit is also being planned. A motion was made to allocate $50 to supply disposable eating implements and paper plates and cups and whatever else might be needed. This is in keeping with our structure manual which states that we allocate $100 to two workshops a year. The motion was approved with a majority vote.

Website Committee: Ruth reported the website was up to date as of that day. No changes.

Traditions Committee: Ruth had consulted Area officers about a district starting a meeting. It was the general consensus that the district should be focussed on supporting groups in carrying the message and focus on traditions in district workshops. We talked about Grateful Hearts or Last Stop starting up a traditions meeting. Then we talked about the past habit of GSRs speaking at Greater Northeast on Sunday evenings. The problem we had had with the arrangement was that the GSRs who signed up to speak on a tradition on a given day would fail to show up for their commitment. However, it is possible that our current batch of GSRs will be more willing to live up to their commitments. Kathy said that she would bring up the District resuming bringing in GSRs to speak on traditions at the next Greater Northeast business meeting. In the meantime we agreed to table the discussion on the subject.

Treasurer's Report: Due to an emergency Laura was not able to attend the meeting but we were still able to get a report on our finances. The opening balance was $353.08. The basket yielded $27.00. Donations totaled up to $75.00. The subtotal was $455.08. We anticipate giving $50.00 to the workshop cause but we have not yet so the subtotal stands.

Old Business: None

New Business: David L. reported 16 open commitments from SEPIA treatment committee.

We read and discussed the second tradition and the second Concept. We closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next meeting will be on March 13, 2016

January 17, 2016

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Shatoya H. took minutes.

Roll Call: David L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that a few more people were attending the meeting. The group will be celebrating its anniversary on Saturday, February 13, 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that a lot of people are attending the meeting. Some of officer positions are up and need to be rotated, including the GSR position. Hopefully this increased attendance will result in more people willing to fill those positions. Phyllis, GSR of Fishtown, reported that no business meeting took place in December but in January the group will discuss getting people into service at Intergroup and in treatment centers. Attendance has been good. Jim T., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reported really good attendance but they will have one on the last Sunday of the month. The group is able to fill all of its Intergroup commitments. Shatoya, GSR of Grateful Hearts, reported that the group may have to stop providing pizza after the meeting as some people are taking advantage of the free food without coming to hear the message. The disruptive force at the business meetings needs to be outnumbered by the other members of the group. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast Club, was on vacation and so missed the last business meeting. A by-law meeting will take place on February 7 at noon and a dance will happen on February 13 at 8:00 pm. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group reported that this is to be the final month of the poorly attended Thursday meeting but the Tuesday meeting is going well. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported good attendance at the meetings. Mike D., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported increased attendance. He is unsure who the current treasurer is. The previous treasurer relapsed and left the group with $22. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time reported that things were going well but the group still needed more women to attend. Charlie M., GSR of Port Fishington, reported that the group had their last business meeting in December. Funds are low but attendance is good. Norman, GSR of Survival, reported strong attendance but that the Friday Joe and Charlie tape format meeting needs support. An allergic reaction to betadine prevented Bill C., GSR of Wissinoming AM, from attending his group's last business meeting. He reported that nearby women's recovery houses have been mandating attendance to the meeting. Carter, GSR of Young Men's, reported that the group has an alternate GSR. The meeting is well attended. Glenn S., ADCM, came in from the planning meeting for Share-A-Day, and reported that Hand of God still does not have a GSR and that the Saturday meeting needs support.

Secretary's Report: Shatoya read last month's minutes.

Visitation Committee: Glenn attended Fishbook. He will return on the last Wednesday of the month when they have their business meeting. Shatoya, Kathy, and Cecilia will visit Kenzo Women's on Friday, January 22. Don, alternate GSR of Last Stop, is planning on going to Port Richmond Step and will find out what became of Danny G. Glenn alerted us to the existence of two meetings in our district we have not yet reached out to: Smash the Thought Beginners, Thursday, 7:00 pm, 2612 E. Monmouth, and a meeting at Grace Church and the Incarnation at 2645 E. Venango St. on Thursdays at 7:00 pm and Saturdays at 10 pm.

Workshop Committee: Glenn reported that they are still looking for a venue. St. Catherine's is not renting out their church so they will reach out to the church near Lincoln High School. If this site does not pan out then St. Mark's will be the next possibility. Donald H., the Area Archivist, has agreed to reprise his presentation on the 12 Concepts that he gave at the Area Conference. The date of the workshop will be in early March on a Saturday or Sunday.

Website Committee: Ruth reported that the website is up to date as of that day but it is still not mobile friendly.

Traditions Committee: There was serious discussion on forming a meeting at the district level exclusively devoted to the traditions. Shatoya will talk to the pastor of St. Mark's. Ruth will reach out to Area officers for guidance and suggestions.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported an opening balance of $820.88. The basket yielded $19.00. The subtotal was $839.88. Deductions were $486.80 in order to reimburse the DCM for traveling expenses for the past few months. The ending balance was $353.08.

DCM Report: Ruth went to a DCM sharing session the previous Sunday. She distributed GSO Conference Inventories she picked up from that session. Ruth talked about how the DCMs and the Area officers planned the upcoming Mini-Assemblies. District 60 will assist in setting up one of the assemblies.

No old business.

New Business: Kathy will donate a coffeepot to District 60 and Dave will donate coffee. Glenn will bring cups.

Next, we read and discussed the 1st Tradition and the 1st Concept.

We closed with the Responsibility Pledge.

The next District meeting will be on February 21.

Minutes from 2015

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December 20, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Shatoya H. took minutes.

We have four new GSRs now. Jim T. for Fishtown Breakdown. Phyllis for Fishtown. Michael D. for Olney-Lawndale, and Charlie M. for Port Fishington.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that his group is struggling a bit. Their ninth anniversary is coming up on February 13, from 6 to 8 pm. Jim T., the new GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reported that his group has good attendance, they celebrated their anniversary last night, and they will be getting a new treasurer in January. Phyllis, the new GSR for Fishtown, reported that her group is getting back in the game. They changed the time of their business meeting to the last Saturday of the month at 11:30 am. The Saturday meeting is very well attended with standing room only. They have changed their by-laws. Shatoya reported that Grateful Hearts is having issues. They have a dictator who wants to be in charge of everything. He is disruptive at business meetings and refuses to adhere to Robert's Rules. She requested some help from us to get the situation under control. Some of us agreed to attend the meeting and then the business meeting on January 5. Shatoya said that they don't know what they are doing. We assured her that we are here to help. The DCM explained to her about establishing a prudent reserve (3 months operating expenses) before donating to Area, District, GSO, and Intergroup. Glenn reported on behalf of Hand of God that they still need a new GSR. Saturday attendance is down and the Sunday meeting obtained a new chairperson. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group, reported that the attendance at their Thursday meeting is so poor that they will consider killing it at their next business meeting. The Tuesday meeting is doing fine. It turns out that the women's meeting that we have been presuming was part of Kenzo is actually a seperate group split off from Kenzo. It is called Kenzo Women's meeting. This will be a good opportunity for visitation to encourage them to elect a GSR. Cecilia reported that Last Stop has been enjoying one celebration after another. There have been a lot of people and there has been a lot of fun. Frank A. happened to be in the room and informed us that the Last Stop would be open all day and all night from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day with a full spread of food. Mike D., the new GSR for Olney-Lawndale reported a situation similar to Kenzo's where one of the meetings listed under their group is a seperate group called Primary Purpose. The attendance is so good there that they have standing room only. They have the best attendance of the meetings. Olney-Lawndale and Primary Purpose do pool their seventh tradition collections. Meanwhile, O-L is slowly rebuilding, including restocking their supply of Big Books. Laura reported that One Day at a Time could use more support and especially more women. There are usually only two. Charlie, new GSR of Port Fishington, reported that attendance was good though it could depend on what football teams are playing.. Carter reported good attendance at Young Men's with more and younger men attending. No group issues to report.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes she posted online. Cecilia approved them. Shatoya seconded the approval.

Visitation Committee: Glenn admitted sheepishly that he forgot to visit Fishbook. He said he will go on January 13. He also drew our attention to a meeting that is listed in the SEPIA schedule under our district: Sister to Sister which meets at Miracle House on Friday, 8:30 PM. Is it still there? Shatoya and Cecilia said that they would to to Kenzo Women's on January 8 now that we are aware of their status as a seperate group from Kenzo.

Workshop Committee: Glenn mas met with the alternate DCM of District 22. We will be hosting a workshop together. We would like very much to have Donald H., the Area archivist, reprise his presentation on the Concepts. We will probably have the workshop on March 5, March 6, or March 12.

Treasurer's Report: Laura gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was $795.88. The basket had $25.00 The subtotal and ending balance was $820.88. It will be lower come the next district meeting as Ruth has submitted her travel expenses.

DCM Report: Ruth and Glenn attended the Area Quarterly meeting on December 13 in Enola, PA. Ruth gave her report. At the meeting there were 3 motions put on the floor:

1. Motion to allow each candidate who stands to Area office to read a one minute prepared statement (approximately 250 words) to share his/her qualifications and experience with the voting members of the Area Assembly, as relevant to the positions he/she is standing for, on Saturday morning of the voting year Area Assembly. Evelyn, the DCM of the Linguistic District objected because it adds a step to our third legacy. To uphold the objection and kill the motion you need a 2/3 majority or 32 votes in this particular instance. There were 31 votes so the motion stood (barely). Ruth voted to let the motion stand even though she did not know how she would ultimately vote because she wanted to hear what people had to say about it. DCM Wayne argued for the motion: GSRs have no idea who these candidates are. The arguments against were: not everybody has a prepared statement. It goes against humility. Lends itself to politicking. Time restraints. Concept 9. Let our actions speak for us, not our words. The somebody made a motion that w delay deciding until March meeting so that DCMs had the chance to present the motion to their districts. Needed 2/3 majority. 27 (including Ruth) voted to postpone but it needed 29. In the end the original motion failed with only 7 in favor. Ruth voted against it.

2. Motion to allow subcommittees to elect a chair at the first December quarterly meeting of the panel. Right now they're appointed by the Delegate. Against: how could we even make a decision when we don't know each well enough yet. Trust out leaders. 7 in favor. 28 against. Glenn pointed out during the meeting that we have no control over this aspect of the activities of the next Panel and Ruth made this point at the mic.

3. Motion to record the proceedings and outcomes of the Pre-Area meetings and disseminate to the entire Area Committee to ensure transparency between our officers and those they serve. 7 in favor. 31 against.

4. Another motion arose from the Structure Subcommittee report. Evelyn reported that the committee had selected a logo to represent the linguistic district (68) that would go on our Area map. Melanie the chair said that since this affects the Area map it should be subject to approval by the Area. But as a Delegate recommendation it could also be considered exempt from a vote. 32 in favor of putting D.68 on the map. Dave H. was opposed because the map is a geographical guide and District 68 is not a geographical entity.

We read and discussed the 12th Concept and in more detail the 12th tradition. We ended the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge. The next district meeting will be January 17, 2016.

November 22, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Dave L. took minutes.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported no change and that his group was struggling. Mike D., outgoing GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that he is trying to find somebody to replace him but while the group has good attendance not many people are showing up to the business meeting. Shatoya, the GSR for Grateful Hearts Group, reported on her new group. It is a Big Book study. They are still "figuring it out." All officer positions have been filled. They have a facilitator but need an alternate facilitator and support. The priest at their site is accomodating. They are planning a Christmas event on December 25. From 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM they will have speakers. From 5:00 to 7:00 will be dinner. From 7:00 to 8:00 will be a one hour speaker. And a dance will be happen from 8:00 to midnight. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, is beside herself. In their business meeting the board voted on and retained bingo and stripped the entertainment director of his title. People with time are leaving. Leaders have lesser amounts of time. Kathy is looking for somebody to replace her as GSR which does not seem to be likely to happen. She has been doing it off and on for 8 years. She said she will step down come January. Glenn reported that both the Saturday and Sunday meetings of Hand of God need support. The group seems to be falling apart. Officers are not showing up. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group, reported that the Thursday meeting needs support. The group donated $15.00 to the District. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported that a big Thanksgiving event would be taking place. All meetings are well attended except Tuesday. Dan H., GSR of New Life, reported a steady core of people that shows up and new people always show up even if all of them don't stay. The attendance is up and down. They are working on a prudent reserve. Mike D. reported on behalf of Olney-Lawndale that the group has a new GSR whose name is Mike. Mike has reported to district meetings but that nobody was there. This is understandable as we have had to move the district meeting back two times recently. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported that both the meeting and the business meeting could use support. Norm F., GSR of Survival, reported that the meetings were doing well although the Friday Joe and Charlie format needs support. Bill C., GSR of Wissinoming AM, reported a flush of young people in officer positions. They will have an anniversary meeting on Thanksgiving. It's going well. Carter, GSR of Young Men's Group, reported that attendance is healthy and the business meeting is well attended.

Ruth gave the secretary's report. No changes were requested.

Visitation Committee: Glenn and Dave L. were going to go to Grateful Hearts on November 10 but neither went. Fortunately the group is well represented. Glenn says that a guide on how to form a visitation committee will be available from the Area Ad Hoc Literature committee. Glenn plans to visit Fishbook on November 25.

Workshop Committee: Glenn reported that our district will do a combined workshop with District 22 in February. He has been in contact with their alternate DCM Kate.

Website Committee: Ruth has been keeping the site up to date. She hopes to make it more mobile friendly.

Tradition Committee: Bill C. went to the NE Group with the purporse of speaking on the traditions but was told he was not needed.

Treasurer's Report: Laura gave the report. The opening balance was $661.88. The basket yielded $19.00 this month and $15.00 last month. Donations were $15.00 (from Kenzo). The subtotal was $795.88. Ruth needs to submit her travel expenses for the Area Convention to Laura. (The cost of the stay at the Lancaster Host Resort was $234.)

DCM Report: Ruth D. attended the Area conference on the weekend of November 14. Kathy Q., Norm, Cecilia, and Glenn were there. Glenn as the ADCM ushered. There was a slight controversy over the affirmation of the new Area Secretary Melanie. When the previous Officer at Large had to vacate her position, Curt C. was affirmed as the new Officer at Large. The then Officer at Large Melanie was made the new Chairperson. The Area Structure manual reads that the new Chairperson need not be affirmed in such a situation. In our agenda one of the items was the affirmation of the new Chair. But during the meeting the Delegate said that this was an error. The DCM for District 21 brought up a point of order and questioned why we were not affirming the new Chair. The main divide was over whether we should afford a courtesy to the Chair of affirming her or adhere to our manual which does not mandate such an affirmation. Moreover, in calling for votes, confustion arose as to whether we were voting to agree to hold an affirmation or on the affirmation itself. In the end we voted not to hold an affirmation vote.

In her position as a member of the Archives Subcommittee, Ruth participated in a workshop on the history of AA in Area 59. She gave a report on general patterns. Today, Ruth also informed the groups who needed to provide group histories to the Area: Kenzo needs to update its history. Last Stop, One Day at a Time, New Life, and Grateful Hearts need to provide histories as well.

Old Business: Shatoya stepped up to become the new secretary. (However, after the meeting was adjourned, it turned out that we had a non-GSR who was willing to be the Secretary and had not known that we were meeting in the back of the building or else she would have been there.

New Business: If Kathy is not able to make the reminder phone calls for the next District meeting, Bill C. will fill in.

Next we read Concept 11, which nobody seemed to understand very well, and Tradition 11, a very hot topic of discussion right now. There is a movement to change the tradition to read "We need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, film, and SOCIAL MEDIA." This is a near impossibility as it would take 3/4 of worldwide AA to approve it. Nevertheless, with or without an official change to the wording of the tradition itself, the issue is highly pertinent. It was the topic of a very well-attended workshop at the EPGSA the previous week. Even if proclaiming personal sobriety on social media does not constitute a break in anonymity as long as one does not mention an affiliation with AA, it goes against the principle of quiet humility which is important to lasting sobriety and spiritual living. It was important to point out the distinction between having our anonymity broken on Facebook and officers in Area and General Service knowing the first and last names of the GSRs seated at the table. Being known by other AAs does not constitute a break in personal anonymity.

Finally, we closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next meeting will be held on December 20, 2015.

October 25, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Dave L. took minutes.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that the group was "so-so". His group donated $10 to the District. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that attendance has been very high but unfortunately nobody was coming to the business meetings. The worry for this group is that nobody will step up when Mike's term as GSR is finished in a couple of months. Ruth reported on behalf of Fishtown Breakdown that she had somebody in mind to be the GSR for this group. She had asked that person if they would do it and they said yes. Unforunately that person was not at the meeting on this day so that Ruth could remind her that the business meeting was today. Tentatively on Friday, December 18, Fishtown Breakdown will be hosting a holiday/anniversary meeting from 7 to 9 pm. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the Saturday 1PM Women's meeting needs more women. The group will be having a Speaker Weekend from November 6 through November 8. Kathy continues to tussle with the board about the expense the group is incurring in bringing in and putting up speakers from afar when perfectly good local speakers with a message of hope and sobriety are available to speak. Glenn, ADCM, reported that he would officially be stepping down as GSR come Hand of God's next business meeting. Attendance continues to be excellent on the Saturday evening meeting and poor on the Sunday afternoon meeting. Kathleen was present as the new alternate GSR of Kenzo Group. She had nothing to report. Cecila, GSR of Last Stop, reported an eventful month with lots of dances and fundraisers. She welcomes the current lull in activity. Rumors aside, the Sunday women's meeting is still on though its future will be a topic of discussion at the next business meeting. Ruth reported on behalf of Port Fishington that she had asked Charlie M. to be the GSR. He was not present. It is possible that confusion has arisen due to the district meeting being pushed back this month. The group is doing fine. Ruth took this time to inform everybody that Acts of Recovery would be happening at Port Fishington's meeting space on October 31 from noon to 5:00 PM. Norman, GSR of Survival, reported that the group is doing well. They will be holding elections this Thursday. Carter, GSR of Young Men's, reported that his group was alive and healthy-ish. His group donated $85 to District.

Visitation: Glenn and Ruth discussed the new group New Life, which split from Port Richmond Step. They had both attended a meeting there a couple of weeks ago. The new group wanted to focus more on newcomers than the original group does. Dan H. is now the new GSR for New Life. Another new group has emerged recently: Grateful Hearts, at St. Mark's Church on 4422 Frankford Ave. It is a Big Book Study that meets on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Glenn and David L. will visit on November 10. (Post script: Ruth received a call from the new group's GSR confirming the meeting time of the district meeting. She had come to the meeting site on the usual time, the third Sunday of the month, in October, but found that the meeting was not in session. I explained to her that we had had to move the meeting back because of the Area inventory and also that the November meeting would be moved back a week as well because of the Area Convention. So it is apparent that the new group has representation and it is not necessary to make a visit to them for the purpose to encouraging them to appoint a GSR.)

Workshop Committee: Because of a spate of donations this district can now afford to give a workshop. It is not feasible to have one this year but it would be possible for January or February. Glenn will look into a date and venue. We should all consider possible topics for the workshop.

Website: Ruth renewed the domain for the site which is still up and running.

Treasurer's Report: Laura the treasurer was not present today but we were still able to extrapolate a report. The opening balance was $661.88. The basket had $15. Donations were $85. The subtotal and the ending balance because there were no deductions are $761.88. Ruth will need to remind Laura next month to reimburse her for the mileage to the Area Inventory.

DCM's Report: Ruth went with Glenn and Cecilia to the Area Inventory in Temple, PA on October 18. It was generally a fruitful experience. Ruth was also part of the Archives Subcommittee Inventory that preceded the Area inventory. Among other things Archives determined that it needed to be more aggressive in attending all Area events and workshops so the the Archives displays may be available to view, even if we don't receive a direct invitation. Ruth also reminded everybody they were de facto members of the Archives Subcommittee meeting and to make sure they all have contributed group histories and to contribute any fliers or AA related photographs or other pertinent materials to Archives. (Ruth will be able to determine who has contributed and who has not contributed a group history in our district when she attends the next Subcommittee meeting.) Ruth and Glenn explained that the Area inventory was the equivalent of the 4th step inventory that individual AA members know so well. We had a list of questions that we went through one by one that various DCMs and other officers would get up to the mic and answer according to their perceptions. One of the persistent concerns that either is real or a result of the questions we were given is the matter of diversity in our Area. AA as a whole and in the Area continues to be dominated by white men. Ruth had pointed out at the inventory that her particular district is not that diverse. We take what we can get. Somebody at the meeting pointed out SEPIA has a much higher proportion of African Americans.

Old Business: We will continue to announce at our meetings the district's need for a secretary. Dave L. will help out until we are able to get one.

New Business: Glenn announced that the Area Literature Subcommittee is putting together literature packets specifically designed for Visitation Committee members to take to meetings that have not elected GSRs.

We then read and discussed the 10th Tradition and the 10th Concept.

We adjourned the meeting with the Responsibility pledge.

The next district meeting will be held on November 22 because of the EPGSA convention that falls on the third Sunday in November.

September 20, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call:Dave L., who is now the GSR of the Abandon Yourself to God as opposed to the alternate GSR, reported that his group was still struggling. They recently had their rent raised and only three people attended the last business meeting. They had a unity pitch which went well. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that his group was doing well. In particular, the attendance is up at the Saturday meeting. He also reported that he would soon be coming to the end of his two year term. Glenn and Ruth encouraged him to begin announcing at meetings that he would soon be stepping down. We also encouraged him to consider a service position on the district level which he could still perform even if he was no longer a GSR. Amy L., once GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, appears to have disappeared. Ruth had received a text from her promising that she would attend this meeting but she was not there. Also, Kathy Q. reported that when she attempted to call her, the number was disconnected. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported somewhat sardonically that the group was going the way certain trustees want it to go. The Saturday women's meeting desperately needs support. The group will be hosting a November to Remember and, in the GSR's opinion, incurring much expense to bring in lots of outside speakers. Glenn S. reported that as usual the Hand of God group was doing very well as far as the Saturday evening meeting was concerned but poorly where the Sunday afternoon meeting was concerned, which does not even have a chairperson at present. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group, reported that it was doing well and attendance was good. The Thursday night meeting is the chairperson's choice and they are now doing a Big Book format. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported that it was a little slower due it being August. The Sunday women's meeting needs support. There has been talk about shutting it down because nobody from the outside is showing up. This was not always the case. Last Stop will be having a multi-purpose event celebrating the 60th birthday of Ed Z., who manages Last Stop, his 22nd anniversary of sobriety, and Halloween. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported that group was fine. Norm F., GSR of Survival, reported that the Friday Joe and Charlie Tapes meeting needs support. Carter, GSR of Young Men's Group, reported that it was doing awesome and the attendants were, in fact, getting younger.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes from last month's meeting. Nobody had any changes.

Visitation Committee: Glenn reported on his visit to Oxford Circle. They already knew why he was there and they appointed a new GSR who hopefully will show up at the October meeting. Glenn also attempted to visit the LaSalle Group, which is listed in SEPIA's meeting book, but is no more according to the guards a the site where Glenn went. Also listed in our district in the meeting book is a Spanish speaking meeting. It is possible that meeting belongs in the linguistic district. However, if it is listed as being in our district, then we might have a responsibility to reach out. Carter said that he knows Spanish.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported an opening balance of $460.38. The basket netted $13.50. Donations amounted to $225.00, thanks to Fishtown Breakdown. The subtotal was $698.88. Deductions were $37.00 to compensate the DCM for gas driving to the Poconos for the last Area meeting. The ending balance is $661.88.

DCM Report: Last Sunday Ruth D. went to the Poconos for the 4th Quarterly meeting. Highlights of the meeting: This year the Convention/Assembly will be at the Lancaster Host Resort. But after that we will be in a new undisclosed location. 200 Registration forms were returned in the mail, a terrible waste of postage and indicative of the outdated contact information Area has on hand. Three GSRs had to request registration forms. We need to fill the rooms. If we don't, Area has to pay Lancaster Host Resort $20,000. EPGSA has $23,000 in its checking account and almost $23,000 in savings, 100% of our prudent reserve. The only District 60 groups that have contributed to EPGSA are Fishtown (ironically, one with no GSR) and Survival, which gives quite a bit. If you contribute to Area, please make the check payable to EPGSA. Also, don't think that one contribution makes its way to all AA entities. You have to contribute to each one individually - district, Area, GSO, and Intergroup. The Chairperson stated that any DCM or Standing Committee that has a Motion, Recommendation or "Right of Appeal" must present it in writing to the Area Chairperson 48 hours prior to Area Officers' Pre-Area meeting. DCMs asked lots of questions about this. A DCM can still bring a motion in new business but it is in one's best interests to get out the motion or recommendation early so it can be incorporated into the format. Also, somebody was upset when the Chair stated no cellphone usage was allowed when meeting is in session. She was very emphatic about this and said she was considering keeping a bucket of water nearby for transgressors. Somebody got offended about that. The Alt-Delegate asked us to sign up volunteers for the convention. There will be an Area Inventory on October 18. During the Summaries and Actions portion one DCM bewailed the fact that only 7 out of his 25 groups are participating in the District. Ruth got up on the mic and reported that it's the same at our district. It's typical that a small percentage do most of the work. Thank the GSRs that do show up. The finance committee provided 7th tradition envelopes which Ruth passed out to the GSRs. As a member of the Archives Subcommittee, Ruth will be doing a workshop on the History of AA at the convention.

Old Business: As we have no secretary, David L. reluctantly said that he would take minutes next month if nobody else stepped up. That said, we agreed to announce at meetings that the district was looking for a new secretary and one did not need to be a GSR in order to participate.

Next, we read and discussed the 9th Tradition and the 9th Concept. The 9th Tradition, "AA, as such, ought never be organized...", seemed apropos in light of the difficulty we have in getting people to adhere to their responsibilities, particularly GSRs that go missing. It is not an ideal situation, but we cannot force people to do a job they are no longer willing to do. The ones that do stick and stay are cognizant of the importance of doing so to our sobriety. The ninth concept was about picking good service leaders. Again, the discussion centered around how little control leaders have over members in AA. We lead more by example.

Finally, we adjourned the meeting and closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next district meeting will be held on October 25 in order to accomodate the DCM's attendance to the Area Inventory during our usual meeting time.

August 16, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call: Dave L., alternate GSR for Abandon Yourself to God, reported that his group was struggling. The GSR John H. also seems to be missing. Possibly Dave L. can take over the position of GSR as he has been faithfully attending district meetings. He informed us that his group would be hosting a unity pitch given by SEPIA on Saturday, September 12. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that attendance was up but the group was in need of more women. Kathy Q. reported that Greater Northeast was doing well "as far as we know." Glenn S., ADCM, reported no changes at Hand of God. They still have not appointed a new GSR. Attendance at the Saturday meeting is good. Attendance at the Sunday meeting is not good. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo Group, reported that the group was doing well and growing. They have made the Thursday night group a Big Book study and will have traditions meetings on the last Thursday of the month. He intimated that the traditions theme was experimental and might only last until October. Cecilia, GSR of Last Stop, reported that the group was doing well. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, has not been able to attend her group due to family issues but promises to make the next business meeting. Danny G., GSR of Port Richmond Step, reported that his group was doing fairly well. He also informed us that the Wednesday night group has split off and formed a new group that is possibly called New New Life. Kathy reported on behalf of Norm F., the GSR for Survival who was absent, that the group needs more women. Bill C., GSR of Wissinoming AM, reported that funds were down due to low attendance which he attributed to the summer months. Carter, GSR of Young Men's Group, reported that all was good.

Secretary's Report: Ruth read the minutes from last month's meeting. Nobody had any changes.

Officer at Large's Report: Kathy reported that she had made calls. She is concerned that Amy L. seems to be missing. This is especially concerning because Amy is our secretary. Ruth said that she would try to contact Amy herself.

Visitation Committee's Report: Glenn decided to push the Oxford Circle visit back to October 30 which is when their business meeting will take place. Danielle was the GSR of that group but she has not been attending district meetings for the past several months. Glenn also discovered in the SEPIA meeting directory a meeting in our district called LaSalle Young People's Meeting. Nobody in the room was aware of this group before. We don't know how long it has been in existence or if it even exists. It is scheduled on Wednesday nights at 9:00 according to Glenn. More investigation is needed.

Workshop Committee: Glenn reported that we might not be able to do another workshop this year. Funds are simply too low and by the time we could schedule it we would be in November and December which are very busy AA times. For those who are interested in nearby AA events, the mini conference Acts of Recovery will be taking place in October at St. Michael's. While it is not technically a workshop, it is an event clearly in the spirit of reaching out to the still sick and suffering alcoholic.

Traditions Committee: No report. There was some confusion on the part of some GSRs about the history of the Traditions committee. Ruth explained how the committee would take volunteers to speak at the traditions meeting on Sunday nights at the Greater Northeast Club. Unfortunately, too many of the GSRs who said they would speak would end up not showing up for their commitment. The late Tony D., alternate DCM at the time, often had to take over those commitments. It no longer seemed to make sense to continue to take volunteers to speak when those volunteers would not show up so we stopped doing it and have tried to bring traditions meetings to the groups in order to educate AAs about the importance of the traditions with some minor success. It is important that all GSRs have a working knowledge of the 12 traditions and that they impart that knowledge to their groups. The future of AA depends on our adherence to the traditions.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported an opening balance of $435.38. The basket neeted $25.00. The subtotal was $460.38. No deductions were made. The total is $460.38.

No DCM report this month. There will be one next month after the quarterly Area meeting

Old Business: Cecilia informed us that she had let SEPIA know that Redemption was in need of a commitment and that Danielle and Maggie were interested in taking meetings there.

New Business: Due to Amy L.'s past few absences we might have to appoint a new secretary in accordance with our by-laws.

Next, we read the 8th Tradition and the short form of the 8th Concept. Dan H. brought up in relation to the 8th tradition the matter of compensating speakers with hotel accomodations and gas money. Kathy and Laura said this was an issue they have been combating at Greater Northeast where they say that the board is using scarce funds to house celebrated speakers who come to share their story at GN's speaker meeting. It was generally conceded that an AA speaker should not be out any money while passing on the message of recovery but is it wise to spend so much money on "professional" speakers when any local AA member happy in sobriety could convey this message. Ruth attempted to claify what counts as 12th step work which is never to be paid for and office management and janitorial services which must be compensated fairly. This distinction is particularly important in Intergroup/SEPIA which is in an office that requires paid employees to run it but which also has commitments to recovery houses that are filled by AA members who are NOT paid for that service. As usual, the discussion was lively.

Finally we adjourned the meeting and closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next district meeting will take place on September 20, 2015.

July 19, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call: Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported good attendance. Although not the GSR for Fishtown Breakdown, Ruth D. reported on behalf of the meeting that attendance has been very good. Glenn S., ADCM, reported that Hand of God has still not replaced him as GSR. Jonathan, GSR of Kenzo, reported that the group was doing well and in particular that the business meeting was well attended. The L. & Erie group is no longer in existence. Last Stop has undergone a personnel change. Brianne is no longer the GSR and appears to be MIA. Cecilia, who was the alternate GSR, is now the GSR and Dan H. is the alternate GSR. Cecilia also reported that a new secretary and new chair have taken over. Ruth D. reported on behalf of her homegroup, Port Fishington, that attendance was surprisingly good despite the lack of air conditioning. As has been the practice in previous years, the members of PF want to put together an Acts of Recovery, but this year they hope to have participation from other groups so that this event is not just put on by Port Fishington. Danny G. is now the GSR of Port Richmond Step. The Tuesday meeting time has changed to 6:30 PM (until 7:30 PM). The attendance is 35 to 40 people. There is also a new Wednesday meeting for this group at 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The attendance at this meeting is about 15. Also, this group will be celebrating its anniversary in September. Redemption no longer exists because the two people who were running it are no longer there and as it is held in a recovery house with people in early recovery, nobody has stepped up to take over. Carter, GSR of Young Men's, reported that everything was good.

Secretary's Report: Glenn reported on the events of the previous district meeting of June 21. Ten GSRs were present.

Visitation Committee: Glenn had planned to visit Port Richmond Step but was not able to make it. Fortunately it has representation now anyway. On August 23, he would like to visit Oxford Circle whose GSR was Danielle but she has not been attending district meetings for the past few months.

Workshop Committee: Glenn and Ruth reported on the combined workshop that happened on June 27. We agreed that it was a success with all districts giving engaging and informative presentations. District 60's topic was preserving the traditions through the evolution of technology. We focussed primarily on anonymity on Facebook. Our initial plan was to hold a debate between Ruth and another member of District 60 meetings and former GSR of Port Richmond Step, Frank A. Frank was going to argue that it was not a violation of the eleventh tradition - anonymity at the level of press, radio, and film - to reveal on Facebook that one was in recovery from alcoholism and addiction as long as one did not specifically mention his or her particular 12 Step fellowship affiliation. Ruth was going to take the opposing view. But since Frank was not able to attend the workshop at the last minute as he had to host the Speaker Jam, Ruth was able to present her viewpoint with no rebuttal.

Regarding our second workshop committment for the year, Ruth suggested that perhaps we could make Acts of Recovery in effect the workshop. Whether the planners of Acts of Recovery would find this acceptable is another matter so the idea is certainly not a definite, but something to consider. As Acts of Recovery miniconferences are not technically workshops and do not allow for group participation it is possible that this idea could not work. Ruth suggested that Glenn attend the Acts planning meeting in August.

Traditions Committee: Jonathan, who has been chairing the Sunday evening Traditions meeting at Greater Northeast Club, asked if anybody would be able to speak at today's meeting as the planned speaker backed out. Glenn S. said that he might be able to do it.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported that our opening balance was $450.38. $15.00 was collected in the basket. The subtotal was $465.38. Laura deducted $30 for three month's rent to give to Ed Z. We have an ending balance of $435.38.

DCM Report: Here is the DCM's report on the June 14 quarterly Area meeting that the ADCM handed out at the June district meeting when the DCM was not present.

Next, we read and discussed the 7th Tradition and the 7th Concept. The 7th Tradition is about self-support. Glenn pointed out that AA's level of self support is debatable given that the bulk of GSO's income comes from book sales to non-AA entities such as drug rehabs. Less than half of the groups contribute to GSO. If all of the registered AA groups contributed as little as $8 a year, we could give away our basic text and be at 100% prudent reserve. Ruth pointed out that too much money is just as perilous as not enough and can lead to crazy ideas that are not necessarily in keeping with our primary purpose. She also discussed what a prudent reserve was and the importance of paying rent for the space that an AA meeting might use so that the host church cannot control what we say in meetings. Dan H. voiced his objection to announcements in meetings about groups that "needed support" and felt that such announcements were ego feeding propositions since they tended to apply to newer meetings that were little more than pet projects of the meetings' founders. Mike D. replied that this was not always the case and recounted a meeting that had been around a long time but started dying as the neighborhood changed. While not a founder of this meeting, Mike tried to keep it going by announcing it needed support at other meetings. The 7th Concept was about the legal authority of the AA Board of Trustees to do technically whatever they wanted to being ultimately trumped by influence of the General Service Conference.

Finally we adjourned the meeting and closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next district meeting will take place on August 16, 2015.

May 24, 2015

The meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided. Amy L., District Secretary, took the minutes.

Roll Call: John H., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that all was going well. They are a small but solvent group. Attendance fluctuates but it was good the previous night. It is helped by the nearby recovery houses that mandate attendance to meetings. One of the group's strengths is that they do a lot of institutional commitments. Of some concern is the fact that SEPIA lists a 1:00 pm meeting for this group but John is not aware of any such meeting. It might be necessary to notify SEPIA that such a time does not exist. Amy, GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, reported that all is well and in fact it has been crowded lately. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that her group could use support. She reported that the Board of directors is dictating votes and implementing significant changes - shortening the meetings from 90 minutes to an hour, a format too long with too many readings and announcements to allow for enough sharing - in the meeting format without adequate discussion. The concern is that board members are not adhering to the fifth concept. We discussed the 5th concept which states that after a vote, a minority opinion has the right to speak. Greater Northeast is also facing challenges with the blurring of clubhouse and meeting, a violation of the 6th tradition. We discussed possible solutions: educating the board about traditions, walking away (AA cannot force groups to do anything; all are autonomous), calling for a group conscience meeting at the business mtg. Kathy also informed us that May 30th will be the 71st Anniversary celebration - doors open at 4, speakers at 5. The dates of November 6, 7 and 8 will feature a weekend Big Book study. Saturday is the 8 pm speaker meeting. Glenn, ADCM, reported that Hand of God was still looking for a new GSR. The Saturday meeting is well attended. The Sunday meeting not so much. Jonathan, GSR of the Kenzo group reported that things are ok. Attendance is picking up at the Thursday meeting. Eric M. is no longer the GSR. The group's anniversary will be coming up. John H. reported that the L & Erie group is running out of steam and may be ending. Nobody is attending the meeting. Laura reported that One Day at a Time was going well. Norm, GSR of Survival, reported that the group had its 20th anniversary celebration last Saturday and all is well. Bill C. reported that Wissinoming AM will be holding new elections as the new chairperson did not work out.

Secretary's report: Ruth read the minutes from last month's meeting. The minutes were approved with no changes.

Visitation committee: Glenn went to Olney Lawndale. District 60's first DCM was there. Glenn discussed with the group about them appointing a new GSR. If nothing else he at least planted a seed, and it was a good meeting. He will visit Port Richmond Step's business meeting (which is the last Tuesday of the month). He and Bill C. will attend Greater Northeast's business meeting in an attempt to educate the members about traditions and concepts.

Workshop committee: Glenn gave out fliers for the Saturday, June 27th combined district workshop. Our district was asked to give $50 towards paper products, coffee, water, and soda. We voted unanimously yes to contribute this money. Our district is expected to give a presentation at the workshop about safeguarding our traditions through the evolution of technology. We will have a small committee meeting to discuss the presentation. Cathy, Ruth, and others will meet to discuss it on May 31st at 12:30 at SKA coffeehouse.

Website: Ruth reported that it may be easier to make the website mobile friendly with the use of WordPress. She will look into it.

Traditions: Ruth reported that Brianne, GSR of Last Stop, asked Ruth to speak at a Last Stop traditions meeting but a miscommunication between GSR and chairperson prevented her from doing so. Kathy and Bill are now the traditions committee.

Treasurers report: Laura reported that the opening balance was $427.38. $20 was collected in the basket. The subtotal was $447.38. After Laura gave Glenn a check for $50 to cover our part of the combined workshop, the total was $397.38.

DCM report: Glenn will attend the 6/7 mini-assembly. Ruth will attend the 6/13 mini-assembly and the 6/14 quarterly meeting. 6/21 is our next district meeting. Ruth will be out of town for a wedding at that time. Glenn will preside as acting DCM. Ruth will prepare reports of the mini-assembly and quarterly for him to pass on to the GSRs.

There was no old business or new business

We read the short form of the 5th concept, a timely occurence in light of the issues at Greater Northeast. We also read and discussed the 5th tradition.

Finally we closed the meeting with a recitation of the responsibility pledge.

April 19, 2015

The District meeting began at 1:15 with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call: John H., the GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, was present and reported that a homegroup member would be celebrating his 14th anniversary. Mike D., the GSR of First Day Big Book reported that the attendance at the Saturday meeting was high while attendance at the Sunday meeting was low. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the clubhouse would be celebrating 71 years of existence on May 30 beginning at 4:00 PM with a speaker at 5:00 PM, dinner at 6:00 PM, and a dance at 7:00 PM. Also, on May 3, they will be having a breakfast fundraiser from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Admission is $3.00. Glenn S. reported that Hand of God was experiencing good attendance to their Saturday evening meeting but low attendance at their Sunday afternoon meeting. Jonathan is the new GSR of the Kenzo group. He reported that everything is fine although the Thursday night meeting needs support. Dave L. reported that the fledgling L. & Erie group still needs support. They are considering adding a chalk talk theme on the third Saturday of the month to replace the Joe & Charlie tapes. Brianne, GSR of Last Stop, reported that things were going well. They are considering starting a men's group. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, was going well. They need more women but they have people with long-term sobriety and import their speakers. Ante, GSR of Port Fishington, had nothing new to report. Norm F., GSR of Survival, reported that the group was doing very well. The group will have a traditions meeting on the fifth Tuesday of June and a 20th Anniversary celebration from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on May 16.

The 7th Tradition basket was passed. The minutes from the previous month were read and approved.

Visitation Committee: Glenn attended the Redemption business meeting. Only two other people were present but they do want to try to get representation. He will attend the Olney-Lawndale business meeting.

Workshop Committee: District 27 wants to do a combination workshop with District 60. Glenn will meet with Burnadette on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in the Intergroup office.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported that the opening balance was $401.38. The basket contained $15.00 plus the $21.00 from March's meeting. Donations were $50.00. The subtotal was $487.38. Deductions were $60 for rent, leaving us with an ending balance of $427.38.

Ruth D. gave a DCM report. On April 12 she attended the Pre-Conference Sharing Session in East Earl, PA. This is an event where AA members in Area 59 can inform the Delegate on how they wish her to vote on specific motions when she attends the General Service Assembly in New York. Among the highlights of the session: the Literature Committee recommended that GSO publish a volume that includes the 12 Traditions, the 12 Steps AND the 12 Concepts but ultimately the motion failed when put to a vote to all attendants. The Archives Committee recommended that the Archives workbook include the GSO guidelines for digitizing archives. The motion passed. The Grapevine Committee recommended that all Grapevine issues be converted into audio and digital format. The motion passed.

In Old Business the district was delighted to have recovered their 12 Concepts poster which had apparently been stowed away in an office while the walls were being repainted. Also, we reviewed the District Inventory questions and no changes were made. Some concern was raised as to space restrictions should we succeed in having more attendants to our district meetings but Glenn and Ruth assured those people by saying that is a good problem to have and if need be we can meet in the front room.

Next we read the 4th Concept concerning the right of Participation. We were a little confused as to what that really meant but ultimately concluded that in regards to district service each group is allowed no more than one representative. So while all are welcome to attend our district meetings, including alternate GSRs, when a vote comes up only one representative - either the GSR or the alternate GSR, not both - per group is allowed to vote. We also read the 4th Tradition and discussed what that meant in terms of groups having the right to conduct their meetings as they see fit. Finally we closed the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

In order to accomodate the DCM's schedule the group agreed to hold the next District meeting on May 24, the fourth Sunday of the month as opposed to the third Sunday of month.

March 15, 2015

The District meeting began promptly at 1:15 with all of the attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call: John H. is the new GSR of Abandon Yourself to God. Dave L. is now the alternate GSR. According to Glenn S, a new GSR, Joe, has been elected for Bridesburg/Light of Hope, but he was not present at this meeting. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that his group is going well. They have elected a new chair and treasurer and the situation is settling down, following the aftermath of problems with the previous treasurer. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the 3:00 Saturday women's meeting needs support. As of now only Laura and Kathy are holding down the fort. Glenn S., alternate DCM, reported that Hand of God was experiencing trouble with their host church, St. Bart's. In the past, a television was stolen from the church and AA took the blame and paid for the TV even though it had not been established that any meeting attendants were responsible for the theft. Apparently some new issues have arisen of a similar nature. It is possible that the group will have to move. Johnathan was present as the alternate GSR for the Kenzo group. Dave L. reported on a fledgling new group, L. & Erie that began at the Community Education Center at that address. People at the center had reached out to AA so that AA would bring a meeting into the center but so far nobody at the center is attending the meeting. As of now, the meeting has no structure and no 7th tradition funds. Cecilia was present as the new alternate GSR for Last Stop. Jack W. is no longer the GSR for Port Richmond Step although he did appear briefly to collect fliers and handouts. Norm F., the GSR for Survival, was present, as was the new alternate GSR, Bill. Norm reported that Survival was well attended. He also discussed how he unsuccessfully attempted to change the Friday meeting format from Joe and Charlie Tapes to a Big Book Format. Bill C., the GSR for Wissinoming AM, reported that his group now has a prudent reserve (though their cupcake maker in residence is unfortunately no longer there which has led to a dearth of good cupcakes). Carter reported that the Young Men's Group was going well as far as he knows.

Secretary's Report: the minutes were read off of the website and accepted. People present were interested particularly in the roll call which the DCM was initially going to gloss over. Nothing reported was in dispute.

Visitation Committee: No report. However, Glenn and others will be attending the Redemption meeting on Thursday, March 26.

Traditions Committee: Kathy Q. reported that Brianne, GSR of Last Stop, has been asking GSRs to speak on the traditions at the meeting on the last Monday of the month at 8:00 PM although those who are present at the meeting are not always notified that they are coming to do so.

Laura the treasurer was absent. We collected $21 from the basket and Mike D. presented a $50 check from First Day Big Book for the district. Kathy Q. took custody of the funds to give to Laura the next day.

Alternate DCM Report: Glenn attended the 2nd Quarterly meeting on March 8. Because he rode with another DCM it was not necessary to reimburse him for mileage. Three districts were absent, 29, 34, and 48. Marty S. reported that the Convention Committee is looking at new undisclosed hotels for 2016. Lancaster Host Resort will continue to be our location in 2015. Protests aside, voting will continue to be handwritten and counted by hand and not electronic as some have wanted. The Officer at Large requested that all Group change forms be handed in by May 8. The treasurer requested that the group number be written on checks being written to EPGSA. Group contributions to the Area are up. The checking account has $14,109.21. The prudent reserve is $22,881.13. $1320 has been collected for the Area 59 Hospitality Suite at the International Convention. The Secretary is updating the website calendar and asked that we send district meeting minutes to all Area Officers. If sending a donation to the EPGSA Hospitality Suite in Atlanta, we are to put that in the memo of the check. The Chairperson reported that information is available on the April 12 Pre conference sharing session on the Area 59 website. The alternate Delegate reported on the DCM orientation he gave and his specific duties as an INtergroup Liaison. The Delegate attended the NERD conference. Report to follow. The General Service office asked that groups, Districts, Intergroups, and Areas not schedule events during the International Convention. The Finance Committee wasnted to rescind funding full amount for Delegate to attend the GSO conference, an odd sentiment given that the budget has already been approved. In old business, the attendants approved the Delegate recommendations 20 - 28. And in new business, the budget was proposed and approved.

District Inventory: The attendants gathered went through and answered the questions.

We will review the inventory next month.

In new business we tentatively agreed to hold a workshop in August (after the flurry of conferences in the upcoming months is over) It will be on the history of AA and the traditions as it is the 80th anniversary of AA's founding. Glenn invited us to bring in ideas next month. At the DCM's request the GSRs agreed to hold the May district meeting on the 24th.

We read the third Concept, the third tradition and closed with the Responsibility Pledge. The next meeting will be held on April 19.

February 8, 2015

Although the District meeting is usually held on the third Sunday of the month, it was held on this date because Share-a-Day is occurring on the third Sunday of this month. The meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that his group's time has changed to Saturday, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. They cut it down to one hour from 90 minutes by eliminating the smoke break in between. The group recently celebrated its 8th anniversary. Glenn S. reported on behalf of Bridesburg/Light of Hope that they have a new GSR and a new alternate GSR but because we moved up this month's meeting and did not have their contact information they were not in attendance. Glenn promised to obtain that information for the Officer-at-Large. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported good attendance. Amy L., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, had nothing new to report. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the clubhouse now has a 1 hour speaker meeting on Saturday at 8:00 PM with excellent speakers. They would also be hosting a Valentine's Day dance on February 14 at 8:00 PM. Admission is $5.00. Glenn S. reported that the Saturday meeting time of Hand of God has changed to 6:30 to 8:00 PM. He also clarified for people who asked that the entrance is in the rear in the rectory. Brianne, GSR of Last Stop, reported that her group conducted a group inventory which was very helpful. They decided to cut down the sober time requirement to hold a service position from one year to six months since so many newcomers attend Last Stop meetings. They also decided to buy Spanish language Big Books because so many attendants are Spanish speaking. They elected a new chairperson and will soon draft By-Laws. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported an increase a women and young people attending the meetings. Jack W. replaced Al as the GSR for Port Richmond Step. He reported that things were going well and picking up. Norm F., as the new GSR of Survival, reported that the group was "still rocking." Bill C. returned as GSR of Wissinoming AM. He is enjoying the meeting and reported that the group has elected new officers after the old officers left in a huff. Carter, GSR of Young Men's, reported that things were status quo.

Visitation Committee: Dave L. reported that Girard and K.I.S.S. no longer exist as active meetings.

DCM Report: Ruth D. reported on the DCM orientation meeting that occurred January 4 in Reading that she and Glenn attended. It was there that we planned the Mini-Assemblies. Ruth explained what a Mini-Assembly was. She explained that the Delegate will report on what happened at the General Service Assembly in mid-April. Glenn asked for help from GSRs present to help with breaking down after the assembly.

Treasurer's Report: The opening balance was $428.38. $19.00 was collected in the basket. The subtotal was $447.38. $46.00 was deducted to reimburse Glenn for the gas he used to drive to the DCM orientation. The ending balance was $401.00.

New Business: A motion was passed to conduct a district inventory in the next meeting. Ruth promised to put the inventory questions on the website so that all could ruminate on them over the month. Also, Dave L. reported that he and some others have begun a new group called L. & Erie Group being held at the Community Education Center at that address on Saturday from 2 to 3:30 PM.

The group read the 2nd concept and the 2nd tradition. The 2nd concept states that the The General Service Conference of A.A. has become, for nearly every practical purpose, the active voice and the effective conscience of our whole society in its world affairs. The DCM took the opportunity to reemphasize the importance of attending a Mini-Assembly to hear what went on at General Service. The 2nd tradition reading led to a lively discussion about how the ultimate authority comes from God and not from our leaders. Kathy took the opportunity to express a grievance about Greater Northeast allowing children to attend meetings based on a phone vote. Without judging the merits or flaws on this decision others assembled pointed out that this was an issue that needed to be raised in the group's business meeting. We than closed the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

The next meeting will be on March 15, 2015.

January 18, 2015

The meeting was cancelled due to a severe ice storm

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December 21, 2014

The District 60 meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity prayer. Ruth D., DCM, presided.

Roll Call: Dave L., GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported problems with people leaving the meeting during the smoke break and not returning to the meeting afterwards. The group will have an anniversary celebration on February 7, 2015 from 7 to 9 pm. He also has a group history available. Glenn S., alternate DCM, was able to report on behalf of Bridesburg/Light of Hope that new people were coming in and they would likely soon have a GSR. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that both the Saturday and Sunday meetings were enjoying good attendance. Questions arise as to Girard's existence. Kathy Q., GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the Saturday 3 PM meeting needs more support. Glenn S. is hopeful that his homegroup, Hand of God, will have a new GSR now that he is the alternate DCM. He reported that the Saturday attendance is larger than the Sunday attendance. Questions arise as to K.I.S.S.'s existence. Briann, GSR of Last Stop, reported problems with people not knowing the traditions. The other GSRs present offered to attend the next business meeting to educate members about them. John P., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, reported a changed in the meeting times. Monday and Thursday now began at 7:00 PM and end at 8:30. The Tuesday night meeting now goes to 9:30. Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, reported that her meeting was fine but it has no money. Jay S., GSR of Port Richmond Step, reported that the group is looking for an Alternate GSR. Al, GSR of Wissinoming AM, reported that his group recently celebrated an annicersary.

Officer-at-Large Report: Kathy was able to obtain new and updated phone numbers from the GSRs present.

Visitation Committee: Dave L. reported that Samurai does not exist any longer. Glenn plans to visit Girard.

Treasurer's Report: The opening balance was $548.38. $25.00 was collected in the basket. Greater Northeast made a donation of $20.00 to the District. The subtotal was $593.38. The DCM was reimbursed $165.00 for a previous trip to the Williamsport Quarterly Area Assembly when she was alternate DCM and drove the then DCM. The ending balance was $428.38.

DCM Report: Ruth D. gave a report on the Final Quarterly Meeting of 2014 for Area 59. It took place the previous Sunday, December 14, in Phoenixville. The first part of the meeting was held with the Panel 63 officers and outgoing DCMs. After lunch was the meeting of Panel 65 officers and new DCMs. Pat F., the new Area 59 Delegate and former DCM of District 60, went through her general recommendations for the Area. Each recommendation had to be approved and seconded. Most recommendations were approved with little controversy but some resulted in spirited discussion. Mainly the ones that recommended that the Area purchase 15 print subscriptions of La Vina and 15 print subscriptions of the Grapevine to be distributed by the Corrections Subcommittee. Confusion arose as to where the money was coming from to buy the subscriptions. One of the Corrections Subcommittee members said that the $900 it would cost to buy these subscriptions comes out of that subcommittee's $1000 budget. But Pat said that the money came out of the general Area budget. Another DCM said that the purchase was symbolic at best and therefore ineffective. Ultimately the recommendations were approved, but it was a good place to see the 5th Concept - the right of appeal - at work. (Throughout our structure, a traditional "Right of Appeal" ought to prevail, so that minority opinion will be heard and personal grievances receive careful consideration.) Another interesting Delegate recommendation was for the reestablishment of the Ad Hoc Literature Committee. This committee is to be specifically filled with ADCMs so Glenn is invited to participate. Michelle M., the new Area chairperson, asked that Districts send their meeting minutes to all of the Area Officers monthly either by email or Postal service. Steve S., new Area treasurer, asked that all contributions to Area 59 be made payable to EPGSA. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Groups' contributions to Area will not go through if the checks are not made payable to EPGSA. All DCMs are appointed to an Area subcommittee. Ruth was appointed to the Archives subcommittee and was positively delighted.

In new business a motion passed that from now on we would discuss and ask and answer questions about the tradition in question after we read it out of the 12 and 12.

Next we read the 12th Concept and the 12th tradition and per our recently pass motion allowed for discussion. Finally, we closed with the Reponsibility Pledge

November 23, 2014

The District 60 meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., the alternate DCM (as of the beginning of the meeting), presided. Judy H., the DCM (as of the beginning of the meeting), was absent.

Roll Call: Dave L., the GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, reported that his group was struggling. Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that his group had undergone a changing of the guard with Harry as the new chair. Attendance at the Saturday meeting is up. Attendance at the Sunday meeting is down. Amy L., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, report increased attendance and a holiday party to be taking place before Christmas. Kathy Q., alternate GSR of Greater Northeast, reported that the meetings on Saturday at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM were in need of support. Glenn S., GSR of Hand of God, reported that his group would be having an anniversary celebration. Jay S. was present as the new GSR of Port Richmond Step. He had nothing to report. Bob S., GSR of Survival, reported that all is well. Al was present as the new GSR of Wissinoming AM. He reported that his group would be having an anniversary/Thanksgiving breakfast meeting featuring two speakers. Carter, GSR of Young Men's, reported that everything was status quo.

The basket was passed for the 7th tradition.

Dave L. agreed to visit the Samurai meeting in order to get them into service. It is not certain whether the meeting still exists.

Laura gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was 534.38. $14 was collected in the basket. The subtotal was $548.38. No deductions for expenses were taken so the ending balance is the same.

The main business of the day was electing new officers. Ruth D. became the new DCM. Glenn became the new alternate DCM. Amy L. became the new secretary as Danielle has been absent for the past few meetings. Laura is still the treasurer. Kathy Q. is the new Officer at Large.

Next, we read the short form of the 11th concept and the chapter about the 11th tradition in the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions book. We closed the meeting with the Reponsibility pledge.

October 26, 2013

The District 60 meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., the alternate DCM, presided over the meeting. The DCM was absent.

Roll Call: Dave L., the GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, Amy L., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, Kathy Q., the alternate GSR of Greater Northeast, Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, Bob S., GSR of Survival, and Carter, GSR of Young Men's Group, were present. Dave L. reported that Abandon Yourself is putting its group history together and should have it complete by next month. Mike D. reported that the First Day Big Book Saturday meeting needs more women to attend. Amy L. reported that Fishtown Breakdown is doing well and will have a holiday celebration on December 21. Kathy Q. reported that GN has added two new meetings: an Open Discussion meeting at 3:00 PM on Saturdays and a 1 hour speaker meeting at 8:00 PM also on Saturdays. The women's Saturday 1:00 meeting needs support. Laura reported that One Day at a Time needs more female attendants and more people in general. Bob S. reported that Survival's bylaws are complete. He will not be able to make it to the EPGSA. He also mentioned that while the Thursday beginner meeting is usually packed, the Friday Joe & Charlie tapes meeting typically has only five people. Carter reported that Young Men's Group will be sending him to the EPGSA.

While Ruth D. is not the GSR of Port Fishington she was able to report that the group was having its Anniversary Celebration the next day. Kathy Q. asked Ruth how much the group was charging for admission. Ruth explained the 7th tradition and how AA has no dues or fees and therefore would never charge admission to somebody in order to attend an AA meeting. Kathy reported that GN was indeed charging admission to its events. While it was doubtful she meant regular meetings without the adjunct of dances or other fellowship activities, Ruth offered to attend a business meeting and educate the members about the AA traditions. Ruth also had an opportunity to explain about what a prudent reserve was.

Next, the basket was passed for the 7th tradition.

Ruth read the minutes from the previous meeting.

Officer at Large Report: Kathy Q. has been assisting Tracy, our Officer at Large, in making phone calls. We are grateful for her service.

Visitation Committee: Bob S. and Ruth D. reported on their vist to the Wissinoming PM group. While the chair appeared somewhat receptive to the idea of GSR representation, he stated that the group has very few participants in its business meetings. We invited him to attend a district meeting at some time in the future.

Laura, the Treasurer, gave her report. Our opening balance was $532.38. The Basket netted $12.00. We received a $50 donation from Oxford Circle group via Danielle. The subtotal was $594.38. $60 went to rent for the past six months. Our ending balance is $534.38. Ruth, the alternate DCM, apologizes for not having yet submitted her mileage for the trip to the last Area Quarterly Meeting and promises to submit it at the next meeting.

Our main item of business was reviewing the structure manual. Ruth D. passed out copies to everybody present and read through it. No further changes were recommended.

We decided to put off the elections for new officers until November as the DCM was absent and the hour was growing late. Also, the next meeting will be on Novemeber 23 so as not to conflict with the EPGSA which happens to fall on the third weekend of the month

We read the 10th concept and the 10th tradition out of the 12 & 12.

The meeting was adjourned with the Responsibility Pledge.

September 21, 2014

The District 60 meeting began promptly at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., the alternate DCM, presided over the meeting. The DCM was absent.

Roll Call: Dave L., a new GSR of Abandon Yourself to God, Amy L., GSR of Fishtown Breakdown, Tracey L., new GSR of Greater Northeast Club, Glenn S., GSR of Hand of God, Brianne, GSR of Last Stop, along with her alternate, Jen, John P., GSR of Olney-Lawndale, Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, Danielle, GSR of Oxford Circle, Katie, filling in for Mino, GSR of Port Fishington, Frank A., GSR of Port Richmond Step, along with his alternate, Jay, Bob S., GSR of Survival, and Carter, GSR of Young Men's, were all present to represent their groups.

Dave L. reported that Abandon Yourself to God is starting to grow. Tracy reported that Greater Northeast will be having an Italian dinner on October 4 to raise funds. The clubhouse is having a hard time keeping its doors open. Glenn reported that Hand of God will be celebrating its anniversary soon. More information to come. Katie reported that Port Fishington will have its anniversary celebration on October 27. Frank reported that Port Richmond Step will have its anniversary celebration on September 30 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Next, the basket was passed for the 7th tradition.

Ruth read the minutes from the previous meeting.

Bill C., the Officer-at-Large, is sick so there was no report from him.

Visitation Committee Report: Glenn reported that Fishtown, whose business meeting he attended last month, is not interested in appointing a GSR to take part in the District. He plans to visit Wissinoming PM on Friday night. The other GSRs were invited to join in.

Website Committee: Ruth reported that the website now contains the structure manual as a page to access.

Treasurer's Report: Laura reported that our opening balance is $484.38. She received $28 in the basket and $20 as a group donation in the past month. The subtotal was $532.38. With no deductions the ending balance remains $532.38.

Ruth D. gave the DCM report. She and Judy H. attended the Quarterly Area meeting in Williamsport, PA, last week. Highlights of the meeting: The Price for the book Alcoholics Anonymous will be going up to $9.50 in October 1, 2014. The last price increase was July 1, 2009, five years ago. The board’s recommendation is that the price increases should be reviewed every three years. The Area budget has a prudent reserve of 100%, at $22,672. Contributions totaled $54K, a -1.2% decrease from last year. District 60 has a total of 32 groups registered with GSO. 3 groups contributed to Area 59, or 9.4% of groups contributing. (Fishtown Group, Port Fishington, Survivor). The Delegate made a recommendation to split the collection from the speaker meeting at the Convention in November. The split would be 50-50, to GSO and Area 59. A vote was called but there was not substantial unanimity. There was a motion to remove the collection completely. It was not seconded. The collection will remain, the proceeds going to GSO (approximately $1,000). Interesting Actions: All DCMs are asked to submit Summaries (anniversaries, events, etc.) and Actions (issues in the district, group issues). A DCM brought up an action. The district treasurer received reimbursement for travel to the bank and for his printer cartridge (about $120 total). The DCM was concerned that these reimbursements will be used for more than AA business. There was discussion. Suggestions were to go the district meeting, decide on group conscience, and to spell out clearly what is reimbursable in the Structure Manual. Treatment Facilities Special Needs Subcommittee submitted recommendations for the next panel. Agenda and duties for DCMs at the Annual Convention in November were discussed. Area 59 will have a hospitality suite at the 2015 International AA convention in Atlanta.

Old Business: Because copies of the structure manual were not on hand for everybody in the room to peruse, it was agreed that we would table final approval until next month when Ruth promised that copies would be available. Nevertheless, we were able to discuss and plan for addition one item to the structure manual: what would constitute a quorum. A motion was proposed and passed that the minimum requirement for an action to be taken be 8 members. John P. dissented. He believed that a quorum should constitute 1/3 of all groups in the district. As there are currently 25 groups that are active as far as we know in the district, 1/3 would in fact be 8 GSRs but those two amounts could change in the future should we gain or lose groups. Nobody changed their vote after John's dissent. The motion that a quorum be 8 carried.

Also in Old Business: we discussed the need for an Interim Officer-at-Large. Tracy volunteered and was accepted as the Interim Officer-at-Large.

There was no new business.

Ruth read the 9th Concept. Everybody in the room took turns reading a paragraph of the 9th Tradition out ot eh 12&12. We then closed the meeting with the Responsibility Pledge.

August 17, 2014

The District 60 meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer.

Roll Call: Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, Glenn S., GSR of Hand of God, Brianne of Last Stop, Laura of One Day at a Time, and Frank A. of Port Richmond Step were present to represent their groups. Brianne reported that her group will soon be celebrating an anniversary. More information to follow. She also talked about the challenges she faced in keeping the Last Stop AA meeting separate from the Last Stop clubhouse. The latter has rules and regulations that do not always gibe with AA tradition. For instance, as a place that provides shelter and beds to addicts and alcoholics, the clubhouse might find it necessary to eject somebody who is still using but an AA group that adheres to the 3rd tradition could not eject an active alcoholic from the meeting even if the meeting is in the same building as the clubhouse. Judy, the DCM, and Ruth, the alternate DCM, talked about the importance of the 6th tradition and the opportunity that Brianne, as a GSR, now has to educate people on the 12 traditions.

The 7th tradition basket was passed around the room

Laura gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was $531.14. $6.00 was collected in the basket. The district had received $30 in donations in the past month. The subtotal was $567.14. Deductions and expenses were $82.76. Our ending balance was $484.38.

In old business we resurrected the Visitation Committee. Glenn S. volunteered to chair it. It was planned that GSRs present would visit Fishtown at Holy Name Church on Gaul and Berks streets on Thursday, August 28, as that being the last Thursday of the month is also when the group has its monthly business meeting, which is the most appropriate time to persuade the members of the group to elect a GSR that would participate in District meetings and keep the group connected to the AA service structure.

We continued with and completed revising the Structure Manual. We established a prudent reserve and obtained a district history from Donald H., the area archivist. Judy will type it up and bring it to the next meeting.

We tabled the district inventory until the next meeting.

In new business, Mike D. brought up reminder calls. He wondered whether we should just have notification calls when a district meeting is canceled. We decided we would retain the Officer at Large duty of making reminder calls for the district meetings.

We also discussed rent and website cost. Currently we are not self-supporting in these two areas. The web servant is covering the $10 a month (approximate cost) to keep the website up and $10 a month rent is probably not sufficient even though Eddie Z. who runs the clubhouse makes no demands as to a specific amount of rent. Increased participation by groups in our district should certainly help make us more fully self supporting in all aspects.

We also discussed the upcoming convention in November. Ruth, Judy, and Brianne will share a room in order to cut costs.

The next meeting will be September 21.

We read the 8th Tradition and closed with the reponsibility pledge.

July 14, 2014

The District 60 meeting began at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Ruth D., the alternate DCM, presided over the meeting in place of Judy H. who was absent.

Roll Call: Mike D., GSR of First Day Big Book, reported that the group has a new treasurer and the group is talking about how to distribute funds. Amy L. was present as the new GSR of Fishtown Breakdown and reported the group has also acquired a new Intergroup rep and a new treasurer. Though not an official GSR to the group, Laura reported on behalf of Greater Northeast about the problem of people not meeting the obligations they elected to take on. Glenn S. represented Hand of God and reported that the group is searching for an alternate GSR. Eric was the new GSR for the Kenzo Group and reported a change in the meeting times. The Tuesday meeting is at 8:00 PM (not 7:00 PM) and a new meeting has started up on Thursday from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The Friday night women's Big Book meeting is still at 7:00 PM. Brianne is the new GSR representing Last Stop and Rachel is the alternate GSR. On Thursday is a new As Bill Sees it meeting (time unknown). On Sunday is a women only meeting at 4:30 PM. The key challenge for the Last Stop group is keeping separate from the Last Stop clubhouse in accordance with the 6th tradition. Laura reported as GSR for One Day at a Time that the duration of the meeting is down to one hour from 90 minutes. Danielle had no changes to report for Oxford Circle. Mino had no changes to report for Port Fishington. Frank A. report that attendance was up for Port Richmond Step. Bob S. reported on Survival that the group was able to fill its commitments and they now have Joe and Charlie tapes on Wednesday evenings. He also reported that they changed the format of their meetings to ask for people with more than a year of sobriety to raise their hands.

Laura gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was $484.14. $17.00 was collected in the basket. $30 was received in donations. The subtotal was $531.14. No deductions were taken. The ending balance was $531.14.

Ruth D. gave a report on the Area 59 3rd Quarterly meeting that she attended on June 8 and handed out forms that have the Area's latest available information on the District 60 groups and their representatives and their contact information and meeting times and places and asked the GSRs to update the information as needed. Before the primary quarterly meeting Ruth attended the Treatment/Special Needs/Accessibility Subcommittee meeting and acted as secretary. This committee will be sending out the AA video "Hope" to inpatient treatment facilities with 20 or more beds in Eastern Pennsylvania. Some of the highlights of the quarterly meeting: Donald H., Area 59 Archivist, gave a history on Share-a-Day and PENNSCYPAA. Hugh H., the past delegate, gave the Convention Committee report and emphasized the importance of sending GSRs and DCMs to the November convention, particularly as this is an election year. Some discussion arose in our district as to how one would know how to elect the most suitable candidates for Area positions. Hugh also reported that the area takes bids from other hotels to host our yearly convention not because the Area is displeased with the host center in Lancaster but because of the importance of keeping our options open. The DCMs chose from four candidates a nonalcoholic guest observer, Harry Morris, a DO at Mercy Suburban Hospital and a long history of working with alcoholics.

Next we went over the rough draft of the proposed Structure Manual and Bylaws for district 60. In question was what year District 60 was split from District 22, how often we should conduct a District Inventory, the criteria for number of absences before we deem it appropriate to replace a Distric officer, our prudent reserve and whether we should keep a separate amount for the DCM's travel expenses to the yearly convention. Those present agreed that an officer would have to be absent from monthly district meeting three CONSECUTIVE times and 6 unsuccessful attempts made before we would replace the officer. If that officer be a GSR then we might deem it appropriate to vist the group's business meeting and see if they want to elect a new GSR. We decided the prudent reserve to be $130. Since at this point most of GSRs had left the meeting, we decided to table the discussion until next month when we have adequate participation.

Then we read the 7th concept and the 7th tradition and closed with the responsibility pledge.

April 27, 2014

The District 60 meeting began on Sunday, April 27, at 1:15 PM with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer. Pat F., former DCM for the district and current alternate delegate for Area 59, was present.

Mike D. of First Day Big Book, Glenn S. of Hand of God, Rick of Last Stop, Laura of One Day at a Time, Danielle of Oxford Circle, Frank A. of Port Richmond Step, Carter, the new GSR of Young Man's Group, Bob S. of Survival, and Bill C. of Wissinoming AM were present to represent their groups. Hand of God needs an alternate GSR. Last Stop will soon open a woman's clubhouse and have a new alternate GSR, Patty. A New Jersey Last Stop clubhouse also exists. Oxford Circle has experienced an increase in attendance since they shortened the meeting by a half hour. Port Richmond Step has also experienced an increase in attendance. Survival as well, even during the Joe and Charlie tape meetings

Laura gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was $433.00. The basket had $18. Glenn and Carter passed on donations totaling $40.00 from Hand of God and Young Men's. The ending balance was $516. (As of this writing, Port Fishington has also made a $30 donation to the district which the former treasurer needs to pass on to the current treasurer.) Laura also stated that she opened a bank account with the Police and Fireman's Credit Union. They require a $5 savings account and do not permit cosigners. They also have no fees.

Ruth D., in her new job as the alternate DCM, attended the combined workshop planning meeting at the SEPIA building back in March 30. The workshop will take place on either June 14 or June 15, depending on availability. The theme of the workshop will be "Communicating our 3 Legacies: Recovery, Unity, and Service." April will create the fliers. Each district will talk on a specific topic as it relates to the legacies. District 25 will talk about recovery through the steps, District 26 will talk about GSR duties and qualifications. District 27 will talk about the District and the DCM. District 28 will talk about the Area Assembly and its activities. And District 60 will talk about AA Unity coming first (the 1st Tradition). Each district will have 20 minutes to talk. The first three districts will speak in the first hour (noon to 1 PM). Then we will have an hour lunch. The last two districts will talk afterward. Q&A will happen in whatever time remains. The fliers will request food donations but we will also have pizza.

During this planning meeting all district representatives agreed they could chip in at least $25.00 per district. We agreed to go back to our respective districts and see if it was possible to donate more. All present agreed to increase that amount to $50.

Glenn, Ruth, and Frank will attend the next planning meeting coming up on Sunday, May 4.

Thanks to Bill C., our meeting place now has a window shade listing the 12 Concepts

Bob S. asked to step down as secretary. Danielle agreed to step in as the new secretary.

We acquired the copy of District 29's structure manual, which will be an excellent, basic resource for District 60's much needed structure manual. More on this to come.

Sadly, Tony DiSanto, a devoted servant to AA and this district, has recently passed. Judy H. spoke about his contributions and service and we had a moment of silence in honor of him. He will be sorely missed.

Pat F. spoke to all assembled. She talked about the inverted pyramid structure of AA and how one actually moves lower as one advances in service since the groups are the ones who are in power. She talked about the 4th Tradition and the 4th Concept (Right of Participation) and the checks and balances inherent in these ideas. She informed us that the GSO Conference is taking place right now and urged us to attend the Delegate report that will take place afterward so we can know what is happening. She also urged us to attend the Area Convention in November, particularly important since this is a voting year. We thank Pat for taking the time to speak with us.

The meeting ended with the recitation of the Responsibility Pledge.

March 16, 2014

The March meeting for District 60 took place at the Last Stop clubhouse on 2440 Kensington Ave on Sunday, March 16, 2014. It began at 1:15 pm with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer.

Next was Roll Call. Al of First Day Big Book, Maureen, GSR of Greater Northeast, Glenn, GSR of Hand of God, Ricky, GSR of Last Stop, John, GSR of Olney-Lawndale, Laura, GSR of One Day at a Time, Danielle, GSR of Oxford Circle, Mino, GSR of Port Fishington, Frank of Port Richmond Step, Bob S. of Survival, and Bill C. of Wissinoming AM were present to represent their groups. Mike D. is the actual GSR of First Day Big Book but was not present.

Glenn reported that Hand of God would be holding a Traditions meeting on the 5th Saturday of this month.

Ruth gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was $469.00. $15.00 was collected in the basket. The subtotal was $484.00. Expenses for our DCM's travel and copies for two months were $51.52. The total amount was $432.48. Ruth also reported that she closed the district's bank account because of Bank of America was now requiring that the debit card be used for $250 in purchases in order to avoid $18 in monthly service fees.

Judy H. gave the DCM report. On 1/5/14 she attended the DCM sharing session. The Treatment Facilities/Special Needs-Accessibilities subcommittee meeting was canceled due to poor attendance caused by the bad weather. On 1/16 she attended Share a Day. On 1/19 she attended the Share-a-Day planning session. On 1/20 she forwarded a Treatment Facility request to SEPIA. On 1/21 she forwarded a Treatment Facility meeting inquiry to SEPIA. On 1/25 she attended a combined workshop provided by Districts 32, 54, and 56. On 1/26 the Treatment Facilities subcommittee requested a change to structure to add SN-A (Special Needs-Accessibility) to all TF mentions to reflect our additional responsibilities. In Early February, TF/SN-A contacted the PA School for the Deaf to resume an ASL meeting in Southeast PA but have not yet received a response. She attended the second quarterly meeting on March 9, 2014. We are invited to nominate any prominent nonalcoholic to attend the November conference.

In Old Business, we agreed to team up with other districts in order to put on our requisite 2 workshops a year with less expense given that we are a poor district. Also, Ruth resigned from the treasurer position in the spirit of rotation and Laura was voted in as the new treasurer of the district. Ruth became the new Alternate DCM.

In new business those assembled agreed that we have an exigent need for written by-laws and a structure manual in our district. We will plan in the meantime to gather other by-laws from other districts in order to put together our own by-laws next month. We cannot afford to print them out but we can put them on this website in pdf form where they will be accessible to all.

Rich, the DCM of District 51, wants to come to our next district meeting and give a short talk on the Public Information subcommittee and what they do in general service next month but we decided to move his talk back one month so that we would have more time to draft by-laws.

Bill C. wants a windowshade of the 12 concepts displayed in our meeting place. He is willing to spend the $20 to purchase them. As this is a small expenditure it was considered appropriate for him to donate it.

Judy read the 3rd Concept (Right of Decision) and the group read the Third Tradition in the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions book.

The meeting closed with the Responsibility Statement.

Minutes from 2013

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November 17, 2013

The November meeting for District 60 took place at the Last Stop clubhouse on 2440 Kensington Ave on Sunday, November 17, 2013. It began at 1:15 pm with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer.

Next was Roll Call. Glenn, GSR of Hand of God, Laura, alternate GSR of Greater Northeast and GSR of One Day at a Time, Ricky of Last Stop, John of Olney-Lawndale, Danielle, GSR of Oxford Circle, Frank, GSR of Port Richmond Step, Bill C., GSR of Wissinoming AM, and Joshua, the new GSR of Young Men's, were present to represent their groups. Jean S. was on hand, substituting for Mike M., the new GSR of Fishtown Big Book.

Judy read and talked about the 11th concept: "The trustees should always have the best possible committees, corporate service directors, executives, staffs, and consultants. Composition, qualifications, induction procedures, and rights and duties will always be matters of serious concern."

Ruth gave the treasurer's report. The opening balance was $566.02. The basket, which includes last month's collection, was $27.00 The subtotal was $593.02. A total of $127.56, reimbursement to Judy, the DCM, for copies, driving to the Eastern Pennsylvania Area Conference and registration, was deducted, leaving the district with a balance of $455.46.

Judy H. gave the DCM report which in part chronicled her attendance at the Panel 63 EPGSA Assembly on November 9. Steve S., the Area Officer at Large, is working with Elaine at SEPA Intergroup to make sure meetings in Intergroup match what GSO has on record. The Area subcommittee on Special Needs had a workshop of which Judy was a part. They spoke of how to reach blind, deaf, and physically challenged members and are working on getting a list of meetings that are handicapped accessible. She asked that GSRs inform her on their accessibility or if anyone with special needs requires help, the subcommittee will work on getting them assistance. They are also creating a new service piece on AA and the disabled verteran.

It was decided to push back the workshop to January, 2014, after the holidays. Judy is working on finding a date on which both Steve O. and Pat Fallon, the Area delegate and alternate delegate, can attend. A planning session will be taking place on Tuesday, November 19, at 7:15 PM, at St. Michaels on Trenton and Cumberland.

We read the chapter on the 11th Tradition in the 12 steps and 12 traditions book and adjourned with the Responsibility Pledge

September 15, 2013

The latest District 60 meeting took place at the Last Stop clubhouse on 2440 Kensington Ave on Sunday, September 15, 2013. It began at 1:15 pm with all attendants reciting the Serenity Prayer.

Next was Roll Call. Brent C. of the Good Morning Group and Young Men's, Glenn of Hand of God, Ian M. of Kensington, Ricky of the Last Stop, Laura of One Day at a Time and Greater Northeast, Danielle of Oxford Circle, Bob S. of Survival, and Bill C. of Wissinoming AM were present to represent their groups.

The 7th tradition basket was passed around the room.

Bob the secretary read the minutes from the previous meeting.

There was no Office at Large report because we had no Office at Large at that time.

Visitation Committee Report: Judy visited the Fishbook group that meets on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. Because attendance has been low of late it is not currently feasible for them to appoint a GSR. Glenn visited the Bridesburg group and reports that they are "getting organized" and "may want to elect a GSR."

No workshop committee report was given because we have no alternate DCM.

No Grapevine committee, traditions committee, or Archive committee reports were given as these committees are currently without reps.

Ruth reported on the website which continues to be active. She asked people to send her activities and correction and whatnot to add to the website.

Ruth then gave the Treasurer's report. The opening balance was $517.98. The 7th Tradition basket had $14.00. She had received additional group donations totalling $50.00. The subtotal was $581.98. Deductions for copies of the handout and rent totalled $88.64. Our ending balance was $493.34.

Judy H. then gave the DCM report: She attended the Panel 63 4th Quarter Area Meeting on September 8, 2013 and went over the Area Officers' reports and subcommittee reports which emphasized the importance of getting GSRs to the Area Assembly in November.

Old Business: As we have not heard from our ADCM or Officer-at-Large for a while, it was agreed that we elect new people to take over those positions.

New Business: Bill F. was elected the new ADCM. Bill C. was elected as Officer-at-Large. We discussed setting up a meeting for workshop planning and necessity of more visitation in order to increase group involvement in district level service. Judy will text or phone members to set up subcommittee meetings with this purpose in mind.

Then we read the 9th Tradition from the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book.

Finally, we adjourned the meeting with the Responsiblity Pledge. (I am responsible. Whenever anyone anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there and for that I am responsible.

The next District meeting will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2013, at 1:15 PM, at the Last Stop on 2440 Kensington Ave.

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